5D Porn: Amsterdam’s New Porno Cinema Experience

5d porn amsterdam sex cinema

Fancy watching porn in 5D? Yes, you read that right, porn has just taken a giant step forward into a fully immersive 5D world. At the end of March this year, a new sex cinema, capable of screening 3D porn scenes complete with added air-cannons and water jets, opened to great delight in Amsterdam’s famous … Read more

A Hedonist’s Guide to Legal Highs (and Lows) in Amsterdam

cannabis amsterdam

Fancy enjoying a hedonistic weekend away in Amsterdam and want to know what kind of legal highs you can pick up in the city? Amsterdam has long had an association with hedonism with its famous red-light districts and coffee shops. The city’s residents have a laid-back approach to life and either embrace the pursuit of … Read more

Inside De Wallen: Amsterdam’s Famous Sex District

inside de wallen map amsterdams famous sex district

Want to know more about what you can find inside De Wallen? The centre of prostitution in the capital of the Netherlands for over 800 years, De Wallen is the most famous red-light district in the world. Attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, De Wallen not only offers many people a close-up look … Read more

Yab Yum: The Story of Amsterdam’s Most Exclusive Brothel

yab yum most exclusive brothel amsterdam

Amsterdam has earned itself an international reputation for its red light districts and brothels. But no single establishment has contributed more to this status than the historic and high-class bordello, Yab Yum. The famous but innocuous looking building with the green lantern closed its doors to the sex industry in 2008, reinvented itself as a … Read more

The Best Live Sex Shows in the Netherlands

porn stats france

Want to watch a live sex show in the Netherlands? Whilst Amsterdam is well known for its live sex and peep shows, there is also a culture of the sex cinema around the Netherlands. Movie theatres strictly for adults, the cinemas charge an admission fee for watching porn but sex acts take place within the … Read more

Hooking Up with Dutch Women: A Tourist’s Guide

lgbtq rights france paris pride

Heading to the Netherlands and fancy your chances at hooking up with a Dutch girl? Known for being confident and independent women, Dutch girls have a reputation for being dominant creatures in general, as well as in the bedroom. Tall, blonde and with good fashion sense there’s a reason those BeNeLux girls get our pulses … Read more

Private House Brothels: What You Need To Know

A typical Private House brothel

Looking for a more discreet sexual encounter in Amsterdam? The tourist trappings of the window girls are vibrant and exciting but are less than private. When it comes to getting a slice of the action, not every man wants passers by knowing his business, particularly when the streets of the red light district are crowded … Read more

The Window Girls of Amsterdam

Window Girls of Amsterdam

If you want to sample the showcase of the red light district of Amsterdam then there is no escaping the lure of the window girls. Using all premium positions from street level upwards, these girls showcase themselves in neon lit booths to entice customers inside. As much a tourist hot spot as an active stomping … Read more

Asmara Sexclub Review

An Asmara sex club model

If you are heading to Amsterdam to sample some of the famous red light district action then you might just be caught in a tourist trap with high prices, short sessions and a less than discreet entrance. However, if you are looking for a brothel in Amsterdam that has a simple menu with a well-established … Read more