Tampere Escorts and Sex Guide

Spending some time in Tampere and don’t fancy going it alone?

With a population of almost a quarter of a million people, Tampere in Southern Finland is the most populous of all the inland Scandinavian cities. This population balloons with a steady stream of tourists and, as a result, Tampere’s sex industry steps up to cater for them.

In this guide, we take a look at the adult entertainment industry in Tampere including where and how to find an escort as well as the local sex scene.

Tampere Escorts Guide

Top Escort Babes


Top Escort Babes has a selection of about a dozen escorts who exclusively work in the Tampere area though many will travel for an extra fee.

The site is free to use and is easy to navigate to find escorts by location with filters to display only girls who are verified, have reviews or include prices in their profile.

The range isn’t extensive but most start at around €200 per hour with one or two being cheaper. Nationalities vary but most are European with only one we could see being a local girl.

top escorts tampere finland

Some fine assets on display across Top Escorts in Tampere. Image via website.

Happy Escorts


Happy Escorts is a Europe-wide database or escorts with good coverage in Finland and over 30 escorts in Tampere.

The site is set up to show you thumbnails with at a glance information about age and location.

Rates are a little higher than Top Escort Babes with many starting their services at €300 per hour.

Contact is made via the site using their own email system.

Escort Europe


Most of the girls on this site will be duplicated in another directory but there are a handful of different profiles included here. The duplicated profiles are often charging a different rate than other sites (some higher, some lower) so it’s a good site to do some comparison on.

Rates start at around €200 per hour with some VIP escorts charging more.

find escorts tampere finland

You can find plenty of variety in Escort Europe’s directory. Image via website.

The range is good with a mix of ages, sizes and nationalities.

The site is free to use but contact is made using the in-house email system.

Escort Date


There are only 9 girls on this site serving Tampere but they are a contrast to the other directories.

Contact is via telephone numbers which are given out free but you could also use the email system to send a detailed message.

Profiles are very thin on the site and there isn’t much information given out on services or prices so do enquire before booking.

Sex in Tampere

If you can’t find an escort to whet your appetite or you just want to try the sex scene like the locals do then there are other ways to get your rocks off in Tampere including erotic massage parlours, private sex shows and strip clubs.

Tampere Brothels

There are no legal brothels in Tampere.

Tampere Sex Clubs

There are no swingers clubs in Tampere like those you can find in Helsinki (or in Denmark) but swinging events can be found in the area. The best resource for swinging events can be found through the Swing Lifestyle site.

Tampere Erotic Massage Parlours

Tampere is served by a handful of Thai massage parlours where sexual services are offered at the end of your treatment. Thirty minutes costs around €30 where you can expect a ten-minute rub (not the best massage) before being asked if you want ‘extras’.

These additional services come at a cost so you need to be up-front with this. A handjob will cost you in the region of €20-€40, a blowjob €40-€60 and full service (where available) can be as much as €150.

Not all Thai massage parlours will run this service and some masseuses won’t offer so there are no guarantees. However, these parlours have a reputation for happy endings so good luck with your Finnish.

  • Phon-Thai Hieronta, Hämeenkatu 10, 33100 Tampere
  • Waaseadthi Thai Spa, Hatanpään valtatie 12, 33100 Tampere
  • Sabaidi Thai-Hieronta, Kaskitie 13, 33540 Tampere
  • Thai Massage Sukhothai, Aleksanterinkatu 29 A, 33100 Tampere

Tampere Strip Clubs

Strip clubs in Finland are often run in conjunction with sex shops so we have tried to split these into clubs that run evening shows (Strip Clubs) and those that run peep shows during the day alongside their sex stores (see Sex Shops, below).

Erotic Club Show Time

Hämeenkatu 29, 33200 Tampere


Established in 1997, the Show Time has a large welcoming bar with pool tables and comfortable seating. In addition, the restaurant serves a full menu.

The resident DJ keeps the atmosphere hyped and you can get private dances starting at around €50. A cover charge operates at €10 with drinks being priced between €7 and €10.

The club caters for fet lovers and you can get a great personal dominatrix show with their resident mistress in the specially equipped S&M room.

sex club shows tampere

You can find details of special events through the Erotic Club Show Time website.

Stage shows are erotic and well put together and run continuously throughout the evening.

The club is open as follows:

  • Monday to Thursday: 7pm to 2am
  • Friday & Saturday: 7pm to 3am

Erotic Bar Big Tits


Opening in 1998, the Big Tits erotic bar in Tampere has a reputation for being an intimate club where the girls get up close and personal. There is no ‘stage’ so what happens in the club very much happens on your lap anyway.

tampere sex guide

There’s so much going on in this club you won’t know what you want until you’ve had it. Images via website.

Private shows are popular and the performers will do quite a lot more than the usual strip or grind in your lap. The shows are big and include the popular foam shower choreography. There is also a dominatrix and golden shower show which you can enjoy privately.

The club is popular for bachelor parties with private performances being booked for stags to fulfil their fantasies.

Prices start at around €40 for a private show with the club being open seven days a week from 12pm to 2am.

Street Prostitutes

Tampere is not well served with street prostitutes. Owing to the current legal situation, street prostitutes face prosecution for soliciting and streetwalking so most avoid it where they can, preferring to advertise online instead. The low density of the city is also another reason why street prostitutes are rare outside of the capital.

However, there are a handful of women who work the traditional way but it is not always easy to pinpoint them as they tend to move frequently to avoid police attention. The best chances of being propositioned is to head to the streets around the strip clubs, sex shops and late night bars.

If you get lucky, you can expect to pay anything from €40+ for a quickie and around €100-€200 for an hours service.

Tampere Sex Shops


Hämeenpuisto 39, Tampere 33200


Alongside a range of sex toys and adult playthings you can also enjoy a private dance from one of the performers who work here. The special booths are designed for an intimate experience and you can enjoy a live show from €20 for 10 minutes up to €80 for an hour. They also provide domination shows which start at €80 for half an hour.

The store is open as follows:

  • Monday to Friday: 10am to 9pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 11am to 8pm

Mansen Sex Shop

Hämeenpuisto 16, 33210 Tampere


Initially opening in 1990, Mansen is the oldest sex shop in Tampere and runs private striptease shows. You can shop inside their boutique for the usual range of toys, DVDs and accessories or slip inside a private room to be entertained by whoever is on rota with an intimate show or lap dance.

sex shop tampere

Street parking and a ‘discreet’ entrance make the Mansen Sex Shop an easy place to visit. Image via Google Earth.

Performers willingness to do more for their tips varies depending on the girl themselves but at the very least you should get a damned good lap grind if not a handjob or more.

Mansen is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 10pm and Saturdays until 6pm.

Hot Girls

Rongankatu 2 Tampere


Hot Girls provides adult performers for private striptease and big events across Finland. The Tampere base has half a dozen models who are popular for local bookings. They also run their own in-house entertainment with a peep-show style theatre.

Hot Girls also operates a sex shop from their premises which has a good range of products.

The club is open from 10am to 8pm Monday to Friday and Saturday from midday to 6pm.

Featured image via Wikimedia.

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