Berlin Hookups: How To Get Laid in Berlin

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Looking for some sexy Berlin hookups? Want to know how to get laid in Berlin?

As David Bowie once said of the German capital, Berlin is the greatest cultural extravaganza one could imagine and this is as true today as it was then. The city is a lively cultural hub and attracts more than 13.5 million visitors each year. Of all the German cities, Berlin is one of the most multicultural and certainly one of the best places in the country to hook up.

In this Berlin Hookups guide, we’ll take a closer look at what kind of woman you can expect to find in Germany’s capital city. We give you some advice on how to approach the casual dating scene in Berlin. We’ll also give you some ideas of the best spots to hit both during the day and in the evening.

What are German Girls Like in Berlin?

Like most European cities, Berlin is a fair melting pot of all nationalities and the capital has a wide community of immigrants from right across Europe and beyond.

As far as the locals go, the Germans in the city cover an equally diverse mix of ages, backgrounds, looks and attitudes, so it is hard to generalise what to expect.

However, there are some shared traits that seem to be prominent in Berliners that might help typify the kinds of women that may be open to a hook-up. Just remember that these stereotypes can be true of a large percentage of the population but are not seen in all Berliners!

A guide to Berlin hookups

In terms of an ethnic group, German women tend to be taller than their neighbouring Europeans and have fair complexions, light hair with blue/green eyes.

There is also a tendency for body structure to be quite broad though this does not mean that many Berliners are not toned and fit; quite the opposite as women in the capital (certainly the middle-classes) take good care of themselves. Along with the broad bodies, a lot of German women have ample bosoms.

In this part of Europe, the fashion is still for a more natural approach to body hair but many women simply do not shave or wax from their pubescent years and the result is a fine downy blonde covering rather than thick hair. This preference is not unappealing and is certainly more attractive than sharp stubble!

Germany has an excellent education system and the women here are smart and often way more intelligent than guys from other counties in Western Europe.

They are also strongly career-focused, financially independent and driven. This can be intimidating to some men but shouldn’t put you off the hook-up game.

As a city, Berlin has a diverse and multicultural population with a global outlook and where English is widely spoken.

There is a high-standard of living and the women here are accustomed to having the best and appearances are important. This not only means that they are usually dressed to impress on a night out but they will also expect the men to be as well. If you want to get lucky in Berlin then you will need to dress stylishly and appropriately for the occasion.

All the above being said, there are of course plenty of exceptions to these rules and this big city has a massive range of women to strike up a conversation with. From high-class and sophisticated German women to students, tourists and a large number of migrants.

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hooking up in berlin women
Image via Wikimedia.

Tips for Hooking Up with Berlin Girls

First up, we’re not going to lead you on with false claims here.

Hooking up in Berlin is not that easy and, unless you are going to head to a sex club where women are specifically up for a casual encounter then getting laid on a hook up is rare.

What you can expect from the daygame, bars and clubs is a follow-up date after which your chances of no strings attached sex is down to your own A-game.

The following advice should help get you in with a chance but if you are strictly seeking sex and don’t want to waste time playing the hook-up game then your best chances of getting laid are in one of Berlin’s many sex clubs.

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#1. Be Knowledgeable. German women are known for being intelligent and straightforward. They are not impressed by small talk. We don’t mean that they would prefer to discuss economics, but they do like to be challenged so even current affairs, politics and technology are all preferable to basic banter. Unlike in many European cities, the women here will appreciate a lively debate. Even your own career in business could be a good starting point. German women enjoy intellectual and interesting topics of conversation.

#2. Go Easy on the Compliments. We certainly don’t mean you shouldn’t flirt with a girl but paying a stranger compliments is seen as disingenuous and fake so German women don’t appreciate it much. However, you can and should pay them attention…actions speak louder than words. If you like her then show her rather than tell her.

#3. Be Direct. Berliners speak their mind and they expect others to do the same. Whilst this kind of honesty can border impoliteness in some cities, here it is normal to be direct and truthful. The benefit of this approach is that if you are barking up the wrong tree and a girl isn’t interested in you, then she will tell you pretty quickly. An excellent time-saver and so perfectly efficient!

#4. Use The Lingo. This is good advice for hooking up in any foreign city but using some German will certainly help your chances in Berlin. The Germans all speak excellent English but the Berliners appreciate it when you show an interest in their culture and nationality. Try learning a few pick up lines in German and it will stand you in good stead as you navigate the clubs and bars. Even those corny one-liners will come off well and can be a great ice-breaker.

#5. Gender Equality is Important. Right across Western Europe, women are breaking those ‘traditional’ stereotypes and in dating this is also important to observe. Berlin women are independent, can take care of themselves and like to be in control of their lives. They appreciate these same qualities in a man so be assertive and confident and be bold but respectful. Manners are important but those ‘chivalrous’ gestures (common in the UK) don’t really hold sway here.

