Belgrade Escorts and Sex Guide

Looking for sex in the city of Belgrade?

The capital of Serbia is home to around 1.4 million people and is a popular tourist destination, annually entertaining more than 900,000 visitors. A city that is vibrant with culture and rich in heritage, Belgrade is often thought of as the capital of the Balkans. Though full of ancient architecture and one of Europe’s oldest cities, the capital is a modern and bustling metropolis with a colourful nightlife. It is often regarded as a gateway city where East meets West and this metaphor can also be applied to the kind of entertainment and hospitality that Belgrade offers…perhaps mixing both business and pleasure.

In this guide, we take a look at the prostitution laws in Belgrade and find out what opportunities the capital has for escorts and adult entertainment including strip clubs, sauna clubs and erotic massage.

Prostitution Laws in Serbia

Prostitution is illegal in Serbia and Belgrade is not the most popular of destinations for sex tourism. Like many countries in this part of Europe, unlike the Scandinavian model, it is only against the law to sell sex but not to buy it. In this way, customers avoid prosecution whilst the risk is taken almost entirely by the prostitute.

In recent years, the authorities have been trying to clamp down on the sex industry, focusing much of their attention on Belgrade’s hotels. This despite some appetite within government for regulating the industry. In 2017 the Socialist Party Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government along with the Serbian Radical Party supported proposals for legalising prostitution.

belgrade prostitutes
Prostitution is illegal but visible in Belgrade…if you know where to look. Image via Wikimedia.

It is thought that around 4,000 to 6,000 sex workers in Serbia although some put this figure at five times this figure. However, conservative estimates suggest that Belgrade is serviced by around 1,500 to 2,250 prostitutes.

The ethnicity of sex workers in Belgrade is very mixed with some being from Eastern Europe as well as from the Middle East and Northern Africa. Rarely you can also find some Asian escorts with most being from Europe, including plenty from Russia.

The rates of sex in Belgrade do vary a lot but it is regarded as a cheap destination for prostitution and street hookers are known to offer oral sex for as little as €5. However, a service from the streets will, on average, cost €25-€30. Escorts will charge more and customers can expect to pay between €50-€100. There are some high-end courtesans available at more premium prices (see Belgrade Escorts Guide, below).

You can find out more about prostitution and the culture of sex in Serbia in our full feature guide.


Belgrade Escorts Guide

Most prostitutes who work in Belgrade list their services on independent directories with  the vast majority using international websites that are free for clients to browse. The sites are all well-known and are easy to use with most offering a good range of search facilities to really filter your results down by age, price and service as well as physical attributes, ethnicity and (in some cases) by whether they are a smoker or not.

The average price of escorts using  these services is around €100-€150 per hour although there are some budget options available as well as elite models.

Due to industry restrictions, we cannot post links to Serbian or Belgrade escort agencies, or the websites of independent providers.

Sex in Belgrade

Belgrade has an active and colourful nightlife offering plenty of nightclubs and bars in which to while away the evenings. There is pretty much something for everyone including modern clubs, cocktail lounges and casual pubs. Weekends in Belgrade are pretty busy and both locals and tourists head to the city in big crowds. The most popular district for entertainment is Strahinjića Bana where you can find the trendiest clubs, bistros and bars. Many also head down to the peculiarly Belgradian venues of the ‘splavovi’ (or floating rafts). These big barges on the Danube support clubs and bars of all varieties from open-air pubs to high-tech discos. All of these venues are great for picking up singles looking for a casual encounter but, if you want to find a more guaranteed thrill, we’ve put together a summary of the adult nightlife in Belgrade.


Whilst brothels are illegal in Serbia, there are establishments around the city where you can find them. They are not like the bordellos of Amsterdam, Copenhagen or Cologne and many change their location to avoid detection from the authorities.

Certainly, as soon as an address is advertised, it is closed down very quickly.

BDSM Clubs

The BDSM and fetish scene isn’t big in Serbia (at least, not in public) and there are very few formal clubs where members of an alternative lifestyle can meet up.

According to the popular escort service, Massage Republic, BDSM is the 24th most popular service reported by their users in Belgrade.

Kinky Bar

Nikole Spasića 3, Beograd 11000

The Kinky Bar in Belgrade is one of the only places in Serbia where fet-fans can meet up and enjoy a social drink or two. It’s not really a place to go for a ‘munch’ and there is no sex on site but it is useful to be able to network with people who have an alternative lifestyle in Belgrade. The club offers a mix of techno, EBM and goth music and often holds specific fetish nights.

