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Looking for sex in the city of Zagreb?

The capital of Croatia is home to a population of around 800,000 people and is the largest city in a country of 4.2 million. It is not the most popular tourist destination in Croatia with many more travellers visiting the coastal cities of Split and Dubrovnik or one of its many islands. However, Zagreb does attract a fair number of tourists, mainly for its history, culture and architecture. Dubbed, the ‘city of museums’ there are more of these institutions per capita than anywhere else in the world. Though it also has quite a vibrant nightlife, Zagreb is not a destination that is known for its adult thrills.

In this guide, we take a look at the sex scene in Zagreb and find out whether there are any opportunities for an erotic massage, lap dance or brothel experience.

Prostitution Laws in Croatia

Prostitution is against the law in Croatia with legislation making it illegal to sell sexual services but not to buy them. All associated activities are also prohibited, including running a brothel, pimping, soliciting and trafficking.

zagreb prostitution
Prostitution is not common in Zagreb and the city does not have a reputation for being a destination for sex tourism, however cheap it can be. Image via Wikimedia.

Historically, prostitution was fully legalised and regulated in Croatia and Zagreb was once one of Europe’s red-light cities. Areas of the capital were full of brothels and there were plenty of ladies of the night to be found on the streets. This reputation died a death after WWII but was still found to be true even as recently as the 1970s.

Today, however, prostitution is quite rare in Zagreb when compared to other European cities and although you can still find some hookers working the streets of advertising online, it is far less prominent or easy to find.

Though a part of the EU, Croatia’s currency is independent which does make it a cheaper destination for sex when compared to many other parts of Europe.

The cost of an escort, for example, is typically under €120 with some ladies charging as little as €30. As ever, the prices reflect the quality of the prostitute with more premium courtesans being available; these women will typically speak good English and be more attractive than the budget escorts.

There are believed to be anywhere from 4,000 to 12,000 prostitutes working in Croatia with around 20% of these estimated to be located in Zagreb.

The nationalities of sex workers is largely Croatian and Eastern European with some Western escorts and a minority of Asian hookers.

Unlike many cities across Europe, there are very few methods by which to engage the services of a prostitute in Zagreb with the main ways being to hire an escort or to pick up from the streets.

You can find further information on prostitution laws as well as an insight into the culture of sex in Croatia in our full feature guide.


Zagreb Escorts Guide

You should be aware that the cost of an escort can vary widely with some ladies charging foreigners more than locals. However, the broad average is around €120 with some budget options available as well as more premium services on offer.

As well as via the escort directories provided, you can also find escorts using the classifieds section of the Oglasnik newspaper. Usually offering erotic massage or as a personal ad, escorts procured in this way are often cheaper and can cost as little as €30-€50.

Interestingly there are very few specialist BDSM or fetish escorts in Zagreb.

Sex in Zagreb

Zagreb does not offer the same opportunities for sex that many European capitals do and the pickings are fairly slim here; not just because prostitution is illegal but the industry is not widely tolerated and supported like it is in other countries. Croatia is known for being one of the most Catholic countries in Europe and this influence is felt quite keenly across much of society. You can read more about the culture of sex in Croatia in our full feature guide.

The best chance of getting laid in Zagreb is either hiring an escort or trying your luck picking up in one of the bars and nightclubs; popular ones include:

  • Gallery, Aleja Matije Ljubeka, 10000, Zagreb
  • Opera Club, Petrinjska ul. 4, 10000, Zagreb
  • Hangar Club, Ul. Florijana Andrašeca 14, 10000, Zagreb


Brothels are illegal in Croatia and you won’t find any bordellos like you can in other European countries like Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Some taxi drivers may offer to take you to a ‘locals-only’ establishment but these are usually pretty dodgy venues where scamming (or worse) takes place. It is not recommended that you head ‘off-piste’ in Zagreb to find an illegal brothel.

This is a shame as the capital was once well-known for its red-light district and was one of the first cities in Europe where the government issued legitimate trade licenses to brothel owners. Both Kožarska Street and Tkalčićeva Street were well known for their bawdy houses. You can find a sculpture on the latter dedicated to the forgotten ‘ladies of the night’ outside the Rakhia Bar.

sex in zagreb Tkalčićeva street
Tkalčićeva Street in Zagreb was once famous across Europe for its brothels. Image via Wikimedia.

Sauna Clubs

There are no sauna clubs in Zagreb and the culture of FKK is not popular in Croatia.

