12 Best Berlin Strip Clubs

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Looking for an entertaining evening surrounded by some of Berlin’s most gorgeous exotic dancers?

Heading out on a stag do and need the perfect venue to enjoy some male-friendly after hours entertainment?

Good news! Berlin has several great strip clubs. We’ve put together an updated list of the best Berlin strip clubs, perfect for planning the ultimate night of eye-candy and luxury. 😉

12 Best Berlin Strip Clubs

Below you will find our pick of the 12 best strip clubs in Berlin, including those bars that offer lap dances or table dances. These are some of Germany’s finest.

Most of these venues would be perfect for stag and hen dos or other events such as birthday parties or even work functions. They are a slightly more ‘vanilla alternative’ to the hedonistic FKK sex clubs you might have heard about (like Artemis or KitKatClub).

Each strip club is different and will have slight changes to their dress codes and policies; however, most operate on the European ‘Champagne’ system so make sure you bring plenty of cash.

Where we have quoted prices, they were correct at the time of publication. However, please refer to each club’s website or social media for the latest prices, opening hours and promo deals.

Lastly, it is always worth checking a venue’s website before visiting as there can be sometimes be special events running which may make a difference to the dress code or be ticketed parties.

Rush Hour Berlin Strip Clubs
Image courtesy of Rush Hour Tabledance, one of Berlin’s best strip clubs

Disclaimer: We don’t work for any of these strip clubs or bars, nor are we affiliated to them in any way. These listings are curated from information that is publicly available around the web. The page is for informational purposes only. You are responsible for any decision to step foot inside these venues. It is strongly recommended that you keep an eye on the costs you are running up as a night out at a strip club can also strip your bank balance!


Schönhauser Allee 5, 10119 Berlin
+49 30 92 14 76 23

strip clubs in berlin Angels gentlemans club
Image via website.

Located in the north of the city in the Kollwitzkiez area, just a 5 minute walk from the Alexanderplatz, Angels is a large gentleman’s club with a modern vibe.

The venue has a great reputation in the city for being relaxed and friendly yet offering some of the best stage dances around. They seem to have great quality control on their dancers and there are some extremely hot looking ladies working the crowds here. It’s easy to build a great atmosphere at Angels with one of the highest poles you will find at a strip club. Combined with its atmospheric lighting and intimate seating arrangements, there is highly charged atmosphere which is invigorating yet welcoming.

They run several group deals which are ideal for stag parties including:

  • €160 for up to 5 people which includes 5 drinks, 25 Angel Dollars and a private or ‘stage’ dance.
  • €299 for up to 8 people which includes a limousine tour of the city with pickup and 40 angel dollars.
  • €399 for up to 12 people which includes 2 bottles of liquor and mixers, 60 Angel Dollars and a private or ‘stage’ dance plus space in the VIP lounge.

Otherwise, entry is usually around the €10 mark and drinks are not that expensive, for a European capital strip club. Private dances will be quite costly but we were unable to find current prices and they can vary considerably depending on the dancer.

Opening hours for Angels Table Dance are Monday to Sunday from 10.00pm until close. At the weekends this is invariably 6.00am but can be earlier during  the week if business is slow.

Bar Rouge

Französische Straße 15, 10117 Berlin
+49 30 20 14 34 13

strip clubs in berlin bar rouge
Image via website.

At first glance, Bar Rouge appears to be styled on a typical English gentleman’s club with traditional velvet and leather Chesterfield sofas, crystal chandeliers and art-deco table lamps. With splashes of golds mixed with the tell-tale reds and creams, the décor is not particularly inspired but does pay great homage to the style. Even the addition of a smoker’s lounge furnished with a library and a grand fireplace is a throwback to those exclusive men’s clubs of the 19th century that were common in London.

It is a sophisticated and stylish place and the girls here come with a dash of arrogance along with t their elegance which can be appealing. However, this might not suit some stag parties who might be looking for more of ‘party’ atmosphere. Think Cognac, Champagne and Cigars rather than Tits, Ass and Techno Beats.

