Planet Sex Dolls Review

Looking for a sex doll in the UK?

The majority of sex dolls found in high street adult stores are of an inferior quality and have a reputation for being cheap, sleazy and, let’s face it, a bit nasty. Often made from low-quality materials, they don’t tend to last long or provide a very pleasant user experience. Silicone dolls with poseable metal skeletons are all the rage in the USA and are often offered for international sale by many companies across Asia. But did you know that you can now buy them direct from within the UK…without any international postage and packaging charges….or, more importantly, any strange questions from customs import control?

In this feature review, we take a look at a new company providing high-quality sex dolls in the UK and discover what makes their products different.

Who Are Planet Sex Dolls?

Based in Scotland, Planet Sex Dolls are a UK supplier of high-quality silicone love dolls. The company has an ethos of quality before quantity and prides itself on offering a safe and discrete service to deliver top-of-the-range companion dolls.

As well as supplying love dolls, the company also offers a range of accessories designed to complement and enhance their products which include sex toys, outfits and changeable hair.

planet sex dolls uk silicone love dolls
The athletic and ‘perky’, Becky from Planet Sex Dolls. Image via website.

The company offers a buy back and exchange programme which allows customers to trade their sex dolls up to the latest model.

Planet Sex Dolls does not supply cheap, sleazy or inferior products and has specifically chosen its designs to all look over the age of 18. This is in contrast to some manufacturers in Asia (and parts of Europe) who sell dolls that can be said to look underage.

A relatively new company, they appear committed to customer service with a guarantee that they wont ignore your calls or emails if you have any concerns or questions about their products.


The Structure of the Dolls

All of the dolls supplied by Planet Sex Dolls have been handcrafted and are manufactured using a high-end, medical grade TPE silicone which has been fitted over a metal skeleton.

The benefits of a metal skeleton are durability and flexibility; basically a love doll from Planet Sex Dolls will last you a long time and stay in a variety of fixed positions during use.

TPE silicone is renowned for its hygienic qualities so you can be assured of a fresh and safe adventure every time you take her out of her hiding place! It is also known for being a lifelike material and gives the most realistic feel.

planet sex dolls review
A realistic and durable body over a fully poseable skeleton. Image via Planet Sex Dolls.

The ‘stats’ and dimensions of each doll vary but are approximately 40-50kg in weight and 160cm in height. Standard depth for intercourse is as follows (some variations between models):

  • Vaginal depth: 18cm
  • Anal depth: 17cm
  • Oral depth: 13cm

Of course, each model has unique features, including:

  • Waist size
  • Bust size
  • Leg length
  • Shoulder width
  • Hand length
  • Hip size

Product Range

Planet Sex Dolls has a decent selection of pre-designed dolls, all known by their model names, including:

  • Sexy cowgirl, Dana
  • Tight and toned, Dixie
  • Curvy BBW, Rose
  • Fiery redhead, Jenna
  • Demure but dirty, Brooke
planet sex dolls uk sex dolls review
The choice is the only problem you will find with Planet Sex Dolls…maybe try 2? Image via website.

Information on the dimensions and stats of each model are available to view on the website along with photographs.

What is obvious, when you see the dolls, is that each one has its own unique character and ‘personality’ and its not hard to imagine just how realistic an experience with one of these dolls will be. The problem? Choosing which one!


At the moment, the range of accessories from Planet Sex Dolls is reasonably limited but, what they are offering, is of a pretty good quality. Being a new company, we can certainly see how this will expand in due course.

For the love dolls themselves, you are able to purchase premium wigs in a variety of colours and styles. This offers guys the opportunity to personalise their companions and bring a new dimension to their play times together.

The company also sells some adult toys, including;

  • Anal plug (with or without motor)
  • Rechargeable vibrator
  • Rotating vibrator
  • Oral sucking vibrator
  • Remote control vibrator
  • Kegel Balls
  • Silicone cock rings
  • Penis pump enlargement kit
  • Double layer dildo

Price and Delivery

The cost of companions purchased through Planet Sex Dolls varies depending on the model you select but range in price from £1,495 to £2,095 (€1,695 to €2,375).

All products are shipped in plain and discrete packaging and have a gross weight of around 60-65kg. The dimensions of the cartons are roughly 160cm x 40cm x 30cm (varies by model).

All orders take 2 weeks processing time and 1 week shipping and are delivered within 3 weeks of order placement.

Deliveries, within the UK, are free of charge. For enquiries outside of the UK, we would recommend contacting Planet Sex Dolls directly as it is unclear if they take international orders at the current time.

All other orders (accessories and toys) over a value of £50 (€57) are also shipped free of charge with orders under this value attracting a flat shipping rate of £5.

All orders of sex dolls are offered a 30-day money back guarantee.

You can order your sex doll via the website here.

planet sex dolls uk fat sex dolls
Like your ladies on the chunky side? Try out Rose for size. Image via website.

Planet Sex Dolls: We Say…

The company is offering a very high-quality product with an added benefit of free delivery and discrete packaging. The fact that they are based in the UK is a blessing and means that if you have any problems or queries then you don’t have to rack up a huge phone bill trying to get hold of an international company. It also means that you don’t have to mess around with potentially problematic shipping issues.

The dolls are high-end products and with a money back guarantee plus the ability to upgrade to a new model gives customers the assurance they need when parting with the best part of two grand.

They are a new company and the website is being updated with new arrivals, offers and information all the time. As they gain some traction in the adult markets here in the UK, it will be interesting to see how the website matures , perhaps with more options to be able to further customise these dolls.

In short, Planet Sex Dolls offers the real deal when it comes to realistic, well manufactured and stylish sex dolls in the UK.

Featured image via Planet Sex Dolls.