Sex in Montenegro

Want to know more about the culture of sex in Montenegro?

Formerly a part of Yugoslavia and then a federal republic with neighbours, Serbia, the Balkan nation of Montenegro is a small, young and diverse country. Though it has a tumultuous history marked by infighting and political meltdowns, it is emerging as one of Europe’s newest tourist destinations. With one of the sunniest capital cities (2,480 hours In Podgorica vs 1,410 in London), numerous beaches and exquisite forests, mountains and plans, Montenegro is piquing the interest of many Europeans looking for an unusual getaway. But what are its people like and, in particular, what do they think about sex?

In this country guide we give you a snapshot of the culture and laws regarding sex in this Balkan country. From prostitution laws and porn viewing trends to legislation on LGBTQ rights plus what the average Montenegrin gets up to in the bedroom (or beyond), we bring you the latest stats, facts and figures.

Sex in Montenegro

With a population of just 643,000 people and a land area of 13,812 square km , Montenegro is the smallest country in the Balkans and one of the smallest in Europe. Montenegro is also one of the newest nations on Earth having gained independence from Serbia in 2006; only South Sudan and Kosovo are younger.

Sitting on the eastern edge of the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro is bordered to the north by both Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia and Kosovo to the east and Albania to the south. It is also influenced by its Mediterranean neighbours across the Adriatic and shares much of its cuisine with Greece, Italy and Turkey.

montenegro guide to sex
Montenegro is a stunning country with plenty to offers it many new visitors. Image via Pixabay.

Despite its diminutive size relative to other European countries, Montenegro is an emerging economy due, in the main, to its tourism industry. It is a beautiful country with over 100 beaches and picturesque mountain landscapes with some stunning and traditional Balkan towns. It was Lord Byron who once said that ‘At the birth of the planet the most beautiful encounter between land and sea must have been on the Montenegrin coast’.

It is a diverse country in terms of ethnicity with a mix of Albanians, Croats, Bosnians, Muslims and Serbs each contributing to the nation’s rich tapestry of cultures, languages and religions. However, like many countries in the region, Montenegro is very patriarchal and it is men who are seen as the heads of the household and as being responsible for making important family decisions.

According to a survey undertaken in 2016 by the NGO Juventas, 89% of Montenegrins believe that the father should be the highest authority in a family and that traditions should be respected. Just one in ten households report that men and women share domestic duties like cooking and cleaning with 70% of households stating that non-paid domestic work is undertaken principally by women.

These patriarchal views are reasonably embedded in other aspects of society and there is a wide pay-gap between the genders as well as women not enjoying equal opportunities and positions in the workplace. A recent survey reported that 15% of Montenegrins would not employ a pregnant woman if they were running a business.

A war-torn nation where traditions are respected, the virtues most prized by the Montenegrins are respect for others, bravery, integrity and humility as well as ‘self-sacrifice for the just cause’. Whilst the latter may not be a common quality in many Europeans, there are some parts of Montenegro where families still live by the tradition of an ancient law. Known as Krvna, or the ‘right to vengeance’, this code means that if a man is killed by another then the victim’s family must respond in kind!

Another interesting fact about the Montenegrins is that they are the second tallest nation of people on Earth with the average man being 1.832m; the tallest are the Dutch by a hair at 1.838m.  Almost half of the country’s population are aged between 25 and 54 and there are only 18.1% of the nation that are 14 years old or younger. They also have an extremely high literary rate of 99%.

So, that’s the nation in a nutshell but what about their views on sex?

The last time that a global sex survey was undertaken in the country was in 2005 which was before Montenegro declared its independent from Serbia. As a result, the views on sex are a little bit diluted but should help give us a bit of a picture of this part of Europe. So, the following stats have been taken from the Durex Global Sex Survey and relate to Montenegro and Serbia.

montenegro sex survey
Durex’s Global Sex Survey gives us some revealing insights into the culture of sex in a nation. Image via Durex.

When asked to rate their views on sex, the following proportion of people agreed with the following statements:

Statement Montenegro Global Average
I’m happy with my sex life 46% 44%
I’m open minded about my sex life 36% 45%
I like experimenting with different sex aids 10% 22%
I wish I had sex more frequently 27% 36%
My sex life is monotonous 4% 7%

From the above responses, it is reasonable to conclude that Montenegrins are more content and quite satisfied with their sex lives that the average global citizen.

As for being experimental, when asked about sexual experiences they’d had, the figures support the claim that Montenegrins are less open-minded than average….except for anal and/or casual sex.

Sexual Experience Montenegro Global Average
Extra marital affair 17% 22%
Three in a bed 13% 15%
Gay/lesbian/homosexual encounter 8% 12%
Sadomasochism 3% 5%
Tantric sex 3% 7%
Anal sex 41% 35%
One night stand 53% 44%

So we know what the Montenegrins are doing, which of course brings us to the matter of where they are doing it.

