Sex in Denmark

Sex in Denmark is not taboo. One of the most liberal nations on earth when it comes to frank discussion and education, open-minded attitudes and active sex lives, Denmark is a utopia for anyone who wants to free their mind. Due to falling birth rates the Danish Government is even urging its citizens to get busy in the bedroom in an effort to boost the country’s tiny 5.71 million population.

In this guide, we take you through some of the facts and figures that make up Denmark’s national sex stats as well as look at some of the top personals sites to find local people looking for free love.

You can find out more about Denmark’s sex scene including a guide to its escorts in our city guides.

Sex in Denmark

Sex in Denmark is a hot topic on the internet with this Scandinavian country holding several claims to fame. According to internet searches, Denmark is known as a place where the girls are easy and unprotected sex is common.

dutch girls are easy
Would Vermeer be pleased to know that Dutch girls like more than just pearl earrings? Image via Wikimedia.

On the first point, dating website, Victoria Milan, ran a recent survey into the statistics of having sex on a first date. The results showed that most Danish women would be happy to sleep with a new partner on the first date and the Danes ranked as the most likely to do so of all the Scandinavian countries.

The second point may well be unfounded with Denmark ranking highly with its condom use statistics being higher than many European countries, particularly in couples.

Porn was illegal in Denmark until 1969 when it became the first country to legalise pornography. As if to stamp their ownership on this fact the Danes have an extremely liberal attitude towards porn with the mantra being one of inclusion and tolerance. The country has a wide-ranging appetite for porn of all kinds (see Denmark Porn Viewing Trends) and produces many of its own titles. Softcore porn is aired on mainstream channels after midnight.

In a survey undertaken by British internet research company, YouGov, in 2013:

  • 32% of Danes had been unfaithful to a partner (the highest rate in Europe with the Dutch coming lowest at 15%).
  • 51% of Danes had had a one-night stand (the highest rate in Europe with the Dutch coming lowest at 23%).
  • 63% of Danes had watched pornography (the highest rate in Europe with French coming lowest at 38%).
  • 41% of Danes had had sex in a public place (the highest rate in Europe with the Italians coming lowest at 18%).
  • 30% of Danes had sent sexually explicit text messages (the second highest rate in Europe with the Dutch coming lowest at 15%).
  • 37% of Danes had used a sex toy (the second highest rate in Europe with the Italians coming lowest at 12%).

Interestingly, with all this experience, the same survey asked respondents to self-rate their sexual performance and the Danish came bottom last behind the United Kingdom. Citizens of Switzerland ranked their sexual performance the best (according to themselves) followed by Austrians and the Dutch in joint second place.

Sex education in Denmark is compulsory and has been since 1970. Safe-sex, porn, masturbation, STIs and sexuality is all part of the curriculum and forms a piece in the wider puzzle when it comes to being frank with children about sex. As a result, teenage pregnancies in Denmark (as recorded by the World Health Authority) is currently 6 cases per 1000 girls aged 15-19 which is far lower than the regional European average of 24. By contrast, the UK has a rate of 26 and the Netherlands just 4. The curriculum has National Sex Week at its heart and education starts at the age of six.

Swinging in Denmark is huge and is almost a national pastime. Membership networks in the country outstrip other Scandinavian states with various clubs running throughout the nation.

Public sex is also legal in Denmark with parks in Copenhagen simply bearing a reminder about being respectful to other park users!

Yes, sex in Denmark is a big industry and with one of the shortest working weeks in Europe (just 33 hours), the Danes have plenty of time to enjoy it.


Adult Industry in Denmark

The adult industry in Denmark is a long-established (comparative to other European nations) and is also a profitable one. From producing porn domestically to exporting porn stars, Denmark has a big role to play in the adult industry.

Porn Production Companies in Denmark

Denmark has several internationally acclaimed adult film studios, including Colour Climax Corporation, Innocent Pictures and Puzzy Power.

porn denmark
There are several porn studios in Denmark all producing great content. Image via Wikimedia.

Colour Climax Corporation

Based in Copenhagen, the CCC was founded in 1967 and was one of Europe’s leading producers of pornography until the company began to liquidate and reduce many of its assets in the 1990s. Despite the wholesale reduction of its production, the company’s back catalogue is still in demand and, thanks to the internet, widely distributed.

The company moved into magazine publications and still has many titles available today.

As of 2006, CCC was responsible for the production of over 3000 book and magazine titles (130 million copies) and 8.5 million films.

Innocent Pictures

Founded in 2001, Innocent Pictures is also based in Copenhagen and was set up as a subsidiary of the erotic film production company, Zentropa.

As well as producing pornography, Innocent Pictures has also produced some sex education titles as well as providing regular late-night content for mainstream Danish channel, Kanal København.

Puzzy Power

Another subsidiary of Zentropa, Puzzy power was founded in 1997 with the sole aim of producing pornography for women. The studio, also known as HotMale, was responsible for the titles Pink Prison, Constance and HotMen CoolBoyz.

