How to Hook Up In Prague

Looking for some no-strings fun in the Czech capital?

One of the most underrated capital cities in the world, the nightlife around Prague is exceptional. With cheap beer, modern clubs and traditional bars there are tons of hang outs to hit for hooking up in the evening. Not only that but the capital is very pedestrian friendly with plenty of easy spots for some daygame.

In this feature guide, we’ll give you a quick rundown on what you can expect from the casual dating scene in Prague including a general overview of Czech girls. We’ll also offer some tips and advice on hooking up in Prague as well as our suggestions for the best place to meet women in the city.

What are Czech Girls Like in Prague?

Despite the country’s relative youth since the dissolution of its socialist government in the early 1990s, Czechia is a very modern nation with Prague being its cultural, as well as its political, centre. Women here enjoy a very Western-style standard of living, are well educated, have good career prospects and are, largely, pretty liberal-minded.

Their outlook on dating is similar to that which you would find in most European capitals and you can find plenty of Czech girls who are only interested in causal dating as well as those who are seeking a more serious relationship.

hook up guide prague czech women
Looking for a casual date in Prague? Image via Good Free Photos.

So, what are the girls like in the Czech Republic capital?

Czech women are renowned the world over for being strong-willed and determined yet incredibly feminine. This latter quality can sometimes be mistaken for submissiveness which has an alluring appeal to many men.

Combine this with a strong love of traditional values and a distinct apathy towards ‘feminism’ as driven by the Western world, the Czechs had a long history of dealing with tumultuous times so they (and the menfolk of Czechia) are quite pragmatic.

This can best be seen in their independence, efficiency and their strong work ethic; these are women who want to look after themselves.

As for what the ‘average’ Czech woman looks like, there is a lot of variation to be seen, particularly in Prague. However, there is a certain elegance to the females in this country that can best be described as having grace, poise and dignity. Whether their (generally) leggy and lithe figures are a result of genetics or just an attitude of personal care and attention is one for the academics but women from Prague certainly look like they know how to look after themselves.

The Slavic area has a reputation for producing some striking looking faces and the typical ‘look’ here is one of long-shaped faces, large eyes and prominent noses. Skin tones are darker in complexion than in Eastern Europe.

Finally, women in Prague seem to have a great sense of fashion and love to wear clothes that accentuate their bodies, often choosing high heels and skirts over more practical clothes.

hooking up prague czech women
Where can you find women to hook up with in Prague? Image via Need Pix.

Tips for Hooking Up with Girls in Prague

So, how can you improve your chances of hooking up with Czech women in Prague?

These are just a few ideas about how to win over a potential hook-up when in Prague.

#1. Don’t Be Shy – Women in Prague are known for being down-to-earth, easy going and relaxed with strangers so it should be fairly straight forward to start conversations. Be bold and get chatting if you see someone you want to talk to.

#2. Be Prepared to Let Them Pay – The women here are used to earning their own wages and paying their own way. They are far less likely to expect a man to pay for everything on a night out and aren’t in need of a ‘rescuer’. Offer, but don’t insist on paying.

On the subject of money, there is absolutely no need to talk about how much of it you have as  this doesn’t impress the girls in this part of the world. Well, certainly not the women who don’t want paying to be in your company!

#3. Don’t Stand Out – Women in Prague are a little wary of men who are showing off, behaving/spending excessively. By and large, ‘ordinary’ and ‘normal’ are more attractive qualities. This also applies to your dress-sense; the more you are trying hard to impress…the less likely you will be to succeed. Dress smartly but don’t go overboard.

#4. Be Confident – On the flip side of the above advice, it’s important to be behave with confidence both in your body language and tone of voice. Be assertive but not aggressive, be friendly but not a walkover.

#5. Show Initiative – Again with the confidence, be bold and make suggestions. It’s fine for you to take the lead but do expect her to counter with her own ideas of where to go, what to do etc.

#6. Keep the Conversion Casual – Just as most Czech women aren’t that interested in your career, bank balance or general life story, they would also prefer to keep chat to a light and casual tone. Don’t dig too much or press for information. A sense of humour goes a long way in Czechia and your chances of hooking up will more than likely rely more on your banter than your bank balance.

#7. Be Aware of The Signs – Women in Prague are used to a bit of flirtation and will be happy to reciprocate but if you think any encounter might be headed for more then look for the signs she is open to a hook-up. You should be aware of her body language such as if she keeps touching your arm, leg etc and any suggestive talk; if she makes four positive signs then you may just get lucky.

hook up prague czech women
Image via Pixabay.

#8. Be Respectful of Her and Others – All women are tuned to how men treat other people so it is important that you not only show your companion the respect she deserves but also those around you including bar staff.

#9. Drink Slowly, if at all – Czech women aren’t massive drinkers and aren’t used to spending all night long in bars downing endless drinks. They are not a nation of binge-drinkers. As such, they aren’t that turned on by a guy who can put it away and you probably aren’t as charming as you think you are when you’ve had a few beers. Dutch courage is fine but keep your eyes on the end goal.

#10. Let Her Make Some of the Running – Counter-intuitive as it sounds, Czech women are strong-willed and independent and love to do some of the pursuing so don’t be afraid to play a little hard to get.

#11. Don’t be Overt About Sex – Whilst a hook-up might be the goal you should avoid talking directly about sex. Instead, be flirty and suggestive.

Good Places to Find Women in Prague

Prague is a popular destination for tourists looking for a good time as the cost of living here is still relatively cheap when compared to the rest of Europe. Beer, in particular, is very inexpensive as are meals, entry prices to clubs and accommodation costs. Flights are easy to find and are fairly cheap.

One of the great things about hooking up in Prague is the high level of English that is spoken in the city. Unlike some of Czechia’s neighbours, the residents in the Central European country all speak English very well.

As we’ve said, the women are incredibly friendly so, when it comes to starting conversations, it’s pretty easy but where can you find the best women in the city?

daygame hook up prague czech women
Wenceslas Square is a great day spot to try hooking up. Image via Pixabay.


The art of meeting women without going to nightclubs, daygame in Prague is pretty good and can happen at any time, any place; from the train station to the supermarket and even on the streets.

Prague is very pedestrian friendly and there are lots of opportunities to approach women during the day. The city is so well known for its daygame that women here are well-used to this kind of approach, particularly in the street cafes around Old Town and at the malls. Other good spots include Atrium Flora, Wenceslas Square and Malá Stranaare.

The Vltava River also has some great promenades on which you can find plenty of spots, particularly in the spring and summer time.


After dark, the city of Prague comes to life in the typical ways of any European capital and the many bars and clubs are full of great opportunities for hooking-up with Czech women.

night time hook up prague czech women
Image via Lucerna Music Bar.

One of the biggest clubs in the city and certainly one of the most popular is the Lucerna Music Bar off Wenceslas Square.  It can be quite a loud place for any conversation but definitely a good club for getting up close and personal on the dancefloor.

Some other great clubs with a party atmosphere are:

  • M1 Lunge Bar and Club
  • Chapeau Rouge
  • Cross Club
  • Epic Prague
  • Black Angel’s
  • Music Club Zlaty Storm
  • Coco Café Disco Bar
  • KU Club and Bar
  • Roxy
  • Palac Akropolis
  • SaSaZu

Alternatively, you could try hitting up a bar where you can get to talking a lot easier and (again) there is no lack of good places in Prague. We can recommend:

  • James Dean Bar
  • Hangar Bar
  • Tretter’s
  • Bugsy’s
  • Harleys
  • Solidni
  • Ocean Drive
  • La Fabrique
  • Double Trouble
  • U Sudu

Featured image via Pixabay.