The Strip Clubs of Moscow: A Beginner’s Guide

Want to know more about the strip clubs of Moscow?

Russia’s capital city is known for being a cosmopolitan destination which combines the historic and political importance (Red Square and the Kremlin) with a vibrant and modern Western feel. Like many cities in Europe, it offers plenty of adult entertainment including a few dozen strip clubs. Offering a distinctly upmarket feel and a unique take on the format, Moscow’s gentleman’s clubs have excellent reputations for service, value and entertainment. In fact, they are widely regarded as being some of the best strip clubs around.

In this guide, we’ll give you a run down of why strip clubs in Moscow differ from any other European city as well as provide some tips on etiquette and what to expect. We’ll also give you our selection of the best strip clubs in the Russian capital.

The Strip Clubs of Moscow

The format and etiquette of strip clubs differs everywhere you go around the world; from the level of nudity to the rules on contact, it’s important to know what to expect before you go.

In Russia, you can also expect the rules to vary by region but here in Moscow there are a few ways in which their strip clubs differ to any other European city.

Firstly, you can expect full nudity in most venues. The bars and clubs aren’t restricted to topless dancing only and most (if not all) fully embrace this liberty by offering naked dancers. It isn’t a given at all clubs and some will only offer naked dances in a private room.

Not only that but the rules on touching are very different to those you might find in other countries, particularly if you have ever been to the United States. Yes, here in Moscow you can actually touch the girls and for good reason; most strip club dancers are actually working girls. A word of caution though, there is ‘touching’ and there is ‘touching’, the clubs won’t take kindly to you openly groping and fondling their girls in their intimate places.

strip clubs of moscow
Moscow’s strip clubs have a unique atmosphere and rules which may differ to the rest of Europe. Image via Club Provokatur.

Which brings us to the matter of ‘extras’. As mentioned already, most of the ladies dancing in the Moscow strip clubs are professional girls and, as such, are amenable to the offer of more action. In fact, it’s pretty standard to be offered additional private services and its done in a relaxed and non-pressured way…in most venues.

Moscow’s strip clubs are also highly regarded for their upmarket atmosphere and there is a distinctly premium feel to most of the venues. Very few clubs in the city are ‘sleazy’ or downmarket and all of those on our list are highly regarded, professional outfits. These are not some back-alley bars where you’ll be shaken down for your last Ruble.

And this leads nicely on to the issue of prices. In lots of cities across Europe, strip clubs are operated on the ‘Champagne System’ where the girls are paid in accordance with the amount of high-priced drinks and private shows they can sell to customers. Moscow is no different in this respect but the prices of the drinks are not that dissimilar to any night club in the city. Of course, this varies by club in much the same way as it does for any venue and the more exclusive the joint the higher the prices will be. However, most do not charge you extortionate entrance fees or insist on minimum cover charges at eye-watering prices. And, when it comes to those all-important ‘extras’, there is usually a set fee.

And finally, the kinds of women working in the clubs is one of the most varied you will find of any European city. What many visitors don’t appreciate of this vast nation is the cultural diversity that it incorporates within its own borders as well as its proximity to other countries. Ranging from Asia in the east and Slavik in the west, the country includes Caucasus, Tatar, Yakut and Bashkir. Moscow also attracts plenty of Eastern and Western European, Latina and African strippers.


What To Expect: Moscow Strip Clubs

So, that’s a rough guide of how the strip clubs in Russia’s capital city differ from other European destinations but what can you expect when you visit one?

Cover/Admission Fees

Most clubs have an admission charge which ranges by venue from as little as 1,000 Rub (€15) to 3,000 Rub (€45); the more elite the club, the higher the cost of entry.

Some clubs offer special admission discounts for large groups and there are a couple of venues which run a joint ticket deal where one price will get you into multiple clubs on the same night. They even thrown in free taxi rides between venues.

A few don’t allow women in at all and remain exclusively gentleman’s clubs whereas some just simply charge women more on the door. This can vary depending on the night and can often be double the admission price paid by men. Mid-week you will find that the same clubs that refuse entry on a Saturday at peak time will be more than happy to let women in.


Your admission fee only gets you access to the club itself and you can stand or sit at the bar to enjoy the shows and parades. However, if you want a lap dance or a place to sit more comfortably to watch the performances then you will need to pay for seating. A couch with a table will cost you up to 5,000 Rub (€75) whilst a lounge or private room starts at this price and goes up to 15,000 Rub (€225) per hour.