Swingers Clubs

Croatia is a popular destination for swingers to hit the beaches on the Adriatic Sea coastline. With many naturist beaches and resorts, the natural progression was for swinging and dogging to also become popular. In fact, there are a lot of European clubs that organised summer parties and tours to Croatia, simply for this reason.

In Zagreb, however, there are no longer any groups or clubs after both the Kiss Club and Club 54 in Samobor closed down.

Despite there being a lack of organised events, the swinging scene is reasonably active although meets are now arranged in private homes on a small scale.

The Adult Hub seems to be the most popular way of couples to connect in Zagreb with listings for more than 200 couples currently listed as read for action. Other popular sites that offer opportunities for networking with other lifestyle members include:

swinging in zagreb
The Adult Hub has a lot of options for lifestyle couples and singles. Image via AdultHub.

Erotic Massage Parlours

There are very few places in Zagreb where you can get a happy ending massage with most of those venues that did offer this kind of rub and tug service now closed down.

Thai Massage Salons

There are quite a few Thai massage salons in Zagreb but most simply offer a therapeutic service.

Other Erotic Massage Options

As an alternative to a massage salon, you could use the services of an escort booked specifically for her skills in this area. However, the online classifieds also advertise the services of women who provide erotic massage. One particular local newspaper site currently has 130+ listings for masseuses in Zagreb.

The price is generally a lot cheaper and you can expect to pay around 400 HRK/€55 for a massage plus tip.

Some women even work in their own studios but many offer outcall services.

Strip Clubs

There is no tradition of striptease or gentleman’s clubs in Croatia and you can only find one real strip club in Zagreb. There are occasional clubs that pop up from time to time that may be suggested to you by taxi-drivers or guys you might get chatting to in a bar. Often these are not the safest of venues and there are reports of scams being run in this way. There have been recent stories of guys who have visited a club of this kind and been hit with an enormous bill for overpriced drinks and private services not performed.

If you are recommended a club that is not appearing on a Google search or is listed here then be wary; better still, if there are no queues forming to get in, then turn around and walk away.

There have been several attempts at strip clubs in the city including the Playhouse Gentleman’s Club, the Kiss Club and Princess but, sadly, none have survived.

Night Club Red Carpet

Ul. kneza Mislava 1, 10000, Zagreb

Though the only real strip club in Zagreb, the Night Club Red Carpet is far from being a salubrious place. It doesn’t have a great reputation and is known for being very expensive with not many girls. Compared to strip clubs in other capital cities, this one does not rank well.

zagreb strip club red carpet
One of the proper strip clubs in town, Red Carpet has you over a barrel. Image via Facebook.

There is an admission fee of around 150 Kuna (€20) and drinks are around 40 Kuna (€5) (bottle of beer). Private dances don’t come cheap and you can expect to part with around 600 Kuna (€80) for the privilege.

In its favour, the club does have a decent enough bar but it is small plus it is really your own option in the city.

One to hit if you are desperate but not highly recommended, judging by its reviews.

The Night Club Red Carpet is open daily from 9.00pm to 5.00am.

Laguna Bar and Nightclub

Kranjčevićeva ul. 29, 10000, Zagreb

The Laguna Bar and Nightclub is known as a gentleman’s club and for strip acts but the experience here is, like the Red Carpet, also inconsistent and expensive.

More like a men-only club than a strip club.

The Laguna is open daily from 9.00pm to 5.00m.

laguna strip club zagreb
The Laguna does have strip shows but they do not perform every night. Image via Facebook.

Street Prostitutes & Red-Light Districts

There are no official red-light districts in Zagreb and you won’t find window prostitutes, brothels and erotic massage parlours openly advertising their business. Unlike other parts of Europe like Germany, Austria and Hungary, the sex trade in Croatia is very much underground but you can find some pockets of prostitutes on the streets of Zagreb.

Typically, it is the main transport hubs where they congregate and you can find street walkers round the railway station, particularly just north of the main entrance.

We strongly recommend you avoid resorting to the streets – it is both illegal and dangerous.

Sex Shops

In keeping with trends across other European countries, sex shops have been moving online across Croatia over the last decade. However, the city still has half a dozen decent bricks and mortar sex shops where you can pick up a good range of sex toys, naughty lingerie and general bedroom basics.

There are no BDSM or fetish specialist stores but most do stock some bondage gear and a couple of surprising items. They are a great resource for easy and instant access to sexual health essentials, novelty items and pleasure toys.

You can find these sex shops at the following locations:

Prices are correct at the time of our review (September 2018) but it is recommended that you check the website for details of current pricing.

Featured image via Good Free Photos.

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