When asked to confirm the places they’d had sex, the following figures were reported:

Places You’ve Had Sex Montenegro Global Average
The Car 62% 50%
Parent’s Bedroom 57% 36%
Garden 19% 22%
Toilets 53% 39%
Aeroplane 1% 2%
Public Transport 5% 7%
A Park 43% 31%
In a Club 12% 12%
At Work 20% 15%
On the Beach 38% 28%
At School 7% 10%
In Front of a Camera 17% 12%
An Alleyway 21% 14%
At A Party 32% 27%

The above demonstrates that whilst the nation may not be that experimental with what they do, they are certainly quite adventurous about where they are doing it. In all categories but three they were above the global average.

montenegro sex survey car
Outside of the bedroom, the car is the most popular place for Montenegrins to have sex. Image via Pexels.

And we can also confirm that they are not backwards in coming forwards when it comes to how often they are doing it either. According to the global sex survey, Montenegro came third in the frequency of sex category with the average person getting their rocks off 128 times a year. That was just behind neighbouring Greece at 138 times and Croatia at 134 times. The global average was 103 times a year.

The average age that people lose their virginity in Montenegro is 17.6 years old which is just higher than the global average of 17.3 years old. According to the stats recorded at the time, this was one of the highest ages in Europe with only Italy, Slovakia, Turkey and Poland recording an older age.

As a result, the rate of unplanned pregnancies in teen girls (under 16) is 0% with only 2% of those aged 17-18 falling pregnant unexpectedly.

As far as risk sex goes, Montenegrins are (on average) more likely than the rest of the world to have unprotected intercourse with 53% of people not knowing their partners sexual history yet still not using a condom. This compares to the global average of 47% and is on par with European nations like United Kingdom (52%), Czech Republic (54%) and Croatia (51%). The lowest risk takers in Europe are Spain (27%) and Germany (30%) with Nordic nations like Norway (73%), Sweden (70%) and Finland (64%) taking the top spots.

14% of the population surveyed reported having had an STI at some point in their lives which is just above the global average of 13%. As you would expect, this rate correlates with unprotected sex and the same countries who reported lower condom use had a higher STI rate than those were protected sex was more prevalent.

montenegro safe sex
Image via Flickr.

Adult Industry in Montenegro

There is no adult industry in Montenegro and the only porn to hail from the nation is via a handful of amateur videos and a couple of porn stars who work out of neighbouring countries like Serbia, Czechia or Hungary.

Top Montenegrin Adult Industry Stars

According to XVideos, there are only two Montenegrin porn stars of note; Bonnie Parker and Hana Montana.

Bonnie Parker, aged 22 years old is a newbie to the world of adult movies and has so far only worked with the Czech studio, Legal Porno. Ranked the 4,091st most watched adult star in Europe, Parker has a way to go before hitting the big time. She has notched up just 178,000 views with just one video available at the time of reviewing her bio. Likewise, Hana Montana has just filmed one scene for Legal Porno and this has only had 27,000 views making her the 4,693rd most viewed porn star in Europe.

As with a lot of Montenegro’s culture and economic industries, it is Serbia that has the advantage when it comes to the adult industry.

Prostitution Laws in Montenegro

Prostitution in Montenegro is illegal and both the act of buying and selling sex are offences. However, it is not a criminal offence. Instead, misdemeanours of this kind are dealt with via a system of fines ranging from €200 upwards depending on the circumstances. Anyone who is found guilty of mediating or urging someone to take part in prostitution, including the ‘delivery’ of someone for the purposes of selling sex can face incarceration.

Sex workers themselves are not openly targeted by the police and can largely conduct their business without harassment as long as they do so discretely.

All activities relating to prostitution are also illegal including pimping, running a brothel and soliciting.

Montenegro is both a source and transit country for sex trafficking and the exploitation of young and vulnerable women does occur here.

A survey conducted by the NGO Sex Work Project Juventas in 2014 concluded that one in two sex workers in the country are no citizens of Montenegro. This includes Roma sex workers as well as those seeking asylum and migrant sex workers.

montenegro prostitution podgorica
Sex workers in Podgorica remain largely invisible but some street walkers can be found near transit routes like the main station. Image via Wikipedia.

Montenegro: Porn Viewing Trends

Each year, the porn tube hosting giants at Pornhub release insights into the global viewing trends across their network. The last time that Montenegro went under the spotlight was in 2017 when the following stats were recorded.

Though the country is ranked 168th in the world in terms of population, Montenegro ranked 114th for Pornhub’s most visited countries list.

The average visitor to the site stayed online for 9 minutes and 21 seconds which is just short of the global average of 9 minutes and 59 seconds.

With 33% of visitors from Montenegro being female, the gender balance is much higher here than the global average of 26%.

The most popular search terms used on Pornhub within the country (for 2017) were as follows:

  • Serbian
  • Srbija
  • Serbian Amateur
  • Step mom
  • MILF
  • Lesbian
  • Step Sister
  • Blonde
  • Footjob
  • Mature
  • Czech
  • Montenegro

In fact, the word ‘Srbija’ was the top trending search in the country with this term being used 949% more frequently than in 2016.