The Kinky Bar is open on Friday and Saturday nights from 10.00pm to 5.00am.

Sauna Clubs

The FKK culture that is popular in parts of Western Europe is not a feature of the sex industry in Serbia and you won’t find sauna clubs with prostitutes or private bedrooms like in Austria, Frankfurt and Zurich.

However, there are a couple of alternatives in Belgrade where you can get more of an erotic experience than at most wellness spas.

Spa Intimo

Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 66, Belgrade 11001

A sort of B&B spa, the Intimo offers couples the chance to hire a suite/apartment with exclusive use of spa facilities. The venue has a choice of excellent boutique style rooms that include a jacuzzi and can be rented for the afternoon, evening or overnight.

belgrade sauna club spa intimo
The Spa Intimo is popular with honeymooners as well as for premium hook-ups. Image via website.


Zdravka Čelara 12, Belgrade

This sauna in Belgrade is really for gay men but does offer an interesting diversion for those who are voyeurs as well as anyone who swings both ways. The venue has the usual offerings of a Jacuzzi, sauna and private cabins as well as glory holes and a sex-swing.

You can also get a very good massage here for €30.

The Redline Spa is open as follows:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 7.00pm to 2.00am
  • Friday & Saturday: 10.00pm to 5.00am

Entrance fees are €15 or €10 for the under-25s.

Swingers Clubs

Swinging is reasonably popular in Serbia but there are very few clubs that organise regular events and meetings. In Belgrade, there is just one such venue, the Black Diamond Club.

Many lifestyle members who travel to Belgrade plus expats and some locals use popular swinging websites to make connections and arrange private encounters. The most popular of these is probably the Adult Hub where a few hundred listings are available in Belgrade.

Other websites that offer swingers the opportunity to network include:

Black Diamond Club

Zvečanska 1a, Belgrade 11000

The Black Diamond Club is located in the east of the centre of Belgrade and runs weekly meets for couples and singles.

Regular events are held on a Friday night and are called Friday Mix Parties. They are a sociable and informal kind of night with single man and women as well as couples in attendance.

Admission fees for couples is 1500 RSD (€12), women go free and the price for single men is not advertised.

swingers club belgrade
The Black Diamond is one of only very few swingers clubs in Serbia. Image via website.

However, the club also runs some other special parties during the course of the year with the main headliners being:

  • All Inclusive Party – monthly party for couples and single ladies with an elegant dress code, the entrance fee, with a reservation, is 2500 RSD (€21) which includes unlimited drinks. Entrance without reservation is 3000 RSD (€25)
  • Masked Ball – dates vary but are often held in conjunction with dates like New Year’s Eve, Halloween or Valentine’s Day. Guests must dress to impress and wear a mask all evening. The entrance fees vary.
  • Darkroom Underwear Party – A popular evening where all guests must strip down to their underwear for the duration of the event. It is a relaxed occasion with sensual and low lighting to set the mood. Entrance before 11.00pm on these nights is 2000 RSD (€17) and 2500 RSD (€21) after 11pm.
  • Double Drink Party – guests receive two drinks for the price of one and the dress code is sexy and elegant. Bookings are recommended as the club can get busy during these events. Entrance before 11.00pm on these nights is 2000 RSD (€17) and 2500 RSD (€21) after 11pm.
  • Blackroom Party – Muted lights make this kind of party very mysterious and much more sensual. It is another popular night and tickets go quickly when they are advertised. Entrance fees vary.
  • Lollypop Party – A fun and relaxed event, the toys and balloons are brought for a real adult playtime. Entrance fees to these events vary.
  • Couples Party – Designed for couples only, these are glamorous nights at Black Diamond.
  • Spain Sangria Party – another night which does exactly what it says on the tin, a sexy and saucy evening where you can drink all the Sangria you want, included within the admission charge. Entrance before 11.00pm on these nights is 2000 RSD (€17) and 2500 RSD (€21) after 11pm.

The Black Diamond Club is open every Friday night.

Erotic Massage Parlours

There are a lot of massage parlours in Belgrade but most do not offer any kind of extra personal services. Some of these salons are Thai Massage parlours.

Most people regard the best erotic massage services to be available through an outcall escort who offers body-to-body massage.