#6. Lose Your Inhibitions. German’s have a reputation for being a bit kinky in the bedroom and here in Berlin that is truer than in other parts of the country. Whilst not every Berliner wants to be swung from the light fittings, you can expect things to be a little less ‘vanilla’.

sex hooking up in berlin women
Germans are known for their fetish scene and some women are more kinky than others. For wilder sex opportunities, head to the Kit Kat Sex Club. Image via Wikimedia.

#7. Be Punctual. If you do get a second date after that initial meeting or arrange to see one another again then, for God’s sake, be on time. Yes, it’s a national stereotype but one that is accurate; German’s can’t abide tardiness so make sure you arrive early.

Where To Find Women in Berlin

Depending on the kind of woman you want to meet, there are plenty of places for guys to try their pick-up skills in Berlin from daygame opportunities in cafes, parks and malls to the evening hot spots of bars, clubs and hotels.

However, it is worth pointing out that it is not easy to hook up with German women on a one-night stand.

So, whilst the opportunities exist, it is really up to you to bring out the big guns to make a hook-up.

Chatting to strangers in bars and clubs or in a park isn’t as common in Berlin as it is in other cities around Europe and rare for women to be picked up in this way.

The reasons for this are mainly because those women who want casual sex would be far more likely to head to one of the cities many sex clubs to do so rather than a bar or nightclub.

In this part of Germany, hooking up via popular apps like Tinder, Badoo and Once. So, if you are intent on hooking up in Berlin then you might want to get your phone ready as a back-up. Of course, if push comes to shove, you can always head to one of the sex clubs for some action.

sex hooking up in berlin daytime women
Berlin isn’t the easiest city for striking up conversation in. Image via Piqsels.

Berlin Daygame

The city is plenty busy during the day with tourists and students as well as lots of high-class women. During the week, workers will primarily only be out on their lunch breaks which is not a good time to try chatting them up.

For some beautiful and well-looked after ladies you can head to the posh area of Mitte District; here you can find a few good cafes and fine shops where you can approach women in a more leisurely way.

Malls offer a decent opportunity to approach women and you can find some interesting options in the form of:

  • Mall of Berlin (Leipziger)
  • Alexa (Grunerstraße)
  • Sony Center (Potsdamer Straße)
  • Neues Kranzler Eck (Kurfürstendamm)

Kreuzberg  and Friedrichstraße are also worth hitting up as the girls here tend to be more approachable.

Berlin Nightgame

Berlin has an excellent nightlife and has some incredible night clubs, many of which have international reputations.

One of the most famous of these is Berghain, a nightclub known for its electronic dance music and also for being difficult to get into.

Queues start forming after 11pm and it can take an hour or more before you get through the door. Once inside, your patience should be rewarded with a stunning selection of some of the sexiest and most beautiful women in Germany.

berlin hook up guide berghain club
Inside the infamous Berghain Club. Image via Wikimedia.

Flirting isn’t that easy on the dancefloor but the club has a lot of dark corners and rooms specifically designed to encourage close encounters; it’s not uncommon for hardcore sex to occur in some of these areas.

The club is pretty wild and there is a high expectation of hooking up on the premises.

Berghain isn’t that unusual and there are many clubs in the city whose reputations are for hosting more controversial adult parties.

Two of the most famous that we’ve profiled include KitKatClub and Insomnia.

Some of these are, of course, sex clubs but even the dance clubs can get quite ‘uninhibited’.

Some of the best ‘normal’ clubs where hook-ups are almost inevitable include:

  • Prince Charles, Prinzenstraße
  • Ritter Butzke, Ritterstraße
  • Salon zur Wilden Renate
  • Sharlie Cheen Bar, Brunnenstraße
  • Sisyphos, Hauptstrasse
  • Soda Club, Knaackstraße
  • Tresor, Köpenicker Str.
  • Visionaere, Am Flutgraben.
  • Watergate,Falckensteinstraße

If you are looking to push the boat out, you might also consider one of Berlin’s strip clubs as a potential hookup spot.

sex hooking up in berlin nightclubs women
Image via Wikimedia Commons.

As for bars in Berlin, we can recommend Das Hotel Bar in the Kreuzberg area for a refreshing and more casual alternative to the clubs. You’ll need to get here early as tables and bar seats go very quickly at the weekends.

A couple of other good bars in the city where hook-ups are common include:

  • Ora, Oranienpl.
  • Café Luzia, Oranienstraße
  • Dschungel Bar, Friedelstraße
  • Rotbart Bar, Böhmische Str.
  • Tausend, Schiffbauerdamm
  • Kitty Cheng, Torstraße

And if all else fails, Berlin is known for its huge variety of brothels, swinger clubs and escorts.

There are always options for hooking up in the German capital!