Relative to the rest of the world, people in Montenegro were 113% more likely to be watching ‘mature’ porn and 73% more likely to be watching Old/Young porn. The top five categories of viewed porn reflect this and were noted as:

  • Mature
  • MILF
  • Big Dick
  • Lesbian
  • Anal

The most searched for porn stars by Montenegrins were:

  • Andjela Vestica (Serbian)
  • Mia Khalifa (American/Lebanese)
  • Lisa Ann (American)
  • Kendra Lust (American)
  • Kim Kardashian (American)
montenegro porn Andjela Vestica
Serbian porn star Andjela Vestica is very popular in Montenegro. Image via Facebook.

Pornhub is one of the top 50 most visited websites from within Montenegro and ranks as the 43rd. However, they aren’t the only adult sites of note in this list with two well-known live cam sites achieving better traffic than Pornhub (and even Amazon!) with Live Jasmin and Bongo Cams being the 11th and 13th most visited websites in the country.

Top Montenegrin Porn

With no adult industry to speak of and very few Montenegrin porn stars, the only ‘true’ porn from this country is that filmed by amateurs. There are certainly no dedicated premium porn sites where you can get a dose of Montenegrin porn.

So, if you are looking for porn from this country then your best bet is to head to your favourite porn tube site. Just be aware that when you search, you could end up with results featuring the Brazilian adult movie performer, Dunia Montenegro. There are a couple of other Latina porn stars that also use this surname.

We’ve chosen our top three tube sites which do have a small selection of amateur content from Montenegro:

LGBTQ in Montenegro

Homosexuality was decriminalised in what was Yugoslavia back in 1977 when the age of consent for same sex couples was also equalised at 14 years old.

However, there is currently no legal recognition of same sex couples in Montenegro and marriage is constitutionally banned. The government has had plans to introduce a bill which would grant recognition in law to lesbians and homosexuals who form civil unions since 2012. Yet the proposed legislation has been blocked in parliament by groups like The Democratic Front as well as the Orthodox Church who state that such a move would ‘wreck’ family life and Christian values in the country.

montenegro lgbtq
Discrimination is common in Montenegro for the LGBTQ community. Image via Wikimedia.

There is legislation to protect members of the LGBTQ community from discrimination in the workplace as well as in the provision of goods and services plus there are hate crime laws which also cover sexual orientation and gender identity. Despite the legislation, gay and trans people do face some discrimination and harassment in the country. This is largely a result of traditional values being prized in family units and many seeing people who identify as LGBTQ as being ‘deviant’ from the ‘norm’.  This is still an ingrained part of Montenegrin society where there is widespread opposition to more rights being granted to this community.

A gender recognition process is in place but requires full medical intervention and Montenegrins who identify as trans may not legally change their birth certificate until they have completed surgery, sterilisation, hormone treatment and counselling.

Perhaps as a result of widespread (albeit considered ‘low level’ by some) homophobia, the gay scene in Montenegro is quite small. They country held their first Pride event in 2013 in the capital city of Podgorica which was met by violent anti-gay protesters. The march was disrupted and police made a lot of arrests on the day. Since then subsequent Pride events have been held and have been more peaceful occasions with just a few isolated incidents being reported.

Overall, whilst there is good legislation to protect members of the LGBTQ community, the view on homosexuality and trans people is not considered progressive in Montenegro. Though violence is rare, low level discrimination and harassment is fairly typical. The capital is regarded as a reasonably safe place to travel for same-sex couples but more rural towns may not be as LGBTQ-friendly.

Top Classified/Personals Sites in Montenegro

With a small population of just 643,000 and 186,000 of these living in the capital, dating in Montenegro is not the easiest outside of like Podgorica, Kotor, Tivat or Budva. Traditional values are embedded in the culture here and traditional patriarchal values are still observed. With that in mind, dating is very much led by men rather than women.

dating in montenegro podgorica sex guide
Dating in Montenegro is a traditional affair but cities like Podgorica do have some lively bars. Image via Wikimedia.

However, as we’ve noted in our ‘Sex in Montenegro’ section, the rate of one night stands is higher in this Balkan country than the global average yet the incidence of extra marital affairs is lower. This does suggest that it is single men and women who are more interested in casual sex.

As for how to meet Montenegrin’s for dating, by far the most popular way to find a partner is through existing social circles or through more traditional methods like bars, clubs and through organised group activities/events.

With just 62% of the country being online, dating apps and sites are not as popular as in Western European countries like Iceland, Norway, the U.K. or Finland. With this in mind, we have only been able to find a handful of English language sites/apps where you can meet singles in Montenegro.

Most of these are Freemium services which means that you can register an account without setting up any monthly subscriptions. However, the functions and services are quite limited unless you pay for membership.

Featured image via MaxPixel.

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