Laufhaus Germany Guide: The Best Eros Centers

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Eros Centers (or Laufhaus) are common in Germany’s sex industry and are similar to the one-woman brothels you might find in Asia. An Eros Center is a hotel in which the rooms are individually rented to prostitutes to conduct their business.

Clients pay an entrance fee (usually about €5) which covers the house charge and then they are free to roam the premises to select the prostitute of their choice and use any communal facilities.

In this Laufhaus Germany Guide, we take a closer look at the culture of Eros Centers in Germany. Including what to expect if you visit one, and how they work…

Eros Centers and Laufhaus in Germany

Laufhaus Germany eros center guide
The eros center of Frankfurt, down Elbestraße with laufhaus in view. Image creative commons via pfsullivan_1056.

There are many Eros centers in Germany and each one differs in terms of facilities offered.

Some, such as the extravagant Pascha in Cologne include a nightclub, bar, shop and speciality trans floor.

The girls (and TS) generally position themselves outside of their rooms if they are available so that potential clients may wander at leisure to choose a lady.

Unlike brothels, the prostitutes do not pay any percentage of their earnings to the house and negotiate all of their own fees.

The authorities in Germany were keen on the expansion of Eros centers to avoid the growth of red light districts in their cities. As a result most German cities have an Eros center; however in some regions this may refer to a street as opposed to a single building but the principle remains the same.

Whilst most major cities will also have an assortment of alternatives to the Eros center (brothels, escorts, massage parlours etc), most still have an Eros center.


Laufhaus Germany Guide By City

In cities like Berlin, the majority of the sex trade runs through the established brothels. But around the rest of Germany, eros centers are hugely popular.

Let’s take a look at some notable laufhaus venues by city…

Munich Eros Centers

Eros Center, Elisabeth-Selbert-Straße 9 & 11, Munich

With rooms across two adjoining houses there are half a dozen ladies working out of this laufhaus. The facilities are clean if a little dated but the services are very good. Expect to pay around €50 for a quickie.

Cologne Eros Centers

Pascha, Hornstraße 2, 50823 Cologne

Europe’s largest Eros center, Pascha’s is well equipped with a nightclub, bar and sex shop and over 120 working women across 7 floors. There is one floor dedicated to transsexuals and there are themed rooms, massage studios and BDSM areas. There is definitely something for everyone at Paschas.

Read our full Pascha review.

Frankfurt Eros Centers

Eros Center, Oskar-von-Miller Str. 6, 60314 Frankfurt am Main

With an average price of €50 the rates here are reasonable and the rooms clean and modern. There are 20 rooms occupied by good looking and well groomed women.

Stuttgart Eros Centers

3-Farben-Haus , Bebenhäuser Hof 2, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

Established in 1957 the 3 Farben Haus is one of Germany’s oldest laufhauses and is open from 10am to 4am every day (Sundays 11am to midnight). There are over 60 women of various nationalities providing services to suit any taste.

Dusseldorf Eros Centers

Eros Center, Hinter dem Bahndamm 1, 40227 Düsseldorf

The open air waiting area here has a large screen TV, coffee and cold drinks vending machines as well as games. Women who are available use this space to socialise and obtain clients. Open 355 days a year between 10am and 3am the house has 40 rooms and has been operating for almost 20 years.

Leipzig Eros Centers

Laufhaus Eros Center, Torgauer Strasse 246, 04347

With no red light district as such the best place to go in Leipzig is the Eros Center. The hotel has over 35 rooms over four floors with a wide selection of working women available to meet your needs. Sumptuously decorated and with modern and comfortable facilities this is an excellent Eros center. They have various themed rooms including an S&M studio.

Dresden Eros Centers

Haus Hamburg, Hamburger Str. 31, 01067 Dresden

Offering a central lounge called ‘Pussy Club’ this Eros Center is the number one go to for sex in Dresden. The lounge is home to available ladies, a smoking area and slot machines. With 12 rooms over two floors the professional ladies who take up space here are guaranteed to provide anything. Check out the website for an A-Z of services available from Anal to Zungekuss (tongue kissing).

Hanover Eros Centers

Scholvinstraße 2, 30159 Hannover

Situated in the heart of Hanover is an Eros Center with 30 rooms, each with modern designs, marble bathrooms and a range of tenants including TS as well as a S&M Studio on the first floor. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 9am until late.

Nuremberg Eros Centers

Laufhaus Eroscenter, Frauentormauer 74, 90402 Nürnberg

Situated on the popular Frauentormauer, this is 80 is a popular hotel option with prominent window positions facing the street. There are several rooms available with some attractive women waiting to service your needs.

Duisburg Eros Centers

House 23, 25, 27, 50, Vulkanstraße 23, D – 47053 Duisburg

With prices starting at just €30 this center currently has 50 rooms available. There is a central contact yard in which the available women wait for clients. The rooms are modern, clean and have good wash facilities.

Have you visited any of these popular laufhaus / eros center establishments around Germany?

Let us know your reviews and experiences below.

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