The Rise of Sex Doll Brothels in Europe

Could sex doll brothels be the future of the prostitution industry in Europe?

Technology has seen a massive change in the sex industry over the last fifty years. From porn being made available through the adoption of VHS and the internet to VR pornography, teledildonics and cyber-sex, the way we enjoy our intimate moments (either as a couple or solo) has changed. And now, technology may even be revolutionising the prostitution business. Love dolls aren’t a new thing but the rapid advancement in the way these sex toys have developed means they can now offer a far superior service than that of their ‘blow-up’ predecessors. With plenty of pros and few cons to the idea, more and more men are curious and want to experience the future of sex. As a result, several businesses, keen to rake in the commercial benefits, have opened sex doll brothels across Europe.

In this feature we take a look at the rise in popularity across Europe for sex doll brothels including a country-by-country guide to where you can find these synthetic sex workers.

What is a Sex Doll Brothel?

Sometimes referred to as ‘sex robot whorehouses’ or ‘cyber-brothels’, a sex doll bordello is one where customers can pay to have sex with a synthetic love doll.

Made from medical grade, latex-free synthetic materials, usually TPE or silicon, moulded over a metal skeleton these dolls offer (according to some) a ‘realistic’ sexual experience.

Each brothel varies in terms of where the dolls are manufactured and the kinds of features offered but some can talk, have warm skin and/or vagina and can offer a wide range of looks and physical body types.

Entrepreneurs who have opened these sex doll brothels have been innovative about creating a character around their ‘products’. So, instead of just booking a session with a ‘faceless’ sex doll, clients get a backstory about their companion complete with personality and even some roleplay thrown in.

The Rise of Sex Doll Brothels in Europe
Image via Xdolls, France.

The Pros and Cons of Sex Doll Brothels

The oldest profession in the world, prostitution generates billions of Euros each year with millions of sex workers employed, servicing a steady demand for business.

Despite the obvious benefits to the economy, paid sex work is only fully legalised in eight European nations (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Hungary, Greece, Latvia and Netherlands). The reason? Prostitution is still a stigmatised industry with those that operate within it labelled as either deviants or victims. And, whilst there are some very dark undercurrents associated with the world of sex work such as human trafficking, coercion and abuse, there are many women (and men) who enjoy the work they do and make good money doing it.

Which brings us to one of the first cons….

“Sex Doll Brothels Take Business Away From Real Sex Workers”

There are two sides to this argument and the first is from those people who it affects the most; working girls. Yes, there is  no doubt about the fact that a customer who pays to have sex with a love doll may well be denying an income to a real-life prostitute. However, there is a counter argument that the people who choose to do so may well only be tempted because of a) the novelty factor b) the fact that dolls aren’t human and/or c) they are marketed as being safer than sex with a human.

Another element to factor into this debate is the fact that customers who use sex doll brothels who may be paying for sex for the first time could find that these dolls become a ‘gateway’ to using the services of a real prostitute in future.

Obviously, there is no empirical evidence either way to support whether sex dolls are causing a decline in business for prostitutes but what we do know is that competition in any industry is never a bad thing. Certainly, if another brothel opened up in a city, there would not be the same level of outcry. Instead, the main objection to these sex dolls appears to be a very human one; a fear that we will be replaced by technology.

The second major ‘con’ of a sex doll over a human prostitute is an obvious one but one which may also be a ‘pro’ for some people. Sex dolls are passive participants in the service they provide and although the technology is getting better with sensors allowing them to respond, warm synthetic skin and voice mechanisms etc….ultimately, they don’t play any ‘active’ part in a session.

sex doll brothels in europe
The Lumidolls Brothel in Moscow. Image via Lumidolls.

Which leads us to one of the main objections that activists against sex dolls have in general. It is the very fact that these sex toys are ‘non-consensual’ that causes concern. Some opponents to the idea of sex doll brothels in Europe have even made the claim that these venues are (ostensibly) places where men can ‘simulate the rape of women’. It’s an outrageous claim but, after all, what kind of a person would prefer to have sex with something innate rather than a real person, right?

Well, there is a counter argument to that as well which we’ll get to.

So, on to the pros.

First up is the novelty factor. Sex dolls are expensive and the cost to own one is prohibitive for most people at over €2,000; sometimes a lot more. Instead, a sex doll brothel gives people the chance to try one out, often before they buy one themselves. In this way, love doll manufacturers are quite keen to help fund and promote these businesses as a way of demonstrating their ‘wares’. Plus, as something to tick off your bucket list, having sex with a cyber woman is pretty unique.

