Krakow Escorts and Sex Guide

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The medieval city of Krakow is Poland’s third largest city and home to around three quarters of a million people. It is a young and vibrant city that is the seat of higher education in Poland, in fact Krakow boasts a further population of up to 200,000 students. It is also a popular tourist destination and entertains over 10 million visitors each year. There is more to Krakow than just a stunning collection of cultural and architectural gems, it also has a superb collection of bars, clubs and restaurants. With prostitution being legal and a good choice of strip clubs, Krakow also has a reputation for being one of the top European destinations for bachelor weekends.

In this guide, we take a look at the adult entertainment scene in Krakow.

Prostitution in Krakow

In Poland, prostitution is fully legalised but there are a number of activities around the sex trade which are illegal, including coercion, pimping and soliciting as well as running a brothel.

Recent estimates on the number of sex workers in the country suggest that are over 30,000 prostitutes with over 2,000 of these working in Krakow. Most work as independent escorts or freelance prostitutes. Some provide personal services from establishments like massage parlours or strip clubs.

Street prostitution is not that common in Krakow but there are some small brothels which are operating illegally.

krakow prostitutes
Krakow’s Old Town attracts a lot of tourists but very few street prostitutes operate here. Image via Pixabay.

Krakow has a large student population and it is thought that as many as one in five students provides sexual services for cash.

Sex in Krakow is relatively cheap compared to other parts of Europe and you can find escorts charging as little as €50 for a drop-in. Erotic massage will cost you around €50 plus extras.

Most of the women working in Krakow are of Eastern European descent and as well as Polish girls you can find Ukrainian, Belarusian and Lithuanian prostitutes.


Krakow Escorts Guide

There are thousands of escorts working in Krakow, most of whom provide basic services at a low cost (when compared to the rest of Europe). Not all speak great English and there is a high proportion of women who are Eastern European though you can also find some other nationalities including Western European. Asian, African and South American models tend to be more rare but there are agencies who can offer these services.


Roksa is the largest escort directory in Poland and has the details of more than 10,000 women available. In Krakow, you can find almost 1200 of these listings.

It’s an easy site to use and offers you a choice of filters to find escorts by age, location and price. You can also select to view only those ads that are verified.

Prices vary with some premium models charging 700 PLN+ (€167) and even budget escorts that can be booked for less than 100 PLN (€24). The average price is 150 PLN (€36).


Another independent Polish escort directory, you can find the details of a few dozen women working in Krakow on this site.

There are some budget escorts listed on the site and you can use the map tool to pinpoint a lady who is local to you and available now.

Best of the Rest

The following directories offer a European wide service and, between them, they have a wide range of escorts available. Covering everything from BDSM to massage, you are sure to be able to find a woman to suit your tastes for an out call service:

Sex in Krakow

Whilst you can find sex in Krakow, the majority of venues that are visible for tourists are quite pricey and can sometimes have a poor reputation for taking advantage of visitors to the city. Whilst this can and does happen in other European cities, it is worth being aware of and pay by cash, where you can, to avoid card fraud.


Though illegal, brothels can be found throughout Krakow in various guises from massage parlours to saunas, solariums and spas to simple bars. They are not always easy to find but you can always ask local taxi drivers to take you to an ‘escort agency’ (agencja towarzyska).

Often just flats above business premises, these brothels often have poor reputations for service, price and accommodation.

Their locations change all the time due to pressures from the authorities and competition from other brothels.

Outside of the city, you can also find some larger sex clubs which may have additional facilities such as a bar and dance floor in addition to private rooms.

Swinging Clubs

Swinging is popular in some parts of Poland, particularly in the capital, but there is not a large scene in Krakow. There is one main club which offers lifestyle evenings.

Party Club

Ul.Św.Filipa 11

The Party Club is centrally located in the heart of Krakow and is a popular club for local Polish couples.

They have four themed rooms offering a range of play choices including BDSM as well as a sauna, jacuzzi and dance floor. The crowd is quite a mixed age range with some international visitors in addition to regulars.

swinging clubs krakow
The Party Club sometimes has escorts to help get gangbangs started. Image via website.

Single guys pay 150 PLN and couples 80 PLN (€19).

The club is open Friday and Saturdays from 10.00pm to 3.00am.

Erotic Massage Parlours

You can find erotic massage parlours across Krakow and if you walk out of the Old Town, there are a number of salons that openly advertise erotic body rubs. The price of treatments vary depending on what you want.

This is a selection of some of the more popular erotic massage parlours in Krakow.


Stefana Batorego 7, 31-135 Kraków

This small but tasteful salon in the heart of the city has four private rooms for sensual massage. There are just a handful of girls providing service but you can select from several different treatments, including:

  • Tantric – 200 PLN (€48)
  • Nuru – 400 PLN (€96)
  • Paradise 4 Hands – 400 PLN (€96)
krakow erotic massage lami
You can get a lot of extras with your erotic massage in Krakow. Image via website.

Appointments must be made in advance and there are no walk-ins.

LaMi is open seven days a week from 10.00am to 10.00pm.

