KitKatClub Berlin Review

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The KitKatClub Berlin has a reputation that stretches across Europe as one of the top adult party destinations in Germany.

This club is known for its popular techno and trance music, its ability to attract top DJs, and perhaps more widely — for some of the most sexually uninhibited parties on the planet.

It famously allows sex on its premises.

22 Years of Sex, Dance and Trance

KitKatClub was first opened in 1994 by the Austrian porn filmmaker Simon Thaur, and his partner Kirsten Krüger.

It has moved four times over the years, firstly from Glogauer Straße to Neues Schauspielhaus at Nollendorfplatz (one of Germany’s top nightlife districts). Then to Schöneberg in Bessemer Straße, and finally on to the Mitte district.

The club is now located at Köpenicker Str. 76, 10179, Berlin.

It is close to rival clubbing behemoths Insomnia (see our review), Tresor and Berghain, making this part of Berlin one of the hottest electronic clubbing destinations in Europe.


The History of Berlin’s Most Famous Adult Club

KitKatClub Berlin
Are you ready for the thrills inside Berlin’s infamous Kit Kat Club?

The name Kit Kat Club originates far back in the 18th century when it referred to a liberal political society in old England.

Kit Kat Club was also the name of the scandalous Berlin nightclub featured in the American musical, Cabaret. Here it was depicted as a burlesque theatre of the 1930s, a frivolous venue at odds with the rise to power of the Nazi party.

Since opening its doors, KitKatClub (known simply as ‘Kitty’ by regulars and locals) has developed a reputation as one of the premier adult clubs in Europe – and a key player in the Berlin sex scene.

It is known for its explicit casual encounters, with full sex allowed at the venue (although not quite as openly practiced as it once was), similar to what you’d find in a FKK Club, or one of Berlin’s many brothels.

Revellers from all over Europe flock here to absorb the intoxicating combination of pounding dance music, fancy costumes — or lack thereof — and the friendly, liberal, international crowd.

Who Goes to KitKatClub Berlin?

The club is open to all genders, preferences and tastes.

The typical clientele is a mix of straight and gay dance music fans, across all the ages; but mostly under 40.

Many young tourists come here to sample one of Berlin’s most infamous institutions.

The club is also popular with sex tourists, as well as Berlin swingers, and those who are intrigued by the various fetishes and fantasies being promoted on any given theme night.

CarneBall Bizarre

KitKatClub holds the weekly CarneBall Bizarre every Saturday.

This is a notorious party where the club comes to life with wave after wave of techno and trance music. The club gets incredibly busy; it’s packed, sweaty and you never really know what — or who — you’re going to bump in to next.

The CarneBall Bizarre is known for merging a number of different dress themes in to a party that could best be described as “Anything goes“.

Here’s an upcoming listing to give you an idea:

CarneBall Bizarre – KitKatClubnacht

  • Line up: Maringo, Jordan, Myti, Flash
  • Style: Elektrotechno, NuTrance, Progressive
  • Special: Chill out area, Outdoor area, separate playrooms, u.v.m.
  • Dresscode: Fetish, Lack & Leder, Sack & Asche, Uniforms, TV, Goth, Kostüme, elegante Abendgarderobe, Glitzer & Glamour, Extravagantes jeder Art!

The KitKatClub has three dancefloors and an outdoor area that will all be found heaving on Saturday nights. Fetish-wear, nurse uniforms, bondage gear, TV celebrity fantasies…

Seriously, you have to see it to believe it.

CarneBall lasts long in to the morning, before the afterhour ‘Piep Show’ takes over on Sunday.

Music and Theme Nights

Besides the weekly staple of CarneBall, KitKatClub has a number of themed nights that you should definitely check before attending the club.

Why is it a good idea to check?

Because let’s face it: some fetishes are not for everybody.

If you’re expecting jovial uniforms and friendly banter, but you turn up to BDSM night with chains at the ready — well, you get the idea!

KitKatClub holds such a diverse mix of events that you should really check ahead and ensure you like the sound of what you’re getting in to.

Fridays tend to be a closer and more intimate experience. This is when KitKatClub teams up with various scene activists to promote unique gatherings.

There is also Electric Monday to watch out for. There’s no special dress code here, just a selection of deep house, techno and electro music. A pulsating start to the week, indeed.

When Is KitKatClub Open?

KitKatClub is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

It may be open on other dates too.

You can check their calendar of upcoming events to stay on top of what’s hot at Kitty.

The KitKatClub Dress Code

“Do I have to dress up for the KitKatClub?”

You’ll certainly feel more at ease if you do.

The club is known for its strict dress code policy, although some events are more lenient.

Check their calendar for full details of upcoming events, including what revellers are expected to wear.

If the event states a strict dress code, then you’re best to follow it or you probably won’t get in.

KitKatClub on Suitable Attire:

The eye prefers a flamboyant, styled and colourful crowd in favour of the ordinary ‘jeans and tshirt’ look. So, in general, dresscode means: NOT your average everyday life clothing!

In order words… this is not the sort of club you turn up to after work in your pinstripes.

Co-founder Kirsten has been known to patrol the door ensuring that the club’s standards are met — so get creative or stay at home!

Have you been to the KitKatClub? What did you think?

If you have any recommendations for adult clubs in Berlin, we’d love to hear them.