Bucharest Escorts and Sex Guide

Want to know more about the sex scene in Bucharest? Where to find prostitutes and what kind of adult services are on offer?

Nicknamed ‘little Paris’, Bucharest is the capital and most populous city of Romania. The commercial and tourist centre of the country, Bucharest offers an eclectic range of modern entertainment as well as cultural diversions. It is home to elegant architecture, sophisticated dining and a vibrant entertainment industry. With almost 2 million visitors each year, the city does its best to keep everyone happy including those who are looking to sample the delights of the adult industry. With cheap prices and the national love of good beer Bucharest is very popular as a stag location.

In this guide, we take a look at the ways you can get a service in Bucharest from the escort industry to the strip clubs and erotic massage parlours.

Prostitution Laws in Bucharest

Prostitution is illegal in Romania but was decriminalised in 2014. Basically this means that offences are now considered administrative instead of criminal with punishments being fines instead of jail sentences.

Mongering is not illegal and johns do not face prosecution unless they knowingly pay for sex using an organised service such as a brothel, pimp or prostitution ring.

The Government has been keen to further their official position on prostitution and advance the sector to a regulated and licensed one. However, there is still some strong opposition from religious groups and anti-prostitution campaigners.

The present situation means that the sex industry is unregulated with no official controls in place. Policing is relatively slack on street prostitution and whilst brothels are illegal, they do operate, mainly as erotic massage parlours. Some of the strip clubs also offer massage and escort services.

Bucharest Escorts Guide

In common with many European countries where prostitution is illegal, escorts offer full sex out-call services under the guise of ‘compensated dating’. Their fees are charged for companionship with any sexual activities taking part privately by mutual consent.

Bucharest has a lot of escorts who provide services to most hotels in the city with prices starting at around €100 per hour.

Most directories that list independent escorts carry warnings for the services offered in Romania due to a high incidence rate of fake profiles. You are advised to use authenticated listings, those with good reviews or make your own arrangements for validating whether an ad is genuine or not.

We have selected a range of directories that offer a good variation in budget, age and physical attributes providing services in Bucharest.

Euro Girls Escort


Euro Girls Escort is an international directory of independent and agency escorts working in most major European cities. In Romania, there are over 700 ladies listed for services with 660+ in Bucharest.

Hourly prices ranged from €100 to €300 with the average being under €150.

bucharest escorts

Filter results by a wide range of presets to find the perfect escort for you. Image via website.

The best part of the site is the fact you can filter the results according to age, location, physical attributes as well as height, weight and ethnicity.

Most of the girls are out-call only though there are a few hundred that also offer in-call. Services range from GFE to A-Level with some porn stars listed as well.

It’s a good site to bookmark if you regularly visit different European countries.

Hotel Massage


Hotel Massage provides erotic out-call massage services to your hotel or place of residence. Rates vary depending on the level of experience requested and can be as little as €50 per hour up to €75. Clients must also pay travel expenses on top.

Whilst the primary service is an erotic massage, most of the girls will provide more than just a happy ending.

Private Romania


This Romanian language site has a few dozen escorts listed for services in Bucharest, most of whom are verified as having authentic pictures.

Their profiles are a bit more detailed than other directory sites so you can get more of a gist of the services being offered (you may need to use Google Translate).

Top Escort Babes


Another Europe-wide directory for independent and agency escorts, there are 745 women listed in Bucharest.

Average prices per hour are between €100 and €150.

You don’t need to register an account to be able to access contact details but signing in gives you better functionality on the site. You can save and favourite didn’t profiles and use the in-site messaging system.

Regular users can also leave reviews for other punters.

Happy Escorts


Happy Escorts is Europe’s largest directory for professional personal services and has over 650 women registered as working in Bucharest.

You can find women of all ages on the site including plenty of mature ladies. Prices are reasonable here too and you can easily book an out-call from €100.

Luxury Escorts


Luxury Escorts offers a range of speciality services including fetish, lesbians and transsexuals. They have a good reputation for BDSM and erotic massage.

Rates are available on request.

squirting queen bucharest escorts

Luxury Escorts has some niche ladies including the ‘Squirting Queen’ of Bucharest. Image via website.

Best of the Rest

Of course, there are some other ways to find escorts in the city including some free classifieds sites and VIP agencies:

Though free classified sites offer cheaper rates, they do attract scammers more than other sites so do exercise caution when responding via these services.

Sex in Bucharest


Brothels are not legal in Romania but there are many venues which offer a similar service. Foreign tourists may well be offered a ‘brothel’ experience by some taxi-drivers but these are not recommended. If you are looking for a full service then erotic massage parlours offer a similar experience with some degree of security that the girls do not form part of a prostitution ring.