Bar Prices

Prices for food, drinks and hookah at strip clubs are determined by how ‘premium’ the venue is itself. However, for a European capital city these are not dissimilar from other bars and nightclubs in Moscow.

Typically, a beer will cost you around 500 Rub (€7.50) and a cocktail between 800 and 1,000 Rub (€12-€15).

The Girls

The number of girls will depend on the size of the club but most employ a good variety of shapes, sizes and ethnicities and all will participate in a mix of lap dances, private dances as well as stage performances and/or parades.

The larger clubs employ around 50-60 dancers per evening (peak times) all of whom will be touting for business during the course of the night. Some may even have twice or three times this number during the whole night. Working on rotation, some will be performing on stage whilst others will be working the floor for lap dances.

Most clubs have a strict recruitment policy and venues in Moscow have excellent reputations for offering the talents of some of the most beautiful and skilled dancers in Europe. These ‘casting’ directors are keen to ensure that there is a good range in terms of diversity so you should find a mix of blondes, brunettes ad redheads as well as petite girls, big breasted women, students and MILFs.

strip clubs of moscow roxbury russia strip clubs
You can expect a diverse range of girls at Moscow’s strip clubs. Image via The Roxbury Strip Club.

Lap Dances

If you are seated then you will be asked almost constantly if you want a lap dance; this is done in quite a relaxed way and you are under no obligation to accept. If you don’t want a lap dance then just say no; you can enjoy a drink in peace now and again but the general idea is that you’ve come to a strip club for a reason.

Each lap dance lasts for the length of the song being played at any time and you should always pay after the dance is over and not before. Once finished, slip a 500 Rub note (approx. €7.50) into the dancer’s garter or stocking top.

Private Dances

Any of the girls can be booked for a private performance in a separate and closed room. Shows typically last between one and three songs and this can cost between 1,500 and 3,000 Rub (€22.50 to €45.00). You won’t get much more than you would if you took a lap dance in the main club but if you are interested in some extras then here is where you can find out more. Most clubs have fixed prices for these kinds of services.

Strip Shows & Parades

As well as one-on-one dances (lap and private), some clubs put on special shows in addition to  the regular pole dancing. These can include themed events like circus shows and wet/shower dances as well as parades and group numbers.


Whilst prostitution in Russia is illegal, you can find that the girls dancing at strip clubs in Moscow will offer more than just a dance in private. The details of what this is and how much it costs will very much depend on the club and the dancer themselves but, as working girls, they will make it clear what they will do and the price for doing it.

If extra services are available then you can expect to pay around 6,000 Rub (€90) for the hire of a private room and an additional 10,000 to 15,000 Rub per hour for the company of one dancer (€150 to €225).

Rooms are generally modern and very clean with good facilities and, if at the end of the hour, you want more time, you can simply dial reception to add more time to your credit card. However, the money for the girls must be paid in cash.

If you don’t want to spend silly money on a private room and aren’t interested in sexual services then you might be happy with some of the offerings available from the club’s ‘crazy menus’. Typically ,these lists of services include everything from eating food from the naked body of a dancer to paying to ‘smash the bar’. Every venue has one and the details of what’s on offer varies by club.

Opening Hours & Peak Times

Whilst opening times and hours vary by venue (see below),  in general most of the strip clubs in Moscow are open between 9.00pm and 6.00am.

Peak times for most clubs is from 9.00pm to 3.00am Thursday to Saturday. At these times, you can expect to queue for admission and there are longer waiting times for private dances. Seating is also limited during peak hours and with a full house you may find yourself standing unless you arrive early or have pre-booked a VIP area.

strip clubs of moscow reviews
Moscow has some of the best looking and most talented dancers in Europe with a high emphasis on entertainment over sheer nudity. Image via Virgins Club (Night Out Moscow).

Dress Codes

Most clubs are pretty relaxed over dress codes and simply require ‘smart casual’; so, no flip-flops and shorts but you don’t need to be in a suit and tie. Above all, you’re expected to be clean and, if not sober, definitely not drunk.


Again, all clubs have their own quirks but (without exception) all clubs will request that:

  • There are no photographs or filming of any kind within the club.
  • Guests should treat all staff with respect including dancers, bar tenders and serving staff as well as management and security.
  • Guests remember their manners and act responsibly and politely.
  • Guests do not touch the dancers in their intim (or intimate area…i.e. between their legs). Any touching should be gentle; any rough handling will result in your being asked to leave the club.

