Bergen Escorts and Sex Guide

Known as the city of seven mountains, Bergen in the West of Norway is a popular location for tourists and business travelers making it a rich ground for escorts to ply their trade.

The city is well serviced by a range of women including transsexuals and specialist escorts providing BDSM and fetish services.

In Norway, the term prostitute is seen as a very derogatory word and you will find that women who sell themselves for sex prefer to be known as sex workers or gledespike (joy girl). Some women prefer the term hjelpepleier (health worker).

In this guide, we take a look at the current prostitution laws and give you an idea of the adult services that are available throughout Bergen.

Prostitution in Bergen: The Law

Soliciting and advertising sex is illegal in Norway as is procuring the services of a hooker; however, selling sex is not a criminal offence.

Aimed at reducing the amount of street prostitution, the Sex Purchase Ban was introduced by the Norwegian parliament in November 2008 and was implemented on 1 January 2009.

Technically, brothels and street prostitution are legal and there are many places in the country where both exist. The law simply makes it necessary for them to operate more discreetly.

Being caught buying sexual services can land you with a hefty 30,000 kr fine (€3,200).


Bergen Escorts Guide

The majority of escorts working in Bergen are African, Eastern European or South American with a handful of Norwegian women thrown in to the mix. Rates vary depending on how and where you procure your services plus how long you are booking for and where you engage the services. As a very general guide, services for a half hour are in the order of 1000-1500 kr (€110-€165) but street prices are lower.

As you would expect, there are a number of escort agencies in operation, however we cannot link to these (or the websites of independent providers) due to the strict advertising laws in place.

Sex in Bergen

There are an estimated 3,000 sex workers operating in Norway with higher densities working in the main cities and towns. Many work independently, offering their services via internet advertising using covert terms to describe their work; phrases like ‘health worker’ and ‘massage’ being popular.


There are no legal brothels in Bergen.

Erotic Massage Parlours

There are quite a few massage parlours in Bergen including some Thai masseurs.

The main erotic massage parlour in Bergen is Eden that provides body-to-body, tantric body rubs. However, they explicitly state that no sexual services are performed. A 90 minute session costs 1800 kr (€195).

A full body rub on offer at Eden. Image via website.

Strip Clubs

Strip clubs in Norway are known as showbars or gentleman’s clubs and are typically high-class affairs with high ticket prices. Private dances start at around €100 for ten minutes with ladies drinks being €30.

Bergen’s authorities stipulate that alcohol and nudity cannot occur at the same time so no drinks can be taken into private shows and the entertainment is not fully nude.

Due to the ‘champagne culture’, dancers in Norway earn a high salary and standards of dancers are very high.

After Dark Gentleman’s Club

Torggaten 5, 5014 Bergen, Norway

after dark gentlemans club bergen sex
The hostesses at the After Dark club are of a high quality. Image via website.

A sophisticated and stylish club, After Dark has a strong reputation for the quality of its shows, relaxed atmosphere and seductive dancers. Popular with business travelers as well as tourists, the bar has a wide range of drinks and is one of the latest venues to serve alcohol in Bergen.

After Dark is open Monday to Saturday and is open from 10pm

Street Prostitutes

There is no red light district in Bergen and, with the change in law, street prostitutes are rare.

Street workers will reportedly charge less than girls found online or in a brothel, with rates around 500 kr (€50) for a quickie or up to 1200 kr (€130) for an hour.

Sex Shops


Kløverhuset, Strandgaten 13 – 15, 5013 Bergen

sex shop bergen
The high street chain sex store sells every accessory you can imagine. Image via Google Earth.

Open from 10am to 8pm (Monday to Friday) and until 6pm on Saturday, the Kondomeriet sells a wide range of sex toys, accessories, lingerie and novelty items. A nationwide retailer, prices are reasonable for Norway but quite high when compared to other stores in Europe. You can also buy online but you can certainly pick up something for the weekend from the store.

Featured image via Flickr.