The Best Legal Brothels in Copenhagen

Looking to visit a brothel in Copenhagen?

Though profiting from brothels isn’t legal in Denmark, running them is as long as the girls take the cash for services and rooms are paid for to the madam. The country has over 400 such venues all contributing to the ever-increasing economy of the adult industry (currently valued at €160 million per annum).

Most of Denmark’s brothels are in and around the capital city of Copenhagen and, in this guide, we give you the details of the top ten bordellos in the City of Towers.

Mon Cherie

Bjerringbrovej 50, 2610 Copenhagen

This small bordello in a quiet and secluded residential area of the city has several rooms with a varied rota of girls. The rooms are clean, comfortable and well-appointed ranging from one with a traditional Danish country four-poster bed to a fully equipped S&M room.

The girls change all the time but their website has the details of almost 40 ladies and the weekly rota for who is on duty when.

Mon Cherie brothel copenhagen
Well equipped and ready to go. The rooms at Mon Cherie are fit for purpose. Image via website.

Prices are reasonable for the capital’s brothels and start at 500 DKK (€70) for a handjob going up to 4600 DKK (€620) for an hour with a ‘real’ lesbian. Somewhere in between you can get a half hour full service for 1100 DKK (€150).

Shifts run twice daily from Monday to Friday with the first stint being 9am to 4pm and the second running from 4pm to 11pm. Saturday and Sunday, the brothel is open for one shift running from midday until 10pm.


Sexy Club

Vandtårnsvej 68, 2860 Copenhagen

Sexy Club is a discreet brothel in an industrial zone of Copenhagen. Situated on the first floor with its own entrance and parking, you don’t need to worry about being seen entering or exiting the premises.

There are almost 30 girls registered to work with Sexy Club and they vary on the rota depending on availability. Most girls also work as independent escorts or at other brothels.

Prices vary by girl and request so you will need to make enquiries about this before you get down to business.

Sexy Club runs two daily shifts from Monday to Friday with the first running from 10am to 4pm, the second from 4pm until midnight with a single 12-hour shift at the weekends from 10am to 10pm.

Retort Girls

Retortvej 64 A * 2500 Valby

Located in the southwestern district of Valby outside the city centre, Retort Girls is in a residential area and is located above a convenience store.

The interior is clean and modern with a choice of rooms including one with a cage, gynaecologists chair and even a spa room.

There are just nine ladies who work for this small brothel, details of whom can be found on the website along with the times and days they work.

A brothel with a steady base of local clientele, they are open for new visitors reports suggest they offer both a friendly and warm welcome!

Retort Girls is open seven days a week from 10am to 4am.

Studio 136

Generatorvej 33.  2730 Herlev

Another residential area based brothel, Studio 136 offers a very specific kind of sex service. With four resident Dominas on site the play is fetish, BDSM and medical in nature.

studio 136 BDSM brothel copenhagen
Stuffed with specialist furniture, the rooms can be privately rented. Image via website.

There are three rooms, each decked out in a specific style and include ‘The Clinic’ where patient contracts are fulfilled with treatments including catheter insertion, saltwater injections, bladder play and anal testing.

Not for everyone, the services offered at Studio 136 are in demand and you can expect to pay well for what’s on offer.

It is best to contact the brothel directly in advance of attending to get an idea of availability and prices.

Hvidovre Pigerne

Gl. Køge weg 283B, 2650 Copenhagen

Located on a reasonably busy road running through the town of Hvidovre some 10km southwest of Copenhagen is this tired but clean and welcoming brothel. It’s not the most upmarket of places and has definitely seen better days in terms of décor but the beds are comfortable and the girls willing.

brothel copenhagen
The decor might be tired and dated but the selection of girls isn’t. Image via website.

There are about a dozen girls working for this small bordello and you can find details on the website with photographs and some basic personal information.

Services are listed on the website along with costs and start at 1000 DKK (€135) for 30 minutes of ‘gentle’ hot sex up to 2200 DKK (€285) for an hour of advanced role playing. You can get many extras in your session including Greek (on her or you), Golden Showers and CIF but all cost extra.

