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Situated in the south of Ukraine on the Black Sea, the port city of Odessa was once the most important port of the Soviet Union. Now a popular tourist destination, the city is known as the ‘pearl of the black sea’ and has historical roots going back as far as the Ancient Greeks. Odessa is more Mediterranean in feel than much of the rest of the country and offers sandy beaches, a diverse nightlife and a humid continental summer climate. Home to over a million people, it is the third most populous city in Ukraine and remains a busy seaport.

In this guide, we take a look at prostitution in Odessa including escorts, street and bar prostitution as well as look at the kinds of service you can get in strip clubs and erotic massage parlours.

Prostitution in Odessa

Prostitution is illegal in Ukraine and you won’t find red light districts with easy access brothels like you can in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

However, prostitution is widespread in Ukraine and the penalty for breaking the law is often very slight with fines of less than €10. Deemed more of an administrative offence, like illegal parking, prostitutes would rather run the risk of being caught than not carrying on with their business. Certainly, most women can earn enough with just one client to make it worth their while being caught.

Prostitution odessa

Finding sex in Odessa is about knowing where to look and plenty of residential areas hide secret massage salons. Image via MaxPixel.

Street prostitution is becoming less common, particularly outside of the summer peak tourist season though you can still find freelance hookers working bars and clubs during the winter. Online escort services are far more popular than traditional street walking and is a more convenient and comfortable way for both prostitutes and mongers to arrange a service. Some can even offer in-call services at their apartment.

Other ways to find sex in Odessa include through the erotic massage parlours and strip clubs. Though the official line is that both of these types of venue do not sell sexual services, you can often find the women who work here more than willing to turn a few tricks for the right cash. Certainly, most (if not all) of the erotic massage parlours in the city will provide you with a guaranteed manual service.

The cost of hiring a prostitute in Odessa varies a lot depending on who you hire and where you pick them up. The average cost of an escort is around €50 though there are many who provide more premium services that will cost you between €100 and €200 per hour.

Street hookers charge under €50 with some providing service for around €30. See ‘Erotic Massage Parlours’, below for details of costs in these venues.

Odessa Escorts Guide

There are no official figures but the directories suggest that Odessa has a few thousand escorts available for out call services. Some provide in-call and massage sessions and we’ve tried to include some suggestions here for a broad range of services, budgets and escort types.

odessa escorts

Escorts in Odessa come in all shapes, sizes and budgets. Image via Top Escort Babes.

Most of the escorts in Odessa are Ukrainian or from other Eastern European counties including Russia, Moldova, Slovakia, Belarus and Poland. You can also find some Western European escorts working for the agencies including some from Turkey.

General Escorts Odessa

These escort directories and agencies provide a good range of services and you should expect to pay anything from €50 to €150 per hour for services. Whilst many offer specialist services, a general visit will include oral and covered intercourse only. You will normally have to pay extra for anything like A-levels, roleplay, fetish or BDSM.

VIP Escorts Odessa

If you have money to burn and really want to treat yourself then we’ve selected some more premium services. Though cheaper by comparison to the rest of Europe, most of the girls on these sites charge around €200per hour; some have a minimum booking duration so check the website for details. Premium prostitutes in Odessa often speak excellent English and have a sophisticated background which makes them ideal for more than just fun in the bedroom. If you have the money and the time, discovering the city with an elite call girl can be very satisfying.

high class escorts odessa

All the Olgas, Sofis and Evas you can shake a stick at! Image via GiA Escorts.

Sex in Odessa

Odessa has a good reputation for its nightlife and there are plenty of bars, clubs and restaurants where you can have a great night out. Some of these establishments attract hookers who are cruising for clients but there are just as many young singles who are looking for a casual encounter so it’s always worth trying your luck.

If you’re not on your A game and need to hit somewhere that you can get guaranteed satisfaction then we’ve picked some of the best ways to get sex in Odessa.


Brothels are illegal in Ukraine and you won’t find any bordello style venues in Odessa. Some street prostitutes operate from flats that are close to the city where more than one woman will entertain clients and, though these are brothels of a sort, they are not walk up venues.

If you are looking for relief in Kiev then the best venues to try are the erotic massage parlours and sometimes strip clubs (see below).

Nightclubs & Bars

Street prostitution isn’t that common in Ukraine and in the major cities, like Odessa, you can find some freelance prostitutes working the bars and nightclubs. It’s not a guaranteed way to pick up and, unlike in Kiev where there are hot spots, you may not find that many working women in the clubs.

It goes without saying that picking up in these circumstances should be discreet plus you should always make sure that you are talking to a working girl before making any propositions; some women in Odessa may look like they are professionals, but it can be hard to tell on a night out.

