Tallinn Escorts and Sex Guide

Fancy a whirlwind tour of the sex scene of Tallinn?

The capital and largest city in Estonia with a population of around 426,000 people, Tallinn is a popular tourist destination. Each year more than 4.64 million visitors head to the capital, many from Scandinavian countries such as Finland and Sweden. Tallinn offers a unique blend of picturesque old town beauty with hedonistic modern city nightlife, all at reasonable prices. The city has become a destination known as much for its booze cruises and stag/hen parties as for cultural tourism. You can find one of the best preserved medieval walled cities in Europe (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), baroque Russian palaces and Estonian art galleries as well as modern strip clubs and erotic massage parlours. The capital can offer a variety of entertainment to suit everyone.

In this guide, we take a look at the sex scene in Tallinn including adult entertainment venues such as sex cinemas, strip clubs and BDSM dungeons.

Prostitution Laws in Tallinn

Prostitution in Estonia was decriminalised following an end to the Soviet rule in 1991. As a result, it is not a criminal offense to sell or buy sex in Tallinn. However, all aspects of organised prostitution are illegal which means that brothels, pimping or earning money from the sexual activities of another in any way are prohibited by law.

It is also illegal for street prostitutes to solicit business in public.


Tallinn Escorts Guide

For a capital city that is small by European standards, Tallinn is pretty well served by a sizeable escort population. Though there are no official figures, it is estimated that there could be more than 4,000 sex workers in Tallinn.

There are various classified directories and websites offering escort services for every taste, but due to their dubious legal status, we cannot publish links to them on this site.

Sex in Tallinn

Tallinn is a small city by the standards of many European capitals and it is uniquely divided into two areas; old town and the modern city.

Below, we’ve detailed the many ways you can get some sexual entertainment.

Tallinn sex guide


Brothels are forbidden by law in Estonia but prostitutes are known to operate from ‘love flats’ in the city. There are thought to be around 20 of these in Tallinn, each with around 5-15 women working in.

In the 1990s, brothels were known as sauna bars and business was big.

Due to the illegality of these set-ups, their locations change every two to three months.

Again, given their illegal status, we cannot publish details of their location on this site.

Swingers Clubs

Estonia is known more for swinging of another sort and if you Google this activity then you may well be disappointed! Extreme swinging in Estonia relates to the nation’s love of actually ‘swinging’ using a swing. Known as kiiking across Baltic Europe, it has become something of a cultural phenomenon and national sport.

If you are looking for libertine clubs and places to wife swap then Tallinn does, however, have a few options.

Swinger Party


Club 69, Sakala 22a, 10141 Tallinn

Club 69 is a gay bar in Tallinn yet they host a weekly swingers’ event on Saturday nights from 8.00pm to 7.00am. Mixed couples and single women are welcome.

A sauna club at its heart, you can find Turkish baths, Finnish steam rooms and a pool. There is also a bar, disco and lounges plus dry play areas.

Entrance prices are charged based on what time you are arrive and are currently set as follows:

Arrival Time Mixed Couples Single Male Single Female
8.00pm to 10.00pm €10 €100 Free
10.00pm to 00.00pm €20 €80 Free
00.00pm to 2.00am €20 €60 Free
2.00am to 4.00am €20 €40 Free
After 4.00am €5 €30 Free
Tallinn swinging clubs 69
Image via website.

Bi-Sex Club


Pärnu mnt. 19, 10141 Tallinn

Operating more as a gay club than a swingers venue, the Bi-Sex club also hosts a weekly swinging event on a Friday evening when single women and mixed-sex couples will feel more at home.

Entrance is free for couples and women whilst single men must pay an entrance fee of €12 – friends of a mixed couple pay 50% of their admission fee if arriving together.

The club is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 1pm to 1.00am.

BDSM Clubs

BDSM clubs are not big in Estonia and there is really only a few private studios available. As far as larger dungeons go, there is only one; fortunately this is in Tallinn.

BDSM Estonia


The first and only fetish dungeon in Estonia, the studio is owned and operated by two Dominas who work on an appointment only basis.

The space is well equipped to offer plenty of fantasy, roleplay and fetish services but is best suited for men who are happy in the role of submissive.