The brothel is open from 10am to 10pm seven days a week. It is recommended to call in advance specifically to check if the available girls can meet your requirements. A plan of the rota can be viewed online so do have a look before making the call.

Seduction Girls

Rødovrevej 281, 2610 Rødovre

Seduction Girls is a reasonably large brothel in the municipality of Rødovre, about 9km west of Copenhagen. The area surrounding the bordello is quiet and very residential offering very little chance of being seen by anyone but a few curtain twitching neighbours who, frankly, are too used to the trade by now to even bat an eyelid.

A fully priced menu of services is available on the website and you can get a handjob from 500 DKK (€ 67), a blowjob from 600 DKK (€80) and full sex from 1100 DKK (€150).

Seduction Girls is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 4am and Saturday/Sunday from 10am to 4am. You can find details of which girls are working shifts on the online rota.

seduction girls brothel copenhagen sex
The Seduction Girls website has full schedule details…big pussies not included. Image via website.


Marstalsgade 6, kld, 2100 Copenhagen

A small brothel located in the heart of Copenhagen city centre, Romantica has just a handful of girls working the few rooms they have. It is a residential street meaning there is less chance of too much passing traffic but as a central service provider they do get busy.

Though small, the venue has a couple of dozen girls working different shifts over the course of a week so there is good variety on offer if you like the venue.

A rota is available to view online and you can also read up on the individual girls if you want to know more.

The Romantica brothel is open as follows:

  • Monday to Thursday from 10am to midnight
  • Friday from 10am to 2am
  • Saturday from midday to 2am
  • Sunday from midday to 10pm

Cassopeia Stars

Ringstedgade 5, Underetagen, 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Cassiopeia has one of the most central locations of all the city’s brothels and is just on the edge of the red-light district of Vesterbro.

The brothel does a good menu selection and you can get a 30 minute full service from 1200 DKK (€160) as well as domination, Greek (you or her) and golden showers. You can even purchase used panties or book some alone time with a bona fide lesbian if the feeling takes you.

The place is small with only two rooms but it does have a relaxation area which is often used in lieu of a waiting room whilst rooms are changed or just for quick manual relief for guests in a hurry.

cassiopeia brothel copenhagen
Bright, modern and airy, the two rooms at the Cassiopeia are clean and comfortable. Image via website.

The girls who work here are all detailed on the website along with good pictures, personal statements and the services they provide. You can also find details of when each girl will next be working on the week-ahead schedule.

The bordello is open as follows:

  • Monday to Thursday: 8am to 4am
  • Friday: 8am to 6am
  • Saturday: 10am to 6am
  • Sunday: 10am to 4am

As a central brothel, the weekends can get very busy so do be prepared to wait.

Aphrodite Girls

Kantatevej – 2730 Herlev

The Aphrodite Girls brothel is based in a really twee residential neighbourhood on the outskirts of the city. A twenty minute taxi ride to the north west of the centre of Copenhagen, the club opened in 2015 and has a good reputation for running a clean and welcoming establishment.

The girls who work here clearly take pride in their surroundings and the job they do all of which makes the place feel, sort of…well, cosy. That’s not to say that the pleasures you can expect aren’t as naughty as they come but you will definitely feel more at home here than in some other brothels on this list.

There are seven girls who rent the rooms here to service their guests and their details can be found on the website along with their scheduled working hours.

Aphrodite Girls is open as follows:

  • Sunday to Tuesday: 10am to 5pm
  • Wednesday to Saturday: 10am to midnght

Club Erotica

Nordre Fasanvej 271A, 2200 Copenhagen

Located a few minutes walk from Lygten station in the north of Copenhagen, Club Erotica’s position isn’t the most salubrious of places but don’t let the graffiti put you off. Inside, the brothel is reasonable and the conditions are clean if a little dated in places.

There are seventeen girls who work for the club and they each have a profile on the website in addition to their availability on the published rota. Each girl has different specialities so do check in advance to see if that something special you had in mind can be catered for.

Club Erotica is open as follows:

  • Monday to Thursday: 10am to 4am
  • Friday to Sunday: 24 hours

Featured image via Mon Cherie Brothel Website.