FKK Sex Clubs: What to Expect at a German Sauna Club

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Heard about the legendary German FKK Sex Clubs and considering a visit? Want to know what to expect?

We’ve see much confusion over what to expect from a German FKK club; particularly in tourists and businessmen travelling from overseas.

Note: Much of this confusion comes from the association to the wider FKK movement, which you can read about in our guide to German FKK culture.

Freikörperkultur (FKK) is a German movement whose name translates to Free Body Culture. It endorses a naturistic approach to sports and community living.
Source: Wikipedia

Well, if you turn up to a FKK sauna club in Germany expecting sports and community living, you could be in for a surprise!

Artemis Germany FKK Club
Artemis (outside), a popular German FKK Sauna Club based in Berlin

The reality is that most FKK saunas are popular for the sexual encounters that are extremely likely to happen there.

Why so likely?

Because that’s exactly what they are designed for.

Take the huge Berlin FKK club, Artemis. This is arguably Germany’s most popular nude sauna club, and it was built at great expense costing a whooping €5 million before it opened in 2005.

Artemis is one of many similar FKK clubs that have taken the German sex industry by storm since it was effectively legalised in 2002.

Why Are FKK Sex Clubs So Popular?

The appeal of an FKK Sauna Club is the theme of adult relaxation, casual encounters, and the chance to meet many different women — most of whom are working in the venue, and scantily clad in lingerie, or completely nude.

While these clubs are famous for the amount of sex that happens inside, the main areas are well lit to avoid the impression of a seedy nightclub.

It’s adult fun, yes… in a classy kind of way.


How Much Do FKK Sauna Clubs Cost?

This depends on:

  • The club entrance fee (often 80 EUR plus)
  • Any sexual services you pay for (again 80 EUR plus for sex)
  • The cost of your drinks (expensive, often 10 EUR per beer)
  • How much it costs to get there — many FKK enthusiasts will travel from far to visit a top sauna club.

The answer you’re probably looking for is, clearly, that it’s not cheap.

Berlin has brothels and even some outcall escorts that will cost you less for the service of full sex.

But then, this misses the point of why FKK sauna clubs are so popular.

They are an experience, and many visitors stay for several hours at a time.

Encounters are spontaneous, exciting, unexpected and much more relaxed than those you will have in a brothel environment.

You aren’t just paying for sex. You are paying for the pool, the masseuse, the sauna rooms, the cinemas and the lavish bars.

The best way to think of Germany’s FKK clubs is as spa days for horny adults looking to indulge themselves sexually.

Tips for Visiting a FKK Sauna Club

There are some things you should do, and some things you absolutely shouldn’t do.

This can be intimidating to somebody who has never been to a FKK Club, so let’s start with the basics:

Things to remember:

  • Don’t rush! — The clubs are designed for lengthy visits, so that you can recover and enjoy more than one session. Take your time.
  • Use the safe — These are provided by all FKK clubs worth their salt. Tuck away any valuable belongings before you enter.
  • (Un)dress appropriately — Traditional FKK dress code involves the women being naked and men wearing only towels. That’s pretty much what you can expect, except some of the women may be in lingerie (or just heels…).
  • Don’t assume your business with a lady is the club’s business — It’s not. You pay for entrance, and drinks. Anything that goes on between you and the ladies you encounter is a private affair.
  • Practice safe sex — Sex in sauna clubs is covered (with condom), but oral can be uncovered.
  • Men approach women — This is the standard. In some clubs it is forbidden for women to approach men.
  • No loutish behaviour — This goes without saying. Pushy, loud and rude characters are not tolerated in a sauna club.
  • Have an idea of the price list — Prostitutes and escorts are allowed to work in sauna clubs, but they are expected to adhere to established price lists. Knowing these prices will save you getting scalped with an overly expensive session.

Note: Be careful with your drink orders. In some clubs girls are paid up to 25% of what you buy at the bar, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she’s got her eyes on the Champagne. Another thing to remember is that in most clubs, women also have to pay the entrance fee.

(Unlike men, they are likely to earn it back!)

The Best FKK Clubs in Germany

This is a matter of personal taste.

Artemis is the most famous FKK Club in Berlin, and generally seen as the best.

Compared to other German cities, Berlin is not known for its sauna clubs. It does have a wide selection of brothels, however.

Note: We have a gigantic list of the best FKK clubs, state-by-state, which you’d be well advised to check out.

The largest FKK club in terms of pure size is FKK World, which dominates Frankfurt’s vibrant sex scene. The entire complex covers 50,000 square meters, including a nudist outdoor area with 25,000 square meters. It also has an outdoor pool, BBQ area, beach volleyball court, sauna and many retreats scattered in the countryside or in various wooden huts.

Trust us, this place is huge!

In terms of number of women working at any given time, FKK Oase (also in Frankfurt) takes that award. On some days you’ll find as many 150 ladies working there.

If you’re looking for a city by city breakdown of the best FKK clubs in town, check out our regional German guides:

Have you been to one of Germany’s famous FKK clubs?

Let us know if you have a favourite.

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