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Home to over 11 million people, Moscow is Europe’s largest capital city and an important economic and influential hub. A global, alpha megacity, Moscow is Russia’s most populated located and is a rich and diverse metropolis. From the cultural landmarks of Red Square and Saint Basil’s Cathedral to the imposing Kremlin, the hub of Russia’s Presidential palace, Moscow calls to many people’s mind an age of Soviet power. However, Moscow has so much more to offer than a legacy of communism. Known as ‘the Third Rome’, the city blends much of the west along with its own cultural influences.

Russia’s capital has plenty to offer the 17million+ tourists that visit each year and, in this guide, we take a look at how to the more adult venues. From ways to engage the services of an escort to strip clubs and sex clubs.

Prostitution in Moscow

Prostitution is illegal in Russia but is largely considered an administrative, rather than a criminal, offence. Paying for sex or selling sex is punishable with moderate fines of around €30; however, organised prostitution is a big problem in the Russian Federation and the state authorities come down a lot more heavily on crimes such as:

  • Pimping
  • Trafficking
  • Running a prostitution ring
  • Managing, owning or running a brothel

Despite the illegality of the trade, prostitution is big business in Moscow and there are plenty of ways to get full service across the city. Principally, this is via escorts but there are also organised brothels and street prostitutes which help support a flourishing sex tourism industry.

prostitution moscow

Prostitution in Moscow is big business with anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 working girls available. Image via Max Pixel.

Russian women are prized for their beauty across Europe and the rest of the world and there is a high demand for sexual services. For some, the stereotyped traits of blond, blue eyed Russians are a big draw but in reality the women or Russia are a blend of many other races and cultures. Russia is bordered in the East by Asia, the West by Scandinavia and in the South by Middle Eastern countries. Prostitutes in Moscow reflect this diversity of ethnicity and you can find just as many dark-skinned, Persian beauties as you can fair-skinned Eastern Europeans. It is perhaps this broad range of races that makes Moscow such a popular city for sex tourism.

Prostitution is booming in Russia and official figures suggest that there are more than a million men and women selling sex in the Federation; that’s more than the combined total of firefighters, doctors and farmers in the country.

A high proportion of prostitutes are working in the Moscow area. As a result, there is no shortage of ways to find a prostitute in Russia’s capital.

moscow escorts

Russian women are a prized resource and demand is high. Image via Pixabay.

Rates vary depending on where you pick up but tend to range from 3000 RUB (€42) to 6000 RUB (€84) on the street to 11000+ (€155+) per hour with an escort.

Moscow Escorts Guide

There are hundreds of agencies and directories providing escort services in Moscow. Most are very similar and can provide an escort to your hotel within the hour though the selection and service of most will vary.

Rates are also variable, but you can expect to pay anything from €150 to €300 per hour for standard services with fetish and elite escorts charging more.

We’ve split our choices into  distinct categories:

General Escorts Moscow

These agencies and directories offer a wide range of ages, shapes and sizes from Russian ladies to European, Asian and other nationalities.

russian escorts moscow

Russian Escorts: ‘Young, innocent and funny’. Image via website.

Elite Escorts Moscow

The models on the books of these agencies are charging higher rates but they are often well-educated and intelligent women with premium looks. Expect to pay a premium price to match.

BDSM Escorts Moscow

If you are looking for an escort for fetish services then you might want to try these agencies:

Classified Escorts Moscow

The following directories or classified sites are free or cheap to advertise in which often means you can find budget escorts. However, these services are notorious for scams, particularly the ‘bait-and-switch’ where photos are used to create bookings but where a different escort turns up.

Sex in Moscow

Though there are plenty of ways to find full service in Moscow, some methods do require some understanding of Russian. We have tried to cover those ways you can find sex in Moscow without having to speak the language.


Many of the larger tourist hotels in Moscow do not take too kindly to guests bringing female companions in for a short time. Unless you are booking a discreet and upper-class escort, and hotel management can tell the difference, then you might want to consider a hotel where there are ‘in-house’ services. These establishments often have ‘lobby girls’ who provide sexual services and have a deal with the hotel.

Some hotels known to have escorts working on site or are amenable to you bringing back a hooker include:

  • Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow
  • Cosmos Hotel
  • Golden Ring Hotel
  • Le Meridien Moscow Country Club
  • Le Royal Meridian National
  • Novotel Moscow Centre Hotel
  • Ritz-Carlton
  • Sheraton Palace Hotel
  • Sovietsky
  • Swissotel Krasnye Holmy

The general rule of thumb is to head to a hotel which caters more for business visitors to the city than those that are family-friendly, international brands. Sit in the bar for a while and it will become apparent relatively quickly if there are working girls on site.


Many nightclubs in Moscow are basically fronts for organised prostitution and you can find many working girls inside who tout for business. Not all clubs operate like this and some smaller ones don’t last long but you can find some action in the larger clubs. Just be aware that most Russian nightclubs have strict dress codes and you will be expected to wear smart clothes. Some are even more discerning about their clientele and will not admit guests who do not speak Russian for instance. If you are turned away from a club, it is best not to get into any altercations and just accept your luck before trying somewhere else.

