Gothenburg Escorts and Sex Guide

Heading to Gothenburg and want to know more about the sex scene?

The city of Gothenburg is home to over half a million Swedes and, as the country’s second largest city, plays host to several million tourists each year. Though the city doesn’t have a red light district as such, it does have plenty of places to entertain adults.

In our guide to sex in Gothenburg, we take a look at the various venues where you can enjoy some titivation and, maybe, more.

Known as ‘little London’, Gothenburg offers an eclectic mix of architecture, entertainment and cultures with a blend of traditional and modern Scandinavian vibes.

A university city, the nightlife is known for being more friendly and laidback than Stockholm and embraces a wide range of interests. And, though prostitution is illegal in Sweden, this cosmopolitan attitude can be seen across its adult entertainment industry.

So, if you want to get sexy in Sweden, let’s look at how Gothenburg caters for locals and tourists who are looking for something for the weekend.

Gothenburg Strip Clubs

Chat Noir

Bellmansgatan 7, 411 28 Gothenburg

Tel: +46 31 15 09 73

Established in 1991 Chat Noir opened its doors at its original location close to the central station but, after ten years, was proving to be such a popular venue and moved to its current address; the former tavern, Bacchus. An 1880s building with a decadent façade and burlesque styled interior, the grown up and erotic ambiance of Chat Noir sits comfortably at home here.

The club has a naughty edge and runs regular events like ‘Kinky Wednesdays’ and ‘Lingerie Thursdays’ as well as extended opening hours on special occasions. The club sells ‘Chat Noir’ dollars so you can tip the dancers at your leisure and why wouldn’t you? The shows are exquisitely choregraphed for maximum tease and heightened eroticism which you can enjoy from the luxuriously appointed leather lounge chairs.

Self-advertising as Sweden’s most exclusive strip club, Chat Noir is open as follows:

  • Wednesday & Thursday: 10.00pm to 5.00am
  • Friday: 10.00pm to 6.00am
  • Saturday: 10.00pm to 7.00am


Andra Langgatan 16, 413 28, Gothenburg

Tel: +46 70 755 69 07

Wanda’s isn’t just a strip club but a party central that offers a gay cruising cinema and swingers club (see below) as well as an S&M dungeon to boot. Located in the south west of the city, Wanda’s is an exotic night club and has been running for over 30 years in Gothenburg.  The cinema upstairs has a bar and dance floor and plays erotic films to keep the atmosphere hot. The basement dungeon is manned by Wanda’s own dominatrix with whom you can book a private session.

wandas basement dungeon sex gothenburg
Enter the darkside at Wanda’s with S&M in the dungeon. Image via website.

The stripping takes place in the main bar/lounge with around a dozen girls entertaining throughout the night. Wanda’s also has a sex shop on site selling everything from toys and essentials like lube and condoms to adult movies. See a movie you like the look of and you can even watch it in a private room with comfortable AV set-up and your own armchair.

A friendly and lively place, Wanda’s is a popular venue for Gothenburg’s pleasure seekers. The club is open as follows:

  • Thursday: 11.30pm to 5.00am
  • Friday and Saturday: 11.30pm to 6.00am

Club Maxim

Andra långgatan 32, 41327 Gothenburg

Tel: +46 31 15 15 43

Club Maxim offers a casual experience of strip clubs and you shouldn’t expect a ‘dress-to-impress’ kind of door code. A pool table features prominently in the bar and you get the feeling here that the strippers are an after-thought rather than the main draw. It’s not clear whether the club is still open as they are not updating their social media; however, there are hints that it is still open with recent advertisements of new dancers as recently as May 2017.

Recent reviews (up to December 2016) show that the club was definitely popular with locals as well as tourists just don’t expect a luxury setting.

The club should be open as follows:

  • Monday to Thursday: 10.00am to 5.00am
  • Friday and Saturday: 10.00am to 6.00am
  • Sunday: 12.00pm to 12.00am

Gothenburg Swingers Clubs


Andra Langgatan 16, 413 28, Gothenburg

Tel: +46 70 755 69 07

Strip club, Wanda’s hosts regular swingers meetings held in separate premises from the main venue. Accessed by the black door to the left of the night club, the swingers club is a members only venue with pre-registration required for each meeting. Membership costs 150 kr for 3 months, 200 kr for 6 months and 300 kr for 12 months. Admission charges are payable at each event and range from 100 kr to 150 kr depending on the event. Ladies are often free.

The club has plenty of play rooms including a dark room, massage area and access to Wanda’s dungeon as well as a sauna.

The swingers club at Wanda’s meets as follows:

  • Wednesday: 11.30am to 2.30pm
  • Thursday: 11.30am to 2.30pm (Gay Guys only) and 7.00pm to 12.00am
  • Friday: 8.00pm to 2.00am
  • Saturday: 9.00pm to 4.00am
  • Sunday: 5.00pm to 9.00pm (Gay Guys only)

Massage Parlours

If you are looking for full service then you can find escorts who provide massage services but you can also enjoy a sensual adult massage in and around Gothenburg. However, it is rare to receive anything but a manual happy ending at any massage parlour.

One of the most popular massage services is Thai massage and you can find these around the city, just look for the Thai flag along with the word ‘massera’ or ‘massage’. You should be aware that not all Thai massage parlours offer adult massage. In general, the larger salons (particularly those in the city) will not provide extras but those located in the suburbs might. Again, there are no guarantees even with venues where recommendations have been received as it can be down to the masseur.

Gothenburg Escorts and Prostitution

Though prostitution is illegal in Sweden, there are still street prostitutes in the Rosenlund area of the city. Don’t bank on finding any Swedish women though, most of the women who work here (and there aren’t that many) are immigrants from places like Nigeria.

If you do find a street prostitute then be aware that purchasing sexual services is highly illegal. However, bizarrely, it is legal for women to offer and they will be looking for around 700-1000kr for full service.

Our advice? Stay off the street.

There are various escort services in operation around Sweden, including in Gothenburg.

These provide a more discreet service of companionship, where adult services will be provided in the guise of a consensual act between two adults.

We cannot link to any of the agencies or directories, due to advertising rules, however they are easily found online.

Sex Shops

And finally, if you have been bitten by the bug in Gothenburg and fancy picking up a little something for the weekend then you have a wide choice of sex shops to grab yourself a treat.

M Shop

Andra Långgatan 3, 413 03 Gothenburg

Tel: +46 31 12 08 12

M Shop has a couple of stores in Sweden and the Gothenburg outlet has some inventive and unique toys to browse. Home of creativity and design, the store is well worth a visit if not just to admire the unusual range.

M Shop is open Monday to Friday from 10.00am to 10.00pm, Saturday from 11.00am to 10.00pm and Sunday from midday to 8.00pm.

mshop sex shop gothenburg
M-Shop: Taking your pleasure seriously since 1984. Image via website.

Video Shop

Färgfabriksgatan 3, 417 05, Gothenburg

Tel: +46 31 50 80 55

As you would expect, the Video Shop sells adult movies but also stocks a good range of toys to liven up your weekend.

The store is open Monday to Friday from 11.00am to 10.00pm, Saturday from 10.00am to 8.00pm and Sunday from midday to 10.00pm.

Kondomeriet Outlet

Mining katu 5, 421 30 Västra Frölunda

Tel: +46 31 734 18 18

Located out of town, this outlet is open from 9.00am to 6.00pm from Monday to Friday and stocks a full range of basics and essentials as well as some specialist toys and clothing.

Featured image via Chat Noir.