The prices aren’t cheap here either and drinks are expensive. You can also expect to pay top dollar for a private dance here with reports of these being in the region of €250 for a 30-minute performance.

Bar Rouge is open from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 8.00pm to 5.00am.

Bon Bon Table Dance Club

Stuttgarter Pl. 7, 10627 Berlin
+49 176 243 599 55

strip clubs in berlin bonbon bar
Image via website.

Not to be confused with the BonBon Bar on Torstraße, the Bon Bon Table Dance Club is an entirely different affair. The former was once voted as the #1 recommendation for bars and restaurants in Berlin for its music and cocktails whilst our recommendation is for something a little fruitier.

It’s quite a dark club with plenty of neon lighting, small stages and a ‘cosy’ bar. Despite its diminutive size, it does have a big appeal and is far more intimate than some of the more ‘refined’ strip clubs in Berlin. Certainly, the girls know how to work a room and have the skills to create an erotic and electric atmosphere.

The club has a great reputation for hosting groups and there is plenty of excellent feedback from well-satisfied bachelor parties. Prices for group events are currently being promoted as follows:

  • €100 for up to 5 people which includes 5 free drinks and a private dance or stage show.
  • €140 for up to 6 people which includes 30 BonBon dollars, 6 free drinks and a private dance or stage show.
  • €240 for up to 8 people which includes 40 BonBon dollars, 8 free drinks plus a private dance and stage show.
  • €310 for up to 10 people which includes 40 BonBon dollars, 8 free drinks and a bottle of liquor with mixers plus a private dance and stage show.

Entrance costs €20 which gets you a free drink and some house money to spend on the girls but this will quickly run out so be prepared to buy more as nobody likes a freeloader. A quick tip for a free drink; sign up to their website for the newsletter and get a voucher for a welcome tipple on arrival.

Opening times for the Bon Bon Club are as follows:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 9.00pm to 5.00am
  • Friday and Saturday: 9.00pm to 7.00am

Chez Michelle

Marburger Str. 15, 10789 Berlin
+49 30 23 60 72 36

strip clubs in berlin chez michelle
Image via website.

Another strip club that is not to be confused with a distinctly unerotic venue with the same name. Do not get in a taxi and ask to be taken to Chez Michelle on Adalbertstraße; this is a French restaurant. Our Chez Michelle is an erotic live dance club that has a reputation for putting on sexy performances.

The experience can be more glamorous and ‘showy’ than your traditional strip club or table dance bar at times and Chez Micelle is somewhere that couples enjoy as well as stag parties and singles.

The cast of dancers is international and there are usually a mix of Europeans with the occasional Latina or Asian picking up the baton.

Entrance prices are €40 which is pretty steep but does cover the cost of the entertainment.

It is worth mentioning that the club has had a few bad reviews over the years but there are reports of a change happening at the end of 2018 which has vastly improved the place. A good tip for this particular club is to hit it at the weekends as the weekday atmosphere is reportedly very subdued and business can be slow.

The club is open seven days a week from 9.00pm to 6.00am.

Club Cleopatra

Ullsteinstraße 172-174, 12105 Berlin
+49 173 166 25 18

strip clubs in berlin club cleopatra
Image via website.

Located in the south of the city off the Teltow Canal in an area known for being a late-night party zone, Club Cleopatra is a strip club with ‘added-value’ services. It has been a long-standing venue in Berlin for many years and has quite a good following of locals as well as being well-attended by visitors to the city.

Also known as ‘Cleo’s’, the club has a great catwalk and stage with poles for dancing plus a well-stocked bar which is easy to get served at.

There is also a Jacuzzi here as well as private VIP rooms with beds in which you can get some further entertainment and company.

The club isn’t as expensive as some of the central Berlin strip clubs and you can certainly get more for your money at Cleo’s.

