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Want to know about sex in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a big city and attracts around 8.5 million visitors each year, many of whom are sex tourists looking to sample the treats of Spain’s liberal prostitution laws. As well as brothels, street prostitutes and sex clubs, Barcelona is well served by a huge community of escorts. From those that specialise in domination to agencies that solely supply porn stars or Russian models, the choice is huge.

In this guide, we give you an overview of the sex industry in Barcelona.

Prostitution Laws in Barcelona

Prostitution in Spain is entirely legal and has been since 1995 when elements of the Penal Code were repealed after the transition to democracy following many decades of conservative rule under Francisco Franco. The law, strictly speaking, doesn’t legalise prostitution but neither is it explicitly banned though pimping is outlawed in the Criminal Code of Spain.

Currently, Spain enjoys the second largest global economic income from the prostitution trade with only China creating more revenue from sex work.

Barcelona (along with Madrid) is one of the main players in the prostitution markets and the city has plenty of brothels, escort agencies and sex workers. To avoid falling foul of the law on pimping, brothels operate under a similar system to much of the rest of Europe and charge rooms out by the hour to paying guests. Guests are often visiting for more innocent principle activities such as a massage or private strip tease and paying for sex is more common at these establishments than in traditional ‘brothels’.

Barcelona escorts sex spain
Barcelona comes to life after dark to deliver plenty of adult entertainment. Image via Flickr.

Barcelona Escorts Guide

Though customers can find sex on the streets of Barcelona for as little as €25, an escort (either incall or outcall) will cost more like €100-€300 depending on the type of agency, type of lady, and extras required.

The city is served legally by a whole range of independent escorts that represent most European nations as well as many international ones. There are also plenty of agencies operating in Barcelona who can provide escorts for one-off occasions or for longer durations and as travelling companions.

Some of the agencies are also brothels so an incall might not always guarantee you the lady of your choice so do check in advance.

Sex in Barcelona


Barcelona has a huge choice of brothels including those that are run as bars, nightclubs and strip venues. From those that are open 24/7 and offering a range of themed rooms to simple parlour style venues that have just one or two girls working, brothels in Barcelona are a way of life and it is estimated that one in five locals have paid for sex in this way.

As mentioned, however, these brothels exist in somewhat of a legal vacuum — neither fully legal or illegal.

Swinging Clubs

Swinging is a big business in Spain and Barcelona has quite a lot of places where couples can meet up to swap partners and swing with singles. Though many of these are set up for the sex tourism trade and are open to the general public, some are members only clubs.

We’ve put together our favorites with some extras thrown in for good measure:

Oops Barcelona

Carrer d’Anglí, 69, 08017 Barcelona

Oops has several play rooms and is an elegant and modern club with excellent facilities.

oops barcelona sex club swingers
With plenty of play spaces, Oops has excellent facilities. Image via website.

Access to the club is for couples and single women only but trios are allowed. However, it is couples only on Saturdays. Oops is members only and you will need to apply via the website to get approved before attending their events.

Oops is open Friday and Saturday nights from 11.00pm until late. They are also open for special events such as New Years Eve; details can be found on the website.


Carrer de Puig i Xoriguer, 10, 08004 Barcelona

Open to the general public, Uhomo is a new club in Barcelona and is already proving a popular venue, styled in a modern manner with electric blue lighting throughout.

Open to couples and single females with single men being allowed on Thursday and Fridays, entry charges to Uhomo are as follows:

  • Couples – €20
  • Single men – €40 plus one drink
  • Single women – Free plus one drink

Uhomo is open as follows:

  • Thursday: 11.00pm to 4.00am
  • Friday & Saturday: 11.00pm to 6.00am
  • Sunday: 7.00pm to 3.00am
swingers club barcelona ohumo
Every Sunday, couples only from 7pm. Image via website.

Best of the Rest

And here are some other swinging clubs that are worth checking out:

  • Open Swinger Club: Carrer de València, 103, 08011 Barcelona
  • Six&Nine: Carrer d’Alcolea, 58, 08014 Barcelona
  • Totem: Plaça de Joaquim Folguera, 1, 08022 Barcelona
  • Libert: Carrer de Sepúlveda, 31, 08015 Barcelona
  • Training Pedralbes: Carrer del Dr. Joaquín Albarrán, 16, 08034 Barcelona

Erotic Massage Parlours

If you want an erotic massage in your own hotel room then all of the escort agencies can arrange this but there are more specialist venues in the city where you can go for an incall.