Night Flight

Tverskaya St, 17, Moscow, 125009

Situated close to Red Square, this infamous strip club/nightclub has a good reputation for having readily available prostitutes working the bars.

night flight club moscow sex

The entertainment on and off the stage is just as hot at Night Flight. Image via website.

Opened in 1991, it is one of the oldest clubs in the city and is a landmark venue which also incorporates a fine dining restaurant.

A bevvy of well-dressed women work the bars and VIP lounge but, though there purpose is clear, it pays to be discreet. Prices for a prostitute here are quite expensive and you are looking at around €500 for

Night Flight is open daily from 8.00pm to 5.00am


Brothels are illegal in Russia but there are plenty of them. They aren’t difficult to find with the help of a good taxi driver but the operative word here is ‘good’. Some cabbies can take you to some seedy places that aren’t terribly safe whereas others will give you a good steer and drop you at a gem of a place offering great service at good prices. If you have reservations about where you are being guided then abort your mission. Always stay safe.

Expect to pay around €150 to €200 which is for a full hour and not just for a single shot. Many women working in these bordellos will try to leave after your first round as this is common in Europe; however, the fee in Moscow’s brothels is paid for time and not for service.

Many venues charge in USD or EUR and are cash only.

Generally speaking the service you get at one of Moscow’s brothels can be quite perfunctory and is not comparable to the GFE you might expect in other countries. Many Western men prefer to use the services of an escort to provide more of an intimate experience.

Swinging Clubs

Swinging in Moscow is experiencing a surge of popularity with several clubs providing regular weekly meetings; some are members only whilst others offer international singles and couples the chance to taste the Russian lifestyle.

Popular clubs include:

  • Club Nuans, 38 Kastanaevskaya st. Moscow
  • Oranjad, Sushevskaya, 8 Moscow
  • Terra Club
  • Ylia Varra’s Tantra Club, Maroseyka, 2/15c1 Moscow

Erotic Massage Parlours

Most of the massage parlours in Moscow are open 24 hours a day and provide guaranteed happy endings as well as, in some cases, full service.



Ulitsa Bol’shaya Molchanovka, 18, Moscow 121069

Offering a good service for foreign visitors, Vanilia has a cosy atmosphere, relaxing bar and is situated right in the heart of the city.

vanilia erotic massage moscow

A small selection of the ladies available at Vanila. Image via website.

It’s a hygienic and modern salon with English speaking staff who provide a good selection of treatments.

Vanilia is open 24-hours a day.

Massage and Love

Located quite close to the metro Marksistskaya, Massage and Love performs a variety of sensual and erotic massage with additional services. You can select from full body slides, tantra or a relaxing treatment from one of the studio’s many girls.

Massage and Love is open 24/7.

Dolce Vita

Bol’shaya Sukharevskaya Ploshchad’, 16/18 строение 1, Moscow 107045

This salon receives a good range of reviews though some people do find it difficult to locate. Services are varied and include happy endings with some full service.

Dolce Vita is open 24/7.


Ulitsa Ostozhenka, 7, Moscow, 119034


With a guaranteed happy ending on all treatments, Relax is a premium salon offering an hours classic massage from just 2000 RUB (€28).

relax erotic massage moscow sex

Oozing red-light district, the Relax salon provides a good range of extra services. Image via website.

It’s a modern enough venue and has some good feedback from satisfied customers.

The salon is open 24/7 and is welcoming of international guests.


Meshchanskaya Ulitsa, 1/17 строение 2, Moscow 129090


Situated about 5 minutes from the Tsvetnoy Boulevard metro station, 7X7 is a popular massage salon in Moscow. They provide erotic and sensual services with happy endings only; no full service.

7x7 erotic massage moscow

A budget option for erotic massage in Moscow, 7X7 is a little ‘dated’. Image via website.

Standard massage starts at 1600 RUB (€22.50) with additional treatments available such as:

  • Krishna
  • Aerobatics
  • Fetish
  • Seventh Heaven
  • Sakura Branch

It’s not the most modern of venues in the city but it is cheap and clean. There is a bar on site as well as showers and a sauna.

