8 Best German Sex Cam Sites: Live German Cam Girls, Germany’s Top Nude Models

Best German sex cams

Are you looking for the hottest German cam girls? Want to watch a live sex show — or go cam2cam with a sultry fräulein? We’ve reviewed eight popular German cam sites with hundreds of live German sex cams. These platforms showcase erotic webcams featuring everything from Munich’s MILFs to Berlin’s BDSM babes. There’s just something … Read more

Inflagranti Review

Inflagranti film berlin german porn site review

Looking for some high-quality German porn to stoke your fire? Latin for sexual misdeeds, Inflagranti is an apt name for this premium German porn site. Offering up a collection of both mainstream hardcore and fetish films, the content here is 100% filthy. Founded more than twenty years ago, the studio is one of the most … Read more


review fkk oase frankfurt

Looking for an erotic and relaxing sauna club in the Frankfurt area? Then FKK OASE should definitely be on your shortlist. A sprawling complex of modern spa facilities including luxurious gardens, pool, wellness centre, lounge, bar and restaurant, the club is popular with locals as well as visiting tourists. With dozens of sexy women on … Read more

FKK World Review

review of FKK World

FKK World is one of the largest sauna clubs in Germany and has earned itself an international reputation for giving guests an unforgettable erotic break. Situated in a private, remote and peaceful forest with a huge outdoor space, the club has plenty of beautiful and sexy women on hand to give you an authentic FKK … Read more

The Best FKK Clubs in Germany

Best FKK Clubs in Germany

Want to know which of Germany’s FKK clubs are worth a visit? Germany is famous for a lot of things; sausages, castles, beer and cars to name but a few but perhaps the most interesting is the culture of Freikoerperkultur. Also known as FKK, this German movement is all about celebrating naturism. Over the last … Read more

Dolly Parlour Greenwich Review

review dolly parlour sex doll brothel uk london

Want to experience the ‘future of sex’ with a lovedoll in London? Launched in early 2018 as London’s first sex doll brothel, the Dolly Parlour Greenwich, was opened amid confusion over the legality of such an establishment – but it seems to have received the green light. Claiming to offer guests ‘an unforgettable experience’ with … Read more

UK Swingers Guide: The Best British Swinger Clubs and Sites

best british swingers clubs and parties

Interested in what the UK swinger scene is like? The UK has a reputation for having one of the largest population of swingers in the whole of Europe. Conservative estimates suggest that there are around 1 million swingers in Britain. The popular social networking swinger site, Fab Swingers, attracts over 25 million hits each month … Read more

Brexit Porn: 7 Best Political Porn Parodies

hard brexxxit porn brexit parody television x

How do you take your Brexit? Soft or hard? Did you want withdrawal or were you a remoaner? According to Rule 34 of the Internet, there is porn on the World Wide Web for every conceivable topic and yes, that even includes Brexit. The issues surrounding the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union haven’t given … Read more

London Casual Encounters: How To Find Friends With Benefits

casual encounters in london friends with benefits

Fuck buddies, fornifriends, friends with benefits, casual encounters, one-night stands, no-strings attached fun – however you describe it, having a go-to booty call is a nice luxury to have after 18 months in lockdown! If you’re looking for casual sex in London, there are a few ways you can go about it. We’re going to … Read more

11 Best London Trans Clubs and Parties

London best transgender clubs and parties

Want to know where to find the best transgender clubs and parties in London? Whether you are transgender yourself or an admirer, London is a welcoming city if you know which clubs and bars to hit. The LGBT scene in the capital is diverse and there are plenty of places to find good entertainment – … Read more

What Is Babestation TV? How Can I Watch It?

babestation rise of the tv sex line

What is Babestation, you ask? It’s something of a cult-classic television sex line. Television sex line?! Yep, sounds a bit old school now but trusty Babestation TV pioneered the way long before live sex cams were being broadcast online. In this Babestation guide, we take a look at the history of the show and how … Read more

