Ankara Escorts and Sex Guide

Want to know more about sex in Ankara?

Turkey’s capital is a cosmopolitan city that is home to a population of around 5.5 million people. Ankara is the second largest city in the country after Istanbul and is a popular tourist destination for visitors from across Europe as well as from India, Asia and the Americas. It is an ancient city that celebrates its cultural heritage but also embraces modernity. The performing arts capital  of Turkey, Ankara attracts around 7 million people each year. Whilst many look to the city’s many monuments, museums and archaeological sites for diversion, there are some visitors who look for more adult entertainment.

In this guide, we take a look at the escort and sex industry in Ankara.

Prostitution in Ankara

Prostitution is legal in Turkey and state-run brothels have long been a feature of the country. However, the current political landscape is far more conservative that it was a decade or so ago and, of the hundreds of these establishments that were operating in 2003, most have been closed down. The current president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has been actively seeking an end to the scale of the sex-industry and has been trying to clamp down on prostitution across Turkey.

prostitution ankara
The ancient city of Ankara has an active but discreet prostitution scene. Image via Flickr.

With most of the established brothels being shut, prostitution in Ankara has moved to the streets and online. However, hookers are warier of plying their trade and face severe punishments if they do not operate within the strict control measures that are in place.

A prostitute can be sentenced to up to four years in prison for violating any of the following conditions:

  • Being a prostitute without a license.
  • Being a prostitute without having a health check-up.
  • Being an unregistered sex worker.
  • Operating a brothel without a license.

Those who work in the industry face the same problems and pimps, brothel owners and even those who advertise sexual services can be prosecuted under the same laws. A group of swingers who were trying to establish regular parties were arrested and charged with ‘organised prostitution’ even though no payment was being asked for (see ‘Swinging Clubs’, below).

The sex trade in Turkey has been a relatively big one in the past and is thought to contribute around $4 billion to the economy with more than 118,000 prostitutes being involved in the industry. However, fewer licenses are issued for sex workers in Ankara than there used to be.

There are three main variations of prostitution include:

  • Hiring an escort or booking a call-girl online
  • Picking up a street hooker
  • Using an adult massage parlour

Charges vary for sex but, in general, street prostitutes charge around 50-100 TRY (€8-€16) whereas an escort will be charging anything from 150-200 TRY (€24-€32) at the budget end up to a more typical €150 per hour.

Most sex-workers in Ankara are Turkish but there are also African and Eastern European ladies as well. The nationality of online escorts varies more.


Ankara Escorts Guide

Prices range from the budget end of the market at around €30 to an average of €150 per hour. More premium escorts will be charging in excess of €300 for their services.

Directories of Escorts Ankara

You can find escorts using directories where independent and agency girls are active. Most of these services are free to use and they have full details of the girls including photographs, bios and, sometimes, reviews.

However, due to the legal grey area, we cannot list them on this site.

Sex in Ankara

Ankara can be a lively city, perhaps less so than Istanbul but it does have a lot of bars, clubs and entertainment venues. However, as with other cities in Turkey, the regulated and licensed prostitution markets are less organised than you would expect considering the trade is legal.


Brothels in Ankara are known as ‘genelev’ (or ‘kerhane’) and are (were) situated in the red-light area of the city, Bentderesi, however most of these are no longer operating.

You can still find some brothels in the city but most operate for locals only and are difficult to find unless you happen to run into a pimp or prostitute in a bar or club. There are reports of Western tourists being scammed in these situations so it is not recommended that you visit a brothel in Ankara.

For those that do wish to get an authentic experience and are lucky enough not to be extorted, sex in one of the dwindling few legal Turkish brothels is usually fast and customers can expect to pay 30-50 TRY (€5-€8) for a 15-minute quickie.

Swinging Clubs

Swinging is not illegal in Turkey but is not as popular an activity as it is in Western Europe and you wont find any licensed clubs like those in Austria, France or Italy. Partaking in the lifestyle in an organised way can be quite tricky in the current political climate and ‘wife-swapping’ is a cultural taboo.

In 2015, in the city of Adana and other neighbouring provinces, groups of people were arrested on charges of setting up swingers clubs and were accused of setting up ‘organised prostitution’, ‘obscenity’ and ‘human trafficking’.

Swingers who are visiting Ankara and looking to engage in lifestyle parties would be well-advised to stick to private residences using popular networking sites such as:

turkey swinging ankara
Swingers in Ankara use online sites like The Adult Hub to network. Image via website.

