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Our city guides include everything you need to know about the various sex scenes across Europe.

In these guides we dig deep under the surface of each city to uncover its adult entertainment options, from the top escort agencies and brothels (where they exist!), to strip clubs, swinger clubs and the best places to hook up.

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A-Z of City Guides

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Here’s an A-Z list of cities we have featured. List updates every month so check back soon!

City Walkthroughs

Are you a complete beginner when it comes to finding the best adult entertainment near you? Are you worried about scams, shady services and rip-offs? Brand new to a city and in the mood for a little sex tourism?

We have spent hundreds of hours compiling the most comprehensive inside guides to sex across all of Europe’s major cities. From London to Athens, Stockholm to Naples, Moscow to Dublin… we currently have city guides for over 40 major European hubs (and we’re adding more every month!).

What will I find in the city guides?

These reports cover literally every aspect of the local sex scene, including:

  • Popular strip clubs
  • Local swinger events and groups
  • Local prostitution laws, facts and trends (what’s legal and what’s not)
  • Hot-spots for hooking up, popular night clubs and more
  • Adult shows and sex shops

Our city guides are painstakingly sourced from first hand accounts. We update them every month as new information comes to light.

(And yes, we encourage locals to get in touch if you can improve them or provide more information for our readers!)

Unbiased Accounts

We aim to share the good, the bad and the ugly.

Unlike other sites, we do not accept ‘payment for placement’.

Whilst we encourage readers to get in touch if there’s a service/venue/product that we’ve missed – so we can consider it for inclusion – our guides are designed to be free, unbiased and independent. That means putting you, the reader, first.

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