Sex in Austria

When you think of Austria, you might not always think of sex first but the country has a great adult entertainment scene.

This landlocked European nation is home to 8.7 million people and entertains over 20 million tourists every year; some of whom are looking to make use of the country’s regulated prostitution industry. The hills might not be alive with the sound of music anymore but there is one thing that seems to entertain the Austrians.

In this guide, we take a look at the sex scene in Austria including porn trends, sex stats and a look at the ways to hook-up.

Sex in Austria

Austria is situated in central Europe and is bordered by Germany and the Czech Republic to the north, Slovakia and Hungary to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south and Lichtenstein and Switzerland to the west. A largely Roman Catholic nation, the country has a surprisingly liberal attitude towards sex and nudity; prostitution is legal (see below) and you can find fully nude models in the mainstream media. Like Germany, saunas and spas adopt an etiquette of full nudity though public swimming pools do require you to wear a bathing suit.

sauna club austria sex
Sauna clubs are popular in Austria but clothing is not optional! Image via GoldenTime.

In a Europe-wide survey, Austrians ranked their sexual performance as the second highest being a measure of how satisfied they are and how highly they thought of their bedroom activities.

Interestingly, 7% of Austrians surveyed had never had sex. The same poll revealed quite a lot about Austrians and their sex life, including such stats as:

  • Only half of Austrians could name all of their sexual partners.
  • Just 3% of Austrians had ever had an STI making them one of the lowest ranking European nations in the survey.
  • 44% of Austrians have had a one-night stand.
  • 38% of Austrians have had sex in a public place, just shy of the top ranked country, Denmark at 41%.
  • 35% of Austrians use sex toys (the highest nation was Finland at 39%).
  • 12% of Austrians had filmed themselves having sex (again, Finland ranked the highest at 15%).
  • 57% of Austrians watch pornography.

Sex education in Austria is considered very good and the comprehensive curriculum starts in primary school when students are just six years old. Covering a range of topics from sex and relationships to STIs, pregnancy and sexuality, the programme has been successful in keeping Austria’s teen pregnancy and STI rates low.

Overall, for a nation that is considered quite conservative, sex in Austria is not a taboo subject and its citizens enjoy an active sex life with plenty of ways to get their kicks.

You might find our guide to sex in Vienna useful for more specific ways to find sex in Austria.


Adult Industry in Austria

Pornography in Austria is legal and there is a small domestic scene for producing adult content. There are two studios of note, Oftly Goldwin and Fun Movies.

Like a lot of countries, the rise of the availability of free amateur porn on tube sites has meant that a lot of adult performers choose to work with larger studios including those in the USA.

Most Austrian adult film stars work in Germany, producing porn that is popular in their home nation as well as receiving wider European distribution.

The top viewed porn star in Austria (according to XVideos) is 61 year old, Traudl Caff. An amateur film actress whose husband films much of her work, Caff is a prostitute and has received over 9.8 million video views.

Other popular porn stars from Austria includes Mary Wet, Ria Hill, Lina Diamond and Crystal Klein as well as :

  • Latex Angel, a fetish model known for her extreme insertions.
  • Vintage Playmate, Heidi Becker
  • 1970s porn star, Patricia Rhomberg
  • AVN Hall of Fame inductee, Mick Blue

Prostitution Laws in Austria

Prostitution in Austria is fully legalised and is regulated by the authorities making it one of just eight European nations where this is the case.

In order to obtain a license to work, a prostitute must undergo regular STD testing.

Like Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, prostitutes may work in legal brothels as well as offering services from the street and via online advertising.

There are two types of brothels that you can find in Austria, traditional studio style venues where a madam runs a selection process of available girls. The girls are not employees but are self-employed and are required to pay taxes on their earnings. The house simply takes a fee for the use of the room and other facilities.

The other kind of brothels are known as a laufhaus (or walk house) where rooms are rented to independent prostitutes. Clients walk the corridors and select a girl and room for sex. Some of these venues have entrance fees. They are a popular way to browse for sex and are similar to the idea of Amsterdam’s window girls.

Some brothels in Austria are pioneering the use of sex dolls in brothels. A new trend in the sex industry, these high-tech silicon dolls are proving popular with punters, often being booked for several days in advance. One brothel in Vienna has already had to replace its cyber hooker due to the sheer amount of use that ‘Fanny’ has received!

sex doll austria brothel
Sex line ups using dolls like these could soon be a reality in Austria’s brothels. Image via

Most cities don’t have red-light districts but Vienna has an unofficial area where street prostitutes can be found.

There are an estimated 10,000 prostitutes working in Austria with many of these being foreigners though you can find Austrian girls in the licensed brothels.

Prices for sex vary hugely depending on where you pick up from with street hookers charging €30-€50 for a quickie and brothels charging around €100. Escorts usually start at around €200 for an hour’s in-call service.

