Minsk Escorts and Sex Guide

Looking for sex in the city of Minsk?

The capital of Belarus is home to a population of around 2 million people and entertains a few hundred thousand tourists each year. It is not a popular destination for Western Europeans due to the strict visa regulations but is a common place for many Russians. The city has become known as a capital of sex tourism in the Eastern Bloc despite prostitution being illegal. The label may be an unfair one and should not detract from the city’s many other cultural delights including some excellent architecture, classical entertainment and stunning monuments. However, Minsk does offer its guests a good deal of adult activities, if you can access the language barrier.

In this guide we take a look at the various ways that you can hook up in the Belarusian capital. From the kontaktbars in hotels, casinos and nightclubs to strip clubs, we have all the information for sex in Minsk.

Prostitution Laws in Belarus

Prostitution is illegal in Minsk but is a commonplace activity, albeit conducted quite discreetly. Like many Eastern European nations, it is the sex worker themselves that faces prosecution rather than the customer as selling sex is against the law and buying it is not. Associated activities such as pimping, trafficking and running a brothel are also prohibited.

prostitution minsk
Street prostitution in Minsk can be quite seasonal due to the harsh winters. Image via Wikimedia.

Infractions are normally dealt with quite leniently and are charged as administrative offences rather than criminal ones.

As well as European prostitutes, there is a market for Asian ladies and you will see some Vietnamese women working in the industry.

The trade on the streets can be quite seasonal due to the harsh weather conditions brought on in the winter and the busier months of summer see more women on the streets (see Street Prostitutes & Red-Light Districts, below).

There are an estimated 22,000 sex-workers operating in Belarus with around half of these working in and around the Minsk area. Some are independent escorts or work on the streets of the capital (sometimes with the ‘protection’ of a pimp) but many also work in organised groups servicing the country’s sex tourism markets. At the one end, there are some cheap brothels with a mix of Belarusian and other Eastern European girls whilst, at the top-end of the market, there are high-class prostitutes servicing guests of the hospitality sector from Russia. These premium escorts tend to work in and around the hotels and casinos of Minsk and are thought to be on the payroll of some clubs. In addition, some of the strip clubs are also known for being able to arrange more intimate meetings with their performers.

The price of sex in Minsk does vary a lot with the high-end club prostitutes (particularly those working in the casinos) charging several hundred Euros per hour. However, most escorts will be looking at a price of around €170 per hour with a one-shot limit.

You can find out more about prostitution laws as well as other legislation on pornography plus get an insight into the culture of sex in Belarus in our full feature guide.


Minsk Escorts Guide

The majority of tourists to Minsk come from Russia and, coupled with the close relationships between the country plus a shared language, the escort market is mainly geared towards the East. However, there are also tours that frequent Belarus coming from Western Europe as well as the Middle East and you can find escorts that speak English.

Prices do vary a lot in the capital with the average price being around €170 per hour although there is plenty of action on the premium scale here. Casinos, hotels and nightclubs seem to have good relations with the business and some have women who are available to hire on the premises, usually working discreetly posing as customers. The chances are that, if you are a high-roller at some of the city’s best tables, you will attract some of the finest courtesans in Minsk.

Sex in Minsk

Whilst prostitution is illegal in Belarus, this does not mean that finding and paying for sex has gone out of fashion. The means and methods are similar to other European countries but there are some nuances which can make it difficult if you aren’t in the know.


Brothels are illegal in Belarus and you will not find a Western European style bordello like those you might find in Hungary, Germany or Austria. Instead, sex workers tend to work in clubs, casinos and bars. Some of these venues will also arrange companionship.

Similar to the ‘kontaktbars’ found in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, most of these are run by hotels where you can expect more hospitality than you’d expect from your standard Hilton. Women are paid to be attentive to the guests and to keep them happy; this can often be just overtly sexualised attention but can also extend to more intimate affairs.


All of the casinos in Minsk offer junket tours, appealing to the markets of those countries where gambling is illegal, such as Russia. Designed to provide (usually quite wealthy) groups and individuals a full package deal of gambling and Belarusian hospitality, many of these also offer extra entertainment if you enquire discreetly. They are a great seller with bachelor groups as long as you have money to spend at the House.

All the high-end clubs have a dress code and face control, so it is worth remembering to dress to impress to avoid disappointment at the door.

Lastly, if your face doesn’t fit for whatever reason then you will find yourself going home empty handed from most of the casinos as the prostitutes who work in these venues are mainly elite courtesans who do not waste their time on chasing clients who can’t afford them! They are mainly the reserve of wealthy Russians and regular visitors to the tables.


The Belarusians know how to party and there are some excellent clubs in Minsk catering for locals as well as tourists. Some are very luxurious whilst others are a bit ‘basic’. The high-end clubs attract a lot of beautiful ladies.