Location and session prices are available on request.

Tallinn bdsm club dungeon estonia
Image via website.

Sex Cinemas

Sex cinemas (or kinos) are quite popular in Europe and Tallinn has a handful, all operated by the same sex store. These usually offer a general lounge in which adult movies are screened and where public nudity and sexual acts are permitted. Alongside these larger rooms you can generally find some more private booths.

Sex Max Erootikapood


A chain of sex stores with three locations in Tallinn and one in Tartu, Sex Max also offers sex kinos on site.

They have three locations to choose from and each offers a rolling showcase of some of the best DVD titles available in store. Covering 5 or 6 genres during the day, the main lounges are popular with gay men but are increasingly frequented by both straight (and bisexual) men as well as women.

In addition, there are video booths on site to enjoy these titles more privately as well as glory holes for the more adventurous visitors to Tallinn.

You can find a Sex Max cinema at one of the following locations:

  • Tatari 1, 10141 Tallinn
  • Tartu maantee 62, 10115 Tallinn
  • Narva manatee 9, 10117 Tallinn

Prices for entry are €7 for a day ticket with women going free. Men under the age of 28 can also get a hefty discount, paying just €2.

The last entry to the cinema is 30-minutes prior to closing time but a day ticket allows unlimited time in the cinema. Hot and cold beverages are available.

Erotic Massage Parlours & Sauna Clubs

Golden Massage


Uus 2, 10111 Tallinn

A reasonably new salon/spa in the heart of Tallinn’s Old Town, the Golden Massage offers luxurious and satisfying massage services.

As well as providing general relaxation or therapeutic massage, their menu also includes:

  • Topless Erotic Massage – €80 for 30 minutes or €110 for 60 minutes
  • Soap Topless Erotic Massage – €115 for 60 minutes
  • Body to Body Massage – €110 for 30 minutes or €130 for 60 minutes
  • Exotic Massage – €50 for 30 minutes, €65 for 45 minutes or €80 for 60 minutes
  • Soap Exotic Massage – €90 for 60 minutes
  • Sensual Massage – €50 for 45 minutes, €60 for 60 minutes or €75 for 75 minutes
  • Soap Sensual Massage – €80 for 75 minutes
  • Four Hand Massage – €250 for 75 minutes

All massages are available with a 10% discount if you arrive between midnight and 6.00am.

The Golden Massage Spa is open daily from midday to 6.00am.

Tallinn erotic massage golden massage
Image via website.

Hedone Oriental Massage Club


Sauna 1, 10140 Tallinn

Another venue in the Old Town but a little less ‘opulent’, Hedone is a pleasure house that offers a good range of adult entertainment in addition to erotic massage.

Catering for couples as well as parties, there is a relaxation room which can hold up to 20 people with comfortable sofas, a five-person Jacuzzi plus a fully stocked bar. Here you can also enjoy additional services, including:

  • Exotic belly dancer – €80
  • Striptease – €170
  • Male Stripper – €200

They also provide general relaxation and therapeutic massage but their menu of erotic services is similar to the Golden Massage (all prices are for 60 minutes):

  • Erotic Massage – €40
  • Topless Erotic Massage – €90
  • Soap Erotic Massage – €100
  • Four-hand Massage – €270
  • Sensual Massage – €60
  • Soap Sensual Massage – €90

Hedone Oriental Massage Club is open as follows:

  • Sunday and Tuesday: 11.00am to 2.00am
  • Wednesday to Saturday: 11.00am to 6.00am

Asian Massage Parlours

Tallinn has a dozen or so Asian massage parlours where you can get a good sensual massage.

Strip Clubs

Having gained a bit of a reputation for cheap booze and easy ferry links to Helsinki and Stockholm (plus other European cities by air), it’s no surprise that Tallinn is a popular destination for stag and hen parties. As a result, the city has plenty of strip clubs, most of which offer private dances where girls can be found to offer oral and hand relief. Some, reportedly, will even offer more but this is quite rare.

Prices are hit and miss for extras and you will also need to factor in the cost of the dance itself, entrance fees to the club plus drinks and tipping.

