9 Best British Cam Sites: Live Sex Shows, Top UK Cam Girls

Best British cam sites

Can’t get enough of the British accent? Looking for local UK cam girls to put on a live show? Adult cam sites are international, featuring performers from all countries. This makes it tricky to find specialist British cam sites. After all, there isn’t a reason to create them, since both UK models and viewers gravitate … Read more

Best British Pornstars: 21 Hottest Female Porn Stars From The UK

Best British Porn Stars

Looking for the best British pornstars? The British porn industry has long had a reputation for being a bit ‘softcore’ relative to its European neighbors. Must be that stiff upper lip. As a result, there weren’t previously many historical or iconic British porn stars of note. However, since the late 1990s, the UK has been … Read more

12 Kinky UK Hotels For An Erotic Break

best uk sex hotels

Looking for an erotic getaway in the United Kingdom? Though the Brits have always had a reputation for being somewhat staid and aloof, Europeans all agree that behind those stiff upper lips lies a kinky side. They’re not fooling anyone with that “No Sex Please, We’re British” act. A nation of swingers, doggers and fetishists, … Read more

The Best of Ben Dover: UK Porn Legend

the best of ben dover

Well, if you call a kid Ben Dover, you only have yourself to blame when he grows up to become one of the most influential men in the porn industry! Real name, Simon James Honey, the British pornographer Ben Dover is the most infamous name in the UK adult movie business. Producer, performer and director, … Read more

Dolly Parlour Greenwich Review

review dolly parlour sex doll brothel uk london

Want to experience the ‘future of sex’ with a lovedoll in London? Launched in early 2018 as London’s first sex doll brothel, the Dolly Parlour Greenwich, was opened amid confusion over the legality of such an establishment – but it seems to have received the green light. Claiming to offer guests ‘an unforgettable experience’ with … Read more

UK Swingers Guide: The Best British Swinger Clubs and Sites

best british swingers clubs and parties

Interested in what the UK swinger scene is like? The UK has a reputation for having one of the largest population of swingers in the whole of Europe. Conservative estimates suggest that there are around 1 million swingers in Britain. The popular social networking swinger site, Fab Swingers, attracts over 25 million hits each month … Read more

Brexit Porn: 7 Best Political Porn Parodies

hard brexxxit porn brexit parody television x

How do you take your Brexit? Soft or hard? Did you want withdrawal or were you a remoaner? According to Rule 34 of the Internet, there is porn on the World Wide Web for every conceivable topic and yes, that even includes Brexit. The issues surrounding the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union haven’t given … Read more

London Casual Encounters: How To Find Friends With Benefits

casual encounters in london friends with benefits

Fuck buddies, fornifriends, friends with benefits, casual encounters, one-night stands, no-strings attached fun – however you describe it, having a go-to booty call is a nice luxury to have after 18 months in lockdown! If you’re looking for casual sex in London, there are a few ways you can go about it. We’re going to … Read more

11 Best London Trans Clubs and Parties

London best transgender clubs and parties

Want to know where to find the best transgender clubs and parties in London? Whether you are transgender yourself or an admirer, London is a welcoming city if you know which clubs and bars to hit. The LGBT scene in the capital is diverse and there are plenty of places to find good entertainment – … Read more

What Is Babestation TV? How Can I Watch It?

babestation rise of the tv sex line

What is Babestation, you ask? It’s something of a cult-classic television sex line. Television sex line?! Yep, sounds a bit old school now but trusty Babestation TV pioneered the way long before live sex cams were being broadcast online. In this Babestation guide, we take a look at the history of the show and how … Read more

20 Best London Strip Clubs

Best London Strip Clubs

Interested in the best London strip clubs for a wild night out? With annual visitor numbers of almost 19 million, it is little wonder that the Big Smoke needs to be on form when it comes to entertainment. Fortunately, the UK’s capital city has plenty for everyone – and that includes those of us looking … Read more

The Attic Derby Review

the attic adult club derby swingers club review

Looking for a swinger’s club in the UK with something fresh to try? Based in Derby, the Attic Adult Club is a space that is open to all, including TV/TS and CDs. It has built its reputation on being a liberal minded and modern club that is clean, friendly with some unusual facilities. The most … Read more

28 Best British Porn Sites: A Definitive List

best british porn sites

The British have a reputation for producing some slightly ‘low-rent’ pornography. France is known for arty softcore mainstream movies. The Germans are famed for no-holds barred hardcore. The Brits seem to have specialised in porn that is almost a parody of itself. Whilst this kind of content is still being produced, the UK output of … Read more