Black House Club

Vulica Kisialiova 12, Minsk


Formerly the BlackHall Club, the Black House is a relatively new addition to the nightlife of Minsk and is well situated for the Piazza della Vittoria.

black house club minsk prostitutes
A vibrant and modern club, Black House is popular with the under 30s. Image via website.

It is a luxurious club with modern design including LED screens, waterfalls and sculptures with kudos to whoever created the giant screen made from more than 1000 Heineken bottles. The club has live shows and concerts and attracts international celebrities.

The Black House Club is open daily from 11.00pm to 5.00am.

Dozari Club

Praspiekt Niezaliežnasci 58, Minsk

This club on Independence Avenue is one Minsk’s more popular and renowned nightclubs. It is difficult to get into and usually has some big-name DJs and live acts performing here. It’s a modern venue with several dancefloors with some spectacular shows and a reputation for excellent bar service.

The women who work here are particularly attentive and are known to be some of the most attractive women in Belarus.

The Dozari Club is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10.00pm to 6.00am.

Next Nightclub @ Crowne Plaza Hotel

Vulica Kirava 13, Minsk


Situated on the 3rd floor of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, this club is well used by hotel guests, especially Westerners. There are some great shows to be had here and, if you have the money, three VIP areas for larger groups.

Hospitality here is good and there are some stunningly beautiful women.

The Next Nightclub is open daily from 11.00pm to 6.00am.

Rich Cat

vulica Viery Charužaj 29, Minsk


The Rich Cat is one of the most elegant nightclubs in Minsk and is impressively styled with huge effigies of white cats around the dancefloor. It is a notorious club for a good night out and attracts a lot of young and beautiful people.

rich cat night club minsk sex
Rich Cat is one of the trendiest night clubs in Minsk. Image via website.

The club also operates a winter ‘pageant’ between September and November. With three rounds of evening wear, cocktail dresses and branded t-shirts and shorts, the Miss Rich Cat contest is a big draw.

The Rich Cat is open daily from 11.00pm to 6.00am.

Titan Club,

Praspiekt Dziaržynskaha 104, Minsk


Situated in the south west of the city and about a 15-minute drive, the Titan Club is located in a large entertainment centre which includes a bowling alley, café and laser quest facility. It is a great looking club inside and is decorated with emerald green lighting, stylish modern dancing podiums and leather sofas.

The club is popular because it is not pretentious, and the entrance is less rigid than in some of the city-centre clubs. It has a good atmosphere and attracts a lot of locals.

The Titan is only open on Friday and Saturday nights from 11.00pm to 6.00am.

Best of the Rest

Some of the other better clubs in Minsk where you can find a good time or search for a hook-up:

  • Madison Royal Club, Timiryazeva str 9, Minsk
  • NLO Club, Vulica Jakuba Kolasa 37, Minsk
  • Re:Public Club, Vulica Prytyckaha 62/5, Minsk
  • The Loft, Vulica Pietrusia Broŭki 22, Minsk
  • Black Door, Vulica Viery Charužaj 29, Minsk
  • Coyote Bar, Praspiekt Niezaliežnasci 117a, Minsk

Sauna Clubs

Whilst there are sauna clubs in Minsk that are rumoured to offer sexual services, there is very little information about which ones do and those that don’t. This is an area which seems exclusively open only to locals or to visiting Russians and would certainly be an option only for those who speak the language.

Those with a good level of Russian (or Belarusian) should discreetly enquire with the concierge at their hotel for further information about these kinds of venue.

Swingers Clubs

It is unclear just how popular swinging is in Minsk but there are certainly no advertised clubs or groups running in the city. The common perception is that, among the locals, there is some partner-swapping, but this is not really open for Westerners. It may well be that Russian lifestyle members can access this kind of scene more readily.

There are the occasional tourists who post details of their stay via the popular international swingers’ forums and, if you are intent on hooking up with other couples whilst in the city, you could try the following:

swinging in minsk
The Adult Hub is an excellent source of swinging couples in Minsk. Image via AdultHub.

Erotic Massage Parlours

There are no erotic massage parlours in Minsk although there is some anecdotal evidence that rub and tug services are offered in the city. However, the authorities are quite quick to clamp down on these kinds of establishments and there is little information available about venues which offer this service.

Certainly, as with the presence of sauna clubs, foreigners seem barred from accessing details of these venues. Russians may have a better chance of finding an erotic massage parlour in Minsk.

Strip Clubs

There are quite a few options for strip clubs in Minsk with some offering a more traditional burlesque/cabaret style of entertainment and others offering a modern show of erotic dancers. There is also good variety in terms of prices and venues with our selection of the best shows and clubs to visit being detailed below.

Gentleman’s House

Zybitskaya 9, Minsk


The club has a great offer that guests can get free admission if they show a ticket from another strip club. In this way, they often clean up at the end of an evening with customers taking in two clubs in one evening for the price of one. To be completely honest, the reputation for the dancers here is so good that many people would not bother starting anywhere else.

minsk strip clubs gentlemans house
The Gentleman’s House is a small venue so large groups would be better trying elsewhere. Image via website.

