Visit-X Review

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Looking for a new way to enjoy live cam sex? Reaching over 10 million users and showcasing 66,000+ amateurs, Visit-X is a unique adult cam site which a difference. Instead of just offering live streams of cam girls, this site has combined its platform to offer sexy videos and photos too. Think of like a … Read more

28 Best British Porn Sites: A Definitive List

best british porn sites

The British have a reputation for producing some slightly ‘low-rent’ pornography. France is known for arty softcore mainstream movies. The Germans are famed for no-holds barred hardcore. The Brits seem to have specialised in porn that is almost a parody of itself. Whilst this kind of content is still being produced, the UK output of … Read more

The Rise of Sex Doll Brothels in Europe

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Could sex doll brothels be the future of the prostitution industry in Europe? Technology has seen a massive change in the sex industry over the last fifty years. From porn being made available through the adoption of VHS and the internet to VR pornography, teledildonics and cyber-sex, the way we enjoy our intimate moments (either … Read more

Beate Uhse: Highs and Lows of An Erotic Retail Giant

Beate Uhse rise of erotic retail giant

The fortunes of Beate Uhse have been well documented over the last few years but do you want to know more about this German symbol of sexuality? An icon of German entrepreneurship and the most successful retailer in the country’s adult sector, Beate Uhse is a household name across many European countries. Though once a … Read more

Prague vs. California: The Battle to Be Capital of Porn

Prague vs California - Battle to be Capital of Porn

Want to know who wins the battle to be Capital of Porn, California or Prague? Hollywood might be the market leader in feature film production but Los Angeles, California has also become synonymous with porno film studios. Though recent legislative developments have forced many studios to uproot and move to other parts of the State, … Read more

10 of Europe’s Most Famous Sex Museums

europes most famous sex museums guide

Celebrating eroticism, pornography, anatomy and relationships, did you know that Europe has some of the best sex museums in the world? You can find erotic art in many museums across Europe and some may even have a dedicated section for those artefacts that are a little more risqué than most. However, some cities have seen … Read more

Planet Sex Dolls Review

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Looking for a sex doll in the UK? The majority of sex dolls found in high street adult stores are of an inferior quality and have a reputation for being cheap, sleazy and, let’s face it, a bit nasty. Often made from low-quality materials, they don’t tend to last long or provide a very pleasant … Read more

Revealed: The Largest European Porn Producers & Studios

Revealed - Largest European Porn Producers & Studios

Want to know who the biggest players are in the European porn industry? Porn is legal across most of Europe and is a multi-billion Euro industry with some of the world’s biggest producers operating from both inside and outside the EU. Despite competing with Asian and North American markets, the demand for Euro-porn is high … Read more

The Best European Porn Websites: A Complete List

The best European porn websites

Want to know which are the best porn sites in Europe? A continent of over 50 countries, it can be hard to distil exactly what the style and taste is when it comes to defining European porn. There is a huge influence from the USA on how hardcore porn has developed plus local cultural drivers … Read more

Emmanuelle: The Story Behind a Softcore Classic

sylvia kristel emmanuelle 1974 film

Emmanuelle is an iconic piece of softcore film history and has spawned many sequels, parodies, adaptations and other related material. Originally a book published in the 1950s, the name Emmanuelle has become synonymous with an age of pornography that has been lost to the modern age of high definition, on-demand adult movies. As plot is … Read more

Best European Pornstars: 13 of the Hottest Euro Porn Stars

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Euro porn is one of the most instantly recognisable styles of adult movie in the world. And we’re not just talking foreign languages and tell-tale landmarks. The continent produces a diverse mix of styles from the currently popular Czech heritage films to the classics from German studios like extreme production company, John Thompson of German … Read more

13 Popular Sex Tourist Destinations in Europe

Top Sex Tourist Destinations in Europe

Want to know what the sex tourism industry is like in Europe? Many of the world’s top sex tourism locations are in Asia or South America but Europe also has plenty of countries where prostitution is legal and the sex industry is actively vying for the sex tourism trade. So, instead of Thailand, Cambodia and … Read more