Sex Holidays in Spain: Boozing, Cruising and Losing Money Fast

Looking for a sex holiday in Spain?

Spain has long had a reputation for being a country that offers tourists the chance to really let their hair down and party hard. The coastline is full of towns that appeal to different types of visitors, from those that cater for weekend parties for stag and hen dos to islands and resorts with a pumping night club scene. In addition, many of Spain’s major cities also have plenty to offer the hedonistic partygoer looking for some casual encounters. Yes, Spain combines sun, sea, sand and sex to best effect for boozing and cruising….or losing money fast if you want to pay for a good time.

In this feature, we bring you the top destinations in the country for partying, hooking up and more. El viva Espana!

Best Destinations in Mainland Spain for Partying, Casual Sex and More

When it comes to how to choose one destination over another we’ve employed the age old criteria of volume, variety and availability. We’ve considered how many clubs, adult entertainment venues and hook up opportunities there are in any location as well as the range of choices. Lastly, we’ve also factored in how busy a destination gets and whether it offers year-round party fun.

So, we’ve come up with our top list of the best places in Spain for party animals looking to booze, cruise and maybe lose some money in the process.


Our number one pick for the best hook up scene in Spain is Madrid, where it’s party season every weekend. Unlike some of the other resorts on this list, Madrid’s nightlife and pick up scene is busy all year round.

As with many Spanish cities, the evenings don’t really get going until well after 10.00pm. This is the time of the evening when dinner is over and the clubs start to open up; families head home and Madrid becomes a playground for the young and adventurous. Most of the best clubs don’t really get going until at least 1am with the time beforehand being spent in some of the city’s many bars.

madrid party sex
Gran Via is central to most of the clubs…as the shops close, the clubs open. Image via Flickr.

The nightlife in Madrid is hugely varied and depending on the kind of music scene you are into, there are live bands and clubs that cater to all tastes. Our best choice of clubs in the city that never sleeps include Fabrik, a mega-club that is a Mecca for techno fan and brings a mainland Ibiza vibe to the mix.

Other clubs that offer a mad night out include:

  • Teatro Kapital – An iconic club with over 7 floors of different music rooms.
  • Gotham Club – A lot of students head here which makes it good pick-up territory.
  • Hotel Club California – Actually run as a brothel but with a nightclub.
  • Barcelo Theatre – An exclusive and elegant disco club, pricey but a more mature crowd.
  • Sala Pirandello – An open-minded club with a heavy mix of LGBT. Some crazy and wild parties here.

When it comes to paying for sex, Madrid has a great selection of brothels, erotic massage parlours and three red-light districts to browse street prostitutes from. The city also has a couple of good strip clubs as well as swingers clubs that often allow single men to join in.

If you still have some money left in your wallet after a few nights out in Madrid and you fancy something a little different, there are plenty of casinos in the city to enjoy. Our top choice is Casino Gran Via for a touch of class and elegance or Casino Gran Madrid Colón for some exhilarating gambling fun.

Lastly, as a measure of just how much casual sex is on offer, the Spanish site Mis Pacaderos has listings of over 1300 places in the city where you can go for some discreet casual fun.

You can read our full city guide to Madrid’s sex scene and escorts here.


This city on the Cost del Sol will not be a surprise to anyone who has any knowledge of Spain’s hot spots. It’s a trendy part of a popular coastline and offers crystal clear seas and amazing sandy beaches. Little wonder that the beach bars are one of the main attractions and there are dozens and dozens offering plentiful hook up opportunities with both locals and tourists.

The city is also well known for its club scene and there are several great night clubs in addition to live music in the bars and cafes.

There are a couple of strip clubs as well as a few dozen brothels including the 24/7, Ventura Rodriguez 51.

brothel malaga
No 51 is a popular brothel in Malaga offering full service. Image via website.

The temperate weather in Malaga make it a popular place for winter sun and as a result the city is perfectly primed for all year round action.

According to the site Mis Pacaderos Malaga has over 340 spots where you can get some privacy for some late night action, if you get lucky.


Spain’s 3rd largest city, Valencia on the Balearic coastline is another popular destination for weekend parties, particularly stag and hen dos. As with any Spanish town, the action starts to heat up after 11pm and there is no shortage of bars to hit before you head to one of Valencia’s many night clubs.

The best action can be found in the Barrio del Carmen district, particularly around Calle Cabelleros. It’s a vibrant part of the city and the venues really cater well to a mix of crowds including students plus the more mature night birds. Music is a big draw and you will find that most bars have live music, loud sound systems or a DJ to keep the atmosphere primed.

In the summer, the city attracts a lot of boat parties and these are well worth attending if you can get tickets (or an invite). Some clubs have pools that also offer a great way to hook up so Valencia is perhaps more suited to the March-October season.

There are two casinos in the city where you can rapidly lose some cash if you fancy burning a hole in your wallet but if you are lucky then they tend to be venues where some very attractive women scope for pick ups.

In addition to the general nightlife and opportunities for hooking up, the city also has several brothels, swinger’s clubs, happy ending massage salons and strip clubs. You can also find street prostitutes working the area around both the Old Town and the railway station.

Once again, our friends at Mis Picaderos reckon there are almost 400 spots in the city that are perfect for some al fresco action.

During the summer months there are also a whole bunch of boat parties and pool parties that are worth taking a look at. These usually run throughout the warmer months from March until September.

You can read more about the sex scene in Valencia in our full city guide here.

boat parties valencia
Valencia offers a great launch site for some amazing boat parties including those that island hop to Ibiza. Image via Wikimedia.