20 Best London Strip Clubs

Best London Strip Clubs

Interested in the best London strip clubs for a wild night out? With annual visitor numbers of almost 19 million, it is little wonder that the Big Smoke needs to be on form when it comes to entertainment. Fortunately, the UK’s capital city has plenty for everyone – and that includes those of us looking … Read more

The Attic Derby Review

the attic adult club derby swingers club review

Looking for a swinger’s club in the UK with something fresh to try? Based in Derby, the Attic Adult Club is a space that is open to all, including TV/TS and CDs. It has built its reputation on being a liberal minded and modern club that is clean, friendly with some unusual facilities. The most … Read more

Laufhaus Germany Guide: The Best Eros Centers

spanish porn star bridgette b

Eros Centers (or Laufhaus) are common in Germany’s sex industry and are similar to the one-woman brothels you might find in Asia. An Eros Center is a hotel in which the rooms are individually rented to prostitutes to conduct their business. Clients pay an entrance fee (usually about €5) which covers the house charge and … Read more

9 Best Munich Brothels: A Complete List

hamburg top sex destination europe

The Bavarian city of Munich in South East Germany is a beautiful tourist trap with cultural diversity, stunning medieval architecture and a popular and bustling nightlife. With Germany legalising prostitution in 2002, the city is also home to dozens of Munich brothels catering for tourists, locals and business stayovers. The Munich sex trade is mostly … Read more

Reeperbahn Sex: A Guide to Herbertstraße

zurich top sex tourist destination europe

Intrigued by the red lights of Hamburg’s notorious Herbertstraße (or Herbert Street)? Heard about ‘Reeperbahn sex‘ and want to know more? Running West to East between Gerhardstraße and Davidstraße on Hamburg’s grid-like streets, Herbertstraße is famous for its association with prostitution. Formerly known as Heinrichstraße, the illicit nature of the activities on this narrow thoroughfare … Read more

German FKK Culture: Past and Present

FKK in German Culture

Want to know a little more about German FKK culture? Germany is well known for embracing (and pioneering) the naturist movement in Europe and the country has more than 140 nudist clubs that operate from both rural and urban zones. Taking part in everything from nude sunbathing to naked skateboarding, the freedom and right to … Read more

FKK Sex Clubs: What to Expect at a German Sauna Club

Inside a German FKK Club

Heard about the legendary German FKK Sex Clubs and considering a visit? Want to know what to expect? We’ve see much confusion over what to expect from a German FKK club; particularly in tourists and businessmen travelling from overseas. Note: Much of this confusion comes from the association to the wider FKK movement, which you … Read more

Pascha Cologne Review

Pascha Cologne

Established in 1972, Pascha’s (Pascha Cologne) is Europe’s largest brothel and self-proclaimed ‘whorehouse’. It covers an area of 9000m2 over 12 storeys and is situated in the North of Cologne. Europe’s first high rise brothel was created in part by the city’s authorities, who in a bid to eradicate the sprawling red light district as … Read more

The Paradise Stuttgart Review

paradise mega brothel review

Want to know more about one of Germany’s most famous mega brothels? The Paradise in Stuttgart has gained international prominence as one of the world’s busiest and largest brothels. Opened in 2008 and covering a space of 5,500 sq m, the venue is a luxury day spa/bordello which is home to up to 150 self-employed … Read more

Artemis Berlin Review

Artemis brothel

Located on Halenseestrasse 32-36, you will find a towering white building that looks like a cross between a storage warehouse and a communist hotel. This is Club Artemis Berlin; one of the most famous brothels in the world. You certainly wouldn’t link it to the beating heart of Germany’s sex industry if you had never ventured inside. … Read more

5 Best Swinger Clubs in Berlin


Germany is widely acknowledged to be the spiritual home and founding birthplace of modern swinging. Well, we can tell you: the swinger communities here are alive and well. Berlin is a particular hotspot for swingers and there are plenty of private house parties and clubs which run regular events. If you are looking to swing … Read more

