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Ukraine’s capital city is home to around 2.9 million people and is visited by over a million tourists each year. Whilst some visitors hit the city for its medieval architecture, pristine orthodox churches and extensive museums and galleries, other people head to the capital for its entertainment scene. Ukraine is the world’s fifth largest consumer of alcohol and when you head into the city on a night out you can understand why. There are hundreds of bars and clubs.

In this guide, we take a look at the sex scene of Kiev.

Prostitution in Kiev

The prostitution industry is estimated to generate around €1.2 billion in revenue in Ukraine but is not a legal one. All aspects of prostitution are illegal including:

  • Selling sex
  • Buying sex
  • Running a brothel
  • Pimping

In general, infringements are dealt with in much the same way as a traffic offence, resulting in a small fine of around 250 UAH (€7.50). In some cases, particularly in the instance of a first-time offence or with young students, the police will write to the girl’s family. This can be an effective way to curb the activities of some women and is just one of the methods being used to reduce the rate of prostitution amongst students; at present it is estimated that almost one in five (18.5%) of female university students sell sex.

You can find prostitutes across the city working in a number of ways to attract clients; from traditional street hookers, freelance bar prostitutes and escorts to women working in strip clubs and erotic massage parlours.

There are estimated to be around 11,000 sex workers in the capital, a good proportion of whom are thought to be from rural parts of Ukraine. However, the city also has women from other European nations working on the streets, in bars and in the various venues that provide sexual services.

With a cheap cost of living, Ukraine has become very popular over the last few decades as a destination for sex tourism. As a result, most of the women who work in larger salons and clubs will speak English.


Kiev Escorts Guide

There are thousands of escorts providing services in and around the city. Most will only provide out calls to hotels but some do travel to private residences or places of work.

There are also dozens of escort agencies, directories and boards dedicated to connecting customers with courtesans. However, due to the legal restrictions on the adult industry, we cannot list them on this site.

Sex in Kiev

For a country where prostitution is illegal there are plenty of venues in Kiev where you can pay for sex. The most common method is via an erotic massage parlour but strip clubs are also popular.


Brothels are illegal in Ukraine and though you can find some apartments and flats were several women offer sexual services, they are notoriously difficult to find. It is more common to find prostitutes in the city’s nightclubs or on the streets who have access to ‘working’ flats. Most of these are located in the Pechsersk and Pobedi Prospekt areas where you can pay around 500-1000 UAH (€15-€30) for full service.

However, if you want a bordello experience in Kiev then you can find your pick of girls at either a strip club or erotic massage parlour. Some of these venues only offer manual or oral relief but many offer full service.


With very little street prostitution in Kiev and no official brothels, many prostitutes in the capital work from popular nightclubs and bars to pick up clients. Though solicitation is illegal, the management at these clubs turn a blind eye to the practice and may benefit from the extra custom that this reputation brings them. It’s worth remembering that if you head to any of these clubs then you should be discreet. The girls in these venues would probably not identify themselves as being prostitutes but merely women who will have casual sex in exchange for money (or ‘compensated dating’).

Regardless of any escorts being present, these venues are a good place to practice your ‘pick up’ skills on the famously beautiful ladies of Kiev.

  • Caribbean Nightclub, Symona Petlyury St, 4, Kiev
  • Skybar, Velyka Vasylkivska St, 5, Kiev (Arena Complex)
  • Shooters, Moskovska St, 22, Kiev, 01010
  • Buddah Bar, Khreschatyk St, 14, Kiev
  • Tao Nightclub, Velyka Vasylkivska St, 5, Kiev (Arena Complex)
  • DLux, Mykhaila Hrushevskoho St, 3, Kiev
  • Avalon, 3 Leontovicha str., Kiev, 01030
  • Dali Park, 16a Parkova Road, Kiev
  • Byblos, 20 Artyom Street, Kiev 04053
  • Serebro, 3 Mechnikov Street, Kiev 02000
  • Velour, 43 Lva Tolstoho Street, Kiev 01032
  • Rishel’ye, 23 Velyka Vasylkivska, Kiev, 02000

Swinging Clubs

Swinging is not as popular in Ukraine as it is in other areas of Europe. There are followers of the lifestyle in Kiev but no clubs, as such. If you are looking to hook up with other couples whilst you are in the capital then you can make contact with interested parties via the Adult Hub,, Adult Friend Finder or Fetlife.

Erotic Massage Parlours

The most popular way to get a full service in Kiev is via one of the dozens of erotic massage parlours. Most of these venues will provide a manual service and most will also offer plenty of extras including lesbian shows, French kissing and a variety of massage treatments. Some masseurs will also offer additional services but this is usually at the discretion of the individual lady.

