Sex in Luxembourg

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The small landlocked country of Luxembourg is home to a population of around 600,000 people and covers an area of just 2,586 sq. kilometres. One of Europe’s smallest nations, Luxembourg is nestled between Germany, France and Belgium yet has an identity of its own that can best be described by its independence and grandeur. The only Grand Duchy in the world (governed by a Duke or Duchess), the country is one of the safest places in the world and also one of the richest. A tax haven and liberal country Luxembourg is popular for businesses and major financial firms. It’s capital, Luxembourg City, is a diverse and vibrant place and was the first European Capital of Culture (first in 1995 and again in 2007). Catering to an eclectic mix of residents and visitors Luxembourg offers a rich journey in adult entertainment.

In this guide, we take a look at the culture of sex in Luxembourg including the laws on prostitution, pornography and LGBT rights. We also take a look at the adult industry as well as porn viewing trends.

Sex in Luxembourg

Though the people of Luxembourg are proud of their national identity, the culture of the country is very much wrapped up in that of their close neighbours, Germany. As an ethnicity, the Luxembourgers are considered a sub-group of Germans and share many of the same physical characteristics with their European neighbours. However, it is estimated that almost half of the people living in Luxembourg are foreign nationals, including many Portuguese and Russians.

luxembourg sex guide
One of the wealthiest nations on Earth, Luxembourg is a beautiful but small country whose people are quite reserved. Image via Wikipedia.

Unusually, much of the power and the wealth in Luxembourg is held by women and older women at that. About 12% of the population are females over the age of 65 and inheritance laws mean that most of these women have no reason to divest their estate before they die. Combined with long life expectancies, they are an affluent group that no doubt attracts plenty of toy boy wannabes.

With the obvious exception of the transient workforce, the majority of Luxembourgers are very proud of their country and choose to remain there all their lives.  Most people identify as part of the Roman Catholic church and family is very important to them. In a bit of a departure from the rest of Europe, chivalry is still prized here (perhaps, because of all those older ladies) and punctuality is also very important.

The Luxembourgers are often described as cautious and reserved people who can be frank but not direct. Extravagant behaviour is not generally the rule and can even be considered rude. This is particularly true even in most dating situations. As a whole, they can be quite private about their personal lives.

In general, Luxembourg is not considered a top destination in Europe for picking up and, although there are casual dating opportunities (see below), many singles prefer to play the long game when it comes to having sex.

Unsurprisingly, there are few national surveys and studies that reveal much about the sex lives of its citizens.

Sex education in the country is very good and is started at an early age to cover issues such as contraception, pregnancy, STDs and sex itself. It is covered in subjects such as biology, citizenship and religion.

Despite the comprehensive coverage in the education system, teen pregnancy rates in Luxembourg are quite high when compared to other countries in Europe. In 2016, the rate was 20 per 1000 with France having 17.4 per 1000, Germany 18.5 per 1000 and Belgium 16.8 per 1000. However, the rate has fallen and the average age of mothers in the country has risen (for the first time) to over 30 years old.

STD rates in the country are largely unreported but the number of adults living with HIV is very low.


Adult Industry in Luxembourg

When it comes to the adult industry, Luxembourg can boast the biggest jewel in the crown being the location of the headquarters for the porn empire, MindGeek. Though technically a Canadian company whose roots are in Germany, MindGeek’s HQ being in this European country is hardly a surprise given the huge economical tax breaks here. Cynicism aside, the company brings an enormous boost to the reputation of Luxembourg’s adult industry, although few (if any) actual of the empire’s films are actually produced here.

mindgeek adult industry luxembourg
Porn empires don’t come bigger than MindGeek who call Luxembourg their home. Image via Pornhub.

MindGeek owns and operates some of the biggest porn websites and studios in the world (Brazzers, Pornhub, RedTube, YouPorn, Reality Kings) and has been criticised for having a monopoly on the industry. Though MindGeek prefers to describe itself as a tech company, the power they have in the market is undeniable.

As well as MindGeek, the popular live sex cam site LiveJasmin is also headquartered in Luxembourg via Duodecad IT Services Luxembourg S.à.r.l.

In terms of its own output, there are no porn studios based in Luxembourg though the country has been used as a location for some other European adult filmmakers.

With such a small population, it is hardly surprising that there are very few adult stars that hail from Luxembourg. However, there are one or two of note including porn star Deelicious Milano  and centrefold models Mandy Graff and Natascha Bintz.

Prostitution Laws in Luxembourg

Prostitution in Luxembourg is legal although many activities relating to the business are not, including running a brothel, pimping and aiding prostitution.

There are an estimated 300 prostitutes working in the country that are mostly thought to be from other parts of Europe including the neighbouring countries of Germany, France and Belgium as well as from Eastern Europe.

Street prostitution is legalised and controlled in the capital with two streets around the railway station being designated as red-light districts. Sex workers are allowed to operate in this area between 8.00pm and 3.00am.

prostitution luxembourg
Prostitutes are allowed to operate from two streets during controlled hours in Luxembourg City. Image via Wikimedia.