Erotic Massage Berlin: 8 Best Body Rubs in Berlin

prague top sex tourist destination

Berlin is a forward thinking city when it comes to sex. So, covering an area of 341 sq miles, it’s little wonder there is such a huge variety of erotic massage outlets for those seeking some sensual and intimate attention in the German capital. While many punters head straight to the famous Berlin brothels for … Read more

Berlin Hookups: How To Get Laid in Berlin

berlin hook up guide

Looking for some sexy Berlin hookups? Want to know how to get laid in Berlin? As David Bowie once said of the German capital, Berlin is the greatest cultural extravaganza one could imagine and this is as true today as it was then. The city is a lively cultural hub and attracts more than 13.5 … Read more

Insomnia Berlin Review

Insomnia berlin swingers club review

Want to know more about one of Berlin’s most popular swinging party clubs? One of the most infamous sex clubs in Western Europe, Insomnia Berlin has a reputation for the bizarre, the extreme and being a hive for the hedonistic. Celebrating more than a decade of kink, queer, fetish and libertinism, this sex-positive dance club … Read more

KitKatClub Berlin Review

7th Heaven strip club copenhagen

The KitKatClub Berlin has a reputation that stretches across Europe as one of the top adult party destinations in Germany. This club is known for its popular techno and trance music, its ability to attract top DJs, and perhaps more widely — for some of the most sexually uninhibited parties on the planet. It famously … Read more

12 Best Berlin Strip Clubs

guide to the best strip clubs in berlin

Looking for an entertaining evening surrounded by some of Berlin’s most gorgeous exotic dancers? Heading out on a stag do and need the perfect venue to enjoy some male-friendly after hours entertainment? Good news! Berlin has several great strip clubs. We’ve put together an updated list of the best Berlin strip clubs, perfect for planning … Read more

Best Berlin Escorts: A List of Useful Services

berlin escorts complete guide 1

Looking for the best Berlin escorts? Berlin, like many major capital cities, has a thriving escort scene – and unlike others, this one is fully legalised. If you are in need of some private entertainment, seeking a companion, want a stunning lady to show you around town, or simply want to enjoy some hot fun … Read more

43+ Best Berlin Brothels: A Complete List

Inside a Berlin Brothel

Looking for the best Berlin brothels? With prostitution being legalised in the country in 2002, Germany is now home to some of the largest and most extravagant brothels in Europe; including dozens in Berlin. The industry that has grown in to a behemoth worth over 16bn Euros per year is one of the biggest in … Read more

The Best Adult Entertainment in Langstrasse

best adult entertainment langstrasse zurich red light area

Looking for a good night out in Zurich with some XXX entertainment thrown in? Langstrasse (or ‘Long Street’) is a road in the centre of Zurich known for being one of the city’s red-light districts. A hub for night-time entertainment, you can find plenty of bars and clubs with some offering a more adult theme … Read more

Xdolls: The Parisian Sex Doll Brothel

xdolls sex doll brothel france paris

Want to book some one-on-one time with a French love doll? France’s first love doll brothel opened in 2018 to a mixed response. Whilst some people were thrilled to get the opportunity to try out these state-of-the art cyber hookers, there were others who were less than thrilled abut the idea.  Those in opposition claimed … Read more

Swinging in Switzerland: A Complete Guide

swinging in switzerland guide

Want to know more about swinging in Switzerland? Known worldwide for being a country with stable politics and famous for its banks, cheese and chocolate, Switzerland is a beautiful and mountainous country. It cuts a famous image with its lakes, ski resorts and traditional villages and libertinism is not what most people would think of … Read more