Swinging Clubs

Swinging in Romania is relatively new but is proving quite popular, particularly in Bucharest. There are two main clubs which are open for tourists to visit with private parties occurring across the country, mainly for locals or are members only.

The Romanian Swingers site has some further information on these.

Bad Romance

Strada Căpitan Mircea Vasilescu, nr. 3, Sector 4, Bucharest 040184


The Bad Romance villa has ten rooms over two floors with a semi-basement area. It is an old building which makes the most of its historic charm including a grand wooden staircase, chandeliers and elegant furnishings.

bad romance swinger club bucharest

The social areas at Bad Romance are cosy and intimate. Image via website.

There is a small spa area with jacuzzi and sauna plus four clean and modern bathrooms.

Bad Romance is a classic swingers club open for foreign visitors as well as locals.

Single females may attend any evening for free but must arrive with a couple.

Admission fees include a welcome drink of champagne plus party food, towels and condoms. Rates are charged as follows:

  • Couples: 250 Lei (€54)
  • Single Men: Thursday, 300 Lei (€65) & Saturday, 450 Lei (€97)

Bad Romance is open as follows:

  • Tuesday: 10.00pm to 3.00am
  • Friday: 10.00pm to 5.00am (Couples Only)
  • Saturday: 10.00pm to 5.00am

Attraction Club

Strada Agricultori 16, Bucharest 030167


The Attraction Club was the first swingers club in Bucharest and is located 1km North of the Mătăsari area. It was opened in 2010 and is a popular club for locals and visitors to the city. All staff speak good English and you do not need to be a member to attend an event. However, the club is couples only on Wednesdays.

They run regular events over the weekends including themed parties with live shows such as the sexy nurses, sexy blondes and lap dances.

attraction swingers club bucharest

Attraction is elegantly styled and has comfortable and modern facilities. Image via website.

It’s a stylish and modern club with a nice range of sumptuously decorated play areas as well as a great bar and lounge facilities.

Entrance fees are charged as follows and includes a glass of champagne as well as party food:

  • Couples: 250 Lei (€54)
  • Single Men: 500 Lei (€107)
  • Single Women: 100 Lei (€21)

Attraction is open as follows:

  • Wednesday: 10.00pm to 3.00am (couples only)
  • Friday and Saturday: 10.00pm to 5.00am

Erotic Massage Parlours

In the absence of a legalised sex industry, erotic massage parlours ostensibly operate as brothels with the following venues providing a range of personal services from happy endings to the full treatment.

Artemis Massage

Strada Constantin Coanda 27, Bucharest


Situated close to Victoria Square, this exclusive erotic massage salon is a modern venue offering the services of some very attractive ladies.

erotic massage bucharest

Withe an invitation like this, who needs asking twice? Erotic body rubs in Bucharest are popular at Artemis. Image via website.

Services and prices are as follows:

Massage Type Price Per Hour
Topless Massage 200 Lei/ €43
Nude Erotic Massage 250 Lei/ €54
Massage with Shower 300 Lei/ €65
Erotic Massage (Duo) 400 Lei/€86


Artemis is open Monday to Saturday, 1.00pm to 4.00am and Sundays from 4.00pm to 2.00am.

Attraction Club

nr., Strada Litoralului 1, Bucharest 077190

Strada Agricultori 16, București 021481


With two locations in the city, Attraction Club is one of the most popular massage parlours in the city.

They offer a professional service at competitive prices in the comfort of a modern venue. The Strada Litoralului is relatively new and also incorporates a spa including sauna and jacuzzi.

Rooms are themed and you can select from the Asian Room, Tantra Room and others. They provide massage for couples as well as ladies with male masseurs on hand.

They have some surprise treatments including a fantasy massage with erotic toys for 260 Lei (€56).

Opening hours are as follows:

Days Strada Agricultori Strada Litoralului
Monday to Thursday 2.00pm to 3.00am 2.00pm to 3.00am
Friday & Saturday 2.00pm to 5.00am 2.00pm to 10.00pm
Sunday 4.00pm to 5.00am 10.00am to 5.00am


Black Velvet

Dumitru Florescu 12, Bucharest


Black Velvet offers in-call and out-call massage services ranging from topless or nude treatments to tantra sessions. Rates start at €60.

Black Velvet is open daily from 1.00pm to 4.00am.

black velvet massage bucharest

A selection of some of the masseuses at Black Velvet. Image via website.


Strada Popa Savu 3, Bucharest 010612


Though Confidential is situated in a traditional building, it is a modern parlour that has recently been refurbished. Rooms are styled in a simple and elegant way with touches of the oriental splashed in red, white and black.