These parlours specialise in adult body rubs including Thai, tantra, nuru and fully naked body slides.

Strip Clubs & Sex Shows

A lot of Barcelona’s strip clubs are also brothels so you can often find a crossover of punters who are coming and going vs those who are visiting simply for the shows. We’ve provided a list of the best strip clubs in the city as well as chosen two of our favourites:


Av. de Sarrià, 44, 08029 Barcelona

A more traditional nightclub, Dollhouse provides table, pole and lap dancing for the general public. However, you can also book their VIP rooms for private parties or for body sushi.

A large venue spread over 1000 sq. m, Dollhouse has 50 performers who put on 50 shows a night. It is the biggest strip club in Barcelona and regularly receives five-star reviews.

Dollhouse is open Sunday to Saturday from 10.00pm until 4.30am (6.00am on Friday and Saturday).


Bagdad is more than just a strip club but is more like the erotic theatres of Amsterdam and Paris. Performances are fully interactive and the club has a reputation for the quality of its performances.

The first live sex show in Spain, Bagdad has been entertaining visitors to Barcelona for over forty years and has refined its offerings to be one of the best of its kind, not just in Barcelona, but in Spain.

bagdad sex show barcelona
A XXX take on showing off your inner light? Bagdad girls get the sparks flying. Image via website.

The club is open seven days a week with shows performed at 11.00pm, 1.00am and 3.00am. Ticket prices are €90

Best of the Rest

If neither of these strip clubs float your boat then you can also try any of these:

  • Darling: Carrer de Casanova, 59, 08011 Barcelona
  • Blue Night: Carrer de Beethoven, 15, 08021 Barcelona
  • Baccara: Carrer de Bori i Fontestà, 25, 08021 Barcelona

Street Prostitutes

In Barcelona, the main red-light area of Las Ramblas is a notorious hotspot for prostitution and on any given evening the streets are lined with ladies of the night. As a single man or even in a small group, you will be approached for sex without having to ask around or make any of the first moves.

Sex Shops

Like much of Europe, some of the sex shops of Barcelona combine the sales of erotic bedroom accessories with peep shows, porn cabins and sex cinemas. However, most are mainstream, bright and modern stores that welcome browsers.

We’ve put together a list of the best sex shops in the city along with two recommendations:

The Luxury Love Sex-Shop

Carrer de les Basses de Sant Pere, 18, 08003 Barcelona

More of an erotic boutique than your usual back alley sex store, the Luxury Love Sex-Shop has a really eclectic range of sex toys, many of which are unique or unusual but all are premium quality.

The staff have excellent knowledge of their products and most speak excellent English. The shop is certainly worth a visit even if you don’t buy anything.

Open Monday to Saturday from 12.00pm to 2.00pm and 5.30pm to 10.00pm.

Love Sexing

Gracia: Calle Bonavista 28, 08012 Barcelona

Aragó: Calle Aragó 475, 08013 Barcelona

There are two physical stores to this online sex retailer in Barcelona and both are sleek and stylish shops offering a great range of toys, accessories and sex aids.

More like an Apple Store than a sex shop with its clinical white environment and sparse displays, the staff here are friendly and can assist you with any enquiry.

Both stores are open Monday to Saturday from 2.30pm to 9.30pm.

sex-shop-barcelona love sexing
Sparse and clinical, the products are easier to browse in this modern environment. Image via website.

Best of the Rest

And here are some other sex shops to try out:

  • D’Angelo Sex Shop
  • Sestienda: Calle Rauric, 11, 08002 Barcelona
  • Climax Susanna: Carrer del Dos de Maig, 225, 08013 Barcelona
  • Only IS Love: Carrer de Casanova, 43, 08011 Barcelona
  • La SexShop en Casa: Calle Pallars, 88, 08018 Barcelona
  • Vibracions: Carrer de la Indústria, 341, 08027 Barcelona
  • Erotic Palace Sex Cinema and Shop: Carrer de Sants, 225, 08028 Barcelona
  • Orion: Travessera de les Corts, 231, 08028 Barcelona
  • Lovestop: Carrer dels Escudellers, 12, 08002 Barcelona

You can find out more about Sex in Spain by reading our country guide.

Featured image via Omnia Escorts.

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