Graz Escorts and Sex Guide

Staying in Graz and fancy an escort for companionship, or a taste of the city’s sex industry?

The city of Graz is Austria’s second largest city and is home to a population of just 320,000 residents. Though small in stature, Graz is an important hub for tourism, students and as a cultural site of influence. Despite its small size, there is a good mix of adult entertainment on offer in the city and the small population of prostitutes do a good trade in providing full service and other delights in the various licensed establishments.

In this guide, we take a peak at what Graz can offer those visiting the city who want to experience Austria’s legalised sex scene.

Prostitution in Graz

Like the rest of Austria, prostitution in Graz is legalised and is a fully regulated industry. There are an estimated 300 sex workers in the city hailing mainly from Hungary or the Czech Republic.

graz street prostitutes
By night, Graz comes alive with adult entertainment despite its diminutive size. Image via Flickr.

Prostitutes find a number of ways to service clients in the city including at licensed establishments such as the laufhauses and brothels or as independent escorts. Very few ladies work the streets but you can find some in and around the city’s small red-light district (see Street Prostitution, below).

Generally speaking you can expect to pay around €100+ for sex in a brothel and slightly less in a laufhaus. Street girls can be negotiated with and if you can find one you will be paying anything between €30-€80. Escorts usually start at €200 per hour.

Also, bear in mind that a lot of the brothels will charge you for room hire on top of your service fee.


Graz Escorts Guide

A few of the brothels we mention below also run escort services so you could make contact with them through their website. However, there are also a few directories covering the city which should also provide some options for an out call service.

The rates vary depending on how elite the model with Locanto offering some budget services whilst Target supplies high class models at a minimum rate of €800 for two hours.

Sex in Graz

There is a lot of adult entertainment in Graz but unlike a lot of European cities, the boundaries of exactly what is being offered and where is a lot more blurred. Brothels are strip clubs, sex clubs are saunas and you can get full service in a café. We’ve tried to group the venues into some distinct categories but just be aware that most of them will offer more than what you first expect.


Carisma Sex and Party

Schönaugürtel 16, 8010 Graz

Combining a nightclub and brothel the Carisma Sex and Party venue is a popular hot spot for adult entertainment.

carisma bar brothel graz
Though principally a brothel, you can also enjoy strip entertainment and a night in a bar at the Carisma. Image via website.

Running a Gentleman’s club from the premises you can expect a real mix of events including some dancers, strip shows and a party nightclub experience. The girls use the premises as a contact bar and you can engage their services on site.

There is a good variety of women working here both full and part time including European, South American and African ladies.

The opening hours for Carisma are Monday to Sunday from 6.00pm to 6.00am.

Eros Bar

Neubaugasse 24, 8020 Graz

The Eros Bar Nightclub operates as both a contact bar and strip club offering men the delights of an Austrian welcome.

The bar is big, the rooms are modern and there are several types of play area to enjoy with the lady of your choice.

The club is open seven days a week from 8.00pm to 6.00am.

Tiffany Bar

Josefigasse 8, 8020 Graz

Bar Tiffany is another mixed venue where you can both enjoy gogo dancing as well as get a full service in one of their rooms.

They have around 16 girls working the bar for business including some transsexual ladies. You can expect the usual range of services including Greek, Spanish and French.

The bar is open as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday: 12.00pm until early hours
  • Sunday: 8.00pm until early hours.

Café City Night Club

Lendplatz 25, 8020 Graz

A small brothel with central contact bar, Café City is a basic venue which is trying to offer an elegant front. It’s not modern but it is welcoming and the rooms are clean and comfortable.

There are half a dozen girls providing services and reviews for the venue are good.

The Café City Night Club is open daily from 6.00pm until 5.00am.

Claudius Caesar

Waagner-Biro-Straße 8, 8020 Graz

Claudius Caesar is perhaps the most upmarket brothel in town and charges room rates on top of your service fee (paid directly to your hostess). The charges vary depending on the luxury of the room you are using and for the duration but expect to add around €100 to your bill.

The place is opulent and the rooms are styled in varying levels of grandeur; some evoking Asia, Babylonia and even one decorated like a French-Maltese palace.