There are eight ladies who provide services. You can choose and book online if you prefer the look of one, otherwise you simply get a choice of who is available.

The salon is open as follows:

  • Monday to Friday: 12.30pm to 6.00am
  • Saturday: 4.00pm to 5.00am
  • Sunday: 4.00pm to 12.00am

Fantasy Massage

Calea Floreasca 44, Bucharest 014462


This salon’s mantra is ‘If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun’ and it’s hard not to see why when you see their promotional video…

Conveniently located in sector 1 of the city, Fantasy Massage’s USP is there femdom and BDSM services. They offer a little titivation with your body rub and you can even select role-play and costumes to spice up the treatment.

Prices start at 180 Lei (€39) for a standard hour’s session but go up to 250 Lei (€54). The venue also runs a loyalty card scheme so your fifth visit each month is free.

The salon is open from midday to midnight, seven days a week.

Mon Cheri Massage

Corp B, Romana Square, Str. Mendeleev, No. 28-30, Bucharest 010365


With eleven contemporary and elegantly styled rooms, Mon Cheri has a wide range of women offering erotic massage services. From barely legal to experienced and mature women, blondes, brunettes and redheads, there is a great choice of masseuse.

For an additional fee you can enjoy the sauna or jacuzzi or even treat yourself to a double massage. The salon does good business for bachelor parties.

The salon opens at 6.00pm to 4.00am, seven days a week.

mon cheri erotic massage bucharest

The masseuses can be topless or nude depending on the treatment you opt for. Image for website.

Tantra Erotic Massage

General Berthelot Henri Mathias 84, Bucharest 010172


This more traditional massage parlour offers a good range of services Taoist, lingam and testicle massage.

The salon is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

VIP Obsession

Bulevardul Unirii 16, Bucharest 040106


With a reputation as the most innovative provider of erotic massage in Bucharest, VIP Obsession offers a huge range of treatments lasting 60, 90, 120 or 180 minutes.

Details of the models are available online and showcase a stunning sample of Romanian talent.

The salon is open daily from 9.00am to 8.00am.

Best of the Rest

There are many more parlours and salons in the city, each offering a similar service to those above:

  • Thai Passion, Strada Prepeliţei 8, Bucharest 020742
  • Silk Massage, nr, Strada Căderea Bastiliei 14, Bucharest 010612
  • Mon Amour Massage, Strada Căderea Bastiliei Nr. 72 B, Bucharest 010616
  • VIP Zone, Bulevardul Mihail Kogălniceanu 20, Bucharest 030167
  • Sweet Girls, Strada Virgiliu 32, Bucharest 010881
  • Natasha – Secret Massage, Strada Elev Ștefan Ștefănescu 76, Bucharest 021686
  • Noblesse Unic, Strada Leonida 8, Bucharest 020556
  • Seventh Heaven, Strada Anastasie Panu 1, Bucharest
  • Sweet Touch,Strada Rodiei 45, Bucharest 030955
  • Pink Lady, Sfintilor street, number 6, Bucharest, Bucharest 021064
  • Dessiree Massage, Strada Traian 254, Bucharest 030167
  • Salon Rubin, Strada Trifoi 5, Bucharest 030698
  • Mon Beauty Salon, Strada Jules Michelet 15-17, Bucharest 030167
  • Tao Erotic Massage, Calea Victoriei 85, Bucharest 010390,

Strip Clubs

Strip clubs in Romania are far cheaper than in western Europe with drinks prices also being low. However, they are more expensive than bars and other clubs in the city so be warned that your tab can quickly rack up, particularly at those venues where hostesses join you for the evening. A few thirsty girls can quickly eat into your wallet.

Each club usually offers other services as well as strip shows and can include escorts or on-site erotic massage.

21st Office

Strada Doamnei 9, Bucharest 030167


Opened in July 2017, this brand new strip club in the heart of Bucharest’s Old Town was an instant hit with locals as well as tourists.

In addition to strip performances, the club provides lap dances and escort services.

It isn’t the largest club in Europe but it does occupy an elegant space with chandeliers, plush velvet sofas and ivory/maroon stylings. The club combines modern elements in a traditional gentleman’s club style.  The venue is located in the basement of a traditional building and incorporates a large stage set in the round. Private rooms are available for private dances which do include touching.

The club is already proving popular with stag parties as well as VIP events. With around 30 girls working for the venue, the standard and quality of performers is high.

Admission is charged at 200 Lei (€43) which includes drinks. Private dances are charged at around 200 Lei (€43) for around 10 minutes.

The 21st Office strip club is open daily from 10.30pm to 6.00am.

Lucky Love Club

Strada Știrbei Vodă 29, Bucharest 010101


Located right in the centre of Bucharest, the Lucky Love Club is a striptease venue which also provides on site erotic massage. The club has a good reputation for stag events and massages can be booked for larger groups.