If you break the rules then you will be escorted from the club and asked not to return. Bear in mind that some clubs are linked to one another and expulsion from one may mean you are barred from other venues. If this happens to you, even if you feel aggrieved, then our advice is not to argue and to leave.

All clubs have security staff of some form and these guards are, in the main, courteous and well-trained. They are there to oversee the safety of those who work in the premises as well as their clientele so if you get drunk or a little overexcited and misbehave then you will be ejected. By the same token, these guys will also make sure that there are no other customers in the club who are spoiling the atmosphere for you.


Payment is expected when you have a lap dance and the more you tip, the more attention you will no doubt receive from the dancers. However there is one sure fire way to attract some of the best dancers and that is to build a Russian ‘cake’. This is something that happens a lot in the clubs around Moscow and involves placing a pile of notes (often small bills like 500 and 100 Rub) on the table in front of you. By making this cake you are inviting the girls to come and dance for you and you will no doubt have a lot of attention.

Making a cake like this is quite safe and bartenders and security will keep a close watch on who takes from the pile. If this isn’t you or one of your friends then you can be sure that they will be all over it for you.

Best Strip Clubs in Moscow

Russia’s capital city has more than a dozen strip clubs ranging from smaller, and more intimate, venues to large clubs that are quite exclusive. Most are situated within the Garden Ring (or historical centre) of Moscow but there are a few that you can find in the outlying districts.

We’ve selected our top eight strip clubs and provided you with a list of the rest.

Please note that all prices quoted are correct as of January 2020 and it is recommended that you visit a club’s website prior to visiting. On occasion, prices can change without notice or venues can be closed for private functions. It is worth noting that many of the websites may only be accessed from within Russia.

Club Angels

Sadovaya-Chernogryazskaya Ulitsa, 8/2, Moscow, 107078

strip clubs of moscow angels
Image via website.

Located just inside the north east of the Garden Ring close to the Palace of the Volkov-Yusupovs Msueum, Angels is a stylish and modern gentleman’s club. Dancers offer a range of lap and table services as well as private one-on-one performances….all fully nude.

The bar is manned (or ‘girled’?) by topless waitresses and barmaids and the dancers perform full striptease on stage.

Large groups can get a discount of 50% on all bottles and birthday boys can get 25% discount at the bar for all drinks. Happy hour is between 9.00pm and 10.00pm when all customers get their drinks for half price.

Private dances cost 2,000 Rub (€30) and seating is charged as follows:

  • Stage Sofas 3,000 Rub (€45)
  • VIP Lodges (per hour) – 6,000 Rub (€90)

A Hookah set can be ordered for 5,100 Rub (€76.50).

Angels is part of a group in Moscow where a single ticket can gain you access to five strip clubs:

  • Angels
  • Aurora
  • Loft
  • Penthouse
  • Hunters

Open daily from 21.00 hours to 06.00 hours and with free taxi rides between them all, Angels offers a daily passcode on their website which will get you free admission (Sunday to Thursday). Otherwise entrance is 2,000 Rub (€30).

Club Provokator

Oruzheynyy Pereulok, 15А, Moscow, 125047

strip clubs of moscow club probacateur
Image via website.

Opened just a few years ago in June 2016, Club Provakator offers a combination of karaoke entertainment on the ground floor as well as a second-floor strip club lounge.

Designed in the Baroque style (Louis XIV), the karaoke lounge is very popular and offers excellent Japanese and European cuisine, a friendly and welcoming atmosphere plus a fully stocked bar at excellent prices. However, it is the upstairs lounge which keeps gentleman entertained long into the night in a more adult way and here you can enjoy a constant stream of scantily clad and nude women on parade.

It’s a small venue and the ladies make full use of a central catwalk style stage with a single pole for dancing around but there are also opportunities for lap dances as well as private VIP areas for more intimate encounters.

You can find further information about events and promotions at this club via the website or from their social media accounts:

Club Provokator is open every day from 9.00pm until 6.00am (Sunday to Thursday) and 7.00am (Friday and Saturday).

Club Rasputin

Zubovskiy Bul’var, 25, Moscow, 119021

strip clubs of moscow rasputin
Image via website.

Another strip club that combines the allure of a karaoke hall with a strip lounge, Club Rasputin is popular with corporate events as well as for private hire for bachelor parties and birthdays. Other facilities on site include a 50-cover restaurant and luxury spa complex.