The girls are as fine as the rooms and you can expect a touch of premium quality when you visit. Do take your time here and enjoy the surrounding in the champagne bar before being entertained in private.

Opening hours are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday: 5.00pm to 4.00am
  • Saturday: 6.00pm to 4.00am
  • Sunday: 6.00pm to 2.00am


Laufhauses are a cross between an incall and an outcall service and are similar to the love hotels and one-woman brothels of Asia. Ostensibly an arrangement of several small apartments at one address, prostitutes rent a room from a central ‘landlord’ and punters can browse from the available girls by wandering around the premises. Some laufhauses charge an entrance fee and may have a central lobby area or kontakt bar (like in a brothel) whilst others are walk-in and punters can simply browse the corridors to see which rooms are open. Some laufhauses operate a simple green light system which (when lit) indicates availability; others are more basic and an open door is the equivalent of a green light.

There are quite a few laufhauses in Graz with quality and rates varying quite a bit. Just remember that all of the girls are independent so will quote you a fee when you enquire. As a guide, expect to pay a minimum of around €50 for a quickie, hand or blow job and anything between €100-€150 for a hour.

laufhaus graz
Laufhaus Studio Moon. Image via website.

Swinging Clubs

Swinging is reasonably popular in Austria and you can find a couple of venues where visitors are welcome.

Mon Paradiso

Frachtengasse 5, 8055 Graz

Mon Paridiso is a traditionalist’s delight and contains plenty of play spaces for groups activities as well as smaller more private rooms for couples to swing and enjoy the lifestyle.

It’s a little dated and does attract a more mature crowd but there are some facilities which add to its appeal including a sauna, lounge bar, gyno room in the cellar and basement peep holes.

More reminiscent of a private house party than an ultra-modern club, the place is reasonably popular with a good solid base of local members.

The club is open as follows:

  • Monday: 6.00pm to 3.00am – all welcome, couples and TVs charged at €40, single men at €60 with women going free.
  • Thursday: 2.00pm to 11.00pm – couples and singles welcome. Entry is €40 for couples and €60 for single men, women are free.
  • Friday & Saturday: 8.00pm to 2.00am – couples and singles welcome. Entry is €40 for couples and €60 for single men, women are free.


Eggenberger Allee 1-3, 8020 Graz

In contrast to the Mon Paradiso, Coronita is a more modern venue which is trying to appeal to a younger crowd.

The club has 250 sq. m of play space and is zoned into a general area and an S&M zone. There is also a large open bar area and communal shower facilities.

swinging club graz
The BDSM room at Coronita is well equipped for fetish play. Image via website.

It’s a popular venue and does have quite a mix of people attending both in terms of age and nationality as well as background.

Some themed events are organised; check the website for details.

The club is open as follows:

  • Thursday: 7.00pm to 1.00am
  • Friday and Saturday: 8.00pm to 4.00am

Entrance costs vary depending on the night but couples can expect to pay between €45 and €60, single men €70 to €80 with ladies being €10 irrespective of the night.

Erotic Massage Parlour

There is a distinct lack of massage parlours offering an erotic experience in Graz with most such services being performed by brothels and escorts. However, you do have a couple of options.

Tantra Paradies

Kärntner Str. 87, 8053 Graz

There are half a dozen women providing erotic massages at Tantra Paradies and you are guaranteed a happy ending with any of them. You should note that full service is not offered along with your body rub.

The parlour is decorated in an oriental theme and exudes the calm and peace of a spa. Prices are available on request but are around €150 per hour.

My Kiki’s Nest

Kleegraben 77, 8262 Kleegraben

A popular venue for erotic massage around the Graz area is My Kiki’s nest. It’s quite a way to go for a body rub at around 45km east of the city but it does have an excellent reputation for tantra and a BDSM massage. The therapy is offered by Mikael (a man) and with his female partner Gudrun for 4-hands massage.

Not for everyone but apparently worth the trip.

Strip Clubs

Again, some of the venues already mentioned as brothels do have strip shows and lap dances but there is one venue in town which is dedicated to this style of adult entertainment. That’s not to say that you won’t also find some strip performances being performed in some of the Kontakt bars.