Club Cleopatra is open Wednesday to Sunday from 9.00pm to 5.00am.

CP Club

Gürtelstraße 17, 10247 Berlin
+49 30 24176415

strip clubs in berlin cp club
Image via CP Club (Facebook).

Also known as the Caesar’s Palace Club, this venue has a solid reputation for being fair and for having a good looking and talented stock of dancers.

It’s far more casual than some of the gentlemen’s clubs in the city and most patrons remark on how friendly and warm the staff are which, surprisingly, also includes the bouncers!

Situated 5km to the east of the centre of Berlin in Friedrichshain, it’s a club that you won’t stumble upon on a night out in the city so you do need to make plans to get there, either by taxi or public transport. They do offer a limousine service for groups.

Speaking of groups, there are a couple of packages on offer here ranging from $99 for 5 people (10 free drinks included) up to $680 for 8 people (2 bottles of liquor with mixers, limousine service, stage show and private dance included).

General admission to the club is €15 and a private dance costs just €50.

The CP Club is open Wednesday to Saturday from 10.00pm to 5.00am.

Deluxe Bar

Gabriel-Max-Straße 5, 10245 Berlin
+49 177 7772310

strip clubs in berlin deluxe bar

Images via website.A traditional table dance club where the girls are looking for some extra attention in a private show, the Deluxe Bar is anything but ‘deluxe’. Okay, its clean enough but this is basically a European version of the American ‘spit and sawdust’ kind of strip joint.

You can expect plenty of girls which can mean there is a lot of competition between them for clients and, as a result, can make them appear ‘pushy’ at times. However, there is a usually a nice selection here and, if you aren’t interested in being made the centre of attention and being vied for then, there are other clubs in the city.

It’s also located in Friedrichshain which is a lively area and therefore attracts quite a few punters later in the evening.

In a nutshell, it’s intimate, it’s informal and it’s offering ‘extras’. Yet, despite all this, the rates aren’t that cheap which is a shame as this could have banked the bar its USP.

The Deluxe Bar is open as follows:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 9.00pm to 5.00am
  • Friday and Saturday: 9.00pm to 6.00am

Golden Dolls Striptease Club

Potsdamer Straße 82, 10785 Berlin
+49 1578 0254441

strip clubs in berlin golden dolls
Image via website.

Located just south of the Tiergarten, the Golden Dolls striptease club and table dance club is a very popular adult entertainment venue in Berlin. The club has an excellent reputation which includes strong feedback on all areas of the club’s hospitality from affordable prices and friendly, sexy and intelligent dancers to great music and good drinks selection.

Overall, the Golden Dolls offers a modern and welcoming night club experience with a central catwalk stage and pole. Décor is traditional in style with a contemporary twist and is both elegant and smart but without being overly fussy and formal.

It’s a top class venue that is easily one of the stars of Berlin’s strip club scene. As for the dancers themselves, the website has a great gallery which showcases exactly why many visitors return to the Golden Dolls strip club.

Entrance to the club costs €15 which includes 5 Golden Dollars.

The opening hours for the Golden Dolls are as follows:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 9.00pm to 4.00am
  • Friday and Saturday: 9.00pm to 5.00am

Rush Hour Berlin

Trautenaustraße 23/ 24, 10717 Berlin
+49 178 7861694

strip clubs in berlin rush hour
Image via Rush Hour (Facebook).

Providing a top-class strip club experience since it opened in 2002, Rush Hour is one of Berlin’s top adult entertainment venues. It offers a nightclub style evening out with a bevy of attractive, friendly and talented dancers to provide the eroticism.

There are three stages at the club with two being lit by a state-of-the-art LED system which really elevates the shows. Music is a mix of house and heavy R&B and helps keep the party mood going long into the night.

Rush Hour has a great reputation with locals as well as international tourists and is a solid choice for a night out in the city whether you are part of a larger group or a lone gent.

