Tips for Hooking Up with Danish Women

Do you want to know more about dating Danish women?

If you are spending time in Denmark and looking to hook up with a Danish woman then read our full guide on how to approach the dating scene. From what to expect from the ‘typical’ Danish woman to the culture of dating in Denmark. We explore casual encounters to serious relationships and give you some advice on what makes Denmark unique.

Typical Danish Women?

With Europe being such a multinational continent, the days of being able to stereotype nationalities on their looks is fast becoming a thing of the past. However, each country does have its own genetic ‘look’ and, traditionally, Danish women are seen to be pale skinned, fair eyed and a mixture of blonde and light brunette. A healthy nation, most Danish women have lithe bodies and take great pride in their appearance. This is evident in their personal grooming, clothing and pose.

tips on dating women from denmark
Women in Denmark seem to have an inherently natural style and confidence. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

This is also reflected in their choice of men to date and Danish women like their partners to make an effort both with their appearance as well as their health. Though you may not be a Brad Pitt, wearing the right clothes and being in shape will stand you in good stead. However, conservative and stylish is key so you don’t overdo it. Go for classic combos that are fashionable but comfortable.

When it comes to being fit, this is a must and men who are overweight and out of shape will find it hard to pick up a date in Denmark. You are not expected to look like Gerard Butler in ‘300′ but losing that spare tyre and toning up is a must.

Gender Equality

Denmark is well regarded as a country that has long had a good standing for gender equality, independence and as a forward-thinking nation. As a result, Danish women are confident, progressive and usually highly educated and intelligent.

Certainly, Denmark has produced some exceptionally beautiful and striking women including Helena Christiansen, Brigitte Nielsen, Nina Agdal, Maja Krag and Helena Hauser. However, don’t ignore the fact that the country also produces just as many assertive, powerful and successful business leaders, sports players and writers. Danish women can be just as ambitious and driven as they are beautiful.

nina agdal dating danish women
Of course, not all Danish women look like Nina Agdal but we live in hope! Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Don’t Flash the Cash

However, true to Scandinavian style, Danish women are not as financially driven as, say Russian women, and success is not measured by how much money you earn, rather how much effort you put in. If you are celebrated in your field but not well remunerated, then this is seen as being just as successful as if you were a millionaire. Danish women are probably going to be more turned on by your honesty, compassion and drive than by a big house and a flash car.

Whether you are loaded or not, Danish women are not particularly impressed by being paid for all of the time. Culturally, it is not the norm for men to pay for everything and can actually offend your date if you insist on doing so.

Be Direct

Their assertiveness can sometimes come across as being rude but being direct is one of the more endearing aspects of the Danish personality when it comes to dating. It is unlikely that you will be left wondering where you are at the end of an evening as your date will just tell you. It is recommended that you adopt this approach yourself and learn to be direct when you are dating a Danish woman.


Dating Culture in Denmark

Like many Western European nations, dating in Denmark (and Scandinavia) has some subtle differences.

The first can be seen in the fact that these Nordic countries have a culture of gender equality and as such, both men and women will make the first move, women can be more assertive and will generally insist on splitting the bills on a date.

Secondly, money is not as important as in other cultures and fancy dinners and posh restaurants are not an ideal way to date. Most Danish women would be more appreciative of an intimate and casual first date such as a picnic or a walk. Getting creative will show off your personality more and be more likely to impress.

tips on dating danish women
An expensive meal at a posh restaurant might impress some girls but not the Danish. Image via PxHere.

Casual dating in Denmark is acceptable and you can easily find women who are interested in a hook up without having to commit to marriage.

Danish men are notoriously bad at flirting. This is probably due to the culture of being direct not allowing for the subtle art of ‘teasing’. Whilst Danish women prefer their men to be direct, you shouldn’t ignore the fact that being flirtatious can be well received.

Expectations: Casual vs Serious Relationships

In common with most Europeans, some Danish women are perfectly happy to have a one-night stand and Copenhagen, in particular, has some great bars and clubs where you can find good looking Danes for a hook up. However, it is not common for women in Denmark to date people that they don’t know through their extended network.

If you are looking for a long-term relationship then you will need to make an effort to socialise with Danish friends and colleagues or find a way to meet people in other ways (clubs, groups etc). Whilst striking up a conversation with a woman at a supermarket, café or bus stop might be fine in England or France, it is seen as odd in Denmark.

Certainly, if you are in a relationship, being around your partners friends and part of their wider social circle is essential.

Be Patient

Patience is also important when dating in Denmark and, unless you are hooking up in a bar for a casual encounter, it can take many months of dates before a relationship is formed. Again, the independence of Danish women may mean that they are less likely to fall into serious commitments than in other countries. Long term, this is also true and Danish women are in no rush to get married, if at all. Many couples in Denmark are unmarried, even if they have children. It is not a traditional part of their culture and ‘settling down’ for many women is not part of their plan.

Denmark dating guide
The quickest way to hook up in Denmark is by getting out there and socialising; the wider your network the better your chances of getting a date. Image via MaxPixel.

Learn the Lingo

A last piece of advice, you may well speak Danish but if you don’t you can be rest assured that the Danes speak good English. However, a little effort goes a long way and learning some of the language will boost your chances of dating whilst in Denmark.

Featured image of the Danish Beach Handball Team via Wikimedia Commons.

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