Luna Bar

Grenadiergasse 32, 8020 Graz

Entertaining visitors to Graz since 1962, the Luna Bar is situated right in the heart of the city and amidst the other adult entertainment venues.

luna bar strip club graz
The shower show at Luna is very popular and a real highlight. Image via website.

Shows run constantly and include pole dancing, table dancing and even the popular gogo shower and jacuzzi party. It’s a small venue but the atmosphere can make it seem a lot bigger. Definitely a place to experience at least once when you are staying in Graz.

The club is open as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday: 6.00pm to 8.00am
  • Sunday: 8.00pm to 5.00am

Kontakt Bars, Sex Shows & Sex Saunas


Ziehrerstraße 72, A-8041 Graz

Incognito has been open for more than twenty years and is a mixture of contact bar, laufhaus and nightclub. Certainly, you can visit for a few drinks and expect to be offered full service by a licensed prostitute whilst you are there. The club does its best to entertain punters for as long as possible and keep the energy high with girls in the bar putting on a show to delight the crowds.

Despite originally opening in the 90s, the club is modern and stylish and has a big lounge bar with several private rooms; all of which are clean and have great facilities.

The club is open as follows:

  • Monday to Friday: 1.00pm to 6.00pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 8.00pm to 6.00am


Schönaugürtel 16, 8010 Graz

peepshow sex cabins graz
Opt for an anonymous video cabin or get serviced in a VIP or gloryhole cabin. Image via website.

The Peepshow opened in 2002 then merged with the adjoining brothel, Charisma, in 2007. Combining forces has allowed the two venues to offer Austria’s only sex show where you can not only watch erotic entertainment in a traditional way but you can also procure their services afterwards.

The peepshow facility is offered at a standard rate of €2 per 2 minutes with brothel services being offered as detailed above (see Charisma).

The venue is open as follows:

  • Monday to Thursday: 10.00am to 10.00pm
  • Friday: 10.00am to 11.00pm
  • Saturday: 12.00pm to 11.00pm
  • Sunday and Public Holidays: 2.00pm to 10.00pm

Paradise FKK Sauna Club

Am Engelsdorfgrund 4, 8041 Graz-Liebenau

The Paradise Sauna Club is a really sumptuous and modern sex club. Styled in a contemporary middle eastern manner, the lounge and bar has inviting Moorish fabrics and is subtly lit with dozens of Moroccan fretwork lamps. The bedrooms all have a similar theme and you could well believe that you are inside a bell tent in the deserts of North Africa whilst being pleasured like a Prince.

An FKK club, Paradise is stocked with escorts who are available to hire on site for private pleasures.

paradise FKK sauna club graz
The Paradise gives a luxury sex club experience with full service and sauna facilities. Image via website.

As well as paying for a full service you can arrange for a professional massage including the use of the Turkish baths as well as enjoy the spa facilities (outdoor pool only open in summer). There is also a restaurant and bar on site

Entry prices vary depending on when you arrive but they run an early bird special (€49) for those who can hit the sauna before 6pm; otherwise it costs €69. The cost of hiring a prostitute is between you and the individual lady but you can expect to pay around €150.

Opening hours are as follows:

  • Monday to Thursday: 3.00pm to 3.00am
  • Friday and Saturday: 3.00pm to 4.00am
  • Sunday: 3.00pm to 12.00am

Street Prostitutes

Street prostitutes are often not licensed and, with open borders, will likely be immigrants. As a result, prices are variable.

Given the amount of legal options there are to procure adult services in Graz, we highly recommend you avoid unlicensed prostitutes. They are often unlicensed for a reason.

Sex Shops

There isn’t a huge selection of sex shops in Graz but there are a couple of good stores where you can pick up the basics including novelty items, erotic lingerie and bedroom sex aids.

  • Lustspiel, Jakoministraße 25, 8010 Graz
  • Orion, OBI Markt, Conrad-von-Hötzendorf-Str. 103 a, 8010 Graz
  • Art X, Triester Str. 391, 8055 Graz

Featured image via Pixabay.