Espoo Escorts and Sex Guide

Staying in Espoo and want to know about the local sex scene?

Espoo is the second largest city in Finland and is just 20km to the west of Helsinki. As a result of its proximity to the capital, many of its 270,000 residents look to Helsinki to provide much of its entertainment including nightlife and adult thrills.

There are however some services you can find closer to Espoo and, in this guide, we take you through your options in this part of the Finnish capital region.

Espoo Escorts Guide

Being situated so close to the capital city, you can engage the services of any escorts who list in Helsinki. We have a guide to Helsinki escorts as well as other sex services, here. Most will not charge additional travel expenses but do enquire.

There are a couple of sites where escorts advertise specifically for the Espoo area which are in addition to those listed in Helsinki.

However, due to stricter advertising rules in Finland, we cannot list the services on this page.


Sex in Espoo

Helsinki has its own red-light area where most of the residents and visitors to the surrounding cities and towns head in search of strippers, sex shops and adult massage. Espoo is not served with any of its own venues so you will need to go to the capital for most sexual services. However, you can find some street prostitution in Espoo (see below).

For more information on the sex services available in Helsinki, you can read our guide here.

Espoo Brothels

There are no legal brothels in Espoo.

Espoo Private Clubs

There are no sex clubs or swingers clubs in Espoo.

Espoo Erotic Massage Parlours

There are a lot of massage therapists operating in Espoo but none of these provide rub and tug services so best not to try them. Wellness, sports or kinetic therapists, they won’t be backwards in coming forwards if you start offering them money for ‘extras’.

If you are looking for a happy ending to a massage then head to the capital and check out any one of the many body rub centres in the red-light area of Kallio. See our Helsinki Guide for more information.

Espoo Strip Clubs

There are no strip clubs in Espoo but you can find gentleman’s clubs as well as private strip shows that run in Helsinki. Head to the red light area of Kallio for the best selection.

Street Prostitutes

There aren’t many street prostitutes in Espoo owing to the fact that soliciting in public is illegal.

That said, it still occurs. Customers pay anything from €20 for a blowjob up to €100 for a quick service.

We recommend you stay off the streets.

Leppävaara street prostitutes espoo
Prostitution is occasionally reported in the Leppävaara area of Espoo. Image via Wikimedia.

Espoo Sex Shops

There are no sex shops in Espoo but you can travel to Helsinki to find several shops that sell bedroom accessories or provide private dances and cabins for porn viewing.

Read more in our sex and escort guide to Helsinki.

Featured image via Wikimedia.