Due to advertising restrictions, we cannot list any Kiev erotic massage parlours on this site.

However, there are dozens of them advertising openly elsewhere on the web.

Strip Clubs

Strip clubs are very popular in Ukraine and, due to the laws prohibiting prostitution, are popular with men looking for some erotic action. Many of Kiev’s strip clubs have private (and VIP) rooms where you can often get additional personal services.

007 Men’s Club

Petra Sagaydachnogo 8, 04070 Kiev

There are no prizes for guessing the theme of this strip club in Kiev. It’s a decadent gentleman’s club that (unusually) is bright and welcoming.

007 gentlemens club strip kiev
“Ah…Mr Bond. We’ve been expecting you…” Image via website.

They have a great selection of services from their ‘crazy menu’ which take place on stage, behind glass or in private. Options include lesbian, S&M, costume dance or licking ice cream from the naked body of one of the dancers. You can even take a shower with one of the performers.

You can extend your night by hiring the club out and enjoy exclusive access to the girls for a pricey 40,000 UAH or €1233.

The place has a good reputation, particularly with Western tourists, and has some good reviews.

007 is open daily from 8.00pm to 5.00am.

Angels Club

Heroiv Stalinhradu Avenue, 16Б, 04210 Kiev

Angels is situated right in the heart of Kiev, a few minutes walk from the river and the monument of the Princess frog.

It is a modern club with traditional red interior and stage with neon lighting creating a discreet but dark ambience.

Angels is popular for bachelor parties and offers a good selection of services from the dozen or so dancers. You can pay for the company of a topless performer at your table for 600 UAH (€18.50) per hour or have a private dance from 500 UAH (€15.40). And, if you like the look of your waitress or even a member of admin staff, you can even pay for them to perform.

There is an entrance fee of 200 UAH (€6) however, check out the website to get a promotional offer of free entry and free drink.

Angels is open daily from 8.00pm to 6.00am.


Chervonoarmiiys`ka str 57/3, 03150 Kiev

Dolls is a modern strip club styled with the typical blue and red neon lights with dimmed lighting. It’s one of the more popular entertainment venues in Kiev and regularly receives good reviews for the girls, service and atmosphere.

dolls strip club kiev
Dolls is a great location for bachelor parties and has great feedback on service. Image via website.

Ask to see the ‘Crazy Menu’ which will give you an idea of what extras you can pay for but most girls will happily negotiate with you if you want to make them an offer in private.

Typical extras at Dolls includes:

  • Private dance – 500 UAH/€15.40
  • Drink brandy from the navel of a dance on the bar – 500 UAH/€15.40
  • 30 Minutes of erotic massage with extras – 2000 UAH/€62
  • BDSM treatment – 500 UAH/€15.40
  • Orgy strip with SM (4 girls) – 4000 UAH/€123
  • Topless dance on table – 300 UAH/ €9.25

The Dolls strip club is open daily from 8.00pm to 6.00am.

Mint Nosorog (Peppermint Rhino)

Velyka Vasylkivska St 111/113, 03150 Kiev

Mint Nosorog is an elegant club with luxury red leather seating, chandeliers and erotic art.

As well as striptease, pole dancing and private entertainment they also serve hookah and a good mix of international wines, spirits and beers,

Penthouse Cabaret

ul. Krasnoarmeyskaya, 58, Kiev

One of two venues run by the same company in Kiev, the Penthouse Cabaret has no affiliation to the British magazine of the same name. The venue has been open over ten years and provides a classic strip club experience. From the leather couches to the golden VIP suites and erotic art, the venue is cut from the same cloth as plenty of other clubs.

penthouse cabaret strip club kiev
More of a ‘Moulin Rouge’ than a ‘Banana Bar’, the entertainment at Penthouse Cabaret is saucy but not X-rated. Image via website.

The point of difference at Penthouse Cabaret is the party atmosphere including karaoke rooms, private dances and the international renowned cabaret shows. It’s more of a venue for bachelor parties who want something saucy to watch rather than for a ‘crazy menu’.  Expect an evening of saucy retro teasing and just enjoy the show.

The Penthouse Cabaret Club is open daily from 8.00pm to 6.00am.

Red Lion

Khreschatyk St 27a, 01001 Kiev

Decorated in a baroque style, the Red Lion strip club is a decadent venue with a rich and comfortable interior. The main hall has a rotation of dancers performing striptease which you can enjoy from an array of comfortable sofas whilst enjoying hookah.

