The Window Girls of Amsterdam

If you want to sample the showcase of the red light district of Amsterdam then there is no escaping the lure of the window girls.

Using all premium positions from street level upwards, these girls showcase themselves in neon lit booths to entice customers inside. As much a tourist hot spot as an active stomping ground for johns in the market, Amsterdam’s red light district can be a dizzying experience.

For first timers the openness of this kind of solicitation is a whole new ball game so we’ve put together our guide on how to approach this kind of window shopping and what to expect.

Treat yourself to a little retail therapy: Window shopping for sex

Nowhere in the world has a red light district quite as famous as that of Amsterdam’s and with good reason. The narrow labyrinth of De Wallen is always crowded with people and is home to almost three hundred single rooms rented by independent prostitutes. In order to compete with other working girls, these prostitutes use the windows to ply their trade. Though they are not naked or explicit in their actions, the exhibitionism of sexily clad women stood in red (or neon) lit windows is an arousing and iconic scene and one which captivates the affection of those who love this city.

red light window girls amsterdam sex
The window girls of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Image courtesy of Flickr

Being able to walk the streets and browse from such a huge selection of women in this way is a unique experience but where should you go, how do you get the girl you want and what should you expect?


Where to go for the window girls

The warren of passageways around Amsterdam’s old port known as the De Wallen area has been synonymous with sex work since the early 14th century and consists of a series of main streets running parallel with the Oudezijds Achterburgwal and Oudezijds Voorburgwal canals. There are dozens of smaller side alleyways that interconnect these thoroughfares with window workers, sex shops, peep shows and cafes lining them all with Warmoesstraat constituting the main gay area of the district.

The area is usually very busy with tourists and stag parties. It can get very crowded with a big contingency of drunks all determined to get some action later in the evenings.

If you fancy somewhere a bit quieter then head to de Pijp (behind the Rijksmuseum) or Raadhuistraat; both known as the red light areas for those actually looking to buy rather than just browse.

The Art of Window Shopping

For most guys, so much flesh on display can bring out the Neanderthal and they find that an inner instinct takes over; one that is not much admired or respected by the working girls of Amsterdam.

Sex with window girls amsterdam
Observing the rules will get you a better experience. Image via Flickr.

Like any experience with a prostitute there is an etiquette to follow and observing these rules will get you the best experience. Remember that prostitution is wholly legal in the Netherlands and the girls here can pick and choose their customers. Act like an ass and you might not get a piece of one.

Start as you mean to go on

Standing and staring too long at any window girl is not good practice and is more likely to make you look like a freeloader than a decisive punter. If you need to get your eye in, spend some time walking around the area slowly to give yourself an idea of what’s on offer. Not only will this give you a chance to get a feel for the area but get you used to quickly clocking some of what you fancy. Having said that, if you see someone that you particularly like the look of then don’t take a chance on coming back as she may well have been taken by then.

When you see a window you like the look of, approach her with confidence and make eye contact. If she hasn’t made a move to intercept you before you arrive then gently tap on the window to indicate you are interested.

On a slow night, you may find that some of the girls might tap the window first to attract your attention. This often indicates that this is a buyers market so you should expect a lower price.

First to business…

Once you have her attention, the first thing you need to do is to establish the cost of her services and exactly what that includes. You should be looking at anything from €50-60 for straight sex with oral but anything fancy on top of that will either cost you extra or be politely refused.  Slow nights might see this reduced to €40-50 and you may be able to negotiate these rates down but doing so may risk her flatly refusing.

Once you’ve agreed a cost (and a specific service), she will generally point you ahead of her in the direction of her room. This could be anywhere in the building; upstairs, downstairs, in the back but nine times out of ten you will be asked to lead the way. This is common practice and is a way for her to assess your manner and state before she’s committed to being in an enclosed space with you. If you are falling over drunk or in an agitated state, acting erratically she may well refuse you service and call for back up. Don’t be offended by being checked out in this way, it’s good safety sense.

sex in amsterdam with window girls
The red light district can get very busy. Image via Flickr.

…and then down to business

As soon as the door closes then your time has begun and it is good practice to start the procedure with the transaction. Get the money out of the way and, if you have any last requests for the performance, now is your chance.

You will need to get undressed (as your host will) and you can expect to be asked to lay down on the bed. At which point, it is usual for her to put a condom on you and then give you a blowjob for a couple of minutes.

Penetrative sex is usually one of two or three standard positions and once you are finished your time is up. If your time is up before you are finished then the general rule is, ‘tough’. It’s a good idea to bear this in mind when you start with to ensure that you have paid for enough time and use the time you do have wisely.

Your host will usually give you a perfunctory clean up with some tissue and dispose of the condom but then you are expected to leave.

Lastly, first timers should remember that window girls expect to be treated with respect and do not appreciate newcomers expecting their experience to come straight from the set of a porn film. The girls are professional and provide a service but do not perform gymnastics whilst being grabbed and pulled about.