Dolly Parlour Greenwich Review

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Want to experience the ‘future of sex’ with a lovedoll in London?

Launched in early 2018 as London’s first sex doll brothel, the Dolly Parlour Greenwich, was opened amid confusion over the legality of such an establishment – but it seems to have received the green light. Claiming to offer guests ‘an unforgettable experience’ with the ‘girl you’ve always wanted’, Dolly Parlour is one of the latest sex doll brothels to open in Europe.

In this Dolly Parlour review, we take a look at London’s lovedoll brothel and give you all the information on the services offered and what to expect.

What is a Sex Doll Brothel?

Traditional brothels are illegal in the United Kingdom but renting time with a silicon love doll is not.

Mooted as being a revolutionary new alternative to prostitution, synthetic dolls offer a ‘safe’ way for punters to pay for sex in London.

dolly parlour sex doll brothel uk london
Image via website.

Services like the Dolly Parlour have been cropping up across European cities like Turin, Paris and Moscow but have not been without their detractors.

Far from being seen as a viable way to curb coercion and human trafficking, many see the use of dolls for sex as the start of a slippery slope.

One objection to these advanced sex toys is the further ‘de-humanisation’ of women with some even suggesting that ‘brothels’ like these facilitate the rape fantasies of men.

For others, their protest is more practical and they feel that these dolls are taking the livelihoods of sex workers.

The arguments in defence of sex doll brothels is just as varied. Owner of Lovedolls UK, Graham Tempest, has been reported in UK media as saying that users:

“…range from people who have social problems, potentially anxiety problems, and these dolls can be a really great help for the people who would otherwise not be able to get into relationships and grow and develop and get into that next stage of life…”

lovedoll uk love doll brothel uk london
Lovedoll UK’s own ‘brothel’ was forced to close over licensing issues. Image via Lovedoll UK.

Certainly, the owners of Dolly Parlour believe they are “helping adults who might struggle with physical and emotional relationships.”

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The UK’s First Sex Doll Brothel?

Offering men (and women) the opportunity to rent a sex doll in a private location, the Dolly Parlour is not the first such business that has caused controversy in the UK.

Lovedoll UK in Gateshead which sells sex dolls costing around £2,000 (approximately €2400) was landed in hot water in June 2018 for running a £50-a-go ‘try before you buy’ service. The local council followed up complaints from early 2018 that the company was running a sex doll brothel.

Fined £10,000, Lovedoll UK was found to be lacking the appropriate sex establishment license.

Meet The Girls at Dolly Parlour Greenwich

The Dolly Parlour offers the services of two sex dolls; Britney and Jenny. However, there is some evidence to suggest that a third doll, Lilly, has joined the ranks.

dolly parlour love doll brothel uk london
Image via website.

Each comes with three usable holes (mouth, vagina and anus) and are pre-dressed in sexy lingerie. However, guests can choose to have their clothes changed for an extra cost of £20 (approximately €25).

The dolls are constructed from TPE silicon which is moulded over a poseable metal skeleton which allows them to be manoeuvred into position and hold their shape. Soft to the touch, these dolls retail at around £1,700 (approximately €2,040)

Each of the dolls are thoroughly cleansed and disinfected between uses but guests are requested to use a condom.

As with most sex doll brothels, the girls are individualised with a character to help offer a more immersive and realistic experience.

dolly parlour sex doll brothel london
Image via website.


Standing at 5’ 2” tall, Brittney is a petite sex doll but with an ample DD-cup chest, plump ass and tiny waist. She has a full pouting mouth and long blonde hair.

A naughty girl, she (apparently) equally enjoys a romantic GFE session or kinky and rough play.


The ‘Dream Girl’, Jenny is a brunette doll who is popular with guests and stands at 5’ 4” tall. Naughtier than Brittney, she also has a ample rack (D-cup) and likes to be taken multiple times in multiple ways.

Prices at Dolly Parlour

You can book a session with one of the ‘ladies’ at the Dolly Parlour using the online booking form available via the website (see below). Prices are current charged as follows:

  • 30 minutes for £50 (approximately €60)
  • 60 minutes for £80 (approximately €95)
  • 120 minutes for £150 (approximately €180)

Opening Times for Dolly Parlour

The Dolly Parlour is reported to be open daily from 10.30am until late.

Contacting the Dolly Parlour

You can contact London’s first sex doll brothel via the booking form on their website.

Featured image via Dolly Parlour.

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