Swinging in Italy: A Beginner’s Guide

Want to know more about swinging in Italy?

Every country has its own take on swinging with Germany and Austria having FKK clubs and France having its own Libertine clubs. In Italy, the swinging movement is wrapped up in the world of the private members clubs, or Club Prives. Also known as a Club Without, these venues come in various guises from wellness spas and naturist resorts to nightclubs and restaurants or the traditional residential swingers’ clubs that are common in the UK.

In this guide, we talk you through the Italian swingers’ scene and give you some examples of what to expect as well as providing some useful resources for swinging in Italy. For a complete breakdown of swinger venues by city, see our Italian swinger club directory.

Swinging in Italy

Back in 2008, then president, Silvia Berlusconi ‘jokingly’ offered his wife to the Danish Prime Minister. The exchange caught the attention of the International media who then reported on findings by the Rome-based body, ‘Federsex’ who revealed that as many as one in four Italians regularly take part in swinging activities. From couples who swap partners to singles who like to engage in casual sex, there are more than 200 swinging clubs in Italy, many open daily and often hosting two sessions a day; one during the afternoon and one late at night.

swinging in italy silvia berlusconi
Leading by example, Silvia Berlusconi famously offered his wife to the Danish PM in 2008. Image via Wikipedia.

The report by Fedesex suggests that the average age of swingers in Italy is 43 for male participants and 35 for the women.

Yes, swinging is a popular activity in Italy and there isn’t a single part of the community that isn’t involved; from politicians to footballers, doctors to bank clerks.  In fact, Italy has become known across Europe as the home of swinging and attracts a lot of tourists who visit for simply this reason.

So, where and how are all these Italians and tourists swinging?


What is a Club Prive?

Although prostitution is legal in Italy, organised prostitution is prohibited and brothels are illegal. Sex clubs are also banned. However, private members clubs can operate in Italy as long as strict rules are adhered to.

A Clube Prive must be an association with a president who can approve (or disprove) membership and restrict access to members only.

A Club Prive can therefore refer to any club by which access is only granted to known members who pay an annual subscription fee to take part in the clubs’ activities. Whilst there are Club Prives that are not swingers’ venues, they have become a byword for a libertine (or swinging) club in Italy.

swinging in italy club prives
Image via Flirt Club.

There are generally, three types of Club Prive

  • A nightclub and/or Restaurant where members partake of another principle activity but where swinging is allowed on the premises, often in private adjoining rooms or curtained off areas.
  • A Wellbeing Spa and/or Naturist Resort. These types of Club Prive are similar in style to the FKK Clubs of Austria and Germany.
  • Traditional Swingers Clubs. Usually held in a private residence, these kind of Club Prives are similar to the British swingers clubs which can often be held at a domestic address.

A Club Prive is considered a meeting place for couples and singles who want to be have casual sex, swap partners and partake in exhibitionism.

They are also referred to as a ‘Club Without’.

First Time? What to Expect in a Club Prive

It is important to understand that all Club Prives are for members only and you may not just turn up to any club without prior planning.

All clubs are open to members only but many are part of European Swinging organisations who accept ID cards from other clubs and groups. If you not a member of an association recognised by the club prive you are intending to visit then you will need to bring along a photographic form of ID (sometimes proof of your address as wel) and complete a form upon arrival. You will then be asked to pay an annual subscription charge (these can vary but are usually a nominal sum) before you are given a temporary membership pass.

It is also important that you check the program of events at each club before attending, particularly if you are not in a couple as some nights prohibit, or restrict the number of, single men on the premises.

Some clubs also require members to book their attendance in advance.

Depending on the type of club you are visiting will determine what you are then expected to do.

moulin club prive swinging in italy
Some clubs are more like bars or discos. Image via Le Moulin, Soave (Verona).