Börsi Gentleman’s Club


Lai 7, 10133 Tallinn

Established in 1995 and with a reputation as one of Estonia’s best strip clubs, Börsi is a must-visit location for anyone looking for adult entertainment in Tallinn.

It’s located in the centre of the Old Town and offers a cosy and exclusive setting for its entertainment.

Professional dancers provide all night long entertainment including stage dancing, erotic, fire and elite shows plus private dances. As well as the main lounge, the club offers a VIP area.

Happy hour runs from 8.00pm to midnight every day plus Facebook fans can get a 10% discount. Oh, and if you show the doorman the coupon from the website, you can get free entry.

The Börsi Gentleman’s Club is open every day except Mondays from 8.00pm to 6.00am.

Tallinn strip club gentlemans bar borsi
Image via website.

Club Kapriz


Pikk 50, 10133 Tallinn

Another gentleman’s club situated in the Old Town, Club Kapriz opened in 2008 offering a modern take on the medieval surrounds of Tallinn.

It’s a stylish and well designed club that has a boutique appeal….yes, it’s small but certainly cosy and has a luxurious feeling.

However, this is no night club and is not a strip club like Börsi. You can certainly enjoy watching beautiful dancers perform striptease but you can also get a massage or enjoy some time in the Jacuzzi or sauna with the dancers. In fact, Club Kapriz is the closest you will get to a sauna club in Tallinn and harks back to those days in the 1990s when sauna bars were popular.

The club is open daily from 8.00pm

The Score Club


Vana-Viru 14, 10111 Tallinn

A bar that offers the two things that men (apparently) can’t live without…sports and naked women. Yes, the Score Club has two separate lounges; one where you can watch live football on large LCD screens and another where you can get an erotic strip show.

The bar is pretty laid back and is not like the gentleman’s clubs that you may have experienced in some of other Europe’s big cities. Instead, the atmosphere is informal and relaxed and they have created a proper man cave in the heart of Tallinn.

The bar is also open during the day so you can get some nude and topless action before the usual strip club opening times. There are typically around half a dozen ladies working at The Score Club but after 9.00pm this can increase to 15-20, depending on the day.

Popular with stag parties, you can arrange for special treatment including limousine hire, a water show or even a strip dinner.

The club is pretty much open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Tallinn strip clubs score bar
Image via website.

Casanova Club


Suur-Karja 13, 10140 Tallinn

The ‘cellar of forbidden fruits’, Casanova Club is a decadent and exotic strip club in the Old Town. Styled with nods to the Middle-East yet with touches of contemporary Estonian design, it is an intimate venue but with a good reputation.

Here you can get private dances as well as lap dances or you can simply enjoy the erotic, topless (and nude) stage shows. There’s a professional bar service and their cocktails are reportedly pretty good even if they are more pricey that some other clubs in the city.

A luxury VIP room is available for private hire and accommodates up to 15 guests.

The Casanova Club is open from 10.00pm to 5.00am from Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays).

Tallinn strip clubs casanova club
Image via website.

Excellent Club


Tartu mnt. 16/16D, 10117 Tallinn

Open 24 hours a day, the Excellent Club has a huge range of entertainment on offer, including:

  • Snake Show
  • Fire Show
  • Shower Show
  • Lesbian Show

As well as the erotic titivation of the main stage performances, you can also enjoy a massage or sauna when you attend this club.

The venue is in the heart of the business district of Tallinn and offers meals as well as a comfortable lounge in which  to relax. Prices are also pretty good; so much so that they offer a great incentive for your first visit. For just €59, you can enjoy an evening of VIP treatment with some all inclusive offers plus whatever you spend on that visit will be accumulated in loyalty points towards your second visit.

It’s a little bit ‘cabaret’ at times (usually during the day) but the evening performances can get pretty steamy. Well worth a visit if you are in a couple or part of a large group simply looking for adult entertainment.

Tallinn strip clubs excellent club
Image via website.

X Club


Harju 6, 10130 Tallinn

A strip club for the short list if you like your women exclusive and passionate about their performances. The X Club is another of those intimate venues which guarantee you a good view as well as being up close and personal with the dancers.