Secondly, there are those people who claim that having sex with a doll is far safer than paying for sex with a human. However, don’t be fooled by this statement. In those countries where prostitution is legalised and regulated, sex workers are routinely obliged to undergo medical examinations to rule out any STIs. In these countries, it is usually compulsory to use condoms.

sex doll brothels europe
Image via Xdolls France.

With sex dolls, legislation is far less clear and the laws and guidelines are having to be adapted as sex brothels evolve. In most countries, there will be some guidance on hygiene protocols but whether these provisions are adequate or not is yet to be seen. All of the brothels currently operating in Europe make claims that they ensure dolls are fully sanitised between use, there is still some risk of exposure…albeit far less than with a human.

Another benefit of ‘prostitution’ with a sex doll is that, legally, it doesn’t violate laws in many countries and morally many customers feel they aren’t breaking any codes either. For some, paying to have sex with a person constitutes as infidelity but with a sex doll this is different.

Another plus side is the fact that there are no issues around human trafficking or coercion when it comes to paying for sex with a love doll. A simple ‘product’, these dolls are not victims of a wider criminal network or have been abused.

And, coming back to the question of ‘what kind of person pays to have sex with an inanimate object? Surely the kind who have problematic views of women as ‘objects’?”…quite the opposite is being mooted. In fact, there are some counsellors and professionals who believe that men (and it is mainly men) who pay to have sex with a doll may be the kind of people who lack the confidence and social skills to actually do the deed with a real person. And, for those ‘non-normative’ sexual fantasies, love dolls may very well be a way to safely experiment.

Overall, there are lots of good reasons why sex doll brothels are a good idea but the only real negative factor is the economic one which is faced by sex workers themselves.

Where to Find Europe’s Sex Doll Brothels

So, where are all these cyber prostitutes waiting to service your needs?


Kontakthof Brothel (Wiener Laufhaus), Erlaaerstrasse37, A-1230 Vienna

A brothel with a stable of regular (real-life) working girls, the Kontakthof brothel has embraced the idea of new technology and offers a sex doll service alongside a more traditional approach to sex work.

They were one of the first brothels in Europe to offer this addition to its services with ‘Fanny’ proving very popular when they added her to their staff rota in 2017. So popular, in fact, that they had to purchase a second model the same year to meet with growing demand.

It’s not entirely clear whether they still offer sex dolls but the Kontakthof brothel is open daily from 9.00am to 11.00pm. You can find further information on the dolls, prices and their regular escorts from this brothel by visiting their website.


sex doll brothels europe doll house denmark aarhus
Dollhouse, Aarhus ‘Where Fantasies Come True’. Image via Doll House (Facebook).

The Doll House brothel located in the Vissenbjerg district of Aarhus opened in March 2018 to a mixed opinion as many other sex doll bordellos. Marketing itself as ‘the place where all gentlemen are welcome and where girls don’t say no’, the launch was surrounded with a great deal of negative media attention. In turn, this led to complaints from neighbours resulting in the landlord terminating the lease on the property.

However, the positive response from customers and overwhelming support from investors and some parts of the community has seen the business flourish at a new location.

The owners are keen to highlight the benefits of their service and the lack of any negative aspects such as human trafficking, coercion and sexual safety. They also go to some length to ensure that their dolls are treated with the same respect as humans and they do not allow any violence with the ‘girls’.

Like many brothels, rooms at the Doll House are themed for a touch of fantasy roleplay and clients can opt for an experience in a classroom, living room or doctor’s office.

Staffed by four realistic TPE sex dolls, the current prices for a session with one of their dolls is:

  • 30 minutes for 600 kr (approximately €80)
  • 60 minutes for 1000 kr (approximately €130)

The Doll House brothel is open seven days a week from 10.00am to 8.00pm.

You can find full details of how to book a session via their website, or you can contact them through their Facebook pages.


sex doll brothels europe xdolls france
Image via Xdolls Paris.

The Xdolls brothel in Paris was opened in February 2018 and has faced quite some opposition with the business causing a stir with the Senate. Despite having to move location, Xdolls is still in operation and offers a choice of four different sex dolls for a private session.

  • Lily – Brunette with a large buxom and ample buttocks.
  • Sofia – An athletic, tall and well ‘stacked’ blonde Western girl with a firm body.
  • Candice – A petite blonde with an athletic figure and blue eyes.
  • Sarah – A slim brunette with perky breasts.