The strip element of the club is not a fully nude offering and is more ‘cabaret’ and ‘burlesque’ than go-go dance. This said, it is a high-end and exclusive experience that is highly entertaining.

In total, there are around 120 dancers who provide performances and these can be themed on special evenings with previous events including a pyjama wrestling party, Greek figs and ‘Predatory Creatures’.

Prices for entry are as follows which includes a chip for a private dance:

  • Gents – 3,000 Rub/€45 (entrance in a tracksuit will cost you double!)
  • Ladies – 4,000 Rub/€60

Women who are not accompanied by a man are not permitted entry to the club.

Private dances cost 2,000 Rub (€30) and last for the duration of a single song but you can also pay for other treats from the club’s ‘crazy menu’ including:

  • Topless waitress service
  • Erotic delivery of hookah
  • Service of a waitress in a gas mask
  • Sushi from a girl’s body

The Club is open 24 hours per day.

Club Roxbury

Butyrskiy Val Ulitsa, 5, Moscow, რუსეთი, 125047

strip clubs of moscow roxbury
Image via website.

Winner of several adult industry and entertainment venue awards, Club Roxbury is another premium men’s club and karaoke bar in Moscow offering striptease entertainment.  They have been voted the Best Strip Club in Moscow for 2015, 2016 and 2017 by VKLUBE.TV

The club is situated in the north-west of the city at the bottom of the Leningradsky Avenue and close to the government offices of Obshchestvennaya Palata Rossiyskoy Federatsii.

It is a traditional style strip venue with a reputation for offering stylish and fully choreographed shows put together by some of the city’s finest artistic directors and featuring some amazingly talented (and stunning) dancers.

Their restaurant and bar are also well regarded as is their sauna and spa complex. It’s a reasonably large club with an open plan hall from which to enjoy the stage shows and which easily accommodates large groups and parties. In addition there are VIP and private rooms available. Overall, the ambience is pretty friendly and the décor may seem a bit 1990s by comparison to other clubs but it is the girls you will stay for, not the lighting or the velour sofas.

Open daily from 9.00pm to 6.00am, the Roxbury has secure underground parking available but is also easy enough to reach via public transport or taxi.

Golden Girls

3-Ya Yamskogo Polya Ulitsa, 15, Moscow, 125040

strip clubs of moscow golden girls
Image via website.

A bright and modern club arranged over two floors and featuring a mezzanine view of the main stage, Golden Girls is a popular, premium strip club in Moscow for all ages.

They have a particularly good reputation for their ‘crazy menu’ which includes plenty of tempting treats, some of which will cost you a good deal but could be well worth an investment in:

  • Gourmet food from the naked body of your chosen dancer – 5,000 Rub (€75)
  • Golden Girls Orgy – 50,000 Rub (€750)
  • Release a bar lady from work for one hour – 30,000 Rub (€450)
  • Lesbian Show in VIP Room (2 Girls/1 Song) – 8,000 Rub (€120)
  • Wash a dancer in the shower for 10 minutes – 30,000 Rub (€450)
  • Champagne Pyramid (50+ glasses) – 30,000 Rub (€450)
  • Hire any artist – 300,000 Rub (€4,500)
  • Close the club for private hire – 3,000,000 Rub (€45,000)

You get the idea….and you could be mistaken for thinking this is a  high-rollers equivalent strip club. Yes, it does attract a lot of young and well-off Russians as well as international guests. However, don’t let that put you off, there is always room for the well-behaved regular spenders. In fact, its considerably less ‘elite’ than they might have you believe.

As for the ladies here at Golden Girls…..Golden is a good word to describe them and you can certainly expect high-rate ladies that are ready, willing and very able to entertain.

The restaurant at the club serves a varied mix of European, Japanese, Italian and traditional Russian cuisine and has a good reputation for quality and price.

As well as offering parking and free WiFi, there is also Hookah available.

Golden Girls is open daily from 10.00pm to 5.00am.


Pevcheskiy Pereulok, 4 строение 1, Moscow, რუსეთი, 109028

strip clubs of moscow club macho
Image via website.

Operated by the same people as Golden Girls, Macho is another modern strip club that leans towards the traditional European club in style. Whilst modern and clean, it is a neon haven with velour booths, dark corners and offers a welcome break for many local businessmen as well as international guests.

This particular venue also offers Karaoke as well as food, hookah and private dances.

It’s got a familiarity to it that is appealing to many who find themselves in a foreign city looking for adult entertainment but there is nothing elite or premium here. Which is a good thing. Certainly, of all the clubs on our list, this one is laid back and welcoming without being too ‘exclusive’ so may suit those punters who aren’t looking to be on show when they go to see a show.