Studio Dewi

aleja Zygmunta Krasińskiego 24A, 30-101 Kraków

Established in 2015, the Studio Dewi offers a good range of erotic massages including lomi lomi nui, tantra and Balinese treatments.

It’s a modern studio that entertains regular clients visiting for something more relaxing.

Classic massage starts at 130 PLN (€31) for an hour with nuru/Tantra costing 320 PLN (€76).

Studio Dewi is open as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10.00am to 10.00pm
  • Sunday: 11.00am to 8.00pm

Tantra Room

Różana 19, 30-305 Kraków

The Tantra Room is situated in the south west of the city and offers a range of erotic massage including tantra, nuru and lingam.

Prices for a body rub start at 150 PLN (€36) for 30 minutes. You can also book an out-call service to your hotel for an extra 50 PLN (€12).

It’s a small parlour with just a few girls but it is clean and very private.

tantra room erotic massage krakow
The Tantra Room is fairly basic but offers a good service. Image via website.

The Tantra Room is open as follows:

  • Monday to Friday: 9.00am until 10.00pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 10.00am until 9.00pm

Eden VIP

Myśliwska 12, 12-200 Kraków

An all-male erotic massage parlour, Eden VIP has an excellent reputation for its services. They also have facilities in Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw and Gydnia

An hour treatment costs:

  • Oriental Massage – 170 PLN (€40)
  • Wa-Du Nuru – 180 PLN (€43)
  • Tantric – 200 PLN (€48)
  • Four Hands – 230 PLN (€55)

The salon is open daily from 10.00am to 10.00pm.

Strip Clubs

There are several strip clubs in Krakow though some do not tend to stay open for very long. The most popular three are listed below.

You should be aware that there have been reports of card skimming in the past so it is worthwhile paying by cash if you can. There is no suggestion that all strip clubs and dancers in the city are running scams but a handful of unscrupulous members of staff could ruin a good weekend so it’s best to play it safe.

Sapphire Gentleman’s Club

Mikołajska 11, 31-027 Kraków

A club that markets itself as the only high-end strip venue in Krakow Sapphire’s is a modern and exclusive establishment.

sapphire strip club krakow
Sapphire’s is a bright and lively club blending the modern in its traditional building. Image via website.

Split over three levels, there are several VIP areas with a smoking lounge, a couple of bars and a professional stage performance with pole dancers.  It’s fully air-conditioned, very comfortable and a well designed club.

Sapphires is open daily from 8.00pm until 4.00am.

Taboo Club

Floriańska 33, 31-000 Kraków

The Taboo Club is the largest strip venue in Krakow and offers striptease, go-go dances and pole dance performances. You can even pay for the company of one of the dancers to spend the evening with you.

Situated in the heart of Old Town, there are six VIP rooms in this modern club.

Entrance to the club is 50PLN (€12) with private dances being 100 PLN (€24). Drinks are pricey compared to other city bars and you can expect to pay around 40-50 PLN (€9 to €12) each.

The club is open daily from 8.00pm to 6.00am.

Paradise Club

Świętego Jana 10, 31-018 Kraków

Situated behind the Hotel Grand, the Paradise Club is well positioned for tourists visiting Krakow. They have a mixed reputation with some reporting excellent service and a great ambience whilst others find the girls to be too pushy and the staff unfriendly.

Paradise is open daily from 8.00pm to 4.00am.

paradise strip club krakow
The girls at Paradise are mostly in their early 20s and are selected for their tight bodies. Image via website.

Best of the Rest

These are the details of some other nightclubs in Krakow where you can get some strip action as well as some that offer more than just dancing:

Street Prostitutes & Red Light District

There is no red light district in Krakow and street prostitution is not common in the city. Though independent prostitutes may sometimes tout around the clubs and bars most are dissuaded from doing so by the strip club owners.

Most prostitutes working in the city tend to operate from their own apartments or work from strip clubs, massage parlours or illegal brothels.

Sex Shops

Despite the rise of internet shopping for adult goods, there are still quite a few bricks and mortar sex shops in Krakow. Most have very standard stock with a good range of the basics but no specialist equipment, furniture or accessories.

The Black and White Sex Shop (Świętego Filipa 11, 30-001 Kraków) has film cabins, a darkroom and glory holes but seems to be more popular with gay men. There is an entrance fee of 15 PLN (€3.60).

sex shop krakow glory hole
The Black and White sex shop is discreet and private. Image via Google Earth.

The rest of the sex shops are dotted around the city and can be found as follows:

  • Coco Butik, Beera Meiselsa 4, 31-063 Kraków
  • Lago, Stanisława Worcella 9, 31-154 Kraków
  • Red Shop, Mogilska 57, 31-545 Kraków
  • Ann Marie Lov, Dietla 73, 31-050 Kraków
  • Erotic Store, Joselewicza 18, 31-051 Kraków
  • Długa 61, 31-147 Kraków
  • Emily Love, Pawia 18, 31-154 Kraków
  • Starowiślna 18, 31-032 Kraków
  • Firma Center, Starowiślna 37, 31-038 Kraków
  • Wieczor, Dietla 67, 31-054 Kraków

Featured image via Pixabay.