Prices at Xdolls are charged by the hour as follows:

  • 1 Hour – €89
  • 2 Hours – €149
  • Each addition hour thereafter – €75

You can find further information about the Xdolls brothel in our full feature review or via their website.


sex doll brothels europe bordoll germany
Image via website.

Offering the ‘new generation of sex’ to local and visiting customers in Dortmund, BorDoll was opened in 2017 by current owner, Madam Evelyn Schwarz.

A specialist brothel that only offers the passive services of synthetic girls, they have one of the largest selections of sex dolls on offer. Their stable currently extends to around a dozen models including a male sex doll for gay men and women plus there are a couple of newcomers coming soon.

It is the first and only sex doll brothel in Germany and is situated in a quiet neighbourhood south of the city in a studio once designed entirely for BDSM. Schwarz has told journalists that she originally turned to silicone dolls to staff her premises after she struggled to find German-speaking women to work in the business.

The diversity in their ‘staff’ gives customers far more choice and includes a variety of ethnicities, body shapes and even species…yes, there is a fantasy elf doll and even a ‘sleepy’ one whose eyes are closed.

All of their dolls are realistically crafted using medical grade silicone (TPE) and are of a high-quality.

Prices at BorDoll are currently charged as follows:

  • 30 minutes for €50 (+€50 for a second doll)
  • 60 minutes for €80 (+€70 for a second doll)
  • 90 minutes for €120 (+€100 for a second doll)
  • 120 minutes for €150 (+€120 for a second doll)

There is also a special offer whereby customers can book five hours with three dolls for €550

BorDoll is open daily from 11.00am to 9.00pm (including public holidays and Sundays).

You can find BorDoll at Bickefeldstraße 11-13, 44269 Dortmund and find further information via their website.


sex doll brothels europe italy lumidolls
Eva, Ilary and Naomi at the LumiDolls brothel, Turin, Italy. Image via Lumidolls.

The Turin LumiDolls love hotel currently has seven sex dolls to sample including one male model. Each comes with a unique backstory, more details of which you can find online:

  • Kate – A 22-year old Spanish/Portuguese student from Miami, Kate was born in Cape Verde. She is a diminutive love doll at just 4’ 10” with D cup breasts.
  • Ilary – An athletic model from Germany, Ilary has a round ass, D cup breasts and is 5’ 2” tall. She likes oral and anal sex and has a reputation for her strong and sturdy figure.
  • Molly – A beach-blonde ‘Californian’, this love doll is working in Europe as a lap dancer with a K cup rack and standing at 5’ 1” tall.
  • Alessan – A native from the south of Italy, Alessan is the male sex doll on offer at the Turin brothel and works as a mountain climbing instructor. He is well muscled with defined abs and arms and is open to gay sex.
  • Eva – A 26-year old native Italian who has been ‘working’ since she was 16, Eva cuts an impressive figure with a D-cup breast and seductive curves.
  • Arisa – Born in Malaysia, Arisa is a 22-year old runaway. Abandoning her husband-to-be on their wedding day, she found herself in Europe to find her ‘handsome partner in crime’. With pale skin, dark Oriental looks and a shapely 5’ 4” D-cup figure, she is a popular choice.
  • Naomi – Originating from Shanghai, this Asian love doll is a techno geek with a thin and well sculptured body. At 5’ 1” with an A cup breast, she is a petite girl who can handle some rough play.

Prices at the Turin love doll brothel are current charged as follows:

  • 30 minutes for €80
  • 60 minutes for €100
  • 120 minutes for €180

You can find out more about LumiDolls Italy by visiting the Turin love hotel website.


sex doll brothels europe russia lumidolls
Image via LumiDolls.

Opened in April 2018, Moscow was the second location for the international sex doll manufacturers, Lumidolls.

The ‘hotel’ was open in time for the World Cup and was reportedly a big hit with fans of all nations. Whether they had more dolls available to cope with peak times is unknown but there are now just two models available at the Moscow Love Doll Hotel:

  • Natasha – With the ‘Face of an angel, curves of Venus’, Natasha is a ’24-year old- music school student with long dark hair
  • Naya –‘Burning with desire when snowing outside’. Naya is an open-minded ’28-year old’ pub owner looking for a foreign man to show her tenderness before taking her roughly. Naya is 5’ tall with long brunette hair, piercing green eyes and an H cup breast with wide hips.