Having said that, the following clubs are notorious pick up spots for young singles looking for casual encounters, so you may be able to get laid for free:

  • Steam Bar, 20 Grecheskaya Street, Odessa
  • Morgan Club, 30 Zhukovs’koho Street, Odessa
  • The Fitz, Katerynyns’ka St, 6, Odessa
  • Mershal, Uspenska Street, 103, Odessa
  • Us Pei, Uspenska Street, 101, Odessa

Swinging Clubs

Swinging is not as popular in Ukraine as it is in the west of Europe and there are very few clubs around. Most are quite closed and accept new members by invitation only, certainly they do not welcome members who do not speak Ukrainian.

If you are interested in swinging whilst in Ukraine then your best chance of meeting open-minded couples or singles to join with then you would be advised to check out (or post) listings on Adult Hub, Alt.com, Adult Friend Finder or Fetlife.

Erotic Massage Parlours

Erotic massage is very popular in Ukraine and, in the absence of brothels, is the next best thing to sex on the high street. Whilst most parlours operate a strict policy of no-sex, there are some places where you can get more than just manual relief but this depends on the masseuse.

Chao Yan

Velyka Arnauts’ka St, 61, кв. 7, Odessa


Located in the centre of the city, not far from the Starobazarnyi Garden Square, Chao Yan is a sensual parlour offering an oriental theme.

chao yan erotic massage odessa

The oriental theme doesn’t extend to the masseuses who are mostly European. Image via website.

The salon offers a good range of massage services including:

  • Classic erotic massage with happy ending
  • BDSM session with spanking, coercion, strapon, bondage and insults
  • Peep Show
  • Strapon session
  • Nude body slide
  • Prostate massage

Prices start from 450 UAH/€14 for an hour with extras being charged on top.

Generally, the venue has good reviews and is commended for its professionalism, comfort and good prices.

The Chao Yan massage salon is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Posmitnoho St, 10, Odessa


The Egoist salon is quite close to the Arcadia district and gets a lot of through traffic from those who fancy a treat on the way back from a night out. It’s a comfortable salon with all the right facilities but is far from being ‘modern’.

They offer a standard range of services for Odessa, including:

  • Body massage – 500 UAH/€15.50
  • Exotic massage – 600 UAH/€18.60
  • Double relax – 700 UAH/€21.75
  • Egoist Special – 1100 UAH/€34
  • Lesbian show – 1400 UAH/€43.45
  • Peep show – 800 UAH/€24.80
  • Strip show – Price varies
  • Massage for couples – 1300 UAH/€40.35

The Salon Egoist is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


st. Pushkinskaya, Odessa


Evita is a high-class massage parlour in the city and has a beautiful and relaxing setting with courtyard garden and pool. It’s quite basic but clean and very comfortable.

There are over two dozen women working for the salon with different ladies on different shifts all offering an extensive range of massage services, priced as follows:

Service Time Price
Thai massage 1 hour 1000 UAH/€31
Classical massage 1 hour 1000 UAH/€31
Body massage 1 hour 350 UAH/€10.85
Body massage in 4 hands 1 hour 610 UAH/€19
Aqua massage 30 min 500 UAH/€15.50
Sakura branch Add-on 200 UAH/€6.20
Lesbian show 20 minutes 300 UAH/€9.30
Peep Show 1 hour 550 UAH/€17
Peep Show with Toys 1 hour 750 UAH/€23.20
Sweet kiss 1 hour 1500 UAH/€46.50
Mistress Massage 1 hour 1800 UAH/€56
Erotic program “KISKA” 1 hour 550 UAH/€17
Strapon 1 hour 450 UAH/€14
Prostate massage 1 hour 200 UAH/€6.20
The basic Instinct 30 min 1100 UAH/€34
Bathing mermaids 30 min 450 UAH/€14

They also offer the popular ‘Erotic Pussy’ service where you can switch roles with your masseuse to demonstrate your prowess in the hot seat.

Evita is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Salon Drakon

Mala Arnauts’ka St, 9, Odessa


The Salon Drakon is an oriental massage parlour located near to the circus and Novii Rynok in the historic centre of Odessa.

salon drakon erotic massage parlour

Salon Drakon has a good reputation, wide range of services at great prices. Image via website.

Originally opening in 2002, the salon is cosy but well appointed and is run by friendly staff who have a reputation for being clean and hospitable. The girls are very attractive, but this is one salon where sex is not on offer. They do offer a good range of massage treatments, most of which are performed either topless or fully nude.

A selection of treatments and prices are listed below:

  • Barbi Massage – Two girls will provide a private dance and then give you a four hands massage, followed by a lesbian show. Price for 75 minutes – 900 UAH/€28
  • Topless Thai Massage – Full body massage with a happy ending (your choice of hands, breast or body). Price for 30 minutes – 450 UAH/€14
  • Exotic Massage – Performed naked. Price for 60 minutes – 500 UAH/€15.50
  • Royal Massage – Performed by three girls, includes bottle of champagne and guarantees you will feel like a lord. Price for 90 minutes – 1200 UAH/€37.25

Additional services which can be added to any of the above treatments, include:

  • Aqua Massage – Shower with a girl for 20 minutes with a soapy massage including happy ending – 200 UAH/€6.21
  • Prostate Massage – 200 UAH/€6.21

The salon serves hot and cold drinks, including alcohol.