Entrance to the club is €20 and drinks are typical for city strip clubs.

Opening hours for Rush Hour are as follows:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 10.00pm to 6.00am
  • Friday and Saturday: 10.00pm to 7.00am

Six Paxx

Bachstraße 8, 10555 Berlin

strip clubs in berlin six paxx
Image via website.

One for the ladies, Six Paxx is an all-male erotic dance and nude show which is is often taken on tour around Europe to much delight. In Berlin, the dancers perform at The Roxx Club which is close to the Tiergarten.

It’s a lively and raunchy show that is guaranteed to thrill with plenty of charming but naughty muscle boys offering up some seriously sexy moves.

The show has been voted the ‘Best Bachelorette Experience’ in Berlin and is sure to be very popular with hen parties.

Shows are held every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night from 10.00pm with tickets staring at €10 or you can get group packages for hen nights which cost from €75 for 5 people including a bottle of Prosecco).

Tabu Bar Tabledance Berlin

Bismarckstraße 90, 10627 Berlin
+49 177 272 9601

strip clubs in berlin tabu bar
Image via Tabu Bar (Facebook).

A five-minute tax drive to the west of the Tiergarten and right beside Berlin’s opera house, the Tabu Bar is a stylish and modern table dancing club. It’s got a great reputation for its up-close and personal style which isn’t surprising given the intimate layout of the stage and seating. Performances can be a little wilder than at some strip clubs and the dancers can also be a little more ‘edgy’.

It’s a cracking bar with a great atmosphere that isn’t formal and stifled in the way that some gentleman’s clubs can be. Instead, you can expect high-adrenaline routines, loud music and a lot of heat. All good ingredients to set your pulse racing but if that doesn’t do it for you then the girls certainly will.

Entrance to the Tabu Bar is €22 with drinks and dances being priced competitively for a European capital strip club.

The bar is open as follows:

  • Tuesday & Wednesday: 10.00pm to 4.00am
  • Thursday: 10.00pm to 5.00am
  • Friday & Saturday: 10.00pm to 6.00am

Tutti Frutti Tabledance Berlin

Yorckstraße 2, 10965 Berlin
+49 30 2580 0690

strip clubs in berlin tuttie frutti bar
Image via website.

The Tutti Frutti bar may not be the most elegant strip club in Berlin but it is a warm and friendly place to be. Don’t expect a nightclub experience but do expect an intimate venue with young and pretty dancers putting on a good show.

It’s a small club and it sort of feels as though you are in on one of the city’s little secrets as the atmosphere is strangely familiar and (dare we say it?) a little but homely… Don’t get us wrong, this is no dining room at your Auntie’s house, it’s just the lack of pretension that gives the bar a really relaxed feel.

Tutti Frutti offers some discounts for groups which includes bonuses from inclusive stage shows and private dances, liquor and free Tutti Frutti dollars. Full details of these party offers are available on their website with prices starting from €100 for up to six people.

The bar is open daily from 8.00pm until late and there is a free buffet on Friday nights.

Looking For Something Different?

Berlin has many adult entertainment options, including plenty of brothels, swingers’ clubs and erotic massage parlours. The city also enjoys an active and diverse escort scene. Don’t forget to check out our Berlin Sex Guide for full details.

If, however, you fancy enjoying the delights of an online show without having to leave the comfort of your hotel room then sites like Chaturbate and Bonga Cams allow you to pay for private cam shows with German cam girls – for a fraction of the price of a strip club.

These can be good options for amateur thrills…

Alternatively, there are a couple of companies that provide mobile stripper services including Party Strip.

Failing that, why not help yourself to some world famous German porn? 😉

Have we missed your favourite strip club or table dance bar in Berlin from our recommendations?

Do you know of any more strip clubs in the area that deserve a mention? Get in touch if you have any recommendations, or any reviews to add for the services and providers featured above. Thanks for reading!

Featured image via Club Cleopatra.