Known for its student life, Granada in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Andalucía is an often-overlooked city for partying. True, it is definitely no Ibiza but it does offer a quirky and bohemian edge to its nightlife. There are some funky bars and modern clubs that are well attended by both the locals as well as tourists plus those party-animals, students.

It’s a classy party city and not one that comes with your typical crowd of teenage Brits and backpackers but is definitely worth exploring for its hook ups.

There isn’t a huge amount of sex work going on in the city although the Geisha Club is a popular brothel and has a good reputation but you won’t find strip clubs like in Madrid or Barcelona.

Mis Picaderos has 340+ recommendations for spots around the city where you can take a hook up for some casual outdoor fun.


Marbella has a reputation for being a glamorous city and is home to the famous Puerto Banus, a luxury yachting port frequented by millionaires on the hunt for some upmarket Costa del Sol action.

As well as exclusive nightclubs, the classiest venues can be found on the Golden Mile and around the port itself. Home to celebrities and even the Saudi royal family, this area offers luxury as well as vibrancy. However, if you fancy something a little less formal then there are just as many local bars and clubs that attract the party masses.

Summer is the peak season for Marbella and you are likely to find some big name DJs in town making appearances at the bigger clubs. However, you can get just as much action during the October to March season.

It’s a great city with a lot of choice in adult entertainment and deserves its place on the list of the best sex holiday destinations in Spain.


Best Spanish Island Destinations for Partying, Casual Sex and More

Moving off the coast to check out some of Spain’s party islands, we thought we’d group together the best locations in the Balearic Sea.


According to a study conducted by the sex retailer, Ann Summers, Ibiza is the top European destination where most people have had sex with a stranger. 34% of those polled who visited the Spanish island admitted to having sex with someone they didn’t know during their stay. That’s one in every three holidaymakers!

The island has a global reputation for its music and club scene and is the real jewel of Spain’s island nightlife. Clubs are epic adventures and offer a real heady mix of great music, an upbeat atmosphere and rich pickings for some casual fun with horny holidaymakers. There are some iconic venues to try here including Eden and Pacha.

pacha ibiza spain sex holiday
Pacha is one of Europe’s most iconic night clubs and still draws big crowds. Image via Wikimedia.

Beachside bars offer an alternative to the club scene and the island also has some idyllic natural spots that make al fresco fun very much on the menu.

As well as the club scene, Ibiza has a huge selection of other ways to enjoy the night and there is a varied selection of strip clubs, lap dancing bars as well as brothels plus an active street prostitution scene.

High rollers can visit the Casino of Ibiza to get a complete change of scenery. An elegant venue with full AC, the casino means visitors get to dress up for a change.

An absolute paradise for booing and cruising, Ibiza is one of Spain’s top destinations for partying and the casual hook up.

Magaluf, Majorca

According to the same Ann Summers survey, Majorca was the second top holiday destination where tourists were having casual sex with strangers. 30% of those polled who visited the island admitted to having a one-night stand with someone they didn’t know.

magaluf sex holidays spain
Magaluf is a popular holiday destination; by day a family haven but by night the clubs attract the real party animals. Image via Wikimedia.

Magaluf is Majorca’s 18-30s Mecca and is home to one of Europe’s largest nightclubs BCM Planet Dance. With a capacity of 4000 people, it is a huge venue and attracts vast numbers of partygoer, particularly in the peak summer season when Magaluf is brim full of tourists.

There are a lot of places on the island catering for adult needs with plenty to choose from around the Magaluf area. As well as strip clubs, escorts and bars you can also find a couple of brothels.

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has a several options for the party scene depending on what kind of music and vibe you are into. The capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the north offers a more sophisticated scene but Playa del Ingles in the south offers far more of the laddish nightclub experience. Puerto Rico is also popular for younger partygoers.

The island is no Ibiza but all of these resorts have a good reputation for their nightlife with lots of bars, clubs and late night restaurants.

Street prostitution can be found in Las Palmas and Playa des Ingles and both have some good erotic massage on offer. You can also pay for a professional service at one of the many bordellos on the island.

It’s a place that is best explored during peak season when the most tourists hit the island as off-season can be very quiet. Certainly during the day, Gran Canaria is sleepy at best but after dark, the action really hits up over the summer.

Best of the Rest

There are really too many great destinations in Spain to recommend so as a whirlwind tour of some other places to consider, we’d also like to add:

  • Benidorm – Alicante’s iconic resort has well over 2000 bars and clubs and has long been regarded as Spain’s nightlife central. As well as offering plenty of hook up opportunities, the areas has some of the country’s most popular beaches at Costa Blanca. It is hugely popular with Western tourists, particularly the Brits, and can get rammed over the summer but has less of an appeal during the winter season.
benidorm sex holidays spain
Benidorm has been a Mecca for party loving Brits for decades. Image via Wikimedia Commons.
  • Seville – The capital of Spain’s southern region, Seville is home to a cultured mix of tourists drawn for the traditional Spanish music, flamenco and upmarket entertainment (ballet, opera and theatres). However, don’t be put off by the high-brow reputation of this great city, the Triana District has a lot of trendy bars and clubs that make for some serious partying, Iberian style.
  • Barcelona – The capital of the Catalonia region and an iconic European city, Barcelona has just as much as Madrid to offer in terms of nightlife and adult entertainment. It is home to dozens of erotic theatres, strip clubs and brothels as well as nightclubs, bars and clubs. You can find out more about the sex scene and adult entertainment available in Barcelona with our full city guide.

Featured image via Wikipedia.