The current rates for an appointment with a love doll at the Lumidolls hotel in Moscow are as follows:

  • 30 minutes for €80
  • 60 minutes for €100
  • 120 minutes for €180

You can find out more about LumiDolls Moscow by visiting the website.


sex doll brothels europe spain lumidolls
‘Katy’ and the Apricots Brothel, Barcelona. Image via Lumidolls.

Lumidolls is an international manufacture of its own brand of sex dolls and can lay claim to opening the world’s first ever love doll brothel right here in Barcelona.

Launched in 2017, the company offers the sexual services of its dolls through the Apricots Brothel and Escort Agency. Lumidolls make premium quality sex dolls that are hyper-realistic, latex-free and include multiple holes for penetration (ass, mouth and vagina).

The bordello can offer you some time with one of nine Lumidolls including one male. As ever, the appeal of a love doll is not just in the product itself but in the character that is built up around the service. The selection at Apricots includes some ‘native’ Europeans as well as a fantasy and Asian love doll:

  • Kira – A local, this Spanish sex doll has long black hair, deep dark eyes and a sultry pout.
  • Brandy – Another Barcelona native, this love doll is a ‘cheating MILF’.
  • Emma – The Italian ‘translator’ sex doll, married and into BDSM.
  • Miriam – A Portuguese sex doll with bright red hair and who enjoys dressing up.
  • Reya – A ‘Japanese’ love doll with long platinum hair who enjoys cosplay.
  • Katy – The Danish photography model with a voluptuous figure and long blonde hair.
  • Debora – The brunette BDSM ‘bottom’ who likes it rough.
  • Arwen – The ‘Elf’ complete with pointed ears, playful features and an impish body with big boobs.
  • Ken – a male sex doll from Latvia, this cyber love is toned and slim with a big dick.

Rates for your appointment with one of their dolls is currently priced as follows:

  • 30 minutes for €80
  • 60 minutes for €100
  • 120 minutes for €180

The brothel is also reported to be able to offer a virtual reality service with its love dolls.

You can find out more about LumiDolls @ Apricots Brothel, Barcelona by visiting the website.

United Kingdom

Offering ‘a passionate experience without limits’, the Dolly Parlour in London has two dolls available for rental:

  • Brittney – At 5’ 2”, her DD breasts appear even more enormous but this buxom blonde with waist length hair is no demure ‘lady’. Far from it, Brittney’s curvy ass and ‘pillow-like lips’ have seen kinky and rough.
  • Jenny – A 5’ 4” model with D cup breasts, Jenny is a brunette sex doll that has proven very popular with customers.

Prices for a session with one the London Love Dolls is currently priced as follows:

  • 30 minutes for £50 (roughly €60)
  • 60 minutes for £80 (roughly €95)
  • 120 minutes for £150 (roughly €180)

You can find out more about London’s Dolly Parlour in our recent feature guide.

The Future of Sex Doll Brothels in Europe

For some, the popularity of these brothels may largely be down to their novelty and there have been several venues that have had a short-lived moment in the spotlight, including:

  • Unique Dolls, Helsinki, Finland – opened in the capital city in November 2019 by a Russian entrepreneur, the brothel offered customers an experience with one of four dolls for €100 per hour. The brothel, located in an unassuming location beside a shopping mall, lasted about six months before closing its doors earlier this year.
  • Scotland – a small village to the south-east of Glasgow , this brothel was only open for a few weeks before complaints from unhappy neighbours and negative media attention forced the  establishment to close.

As we reported this time last year, the LuminaDolls venue in Turin also faced some difficulties of its own in November 2018 when questions were raised over hygiene. Seen by many as a bureaucratic attempt to prevent the establishment from operating, LuminaDolls was able to re-open by satisfying officials that their methods of sanitising the dolls was adequate.

At the moment it may be too early to tell whether there is a place, in the long term, for cyber-brothels to exist in our communities. There will always be a need for prostitution but whether men can warm to the idea (beyond the novelty factor) of sex with a doll over a real woman is the key matter. Certainly, the premium prices being asked for such an experience may just put the service out of reach for some customers. When you consider the cost of sex with a prostitute in some of these cities is far cheaper then the pure economics of this kind of venture will soon become clear.

We think that there is certainly room for both kinds of sexual service to exist and love doll ‘brothels’ or hotels certainly seem to make sense in those countries where sex work is illegal. At the end of the day, the demand for prostitution is as high as it has ever been and offering more choice with less risk is surely only a good thing.

Certainly, as technology advances, we can expect to see more innovative ways for entrepreneurs to profit from the sex industry. Watch this space…..

Featured images via BorDoll, Germany.