Pole dancing, lap dancing and intimate fully nude private shows are all on offer.

Admission fees are very reasonable with prices for drinks being cheap by comparison to other European cities.

The strip club is open 10.00pm to 4.00am.

lucky love strip club

The ladies of Lucky Love have a reputation for being beautiful. Image via website.

Buckingham Night Club

Strada D. I. Mendeleev 3, Bucharest 030167


With live music every night and special events running throughout the year, the Buckingham Night Club is located close to downtown Bucharest.

The club advertises itself as a gentleman’s club and offers stage shows, lap dances and hostess services.

It’s a modern club but is styled with a medieval theme including chainmail, swords and other armory. Though it might seem like an odd mix, it does seem to work.

Buckingham Night Club is open daily from 10.00pm to 6.00am.

Best of the Rest

There are a couple of other clubs worth visiting:

Street Prostitutes

Bucharest has no official red-light district but the area to the east of old town, known as Mătăsari, contains most of the cities clubs and pubs making it a hot spot for adult entertainment. Old town itself gets a lot of evening tourists and you can find most of Bucharest’s sex shops within this area.

red light district bucharest

Parts of Bucharest’s old town attract street prostitutes, particularly after dark. Image via Flickr.

Street prostitution isn’t as common as it was a few years ago but there are streets where you can pick up a hooker for around 50 Lei to 150 Lei (€10-€30).

Whilst prostitution is illegal, policing is lax and is an administrative rather than a criminal offence; however, picking up via a pimp is a serious infringement so do avoid men who offer the services of a prostitute.

Streets in Bucharest that have a reputation for attracting street prostitutes after dark, include:

  • Boulevard Pache Protopopescu
  • Mendeleev Street
  • Magheru Boulevard
  • Piatra Utri (near Gara du Nord)
  • Calea Victorieil

You can also find hookers congregating around some of the popular hotels including Hotel Lido, President Hotel and International Hotel.

red light bucharest street prostitutes

The Intercontinental Hotel attracts quite a few street hookers. Image via Wikimedia.

Whilst some street prostitutes will provide oral or manual service on the streets, you are advised to use a car when picking up.

Sex Shops

Bucharest has half a dozen good sex shops centrally located not far from the Mătăsari red-light district.

Sex Shop 4 Love


Sex Shop 4 Love has several stores in the city, each stocking a reasonable range of bedroom basics. The chain has a good reputation in the city with competitive prices. They aren’t the most modern of sex shops and are reminiscent of sex shops as they were in the seventies. However, you can find some high-tech products on sale here.

  • Strada George Enescu 32, Bucharest 030167
  • Bulevardul Gheorghe Duca 6, Bucharest 011071
  • Calea Mosilor nr 231, bloc41 A, sector 2, Bucharest 020871

Opening times vary so check the website for details.

bucharest sex shops

Sex shops in Bucharest have a good basic range covering all the bedroom essentials. Image via website.


Nr 24 Parter, Bdul Nicolae Balcescu, Bucharest 010044


Selling sex toys for men, women and couples, Amsterdam has a good selection of novelty items and bedroom basics. You can also browse from a selection of BDSM toys as well as fetish clothing for women.

The store is open daily from 10.00am to 11.00pm.

My Private Sex Shop

10334, Bulevardul General Gheorghe Magheru 22, Bucharest 030167


Centrally located just a few hundred meters walk from the heart of old town Bucharest, My Private Sex Shop stocks over 4000 products. The range is a basic one but covers all the main essentials including lubricants, vibrators, dildos and inflatable dolls.

They also stock novelty items and a small variety of S&M toys.

The store is open seven days a week from 9.00am to 3.00am.



Another chain sex shop in Bucharest, Erotica has four stores all quite centrally located.

The shops offer a modern selection of fetish fashion for men and women, penis enlargement devices. Pumps & extenders plus sexy lingerie. You can also pick up all kinds of essentials including hammer vibrators, electro-stimulators and BDSM toys.

  • 16 Nicolae Balcescu Bd., Bucharest
  • Corneliu Coposu no. 2, Bucharest
  • 6A Liviu Rebreanu Street, sector 3, Bucharest
  • Gabroveni nr. 61, Old Town Bucharest

Opening times vary so check the website for details.

Seven Sins Lingerie

Strada Orzari 3, Bucharest


This specialty lingerie store has a large showroom with a selection of corsets, catsuits, body stockings and costumes.

As well as some provocative silks and satins, you can also find latex and PVC collections.

They also stock a range of mens underwear.

The store is open Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 6.30pm.

Featured image via Pexels.

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