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Looking for a one-stop site to make all your German hook-up fantasies come true?

A sex-positive, community driven site aimed at swingers and casual daters, JOYClub is the German equivalent of Kasidie or Adult Friend Finder. With 4 million members including singles and couples, it’s a one-stop shop for finding hook-ups, sexy social events and a great place for sharing your erotic photos and videos.

In this JOYClub review we take a closer look at what JOYClub can offer its members – including forums, groups, event and club listings plus sex chat, live streams, amateur content and more.

Germany’s Largest Online Adult Community

The JOYClub website as you’ll find it today was launched in 2005 but was originally set up in 1999 as a simple online forum.

Germany Joyclub review

The core service of the platform is to create a sexy online community for Germans or visitors to Germany. This means that JOYClub covers everything from sex club and FKK listings to group forums, kinky personals and plenty in between.

Think of it like a cross between Adult Friend Finder and MySpace; a place for social networking and casual dating.

The JOYClub site is pretty popular with German swingers looking for wife swaps or bulls and unicorns to play with. With so much traffic, it’s the 15th most visited ‘Global Romance and Relationships’ website in the world.

Ranking alongside the likes of Secret Benefits, Bumble and Ashley Madison the platform is used by more than 4 million subscribers and receives around 16 million hits each month.

In fact, the site has around 850,000 daily logins from existing members making it an active and extremely useful service.

However this is predominantly a German site covering local events, listings and personal profiles and around 85% of its member base are from Germany.

But there are also plenty of other Europeans registered on JOYClub including Swiss, Austrian and French nationals. In fact, JOYClub has such an international reach that there are also around 10,000 Americans registered as members too.

According to the latest data released by the parent company F&P GmbH, the average age of members of JOYClub is 34 with a split of:

  • 39% Single Men
  • 30% Single Women
  • 31% Couples

Adult Social Networking with JOYClub

The main point of using a site like JOYClub is to connect with likeminded people and the platform allows you to build a network of friends in the same way as you can on sites like Facebook.

Just like all the other social networks around, JOYClub offers a range of ways you can find and ‘meet’ other people using their service including Profile Search Tool and Forums.

casual sex germany JoyClub Review

However, one of the quickest ways to start connecting with people is via Groups. Here you can join in with discussions more relevant to you with a small number of people. Categories include niche fetishes, hobbies and leisure as well as being sorted by region and even by club.

This last option makes JOYClub the first port of call for most swingers who are regulars at their local sex club, FKK or swinging party venue. It sort of gives you an advance guest list of who will be in attendance on a given night.

Once you join a few groups you’ll soon be able to connect with other members by inviting them to be your ‘Friend’. This means that you can send and receive private messages and view their homepages.

Of course, another way to get yourself noticed and out there is to start posting on the main bulletin board. Just by uploading a few photos could get you the attention you’re looking for.

Sex in Germany and Beyond!

Whilst JOYClub covers swinging and sexy hookups right across Germany itself, the site also lists the same kind of clubs and services in a few other European countries too.

This includes Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

Never Miss a Sexy Event

One of the features of JOYClub which makes it so popular with members is the detailed listings they provide for all swinging events being run around Germany.

Think of the site like your online planner and you can ensure that all your weekends are full of the hottest engagements.

Pretty much all the swinging clubs in Germany post updates about their events so you’re sure to find something in your area.

sex clubs germany JoyClub Review

Premium Porn with JOYClub

As well as providing members with a comprehensive and feature rich platform to chat with others on they also provide some adult entertainment for you to enjoy alone.

Their media library contains a whole collection of premium porn films to stream from studios like Marc Dorcel, JoyBear and Erika Lust.

Prices vary by movie and can be rented or purchased as you wish. Premium members get free access to these videos and is yet another good reason to upgrade your subscription.

Safe, Secure and Award Winning

One of the best things about JOYClub is that the site incorporates robust data protection systems and was certificated in 2019 by TÜV Saarland.

Profiles are also subject to authentication processes to minimise and/or eliminate the prevalence of fake profiles. This also protect minors.

Members with a white tick means that their profile has been authenticated by moderators. Those members with a green tick mean that the user is personally known to at least five other authenticated people.

Privacy and security settings can also be further customised by members and includes:

  • Setting access rights to private media
  • Unlock FSK18 content
  • Invisible mode to hide your online status (premium members only)
  • Activate Two-Factor authentication for secure login

The site has a solid reputation among its membership for providing a secure and safe space for users. But, more than this, JOYClub is highly regarded for its comprehensive features, ease of use and depth of service.

And, to prove it, in 2013 the website won a coveted Venus Award after being nominated as the Best Erotic Community.

Trusted Online Community

On top of the safety and security features which are built in, the JOYClub site is also independently reviewed by customers on Trustpilot as being an ‘Excellent’ platform.

swingers JoyClub Review
Image via Trustpilot.

Rated an overall 4.5 stars from more than 2,000 reviews, members consistently review JOYClub as being an easy site to use.

And you only have to read through the reviews to see just how much success people are having with their hook-ups….even those members who have a basic (and free) profile!

How Much is JOYClub?

You can register as a user on JOYClub for free which gives you a basic membership. This means you can read and write in the forums, send and receive ClubMails and place ads for dates.

You can also rate other members, participate in chat, search for other users and post videos/photos to your own profile.

For a free service, there’s loads of features you can access and you can definitely get a lot out of JOYClub without paying for it.

However, if you really want to get the best experience from this service then you should consider upgrading to a premium subscription.

There are two options, Premium Light and Premium:

Billing FrequencyPremium LightPremium

Light members can access all FSK18 live streams, photos and videos as well as access the site’s media library. It also means you can check out more private content posted by other users.

The full Premium subscription gives you unlimited access to all of the site’s features including:

  • Unrestricted contact with all other members
  • Access to all photo albums, videos and homepages (unless member has blocked you)
  • Discounts to clubs and events
  • Video chat and live stream
  • Targeted contact and profile voting
  • Invisible Mode
  • Analytics of who visits your profile

All costs include statutory VAT and are processed via secure online services through NetDebit. Alternatively, you can make payment via cash payments or bank transfer by contacting customer services.

find hook up germany JoyClub Review

JOYClub Review: The #1 German Adult Social Network?

There’s no doubt in our mind that JOYClub brings a whole lot of joy to its members!

Not only is it a seriously comprehensive online guide to all the best clubs and meets going on around the country but it’s also a really useful directory for networking.

Non-members can access pretty much all of the basic listings such as club details, events and promotions but subscribers can also use JOYClub to meet new playmates.

For the price, JOYClub offers excellent value for money and there are plenty of side-benefits to being a paid subscriber. Not least of which is the excellent archive of premium porn you can access on top of the huge collection of amateur clips and pics.

There aren’t that many sites we review that we can’t find at least some negatives for but JOYClub is one of those rare platforms which is damn near perfect.

The bottom line is that if you want to get the best information on the casual sex scene in Germany or looking for a hook-up then JOYClub is your best port of call.

Our only complaint is that once you start enjoying the benefits of being a JOYClub member, you’ll wish every country had its own version!

Sign up here to join the party.

All featured images via JOYClub.

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