The girls here are all very presentable and are, without doubt, some stunning specimens but may not be the finest in terms of talent that Moscow has to offer….don’t get us wrong, you won’t be disappointed but if you want exceptional then you may want to try somewhere else.

Macho is located to the east of the city near the Australian Embassy and is open daily from 9.00pm to 6.00am.

Strip & Go

Bol’shoy Sukharevskiy Pereulok, 25 стр.1, Moscow, 107045

strip clubs of moscow club strip and go
Image via website.

A strip club and restaurant for ‘real men’, Strip and Go is (apparently) the ‘most democratic strip club in Moscow’! Yes, this is one venue where both men and women are welcome and where the prices won’t strip you of your last Ruble – for democratic, read ‘cheap’.

Don’t get us wrong this is not a substandard club but it is one that embraces foreigners very readily as well as being popular with locals. Whilst most of Moscow’s adult lounges and bars are premium and a bit exclusive, you can get in to Strip & Go for a price of just 500 Rubles or €7.5. Not only that but a club cocktail or lap dance will cost you the same.

For this level of discount you can’t expect premium quality dancers but you certainly won’t be fobbed off with substandard ladies. Quite the opposite, the reviews here are surprisingly good.

Strip and Go offers a nice selection of extras from its ‘crazy menu’ including:

  • Eating whipped cream from between the breasts of a dancer – 1,500 Rub (€22.50)
  • Decorate a naked girl with fruit and eat it – 10,000 Rub (€150)
  • Private dance in VIP room full nude – 1,500 Rub (€22.50)

The club is open daily from 8.00pm to 6.00am.


Marksistskaya St, 34к10, Moscow, რუსეთი, 109147

strip clubs of moscow club club virgins
Image via website.

Another club whose main selling point is that they are ‘inexpensive’, Virgins is situated in the city centre, offers a modern experience with sexy girls without the same price tag of its competitors. As a result, the clientele and dancers are not as ‘exclusive’ but this does not diminish what is a great night out with some seriously good looking women who are willing to please.

It’s slightly more stylish than Strip and Go with a theme of luxury and comfort coupled with affordability.

It has a strong reputation with locals and foreign visitors alike for its security and atmosphere and you can pretty much guarantee a good night out without falling foul of your bank balance as a result. The girls are keen to please but do not charge ‘extra’ for their services and certainly there is no sense that they are ripping guests off. Instead, you can expect to pay for what you order on the crazy menu without any surprise bills.

They run promotions on their website and if you sign up in advance of attending you can usually pick up free entrance and a complimentary drink by simply registering an email address.

The club is open daily from 9.00pm to 6.00am and until 7.00am on Friday and Saturday nights.

Best of the Rest

Those listed above are just our selections of several strip clubs in Moscow where the reputation for a good (and safe) night out are strong. There are plenty of other venues to choose from all offering a slightly different service and located in different parts of the city:

  • Aurora, Ulitsa Petrovskiye Linii, 2/18, Moscow, 127051
  • Penthouse Strip Club, New Arbat Ave, 21, Moscow, 119019
  • Loft Club, 1905 year St, 2/1, Moscow, 123022
  • Egoist Gold, Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Ulitsa, 26/40с1, Moscow, 123001
  • Five, Ulitsa Pererva, 58, Moscow, 109451
  • Strip Club Zazhigalka, Zemlyanoy Val St, 50а, строение 3, Moscow, 109004
  • Violete, Raushskaya Naberezhnaya, 4/5, Moscow, 115035
  • Nuar, Krasnaya Presnya St, 23кБс1, Moscow, 123022

And, finally, a club for the ladies. Kapriz is situated at Orlikov Pereulok, 3к.Б, Moscow, 107139 and is manned (quite literally) by a host of muscled and oiled European hunks.

strip clubs of moscow kapriz caprice womens strip club
Image via Club Kapriz.

The club is popular with women (and guys) looking for a crazy night out in the city and offers a range of options from its entertainment menu including:

  • Boy Cake (1500 Rub – approx. €25)
  • Private Dance or Dance At The Bar (2000 Rub – approx. €30)
  • Erotic Tequila (1500 Rub – approx. €25) – Drink from the naked torso of the man of your choice.

Open from 10.00pm to 8.00am, Kapriz also serves food and an extensive hookah menu.

Featured image via Flickr.

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