It is small venue compared to some you might find in Western Europe but has been well styled and recruitment is strong. Dancers perform continuously throughout the night as well as providing private entertainment.

The prices here are reasonable with entrance being 40 rubles (€16), dances just 20 rubles (€8) and a private dance for 100 rubles (€40).

The Gentleman’s House is open daily from 9.30pm to 5.00am.

Max Show Club

Praspiekt Niezaliežnasci 73, Minsk


Situated in the Oktyabr cinema, the Max Show Club puts on nightly erotic shows featuring women in various stages of undress. It used to be one of the more popular clubs in the city but over the last decade has been outstripped (literally) by others.

However, the Max Show Club is reasonably priced and is frequented by a lot of women as well as men. For that reason, it is worth checking the website before heading out as the club sometimes has all-male revues.

The club is open daily from 10.30pm to 6.00.

Moulin Rouge (Мулен Руж)

Vulica Kaĺvaryjskaja 1, Minsk


A more classic cabaret style club where you can experience the traditional culture of burlesque and titivation. The club is also a popular restaurant and there is some good live music, plenty of girls which gives way to a disco after the shows are over.

moulin rouge minsk strip club
A more traditional strip experience, the Moulin Rouge cabaret show. Image via website.

It is a stylish club which harks back to the Parisian club from which it gets its name. It’s not somewhere you will find the best action in the city but certainly offers good entertainment.

The Moulin Rouge is open daily from midnight to 5.00am.

Best of the Rest

Also worth a mention are the following venues that also offer a great strip club experience in Minsk.

Street Prostitutes & Red-Light Districts

There are no red-light districts in Minsk and you won’t find any official zones like those in the Netherlands or in Germany. Most of the city’s nightlife is spread out and there are clubs, casinos and bars right across the capital.

The price of sex from the streets of Minsk does vary with the cost in the city being more expensive. Reports suggest €40 on average with a quickie, oral or manual costing less. City prices around the busy clubs can be double this during summer.

Take note that chasing sex on the streets is illegal. We recommend you avoid it.

Sex Shops

Minsk has a good selection of sex shops and they are well distributed around the city. Between them they offer a very comprehensive selection of lingerie, toys and essentials. Sadly, you won’t find adult films and magazines on sale as pornography is illegal in Belarus.

libido minsk sex shops
Situated by the Almy shopping centre, Libido has a good range of sex toys, naughty lingerie and more. Image via website.


Most have excellent reputations for service and selection with prices (for Europe) being quite reasonable.

From poppers, performance enhancers and novelty items to niche products such as electrosex, BDSM gear and sex machines, the city has it all. Most are open quite late and open from mid-morning.

Our choice selection of the best sex shops in Minsk are:

  • Extaz, Partizansky Prospekt, 8, bldg. 15, of. 201, Minsk 220033
  • Libido, 91 Dzerzhinskogo Avenue (1st floor), Minsk
  • Erotiks, Dzerzhinsky, 11, p. 728, Minsk 22008
  • Sex Shop 24, Prospect Pushkin 28, Office 21a, Minsk 220092
  • Eroticon, Prospekt Rokossovskogo, d. 2 Shopping center “GIPPO” №17, Minsk 220094
  • Eroticon, ul.Moskovskaya 22 BC “TERRUM” 1st floor, Minsk 220007
  • Euro Intim, Ulitsa Zakharova 50в, Minsk
  • Amor, zavulak Instrumientaĺny 6, Minsk 220012
  • 4SEX, ul.Lazo d.6 of.8, Minsk 220102
  • Intim Shop, vulica Kirava 23, Minsk 22003
  • Sex Shop, ul. Kalvariyskaya, d. 44, TC “Lotus, Minsk 220073
  • Harmonia (several stores):
    • TD “ZHDANOVICHI”, ul. Timiryazev 125, room 8, World of Fashion-5, 2nd floor, pavilion No. 12.
    • TRC “EXPOBEL” “UPPER PASSAGE”, the intersection of MKAD and the street. Miroshnichenko, SEC “ExpoBel”, 2nd floor, “Upper Passage”, pavilion No. 3
    • SHOPPING CENTER “ZERKALO”, Komarovsky market, st. V. Khoruzhey, 6B, Zerkalo shopping center, 2nd floor, Pavilion No. 8
    • TC “MAGNIT” , ul. Sharangovicha,
    • TC “TOP” “KUNTSEVSCHINA”, st. m. “Kuntsevschina”, st. Burdeynogo, 6 (Western market), shopping center “
  • 6969, Turovsky 8, Pavilion 129, Minsk 220114

All quoted prices are correct at the time of our review (September 2018), but it is recommended that you check individual websites for details of current pricing.

Featured image via Wikimedia.