Luxembourg: Porn Viewing Trends

The top websites viewed from within Luxembourg include several adult websites, including:

  • Pornhub – ranked as the 15th most popular site in the country.
  • Xhamster – ranked as the 16th most popular site in the country.
  • LiveJasmin – ranked as the 25th most popular site in the country.
  • XCams – ranked as the 43rd most popular site in the country.
  • XNXX – ranked as the 50th most popular site in the country.

The home turf for porn giants, Pornhub, it is no surprise to see they are the most popular adult site viewed in Luxembourg. Each year, the site produces viewing trend statistics to reveal what kind of porn each country is viewing. The most recent Year in Review reveals the following about Luxembourg’s adult taste with the top keyword searches being:

  • Luxembourg
  • Giantess
  • French
  • Letzebuerg
  • Hentai
  • VR
  • Blowjob
  • German
  • Casting
  • Francaise
  • Step Mom
  • Smoking
giantess porn luxembourg
Maybe it’s because they have such a small country but ‘Giantess’ porn is big in Luxembourg. Image via Flickr.

The top trending search year-on-year was for ‘German Smoking’  with traffic increasing by 622%. This was closely followed by people searching for porn tagged with ‘vore’ (up 585%). Short for vorarephilia, this is a fetish for being (or watching someone) be ‘consumed’! Other trending searches included ‘smoking blowjob’ (up 378%), ‘squirt’ (up 325%) and ‘handjob’ (up 266%).

The proportion of female visitors to Pornhub was higher than the global average of 26% at 28%.

Most popular adult stars being searched were as follows:

  • Kim Kardashian
  • Mia Khalifa
  • Lucy Cat
  • Riley Reid
  • Ava Addams

Visitors to Pornhub from Luxembourg stay on the site for an average of 9 minutes and 16 seconds, just shy of the global average of 9 minutes and 59 seconds.

Overall, people from Luxembourg are 52% more likely to be watching porn from the Bondage category than anywhere else in the world, 43% more likely to be viewing ‘Orgy’ porn and 36% more likely to be searching for content in the ‘Mature’ category.

Top Luxembourg Porn

As Luxembourg doesn’t produce any of its own content nor has any porn stars of its own to speak of, the only porn that you can find on the internet from Luxembourg is that which has been produced by amateurs.

All of the major porn sites have porn videos that have been tagged with the word ‘Luxembourg’ with the following being good resources:

LGBTQ in Luxembourg

The LGBTQ community of Luxembourg enjoy most of the same rights and legal recognition as heterosexuals with same-sex marriage being legalised in 2014 and comprehensive anti-discrimination laws being in place. The change came about after a poll showed public support for same-sex marriage at 83% in 2013.

lgbt rights luxembourg
Luxembourg has progressive LGBT rights. Image via PxHere.

Same sex relationships have been legal since 1794 and homosexuals enjoy equality in many other areas including stepchild and joint same-sex adoption. Lesbian couples can also access IVF treatment.

The age of consent is, once again, equal after an increase in the age to 18 was repealed in 1992.

With respect to transgender rights, it is a requirement of the law in Luxembourg that an individual must undergo surgery as well as sterilisation in order to have their legal gender changed. A change to this law is pending which would forego the necessity to undergo this procedure.

The capital, Luxembourg City, hosts an annual Pride celebration and is supported by the country’s LGBT rights group, Pink Luxembourg. There are also other events run during the year, including the annual Gay Mat street party.

In 2015, the Prime Minister of Luxembourg became the first European Union leader to marry someone of the same sex when he married his partner.

The country is deemed a safe and welcoming place for members of the LGBTQ community and the capital has several vibrant and well-attended bars and clubs.

Top Classified/Personals Sites in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country and the communities that form are very close-knit and can be quite clique. There are pockets of the country that are dominated by expats and those that are more Francophile, Germanic or Belgique. If you are dating in the country or seeking casual hook ups then it pays to bear this in mind as, unlike other and larger European cities, there is no melting away from the social scene unless you move country!

Whilst tools like Tinder are useful, because of the ‘everyone knows everyone’ mentality, a lot of people feel embarrassed to use apps like this. In fact, online dating on the whole is not that popular in the country with most people preferring the old-fashioned method of meeting someone in a club, pub or bar.

Luxembourg is a multi-lingual country and though English is widely spoken, there are some sites that are more heavily populated by those who speak Luxembourgish, German and French. It is also worth pointing out that due to the country being small, many ads that appear in Luxembourg are actually posted by people who live on the borders and may actually be German, French of Belgian.

luxembourg dating
Dating in Luxembourg is largely quite traditional. Image via Flickr.

The following free sites offer quick and easy access to a range of classified personals listed in Luxembourg. Most will allow you to register a free profile and browse the selection of profiles. However, many are run on a ‘freemium’ model meaning that you cannot access important features without paying a subscription fee. Always best to browse the site first and then decide if you want to part with any cash.

Premium Dating Websites

When it comes to finding people who are serious about dating then you can’t beat a premium service. Most are populated by ‘lonely hearts’ singles who might be looking for love but there are also a good number of serial dates online who are prepared to play the field to find the perfect match.

The following sites are popular in Luxembourg and this area of Europe.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.

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