Private dances are available in the VIP rooms where soft music and cozy furnishings help create an erotic atmosphere. Reviews about the kind of service you get in the VIP rooms varies but, as ever, it depends on the girl you select as to the satisfaction you receive.

There are usually around 8-10 dancers working but on quieter days there are fewer and, as is the case with any venue like this, the atmosphere can be a little dull. It’s best to hit the Red Lion at the weekend after midnight.

The Red Lion is open daily from 8.00pm to 6.00am.


B.Khmelnytsky str. 30/10, 02000 Kiev

Rio is more of a restaurant/bar with strip shows on the side than a traditional gentleman’s club. They have a sushi bar and cocktail menu with cabaret performances in the evening.

The shows are vibrant and feature new performers throughout the evening. You can also get a private dance in one of the VIP suites.

Entrance is charged at 400 UAH (€12.30).

Rio is open daily from 4.00pm to 6.00am. You will need to book a table after 8.00pm.


Str. Hospitalnaya 12, Kiev

Scarlette is a unique venue which offers a strip disco rather than just a simple striptease performance. It’s got a strong nightclub vibe to it and really appeals to a younger audience. Forget the traditional gold and red stylings of a gentleman’s club and think of a retro electronica dance rave. The club has a modern but 80s edge to it which is both kitsch and erotic.

scarlette strip club kiev
For a unique disco/strip experience, head to Scarlette at the President Hotel. Image via website.

Situated in the famous President Hotel, the club is high-end and they also serve Japanese and American food as well as from an extensive bar menu.

With a big dance floor alongside the main stage, this is the only venue in the city which gives you an adrenaline filled evening. Less of relaxed voyeurism and more getting involved with the atmosphere.

Entrance costs 400 UAH (€12.30) and  the club is open daily from 8.00pm to 6.00am.

Best of the Rest

There are plenty of other clubs in the city that also offer crazy menus:

Street Prostitutes and Red-Light Districts

There are no red-light areas in Kiev but the districts of Pechsersk and Pobedi Prospekt are home to many flats where hookers work. They are not walk-up brothels but venues that are used by street hookers with their clients.

The cost of a street prostitute range depending on the area. Women in the city centre are more expensive than those you will find by the roadsides outside of Kiev. The average price is around 500 to 1000 UAH (€15 to €30). Expect to pay an extra 200 to 500 UAH (€6 to €15) if you want to head to your hotel or a flat.

Street prostitution is in decline – and is highly illegal – so our best advice is to stay off the street.

Plenty of other legal places to get your kicks!

Sex Shops

Kiev has plenty of sex shops to satisfy most retail requirements. There are a couple of shops that have more of a niche selection and the pharmacies in Kiev stock essentials like lube, condoms and the odd cock ring or vibrator. Some even sell performance enhancing supplements.

The biggest chain of sex shops in Ukraine, is Sex Shop who have been in business since 1998. They have numerous branches across the country with several in Kiev:

  • Holosiivskyi prospekt, 102/1, Kiev 02000
  • Shota Rustaveli St, 23, Kiev 02000
  • Aviakonstruktora Antonova St, 4/1, Kiev 02000
  • Mezhyhirska St, 10/18, Kiev 02000
  • Biloruska St, 10/18, Kiev 04050
sex shop kiev
Sex Shop’s in Kiev sell a standard range of sex toys and aids plus novelty items. Image via website.

All stores are open daily from 10.00am and closing between 8.00pm and 10.00pm.

Another big name brand in Kiev is No Taboo who also sells a wide selection of bedroom basics. They have 13 outlet stores in Kiev and 4 boutique shops:

  • 3 Baseina Street
  • 136 Peremohy Ave
  • 1/3a O Bologna Square
  • 32D Grigorenko Avenue
  • 21 Mikhaylovskaya Street
  • 20 Gnata Jura
  • 25 Palladin Prospekt
  • 17 Khreshchatyk
  • 22 Khreshchatyk
  • 10B Stepan Bandery Prospekt
  • 3V Bazhana Prospekt
  • 143 Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya Street
  • 25 Glushkov Street
  • 6D Log. G, Berkovetskaya Street
  • 2D Malyshko Street
  • 13a Palladina Avenue
  • 136 Win Prospekt

Some of their outlets are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Check website for details.

no taboo sex shop kiev
The chain of No Taboo sex shops in Kiev cover the whole city. Image via website.

Other stores which have a reasonable selection of toys, clothing and accessories include:

  • Lovershop, Lesi Ukrainky Blvd, 26, Kiev 01133
  • First Sex Shop, Yaroslavska St, 55, Kiev 04071
  • Amy Punk, building 21, Vatslava Havela Boulevard, 4, Kiev 03067

Featured image via Flickr.

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