Porn and Adult Entertainment Stars

As well as current hot Danish porn stars Denice Klarskov and Katja Kean, Denmark has also produced many names that will be familiar to Euro porn aficionados, including:

  • Animal lover, Bodil Joensen
  • Entrepreneur, Denise K
  • 1970s starlets, Eva Petersen and Vivi Berens
  • Former MP, Louise Frevert
  • #34 in FHM’s Sexiest Women of the Year 2004, Kira Eggers
  • 80s ‘Million Pet of the Year Pageant’ Winner (1983), Jean Afrique
Katja K porn star denmark
Katja K is a popular Danish porn star with a great back catalogue. Image via Wikimedia.

Though never a porn star (in official videos), the Amazonian statured Brigitte Nielsen is also Danish and is well known for her topless modelling as well as her B-movie career.  There are many other adult models from Denmark who have found fame globally including Nina Agdal, Barbara Zatler, Malene Espensen and former glamour model now MTV host, Anne Lindjfeld.

Prostitution Laws in Denmark

Prostitution in Denmark was decriminalised in 1999 with most aspects surrounding the trade being illegal including soliciting in public, pimping and running a brothel.

A Sex Purchase Ban was considered in 2012 but was deemed detrimental for those sex workers who relied on prostitution as an income.

With the exception of Copenhagen, Denmark’s towns and cities do not have a high prevalence of street prostitution with most sex workers offering their services as independent escorts and using the internet to advertise. You can find out more about escorts in Denmark in our city guides.

Denmark Porn Viewing Trends

PornHub is the most popular porn site viewed from within the Kingdom of Denmark and is the 20th most visited website in the country. Other adult sites of note on the top sites in Denmark include:

  • Live Jasmin (21st most visited site)
  • Bonga Cams (28th most visited site)
  • XVideos (41st most visited site)

All of these sites beat (45th most popular site) and even (46th most popular site) meaning the Danes have their priorities well and truly in order.

The last full report on Danish porn viewing figures was produced on 2015 traffic data by PornHub. From this report, the following statistics were derived:

  • Danes prefer to watch their porn on a Sunday not on a Friday with the most popular time of day being between 11pm and midnight.
  • The average time spent viewing porn was 8 minutes and 46 seconds which is 30 seconds short of the world average. Viewers in Copenhagen hang around for 8 seconds longer vs those in the smaller city of Aabenraa whose visits last 24 seconds less.
  • Denmark ranks 31st in the world for porn traffic viewing figures with 28% of the audience being female.
  • Most popular categories for viewing was for ‘teen’, ‘Milf’ and ‘big dick’ whilst the most popular search words were ‘Danish’, ‘step mom’ and ‘teen’. There was also good traffic recorded for ‘Hentai’, ‘squirt’ and ‘smoking’.
  • In common with the rest of the world, the most searched porn stars were Kim Kardashian, Mia Khalifa and Lisa Ann. Mandingo also makes an appearance which figures along with ‘big dick’ searchers. Danish stars Katja Kean and Denice Klarskov also ranked well.
Christmas_in_Copenhagen sex denmark
Christmas might be big in Denmark but there’s always time for porn. Image via Wikimedia.
  • New Years Eve and Christmas Eve were the two days when porn viewing figures dropped dramatically; 81% and 78% respectively. These dates were followed by the Christian holidays of Easter, Whitsun and Ascension Day. Bizarrely, viewing figures for Christmas Day itself were only down by 7% with Easter Monday showing a 15% increase!

LGBTQ in Denmark

LGBTQ rights in Denmark are among the most progressive and comprehensive in the world. Homosexuality was legalized as far back as 1933 and the age of consent was made equal with heterosexuals in 1977.

lesbian and gay denmark lgbtq
The most gay-friendly country in the world? The Danes seem to think so. Image via T Rousing, Flickr.

Denmark was the first country in the world to legalize same sex partnerships in 1989, replacing the law in 2012 with same-sex marriage being made legal.

A liberal country at the best of times, Denmark allows trans-gendered men and women to change their legal gender and allows gay and lesbians to serve openly in the armed forces.

The country’s anti-discrimination laws strongly protect the rights of the LGBTQ community and Denmark is seen as a ‘Gold Standard’ for equality. Some 90% of Danes believe that people who identify as LGBTQ should have exactly the same rights as heterosexuals.

Top Classified/Personals Sites in Denmark

If you are looking for a hook up in Denmark then there are a few sites where you can look for suitable opportunities. If none of these have anyone available to meet up with for a casual encounter then you can always check out our city guides for more information on the area including escorts and other adult entertainment options.


Craigslist only has a presence in Denmark which covers the Copenhagen region. However, you can find ads placed from across the country in either the W4M section of the ‘non-compulsory attendance’ as Google translate likes tocall ‘Casual Encounters’.

As ever, using the site is free to browse and advertise and could give you options to explore by looking for hook-ups or by placing your own ad.


Denmarks largest dating site, has around 65,000 profiles including members who are looking for casual encounters. Though the site is similar to Ok Cupid or other online dating sites, there are users who are looking for a hook-up rather than a relationship.


Established in 1998, Skor is another Danish dating site with over 1600 profiles registered online. You will need to register a profile to start browsing other members but initial access is free. Again, the majority of people using the service are looking either for a more regular encounter or a serious date. That’s not to say that the site doesn’t have its fair share of people looking for hook-ups…after all, this is Denmark!

Featured image via Flickr.