The Strip Clubs of Moscow: A Beginner’s Guide

moscow strip clubs

Want to know more about the strip clubs of Moscow? Russia‚Äôs capital city is known for being a cosmopolitan destination which combines the historic and political importance (Red Square and the Kremlin) with a vibrant and modern Western feel. Like many cities in Europe, it offers plenty of adult entertainment including a few dozen strip … Read more

Sex Tourism in Eastern Europe: 7 Hot Spots

sex tourism in eastern europe hot spots

Want to know more about sex tourism in Eastern Europe? Sex tourism is big business with travellers choosing to visit countries where prostitution is legal and/or where there is a positive view towards foreigners when it comes to ‘hooking up’. People choose their destination for different reasons; some are motivated by cheap travel and low … Read more

Russian Women vs. Western Women: The Dating Wars

russian women vs western women comparison

Just as visiting a foreign country can highlight the cultural differences between two nations, dating can really hold a magnifying glass up to what makes people different. Russian women, in particular, are a very different breed from their European sisters with history playing a large part in their attitudes towards relationships, dating and men. In … Read more