The main stage show features topless and costume dancers whilst the karaoke hall offers a different kind of entertainment for up to 30 guests.

There are three feature shows that run in addition to standard dancing which includes the water show, the Casanova show and the Bizarre show. The latter is staged in a third room; the Marquis de Sade. Basically a small dungeon room in the cellar, this should appeal to any kinksters and fans of BDSM.

The X Club is open daily from 9.00pm to 6.00am.

Tallinn strip clubs x club
Image via website.

Burlesque Estonia


And, lastly, if you prefer your adult entertainment less explicit and enjoy the time-honoured tradition of a burlesque performance then Burlesque Estonia may be right up your street. They run regular shows in Tallinn but there is no nudity or sexual services on offer here. Instead, you can simply enjoy the erotic art of the tease without the strip.

Full details can be found on their website.

Other Strip Clubs

There are several other clubs in the city that also offer topless dancing and nude private dances. You can find their details below:

  • Virgins, Tartu maantee 29, 10128 Tallinn
  • Soho Club, Kaubamaja 1, 10145 Tallinn
  • Angels Club, Müürivahe 23a, 10140 Tallinn

Street Prostitutes

There are no specific red-light districts in Tallinn and this is mainly a result of Soviet occupation over a period of several decades which prohibited prostitution.

Since sex work was decriminalised, adult entertainment businesses have become scattered around the city and street hookers do not seem to congregate in any one given area. Soliciting on the streets is a misdemeanour and as such, women who ply their trade in this way tend to move around. However, street prostitution in general (as in many cities) is on the decline as preference is given to advertising using online methods.

Tallinn street prostitutes

Sex Shops

For a smallish capital city, Tallinn is reasonably well served for adult sex stores with some offering additional facilities such as sex cinemas (or kinos), see Sex Cinemas, above.

As is the case with many countries across Europe in the 21st century, adult toys are more and more commonly purchased online. As a result, the traditional sex shop is becoming more of a rarity in all towns and cities.

Sex Max Erootikapood


Sex Max is the largest adult entertainment store in the capital and there are three branches in the city plus one in the Eastern city of Tartu.

Each of their stores has a good range of sex products from bedroom basics like vibrators, dildos and cock rings to novelties, toys and games.

These are not specialist adult toy stores but an ideal shop for stag and hen parties looking for some fun as well as couples and any singles needing some solo action. Prices are also pretty reasonable.

However, the main draw to the Sex Max shops is, of course, the fact that they have sex cinemas on site. You can find more details listed above about the facilities and entrance prices.

You can find a branch of Sex Max in one of the following locations:

  • Tatari 1, 10141 Tallinn
  • Tartu maantee 62, 10115 Tallinn
  • Narva manatee 9, 10117 Tallinn
Tallinn sex shops sex max kino
Image via website.

Planet Amor


Väike-Ameerika 11, 10129 Tallinn

One of the city’s oldest sex shops and established in 1994, Planet Amor is more of a specialist and upmarket adult store. Yes, you can buy vibrators and dildos as well as novelty items but if you are looking for something a little bit ‘different’ then you should be able to buy these here. They do sell a great range of costumes and fantasy wear/

The store is open from 11.00am to 11.00pm daily as well as offering an online service.

Lasnamäe Sex Shop

P.Pinna 21, 13615 Tallinn

A small boutique sex shop in the centre of Lasnamäe open seven days a week from 10.00am to 10.00pm (6.00pm on Fridays). It doesn’t have the largest selection nor is it a specialist place to browse but they do have all of the basics including lubes and massage oils. Service is available in Russian or Estonian but some of the sales staff speak a little English.

Eros Boutique


Tehnika 1, Tallinn 10149

Eros is part of the same group of companies that operates Planet Amor and is sort of a sister shop. The main difference is that here you get more of an exclusive service with slightly more upmarket and speciality products. They mainly sell their goods online but the store on Tehnika also has a good range of toys and accessories to browse from.

Tallinn sex shops eros butik
Image via website.


Suur-Karja, 10140 Tallinn

And, if you are still looking for something in the capital city then Videvik may be able to help. More of a traditional magazine and DVD store, Videvik also has some other products available.