With nightclubs and restaurants, the process is straightforward; behave as you would in a normal adult entertainment venue until otherwise expected to do so. Head to the bar, have a seat and enjoy the show or take a table for dinner. The atmosphere will change as the evening wears on and you may be approached by couples or singles who wish to get more intimate with you in the club’s private spaces.

At a Naturist Resort or Club Prive with Wellness Spa, you will usually be given a complimentary robe and shown to a changing room where you can leave your clothes and belongings in a secure locker. From here you can explore the venue and enjoy the facilities on offer. These can vary from simple saunas and a pool to more elaborate facilities such as Turkish baths, Hammams, solariums, massage rooms and fully equipped gardens with outside hot tubs and swimming pools.

There is generally a rule in place that sex cannot take place in the wet areas; this is for reasons of hygiene. However, there are usually many private play spaces including group activity areas. Often, these venues run two sessions per day; one in the afternoon and one in the evening. The evening sessions are generally busier with more sexual interactions taking place.

Traditional style swingers’ clubs offer an easier and more familiar experience and usually have a number of themed playrooms with a few communal spaces for lounging and socialising.

Newcomers are generally made to feel very welcome and most members will be intrigued at the prospect of a fresh visitor to the club. It is common for newcomers to be approached by a number of guests to join them in private or group play.

club prive swinging in italy
Some clubs are less glamourous and more ‘domestic’. Image via Monella Club (Torino).

Buffets are generally complimentary and laid on during the afternoons and evenings with hot and cold refreshments also being available. Alcoholic drinks are generally not included in the price of admission.

Most clubs do offer condoms as well as the use of towels and toiletries in the shower areas.

Rules in an Italian Club Prive

Rules for Club Prives tend to follow the standard lifestyle guidelines and can vary by venue. However, in general, it is expected that:

  • All members and their guests must behave in a decent and suitable manner.
  • Drugs are not allowed on any premises and if people are intoxicated they may be asked to leave.
  • The use of mobile phones or other recording devices are forbidden.
  • Dress codes are generally smart with close attention being paid to sexy underwear although if you are attending a spa or naturist resort then you will be expected to be naked. In Italy, particularly in the larger Club Prives in cites like Milan and Rome, women are expected to dress well and not in a ‘vulgar’ way.
  • Discretion is key and all members are expected to maintain the privacy of others at all times.
  • Anything can happen inside a Club Prive and both men and women are usually at liberty to propose (and refuse) anything.
  • There is no requirement for anyone to have sexual relations with anyone else just because you are a member of a club or in attendance at an event.
  • Safety is paramount and members are encouraged not to share personal information with other members including names, addresses and telephone numbers.
  • Touching is not allowed, particularly of a woman, without express permission.
  • With couples, the other partner should always have given permission for touching to take place before it happens.

It is strongly recommended that you review the terms and conditions of the membership at each Club Prive you wish to visit as some do have odd rules applicable only to them.

swinging in italy naturist spa
A lot of swinging clubs in Italy have outdoor naturist facilities. Image via New Luna Club, Rome.

Swinging in Italy: Websites, Resources and Online Communities

Firstly, we have produced a comprehensive city-by-city guide to all of the major Club Prives in Italy. From Rome to Venice, Palermo to Naples, Torino to Milan, we have the opening times and details of almost 100 swingers clubs in Italy.

We’ve also pulled together the details of the best online resources and communities where you can network with other swingers in Italy:

  • Sexy Community: An Italian swingers social networking, hook-up and dating site.
  • Incontri-Online: An International online libertine community for swinging couples and single adults.
  • Spicy Match: An online dating and social networking site for swingers.
  • Erosland: A site with 300k+ members for casual sex meetings in Italy.
  • SDC: International swingers dating site.
  • Red Hot Pie: International swingers community site.
  • Swingtowns: International swingers dating site.

As well as club prives, you can also find naturist resorts and camping facilities in Italy where swinging is also commonplace. Use the above links to help you find the right venues.

Featured image via Wikipedia Commons.