Best of the Rest

There are also some smaller massage studios that operate almost like one-woman brothels. Of course, not all of these salons offer full service but you can find that they will be more likely to offer it than the larger parlours.

We’ve included telephone numbers as most do not accept walk-ins and opening hours vary so it’s best to call in advance. Some are larger parlours that have a number of women available.

  • Allure (18 Girls) – Tel: +38 (063) 362-62-10
  • Black Angel (8 Girls) – Tel: +38 (099) 368-11-14
  • Bounty (21 Girls) – Tel: +38 (093) 508-88-32
  • Butterfly (16 Girls) – Tel: +38 (063) 123-49-90
  • Callisto (7 Girls) – Tel: +38 (066) 536-30-01
  • Camellia, Derybasivska Street, 1, Odessa- Tel: +380 (93) 049 7137
  • Chocolate (11 Girls) –Tel: +38 (067) 835-98-04
  • Glamour (8 Girls) – Tel: +38 (096) 517-92-63
  • Golden Ecstasy (9 Girls) – Tel: +38 (063) 511-75-31
  • Joy House (8 Girls) – Tel: +38 (098) 384-99-96
  • Keks (8 Girls) – Tel: +38 (073) 442-60-70
  • Lagoon (5 Girls) – Tel: +38 (073) 020-00-63
  • Lilu (12 Girls) – Tel: +38 (073) 136-38-77
  • Marmelad (5 Girls) – Tel: +38 (073) 020-31-31
  • Milady (6 Girls) – Tel: +38 (096) 335-53-45
  • Monroe, Panteleimonovskaya, 24, Odessa – Tel: +380 (98) 797-00-77/+380 (66) 064-92-17
  • Odessa VIP Massage – Tel: +38 (098) 450-30-11
  • Ray Men (7 Girls) – Tel: +38 (063) 921-55-25
  • Red Velvet (12 Girls) – Tel: +38 (063) 603-57-57
  • Shaluniya (10 Girls) – Tel: +38 (097) 176-08-30
  • Sladkaya Lady (8 Girls) – Tel: +38 (073) 442-60-12
  • Suzy (5 Girls) – Tel: +38 (073) 208-59-95
  • Sweet Kiss – Tel: +38 (073) 229-52-25
  • Victoria (8 Girls) – Tel: +38 (098) 785-44-49
  • Vivaldi (6 Girls) – Tel: +38 (066) 037-77-58
odessa erotic massage vip

Erotic massage in Odessa varies in modernity but some parlours have great facilities. Image via Odessa VIP Massage.

Strip Clubs

Strip clubs are popular in Ukraine and you can find plenty around the big cities with seven big venues to choose from in Odessa. Most have a ‘crazy menu’ from which dancer’s services can be selected which should detail the prices. If they do not have a written menu then it is recommended that you get a price in advance to avoid any unexpected bills at the end of your evening.


Bunina St, 24, Odessa


The Axis strip club is centrally located in the historical area of the city and is close to the Philharmonic Theater.

The Axis receives mixed reviews online with guests either having a five-star time or being left with an unsatisfactory experience. It’s always difficult to determine whether some reviews are just sour grapes because they didn’t get what they wanted but the overall rating on Google is 3.5 out of 5 stars from 37 reviews.

axis strip club odessa

Pay for a lesbian show at the Axis Club from 800 UAH or 25 EUR. Image via website.

The club has a crazy menu which consists of some good performances at great prices:

  • Give a girl the day off – 8000 UAH/€250
  • Shower with a dancer (2 songs) – 1500 UAH/€46.50
  • Smoke hookah with a topless dancer for 30 mins – 1000 UAH/€31
  • Drink Tequila from dancer’s body (2 songs) – 400 UAH/€12.50
  • Private dance with waitress – 800 UAH/€25
  • Buy a girl’s phone number – 600 UAH/€18.60
  • Hassle free hour (no girls visit you – 600 UAH/€18.60
  • Private dance (2 songs) – 400 UAH/€12.50

You can even extend the club’s closing time by an extra 30 minutes at a cost of 1600 UAH/€50

Entry to the club costs 100 UAH/€3.10.

Axis is open seven days a week from 9.00pm to 6.00am.


Katerynyns’ka St, 2, Odessa


The Rasputin club is located right in the heart of Odessa close to Ekaterininskaya Square. It’s a modern venue with a lot of soul and has a nice vibe when it gets busy.