Erotic Massage Parlour

You wont find any erotic massage parlours openly advertising the services they perform and it is a case of YMMV (your mileage may vary) when you visit a salon in Ankara.

It is generally best to visit a massage parlour that advertises online and they can offer you a selection of girls for outcall services to your hotel or they can provide the address of a salon to visit.

Customers can generally expect to pay an average of around 70-100 TRY (€11-€16) with a rate of around 100 TRY (€16) for extras. However, some salons will charge double this, particularly for Western tourists.

Once again, due to the legal grey area, we cannot list any of the known erotic salons or massage parlours in Ankara.

Strip Clubs

There are quite a few nightclubs in Ankara where you can find erotic dancers and, whilst most are not traditional strip clubs, they do offer some adult entertainment.

All of these clubs in the city must be fully licensed and, like prostitutes, must be registered.

Venues to try include:

  • Havana, Kazım Özalp Mahallesi, Uğur Mumcu Cd. 22/A, 06700 Ankara
  • Sehrazat, Kızılay Mahallesi, Sümer-1 Sk. 20/C, 06420 Ankara
havana night club strip club ankara
Dancers at the Havana Night Club, Ankara. Image via YouTube.

Spas and Turkish Baths

In previous years, some of the spas in Ankara had reputations for being good for cruising, especially for gay men. However, most of the city’s ‘hamamis’ are no longer regarded as such.

If you are interested in hitting a bathhouse with some cruising opportunities then it is reported that Merkez Hammam Sengul Hammam on Denizciler Caddesi is worth trying as well as Yeniay Hamami (Plevne Street).

Street Prostitutes & Red Light Districts

The red-light area of Ankara is known to be in the Old Town of Ankara, near the castle within the Bentderesi province. The area is quite safe for tourists and is usually open for business from 11.00am.

ankara red light district
Ankara’s Old Town is where you would traditionally have found the city’s brothels but where street prostitutes can still be picked up. Image via Wikipedia.

Although the brothels are now no longer in operation in the way they once were, the area still attracts street hookers.

Other popular areas include Cinnah Caddesi and Baglar Caddesi (Seyranbaglari).

Various reports from around the web suggest that freelance prostitutes will tend to try their luck picking up customers in the following bars and clubs:

  • Bacardi, Buklum Street No 7/18 Kavaklidere
  • Pikola Bar, Buklum Street No 5 Kavaklidere
  • Altin Kapi Night Club, Bilezik Street No 4
  • Baskent Night Club, Kucuk Esat Street 33/e
  • Carisma Night Club, Bestekar Street No 2/a
  • Barino Night Club, Gufte Street No 8
  • Corte Bar, Bestekar Street No 44/a

Of course, there’s a large number of men and women looking to hook up at these venues, regardless of any involvement with the sex industry.

Sex Cinemas

There are two cinemas in the city where you can catch some erotic movies and, sometimes, there might be some people cruising and even partaking of other activities.

The first is Cep Sinemasi in Kumrular and the second is Efes Sinemasi off Izmir Caddesi. Both are known for being gay cruising spots.

Sex Shops

Ankara has quite a lot of sex shops and, between them, they offer a reasonably eclectic range of bedroom basics, sex toys and erotic material. Some also operate as sex cinemas and cruising venues.

  • Agor Sex Shop, Mebusevleri Mh., Dögol Cd. 49/4, 06570 Ankara
  • Ankara Fantazi Ürünler, Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, 4 91/41, Atatürk Blv, 06620 Ankara
  • Aşk Erotik Shop, İzmir -1 Cad. Halil Bey Çarşısı Ve İş Merkezi No:9 D:5, Ankara
  • Basement Love Shop, Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Ziya Gökalp Cad. 3/212, 06430 Ankara
  • King Erotic, Kocatepe Mahalesi Selanik Cadesi No 31/5 Kızılay, 06420 Ankara
  • Paris Exotic Shop, Ziya Gökalp Street Rumeli İş Hanı No: 12 Floor: 5 Kızılay, Ankara
  • Tutku, Hacı Bayram Mahallesi, Ticaret Han 3/45 Ulus, 06050 Altındağ
  • 29 Yil Sens Erotik Shop, Kumrular Caddesi No: 16/1 Kızılay, Ankara
  • 29 Yil Sens Erotik Shop, Menekşe-2 Sokak , No: 35/1 Kızılay

 Featured image via Wikipedia.