Sweden: The Final Frontier For Hooking Up?

Sweden The Final Frontier For Hooking Up

Sweden is one of the only countries in Europe where bars are still open for business. With most of the region living under enforced draconian measures including full national lockdowns, Sweden stands alone as a nation who is refusing to allow the coronavirus to stop their way of life. The controversial stance is supported by … Read more

A Look at Denmark’s Public Sex Rules

denmark public sex rules

Want to know more about public sex rules in Europe? Sex in public is a fantasy for a lot of people. The idea of being ‘caught’ or being watched is enough of a turn on to flout the rules irrespective of where you are. However, in most countries, public sex is not only considered a … Read more

The Best Sex Shops in Trondheim

best sex shops trondheim

Staying in Trondheim and want to know which sex shops are the best? With a population of just 190,000 people, the city of Trondheim isn’t a bustling metropolis. Nevertheless, it is Norway’s third largest city and its position on the southern coast of Oslofjord makes it a popular tourist destination. Surrounded by many outlying rural … Read more

How to Find Casual Sex in Oslo

How to Find Casual Sex in Oslo

Heading to Oslo and interested in some casual sex? Norway’s capital is a modern, young and vibrant city with plenty of nightlife, adult entertainment and ways to enjoy Scandi culture. For couples heading to Oslo, they can enjoy much of this lifestyle together in the knowledge that, at the end of the night, they know … Read more

BDSM in Oslo: A Growing Community

BDSM in Oslo community

Want to know more about the BDSM community of Oslo? Though a reasonably small capital by European standards with a population of just 675,000 people, Oslo is a diverse city offering a mix of entertainment for its residents and visitors. The Norwegians are famously liberal-minded and adventurous in their sex lives and there is a … Read more

VIP Room: Inside the Oslo Swingers Community

VIP Room Inside the Oslo Swingers Community

Want to know more about the swinger community in Oslo? Whilst swinging is popular in Norway, there are very few organised clubs and groups with most couples arranging their own meetings. In a lot of cities and small towns, lifestyle followers meet to swing in their own homes, viewing the activity as a private one. … Read more

Tips for Hooking Up with Danish Women

Tips for Hooking up with Danish Women

Do you want to know more about dating Danish women? If you are spending time in Denmark and looking to hook up with a Danish woman then read our full guide on how to approach the dating scene. From what to expect from the ‘typical’ Danish woman to the culture of dating in Denmark. We … Read more

Is Copenhagen the Red Light Capital of Scandinavia?

is copenhagen the red light capital of scandinavia denmark sex

Famous for its historic landmarks, busy museums and significant places of interest, Copenhagen  is also attracting a lot of interest for its adult entertainment industry. So, could the City of Spires be the next Amsterdam? The capital of Denmark has a reputation for its strip bars, brothels and sex clubs and is fast becoming known … Read more

The Rise of Danish Swinger Clubs

the rise of danish swinger clubs

Want to know why Denmark has a reputation for being the swinger’s capital of Scandinavia The popularity of swinging in Denmark has been growing steadily over the last decade and, where once you would have struggled to find a suitable venue, the country now has a dozen of big swinger clubs. There is even a … Read more

The Best Strip Clubs in Copenhagen

best strip clubs copenhagen

Want to know more about the kind of strip clubs that Copenhagen has to offer? As one of Europe’s most popular city break destinations, Copenhagen has a great nightlife. From bars, clubs and restaurants to distinctly more adult venues, Denmark’s capital caters for all. The thriving red light area is awash with erotic massage parlours, … Read more

The Best Legal Brothels in Copenhagen

brothels copenhagen

Looking to visit a brothel in Copenhagen? Though profiting from brothels isn’t legal in Denmark, running them is as long as the girls take the cash for services and rooms are paid for to the madam. The country has over 400 such venues all contributing to the ever-increasing economy of the adult industry (currently valued … Read more

Attitudes Towards Sex in Scandinavia (And What to Expect…)

attitudes towards sex in scandinavia

The Scandinavians have an international reputation for their liberal minded attitude towards sex, nudity and pornography. Defined mostly by their egalitarian societies, this attitude is shared by both men and women with Sweden having one of the highest proportions of females watching porn (30% vs the average of 26% – the highest is in the … Read more

Sweden’s Sex Industry: Then and Now

Adult sex trade in Sweden

Want to know why you won’t find any red-light districts in Sweden? Sweden has an international reputation for its egalitarian society where equality and being ‘normal’ have long been prized. Sitting uncomfortably within this national identity, prostitution is illegal in Sweden. In this guide, we give you some background of Sweden’s sex industry and how … Read more

Hooking Up With Swedish Women: Tips For Success

taken swingers club ile saint louis paris

What’s all the fuss about with Swedish Women? Are they really as beautiful as the media has us believe? Ranking 6th in the world when it comes to the number of top models per capita, it’s true; Sweden is blessed with some very good looking women. Combined with a reputation for liberal attitudes and funky … Read more

Best Swinger Clubs in Stockholm: A Complete Guide

porn in scandinavia

Want to know where to find the best swinging parties in Stockholm? The Swedish are a very liberal minded nation and swinging is on the increase amongst both heterosexual and gay couples. Though there are only a couple of venues in and around Stockholm that specifically service the swinging scene, there is plenty of action … Read more