5D Porn: Amsterdam’s New Porno Cinema Experience

5d porn amsterdam sex cinema

Fancy watching porn in 5D? Yes, you read that right, porn has just taken a giant step forward into a fully immersive 5D world. At the end of March this year, a new sex cinema, capable of screening 3D porn scenes complete with added air-cannons and water jets, opened to great delight in Amsterdam’s famous … Read more

Swinging in Italy: A Beginner’s Guide

club prive italy swingers scene

Want to know more about swinging in Italy? Every country has its own take on swinging with Germany and Austria having FKK clubs and France having its own Libertine clubs. In Italy, the swinging movement is wrapped up in the world of the private members clubs, or Club Prives. Also known as a Club Without, … Read more

Swinging in Italy: Club Directory

Swinging in Italy Club Directory

Looking for a swinging club in Italy? Swingers clubs (or Club Prives) are very popular and there are literally hundreds of these venues around the country. From small and intimate rural community clubs to modern and elegant public venues, the scene is as varied as the people who form a part of it. In this … Read more

What Happened to Turin’s Sex Doll Brothel?

turin sex doll brothel

Want to know what happened to Italy’s first sex doll brothel Turin’s first brothel staffed entirely by cyber love-dolls opened on 3rd September 2018 but was operational for less than two weeks before the local council and municipal police closed it down. Citing violations of landlord laws and insufficient hygiene practices as the primary reasons, … Read more

The Best Rated Legal Austrian Brothels: A Complete Guide

best austrian brothel love story bar vienna

Want to know which Austrian brothels are worth visiting? With a fully regulated and legalised system of prostitution, Austria does not have red-light districts like those you can find in Germany or the Netherlands. Instead much of the sex industry is undertaken behind closed doors in licensed brothels, FKK clubs or via private escorts. Few … Read more

The Wellcum Spa: Hohenthurn Sauna Club Review

wellcum spa austrian sauna club sex

Looking for an FKK club in Austria with more to offer than just a quick service? Prostitution in Austria is a legalised and regulated industry which means you can find plenty of brothels and sex clubs where you can pick up a full service. Sauna clubs are a popular way to market a bordello and … Read more

The Best FKK Clubs in Austria

best fkk clubs austria

Want to know which FKK clubs in Austria are the best? FKK sauna clubs are an alternative way to hire the services of a prostitute in Austria and differ to the experience of a brothel or an escort. Similar to a swinger’s club, you can expect to see a lot of nudity and sexual activities … Read more

A Hedonist’s Guide to Legal Highs (and Lows) in Amsterdam

cannabis amsterdam

Fancy enjoying a hedonistic weekend away in Amsterdam and want to know what kind of legal highs you can pick up in the city? Amsterdam has long had an association with hedonism with its famous red-light districts and coffee shops. The city’s residents have a laid-back approach to life and either embrace the pursuit of … Read more

Inside De Wallen: Amsterdam’s Famous Sex District

inside de wallen map amsterdams famous sex district

Want to know more about what you can find inside De Wallen? The centre of prostitution in the capital of the Netherlands for over 800 years, De Wallen is the most famous red-light district in the world. Attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, De Wallen not only offers many people a close-up look … Read more

Yab Yum: The Story of Amsterdam’s Most Exclusive Brothel

yab yum most exclusive brothel amsterdam

Amsterdam has earned itself an international reputation for its red light districts and brothels. But no single establishment has contributed more to this status than the historic and high-class bordello, Yab Yum. The famous but innocuous looking building with the green lantern closed its doors to the sex industry in 2008, reinvented itself as a … Read more

The Best Legal Brothels in Zurich

zurich brothels

Zurich has plenty of legal brothels to help service the 400,000 residents (and 5.6 million visitors) of Switzerland’s capital. Many are simple studio brothels whilst others are large sauna clubs with open contact bars in which to mingle with and select from plenty of stunning ladies. A regulated industry, all of these licensed bordellos receive … Read more

