FKK World Review

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FKK World is one of the largest sauna clubs in Germany and has earned itself an international reputation for giving guests an unforgettable erotic break.

Situated in a private, remote and peaceful forest with a huge outdoor space, the club has plenty of beautiful and sexy women on hand to give you an authentic FKK experience. Located just a 40-minute drive from Frankfurt, it’s a popular venue with locals and tourists and is a friendly and welcoming club.

In this FKK World review, we take you on a quick tour of the facilities at FKK World in Pohlheim-Garbenteich and give you an insight into what to expect at this mega sauna club.

Your World of Erotic Adventure

FKK World is an enormous and impressive adults-only sauna club located in the heart of Germany’s Hessen region.

fkk world review of sauna club basement relaxtaion lounge

Offering a range of spa facilities including professional massage and a solarium the club is well served by a bevy of beautiful babes.

Guests can also enjoy a whole range of leisure activities and free food and drink, all covered by the price of a single a day ticket.

Special events are run pretty frequently and FKK World is well known as a party club on the weekends.

Popular with locals but a hotspot for international visitors and FKK tourists from across Europe and beyond, the vibe here is exciting and erotically charged.

Overall, this is a clean and modern club with a welcoming atmosphere which makes it a perfect venue for sauna club virgins as well as seasoned FKK users.

fkk world review of sauna club

What to Expect at FKK World

Upon arrival at FKK World, you are welcomed into a modern reception where you can pay for your admission by credit or debit card but there is also an ATM to pick up the cash you need to pay for your extra services.

Remember; no money, no honey! So, make sure you have enough cash on you.

Guests must then head into the changing facilities, shower and stow their belongings before hitting up the club.

Arranged over two floors, FKK World covers an impressive 2500 sqm of air-conditioned internal space.

The ground floor is given over to communal spaces which include the main bar, lounge, restaurant as well as a sex cinema and shisha lounge.

fkk world review of sauna club bar and lounge

Guests can enjoy free food and soft drinks but the well-stocked bar and humidor has a great choice of alcoholic beverages and cigars at an extra cost.

There’s even a small area set aside as a ‘casino’ which has electronic gaming and slot machine facilities. Oh, and the bar/lounge area also screens live sports on Sky so you’ll never miss any of the best Bundesliga action!

This floor has several themed rooms which can be used for private sessions with the on-site service providers.

fkk world review of sauna club bar

Whilst the basement area is dedicated to the spa, sauna and swimming facilities. Here you can also find the solarium, massage rooms and another couple of lounge and relaxation areas.

There are more private rooms for use with the ladies on site and, again, these are all individually styled with modern and comfortable furnishings.

fkk world review of sauna club brothel jpg

Outside, the complex extends to an impressive 2500 sqm of space incorporating private cabanas, lodges and loungers. More adventurous guests may wish to take their service provider into the trees and enjoy an experience in one of the treehouses that are built into the leafy canopy.

fkk world review of sauna club treehouse

In good weather, you can also get a professional massage in the grounds itself. There are a few special open fronted lodges where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of your fellow guests having fun whilst you treat yourself to a deep tissue or relaxing body rub.

The grounds also include some popular FKK leisure activities including volleyball, table tennis, badminton and (of course) swimming.

fkk world review of sauna club outside

A large bar serves drinks and dinner is served from a barbecue during the summer season. There’s even an outdoor shisha lounge.

But what about the ladies?

Well, for such an enormous club you’d expect there to be a huge number of women there to service the customers. However, it really does depend on when you go as to how many sex workers are on hand.

During special events, weekends and the summer season it is pretty normal for there to be at least one woman for every 2-3 customers. During off-peak hours, the numbers (and choice) can be a little diminished.

sex girls FKK World

As independent service providers the rates can vary but most will charge €50 for a basic half hour, one-shot session. Any extras, or for a longer time, you’ll need to negotiate.

Mostly coming from Eastern European nations like Hungary, Romania and Czechia the women have a reasonably good reputation for not being too pushy. However, the club is a lot more forward than others you might find in Germany and you can expect the girls to approach you first.

FKK World is also known for being more of a party club than a relaxing sauna and there are often large group events being run which can get pretty wild.

All totally naked, they are a feast for the eyes and newcomers will often sit for a while to enjoy the sights of so many gorgeous women cavorting in the nude. It’s definitely worth doing this in the garden if you visit FKK World in the summer as the sight of so many oiled female bodies is guaranteed to get you in the mood. You’ll find the loungers around the pool and volleyball field are always particularly busy for this exact reason.

fkk world review of sauna club outside swimming pool

Where to Find FKK World

FKK World is located in the town of Pohlheim-Garbenteich in Hessen. About an hour north of Frankfurt and just outside the central town of Giessen, it is a rural and private location pretty far from anywhere.

As a result, you’ll need to think carefully about accommodation and taxis.

The full address for the club is Am Pfahlgraben 14, 35415 Pohlheim-Garbenteich.

See more German adult entertainment options in our guide to Sex in Germany.

How Much is Entry to FKK World?

Regular admission prices to FKK World is €70 and includes full brunch, lunch and dinner buffet (barbecue in the summer) as well as soft drinks and the use of all facilities.

Frequent visitors can benefit from discounted admission with the use of a VIP card which costs:

  • €285 for 5 visits
  • €525 for 10 visits
  • €950 per month for unlimited visits (includes three bottles of premium drink)

If you want to experience the high-life when you are at FKK World then there are some great packages available for those with a bigger budget.

fkk world review of sauna club spa

For €120 an hour you can hire the VIP suite with its own whirlpool bath or for €500 the room is yours for the whole day and night.

The club often runs promotions which reduce admission prices so always check the website for details of discounts and events.

This includes reduced rates for evening tickets (9pm to 4am) as well as reduced entry prices for groups.

When is FKK World Open?

FKK World is open daily from 11.00am until 4.00am but stays open an hour later (until 5.00) on Friday and Saturday nights.

fkk world review of sauna club basement bar and lounge

More Information on FKK World

You can find further information on the facilities and events at FKK World by checking out their website.

Alternatively, you can contact the management team on 06404 659388 or send an email using the on-site submission form.

The club is also pretty active on social media so you can follow  them online to find out more details of what events and promotions they are running:

And finally, if you want to stay up to date with information on the club then it’s a good idea to sign up for the regular newsletter on the official website.

All featured images via FKK World.

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