7X7 is open 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Some other services you may be interested in rounded up from round the web:

Massage Mos

Massage and more in Moscow

From the website:

My massages are “Full Body Massages” with “Happy Endings” unless you specify otherwise! I can give you a very sensual and erotic naked massage…The perfect lover for your fantasies. FRENCH KISSING AND SLOW SENSUAL ORAL SEX AND MORE …Beautiful lady with majestic hands!I will bring you a pleasure and unforgettable time. lets have some fun! Using my fingers and my special massage oils I will stimulate you in every single part of your body I have viber and Whatsapp +79637220642

Best of the Rest

Other massage parlours worth checking out include:

  • Eden, Bol’shaya Spasskaya Ulitsa, 8, стр.1А, Moscow 129090
  • Aura, 3-Y Monetchikovskiy Pereulok, 10/1, Moscow 115054
  • Aquatoria, 2-Ya Ulitsa Mashinostroyeniya, 17с1, Moscow 115088
  • Club Pegas, ul. Bratislava 31k1, Moscow, Russia, 109469
  • Viagra, Bolshaya Semenovskaya Street, 42 Building 6, Moscow 105094
  • Aura, Bol’shaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa, 24/1, Moscow 125009
  • Sauna Club 73, Prospekt Mira, 73, Moscow, 129110

Strip Clubs

Like the nightclubs, strip clubs attract plenty of working women who provide sexual services. Most have a deal with the clubs whereby they pay a reduced entrance fee and provide additional services in the VIP areas. Some may be employed by the club to perform.

Most strip clubs have private rooms where you can get full service.


New Arbat Ave, 21, Moscow, 119019

The only official Penthouse club located outside of North America is this 20,000 sq ft strip club in Moscow.

penthouse strip club moscow

A large venue, Penthouse gets busy at the weekends. Image via website.

It’s a modern venue with a large bar, modern stylings and plenty of comfortable seating. It’s a popular venue for western tourists and has a good reputation even if the drinks are a bit pricey

A private dance in the VIP room will cost you 2000 RUB (€28).

The Penthouse opens daily at 9.00pm and closes at 6.00am.


25, Zubovskiy Bul’var, Moscow 119021

The Rasputin Club is one of Moscow’s most famous venues and offers more than just a striptease show. The club is also a wine bar, karaoke bar and sauna.

There aren’t many other places in the city where you can go for hookah, a Finnish steam session and then watch some topless dancers.

There is also a fine restaurant on site and the prices aren’t as expensive as some other clubs.

Rasputin’s is a hedonists delight and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Golden Girls

3-Ya Yamskogo Polya Ulitsa, 15, Moscow, 125040

Golden Girls is another strip venue that is popular with western visitors.

golden girls strip club moscow

A small selection of Golden Girls. Image via website.

They have a stunning selection of dancers who perform stylish erotic dancing both on stage and on poles.

Spread over two floors, Golden Girls has VIP suites and comfortable lounge bars.

Golden Girls is open daily from 10.00pm to 5.00am.

Best of the Rest

There are dozens of other strip clubs which also offer sexual services, including:

  • Macho, Pevcheskiy Pereulok, 4 строение 1, Moscow, 109028
  • The Loft Men’s Club, 1905 year Street, 2/1, Moscow, 123022
  • Crazy Girls, Druzhinnikovskaya Ulitsa, 15, Moscow, 123242
  • Egoist Pekin, Bol’shaya Sadovaya Ulitsa, 5, Moscow, 125047
  • Ego Gold, Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Ulitsa, 26/40, Moscow, 123001
  • Virgins, Marksistskaya St, 34 стр 10, Moscow, 109147
  • Aurora, Petrovka Ulitsa, 18/2, Moscow, 103051
  • Provacateur, Armory Pereulok 15A, Moscow 125009
  • Strip and Go, Bol’shoy Sukharevskiy Pereulok, 25 стр.1, Moscow, 107045
  • Zazhigala, Lesnaya Ulitsa, 43, Moscow, 127055

Street Prostitutes and Red-Light Districts

Moscow’s historical red-light district of Tverskaya Ulitsa is now pretty much defunct as efforts to clean the area up have moved much of the street trade on. In addition, most independent hookers prefer to tout for business using online advertising such as free classifieds or directory sites. This certainly beats being on the streets of Moscow, particularly during the winter.

Generally speaking, picking up on the streets is to be avoided; it is a risky business. There is a lot of police attention and still a good deal of corruption. If you are still in the market for a pick up ‘al-fresco’ then you can find hookers in several ‘meeting’ areas (known as Tochki) around the capital, including:

  • Area surrounding the main Leningrad Station as well as the metro station of Dynamo.
  • Lenigradskaya
  • Tverskaya
  • Komosomol Square
street prostitution moscow

Transport hubs, as always, are a good pickup spot for street prostitutes in Moscow. Image via Wikimedia.

Many taxi drivers can also take you to a local Tochki where you can get a line-up of available hookers. Some will be working for local pimps (usually female and called ‘mamochkas’) and there are lots of these meeting places though they tend to move around quite a bit.

Street prices vary depending on the quality of the girls and what you are asking for but are generally between 3000 RUB (€42) and 6000 RUB (€84).

Sex Shops

There are over a hundred sex shops in Moscow, most stocking basic bedroom essentials, lingerie and toys; some with a niche for DVDs, magazines and lingerie. There are a few where you can pick up specialist items.

For a full list of the city’s sex shops, you can find an interactive map through MXKR, here.

Featured image via Wikimedia.

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