They are a pretty standard club for Ukraine and do the basics well; private dances, all night strip tease and some specials like the water show, lesbian performance and topless hostessing.

Their point of difference can be found in the detail of their ‘crazy menu’, which includes standard private sessions with your choice of dancer as well as:

  • “Butter Cake” – Cover girl’s body cream and lick them.
  • “In the middle fetishist” – Buy any item of clothing (dancer, waiter, bartender, Administrator)
  • “Take me!” – Photo with a dancer or another club employee

The problem with Rasputin is that prices can be a bit hit and miss so it’s important to get these clear before committing to an order. There are reports that some guests have received an unexpected bill at the end of an evening so don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Rasputin is open as follows:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 8.00pm to 5.00am
  • Friday and Saturday: 8.00pm to 6.00am

Best of the Rest

Other strip clubs are available and you can find some great services on their individual ‘crazy menus’ just don’t forget to be clear on the price before you commit:

Street Prostitutes and Red-Light Districts

Though there are no red light districts in Odessa and prostitution is illegal, you can still find hookers on the city’s streets. The season is mainly restricted to the summer as in winter the temperatures can dip to well below freezing and there is rarely any action on Odessa’s streets at this time of year.

The most popular place to find hookers is down by the port where you can find women working from the bars as well as on the main thoroughfares. If you take a walk from the National Opera down Chaikovs’koho Ln towards the sea and hit up the bars, you should be approached after a while.

Other areas that attract street prostitutes include:

  • Derybasivska Street close to the National Museum of Eastern and Western Art.
  • Preobrazhens’ka street close to the Zirka hotel
  • Uspenska Street near to Starobazarnyi Garden Square

The Zirka Hotel has a reputation as somewhere that you can take hookers back to and the surrounding area is a popular spot for bars and clubs where hookers are known to work.

You can also find women around the open-air nightclub, Ibiza Beach Club in Arcadia. The whole area is known for its nightlife and attracts a lot of tourists making it popular for picking up.

odessa street prostitution arcadia

The Arcadia complex attracts hookers after dark. Image via Wikipedia.

Picking up in Odessa can cost you as little as €30-€50 but it really depends on the kind of night the girls are having and where and when you approach them. Some girls will charge less than €20 for a quickie.

Sex Shops

There are only a few sex shops in Odessa, most selling a fairly ‘vanilla’ range of sex toys and bedroom aids. However, a lot of pharmacies sell the essentials such as condoms, lube and even performance aids like Viagra.

For sex toys, novelty items and lingerie, you might be able to find what you are looking for at one of these stores. Failing that, the online sex shops in Ukraine deliver quite quickly so you could always order at your hotel.


Pushkins’ka St, 58, Odessa


Close to the Odessa catacombs, this central city sex shop is known as ‘Strawberry’.

They are a small branch of a national chain but manage to stock a reasonably good range of products in their store.  From anal beads to dildos, wands and vibrators, the basics are all covered with a couple of surprises as well.

They mostly sell products online so it is worth having a look on their website before you go. If they don’t stock something then they can usually get it in within a day or so if you are staying in Odessa for a while.

The store is open daily from 10.00am to 8.00pm.

Kama Sutra

Hrets’ka Square, 3/4, Odessa


Conveniently located in the heart of the city, Kama Sutra is a sex store with a good range of essentials from pumps and dildos, vibrators and strapons to inflatable dolls, novelty goods and erotic lingerie.

They’ve got a decent selection in store, but they have a better choice online. If you can’t find what you are looking for then they can order goods in to be collected and the sales staff have a good reputation for being helpful.

Kama Sutra is open daily from 10.00am to 9.00pm.

No Taboo


No Taboo is a chain brand of sex stores in Ukraine and they have plenty of stores in the capital, Kiev. There are three No Taboo stores in Odessa:

  • Deribasovskaya 12, Odessa
  • Pushkinskaya 42, Odessa
  • Grecheskaya Street 36, Odessa
sex shop odessa no taboo

No Taboo stores have a good range of products and, between three stores, usually have stock of most items. Image via website.

All three stores are open daily from 10.00am to 10.00pm and between them stock a good selection of the usual sex toys, kinky love aids, DVDs, magazines and bedroom essentials. You won’t be blown away by the choice but the prices are reasonable and they are conveniently located.

Intim Toys

10 Kosmonavtom Komarova Street, Odessa


Situated in the west of the city, close to the National Aviation University, Intim Toys stock a good range of well known brands including Lelo, We-Vibe, Fun Factory and Fleshlight. The choice is pretty good and they have a good reputation for service and prices.

They sell sex dolls, erotic lingerie, masturbators, sex machines and pumps. You can even find pheromone perfumes, performance enhancing supplements and exciting lubricants.

They are open daily from 9.00am to 9.00pm.

Featured image via Reddit.

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