The Best Swinger Clubs in Paris

best swingers clubs paris

France has a reputation for its swinging community and there are over 500 clubs across the country; many of which are in the capital, Paris. Once renowned for its libertine way of life, Paris swingers clubs (also known as Prive Libertins) have steadily been coming back to life and have become a very fashionable part … Read more

Russian Women vs. Western Women: The Dating Wars

russian women vs western women comparison

Just as visiting a foreign country can highlight the cultural differences between two nations, dating can really hold a magnifying glass up to what makes people different. Russian women, in particular, are a very different breed from their European sisters with history playing a large part in their attitudes towards relationships, dating and men. In … Read more

The Best Sex Shops in Ireland


Want to do some adult shopping in Ireland? Despite the first sex shop in Ireland only appearing in the last 30 years, there are plenty of places to find your lube, vibrators and bondage gear but not all sex shops are created equal with some specialising in fetish whilst others prefer to appeal to a … Read more

i-Kandi Swingers Club Review

swinging club graz

Interested in trying the swingers scene whilst in Ireland? “Helping Ireland get over itself since 2009”, i-Kandi is a self-confessed emporium of debauchery and fine wine. This Limerick swingers club is a popular venue in Ireland for locals and for visiting international tourists. With back room play, members only evenings, a spa and wine bar … Read more

The Best Swingers Clubs in Ireland

Irish swingers club

You want to know the real reason why so many Irish eyes are smiling? It could be the amount of swinging that goes on behind closed doors. Ireland has several big name swingers clubs operating from major cities as well as a large community of swingers and doggers. From Dublin to Cork, Limerick to Wicklow, … Read more

The Best Live Sex Shows in the Netherlands

porn stats france

Want to watch a live sex show in the Netherlands? Whilst Amsterdam is well known for its live sex and peep shows, there is also a culture of the sex cinema around the Netherlands. Movie theatres strictly for adults, the cinemas charge an admission fee for watching porn but sex acts take place within the … Read more

Hooking Up with Dutch Women: A Tourist’s Guide

lgbtq rights france paris pride

Heading to the Netherlands and fancy your chances at hooking up with a Dutch girl? Known for being confident and independent women, Dutch girls have a reputation for being dominant creatures in general, as well as in the bedroom. Tall, blonde and with good fashion sense there’s a reason those BeNeLux girls get our pulses … Read more

Private House Brothels: What You Need To Know

A typical Private House brothel

Looking for a more discreet sexual encounter in Amsterdam? The tourist trappings of the window girls are vibrant and exciting but are less than private. When it comes to getting a slice of the action, not every man wants passers by knowing his business, particularly when the streets of the red light district are crowded … Read more

The Window Girls of Amsterdam

Window Girls of Amsterdam

If you want to sample the showcase of the red light district of Amsterdam then there is no escaping the lure of the window girls. Using all premium positions from street level upwards, these girls showcase themselves in neon lit booths to entice customers inside. As much a tourist hot spot as an active stomping … Read more

Asmara Sexclub Review

An Asmara sex club model

If you are heading to Amsterdam to sample some of the famous red light district action then you might just be caught in a tourist trap with high prices, short sessions and a less than discreet entrance. However, if you are looking for a brothel in Amsterdam that has a simple menu with a well-established … Read more

Dublin Casual Encounters: How to Find a One Night Stand

red light area grossbasel street prostitutes

Looking to meet for sex in Dublin? Want to know the best ways to find a one night stand in the Irish capital? Whilst there is no lack of suitable venues around Dublin for scouting out casual encounters and no strings sex, sometimes it’s just plain easier to make plans before heading out. In this … Read more

A Review of Dublin’s Best Night Clubs

stag hotel riga strip club sex latvia

Dublin, just like the rest of Ireland, is known for its eclectic mix of pubs and bars. When you think of Irish night life, you think of small intimate crowds hammering back the Guinness in your quintessential Irish pub. Watering holes, so to speak. You probably don’t consider the many night clubs that Dublin also … Read more