Though sex work is legal, some areas of Austria are a little restrictive and do not issue license for any brothels. The capital of Vienna has a healthy and active sex scene with around 3500 licensed prostitutes. You can find out more about sex in Vienna in our guide to the city.

Austria: Porn Viewing Trends

According to the last review of Austrian porn viewing trends published by PornHub, Austrians are more likely to be searching for German porn than any other keyword. Also popular were the search terms:

  • Brazzers
  • Fake Taxi
  • Teen
  • MILF
  • Anal
  • Lisa Ann
  • Squirt
  • Casting
  • Madison Ivy
  • Public

The top five categories viewed on the site were Mature, Lesbian, Teen, Babe and Hentai.

As well as Madison Ivy and Lisa Ann, Austrians were keen to watch porn starring Germans Lexy Roxx and Gina Lisa Lohfink as well as American-Lebanse actress, Mia Khalifa.

Traffic from Austria to the porn tube giant ranks them as the 35th most visited nation in the world with 24% of Austrian visitors being women.

Other than PornHub which is the 21st most popular website in Austria, the nation also enjoys some other adult websites, including:

Live Jasmin, the sex cam site is the 15th most visited site in Austria and is more popular than Twitter. Similar site, Bonga Cams ranks at 46th most popular with more traffic than

Porn tube sites, XHamster and XVideos come in 23rd and 25th with more traffic than eBay.

Top Austrian Porn

As well as the above mentioned tube sites, Austrians also like their porn from German tube sites, Porno Hammer, Porno Himmel and Porno Hirsch.

LGBTQ in Austria

Austria has quite liberal laws for its LGBTQ community with same-sex acts being legalised in 1971 and the age of consent made equal with heterosexuals in 2002 (now 14 instead of 18).

Though same-sex marriage is not currently recognised in Austria, civil partnerships are and have been since 2010. Though there are plans to introduce same-sex marriage these are opposed by the conservative (and largely Christian) political group, the Austrian People’s Party.

Transgendered individuals may legally change their gender and, as well as homosexuals, may serve in the military.

The LGBTQ community are protected by anti-discrimination laws in the workplace and in most areas of their daily lives and enjoy access to facilities and services like IVF for lesbians and adoption for same-sex couples.

The capital, Vienna, caters well for the community and has a lot of gay-friendly places including hotels, bars and clubs. There is also an annual pride event in Vienna which is well supported and well attended.

Across much of the rest of Austria there are pockets of ‘out’ communities but are not as visible as in Vienna. Salzburg, Linz and Innsbruck all have some establishments that are gay-friendly.

Overall, the situation in Austria is good and though diversity in sexuality and gender isn’t as celebrated as in some other European nations, it is more than simply ‘tolerated’.

LGBT rights in austria vienna pride
Austria’s LGBTQ community enjoys a high level of acceptance. Image via Flickr.

Top Classified/Personals Sites in Austria


Craigslist has a great personals section which includes categories for ‘Women Seeking Men’ as well as ‘Casual Encounters’. This global site has just one city covered in Austria, centred on Vienna. However, the ads listed do cover other cities including Salzburg, Innsbruck and even into Slovakia with Bratislava being well represented.

As ever with Craigslist, the ads are predominantly men seeking women/men and there are some escort services thrown into the mix. It’s worth a look and it might be a good place to post your own ad to test the waters.


A little like Craigslist is this Austrian site which has both erotic contacts as well as dating opportunities. When we looked at the site, there were 130+ ads from women looking for men and plenty of casual encounters via swingers as well as hook ups.

The site is free to use but is in German so you will need to use a translator if you don’t speak the language.

casual dating austria
Laendleanzeiger has quite a few casual dating opportunities, just brush up on your German. Image via website.

C Date

C-Date is a simple service aimed at providing hook-up opportunities for singes in Austria. The name of the game is casual encounters only.

The site does have an international coverage so could be useful if you are someone who visits other European cities.

The number one casual dating site in Austria, C-Date reports to receive around 25,000 new members daily though it is assumed that this is globally and not just in Austria.

Registration is free but using the service does require subscription fees in order to make contact with other members.


Secret has over 100,000 members all looking for casual encounters in Austria. A lot of the users are married and use the service to have discreet affairs with anonymity being one of the keys to the site’s success.

Most of the profiles are based in and around Vienna but also covers other Austrian cities and towns.

Registration is free but subscription costs are payable when you want to make contact.


Offered free for women, WuLeWu attracts a good ratio for men looking for a casual date in Austria.

Similar in style to C-Date, WuLeWu is a subscription only site but the profiles available cover a good range of ages, locations and physical body types.

The site appeals to married people looking for an affair as well as singles wanting a no-strings attached hook-up.

Featured image via Flickr.

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