Strip Clubs

Strip clubs are popular in Belgrade and, like most Eastern European countries, they operate on a Champagne system. A term used to describe a commission based pay structure for the performers, the onus is on the dancers to keep their guests entertained in order to make good money. In these kinds of venues, the girls receive a percentage of the spend by each customer they entertain and therefore they can appear quite ‘pushy’ when compared to the larger clubs that don’t operate on this basis. Girls, however, tend to be more eager to please and can spend more time satisfying their customers in private rooms.

There are a few strip clubs in Belgrade that have a good reputation, including:

Black Rose VIP

Kneza Milosa 7-9 Beograd RS, 11000

Easily the most popular strip club in Belgrade, the Black Rose VIP is an exclusive venue in the heart of Belgrade and offers an evening of elite entertainment.

black rose strip club belgrade
The door policy at the Black Rose is very strict so make a booking first. Image via Google.

The cast of talented erotic dances put on some exquisite shows every night and have a strong reputation for making their performances extra intimate and interactive.

It is a modern club with stylish décor but can be difficult to get into. It is recommended that reservations are made in advance as turning up on the night could leave you disappointed. They are very popular with groups like stag and hen parties and can run good package deals for these kinds of events. As ever, entertainment here is not cheap but admission is free.

The Black Rose is open daily from 10.00pm to 6.00am.

Romansa I and II

Balkanska 18, 11000 Belgrade

Skadarska 40, 11000 Belgrade

Romansa has two venues in the city and both are well regarded by both tourists and locals and are both located in the centre of Belgrade.

Between them, they have been entertaining guests to the city for over 20 years and the quality of the dancers is of a pretty high standard. Likewise the clubs themselves are modern with good atmospheres and a quality selection from the bar.

There is no doubt that an evening at either will be expensive but, unlike some clubs in this area of Europe, you won’t get utterly ripped off…just stung a little.

It’s not cheap but then no strip club worth going to ever is.

Both clubs are open daily from 10.00pm until 5.00am.

strip club belgrade
Strippers, eh?…always going for a tumble on the podium…Image via website.

Red Box

Karadjordjeva Sr 9, 11000 Belgrade

Self-styled as a premium gentleman’s club, Red Box is a bit of a mysterious club that has some extremely mixed reviews. There is plenty of praise for the venue but equally as much negative feedback from tourists who found the club to be overpriced and underwhelming.

The Red Box Club is open as follows:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 10.00pm to 5.00am
  • Friday and Saturday: 10.00pm to 6.00am


Zmaj Javina 4, 11000 Belgrade

The Lotos, also known as Night Flight Belgrade, does not have the best of reputations and there are many reports of tourists who were presented with extortionate bills after attending an evening here. Though well-known and, reportedly, one of the oldest strip clubs in Belgrade, it is not a recommended club to visit but you can be the judge.

Street Prostitutes & Red-Light Districts

There are no red-light districts in Belgrade like those you might find in parts of Western Europe such as Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

Despite this lack of a central hub, there are places in Belgrade where street prostitution does exist.

The cost of sex from the streets of Belgrade are on average around €30 with some hookers offering oral sex for as little as €5. The price paid very much depends on the quality of the prostitute, what the customer is asking for and from where he picks up.

Note: Prostitution is illegal in Serbia. Cruising the streets looking for sex is a dangerous business and we cannot recommend it.

Sex Shops

Belgrade has quite a reasonable selection of sex shops but not nearly as many as you might expect to find in a European capital. However, most of these stores do offer a good selection of health essentials, bedroom basics and novelty items. All have a good reputation with some even offering online purchases. Some, like Srećni ljudi (or ‘Happy People’) will deliver orders anywhere in the city within two hours!

You can find the best sex shops in Belgrade here:

  • Fantazija, Jurija Gagarina 14d, lamela B, lokal 1, Belgrade 11070
  • Fantazija, Balkanska 18, lokal 32, Belgrade 11000
  • Argus, Jug Bogdanova 17, Belgrad 11000
  • Argus, Karađorđeva 83, Belgrad 11000
  • Sexy Shop, Nemanjina 40, Belgrad 113308
  • Vaši Snovi (Your Dreams), Paunova 24, Belgrad 11000
  • Toy4Joy, Carice Milice, Belgrad 110000
sex shops belgrade
Shopping for sex toys in Belgrade? Absolute discretion, guaranteed. Image via Sexy Shop.

Prices are correct at the time of our review (September 2018) but it is recommended that you check the website for details of current pricing.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.