Xdolls: The Parisian Sex Doll Brothel

Want to book some one-on-one time with a French love doll?

France’s first love doll brothel opened in 2018 to a mixed response. Whilst some people were thrilled to get the opportunity to try out these state-of-the art cyber hookers, there were others who were less than thrilled abut the idea.  Those in opposition claimed that the brothel was a ‘degrading’ place where men could ‘fuel their rape fantasies’; yet, despite investigations by the police, Xdolls Paris is still in operation.

In this feature we’ll take a closer look at France’s sex doll brothel including what you can expect, the kinds of dolls on offer as well as an overview of the legal battles the company faced when it first opened.

Xdolls: The Sex Doll Agency

Launched in February 2018, Xdolls in Paris was the first ‘brothel’ of its kind to open in France. Owned and operated by Joachim Lousquy, previously a vaping store entrepreneur, the apartment is located in the 20th arrondissement and provides guests with private ‘sessions’ with one of their lifelike silicone sex dolls.

xdolls sex doll brothel france

The grand opening was not without controversy and both Communist members of the Council of Paris and anti-prostitution groups objected to the business’s operations. Together, protesters raised an official objection which was brought to the senate in March 2018. The discussion was on whether the business contravened France’s laws on brothels and if Xdolls was facilitating prostitution. Under French law, brothels have been prohibited since 1946 and prostitution is also banned.

It’s interesting to point out that when Xdolls opened, it did so as a registered ‘gaming centre’ and refers to its private rooms as ‘game spaces’. A subsequent visit by the police to investigate the complaints found that the business was not in violation of any laws.

Despite the fact that Xdolls does not contravene any rules or regulations, there is still an icy atmosphere in the senate over the fact that this ‘sex robot brothel’ continues to operate. As well as objecting to the way this kind of service offers sex for money, French Communist Party officials believe that sex dolls are guilty of “dehumanising the relationship between women and men”.

The idea behind sex doll brothels is still a novelty but there have been several businesses that are similar to Xdolls that have opened up across the continent. You can find full details in our recent feature guide The Rise of Sex Doll Brothels in Europe.

With some scientists predicting that sex in the future with robots will be a ‘normal’ part of life, it looks as though these kinds of establishments are here to stay.


Xdolls: What To Expect

So, what can visitors to France’s only sex doll brothel expect?

On arrival at Xdolls, guests are greeted by a receptionist and taken to a private relaxation area, equipped with a TV screen and an audio headset (or VR). The doll of your choice will be waiting for you in the desired (and pre-requested) position.

If you have opted for VR then you will be shown how to use the device and then left in privacy to enjoy your session. All guests must use a condom for any penetration with the doll, including any penetration from the doll (eg. penis plugs).

All dolls are thoroughly cleaned and sterilised in between appointments.

xdolls sex doll brothel france virtual reality

Virtual Reality

Offered as a way to enhance your experience with your sex doll, VR headsets are available with a wide selection of adult movies. This immersive addition ‘guarantees strong sensation’.

Xdolls For Sale

If you enjoy your session then you might want to look at investing in your own sex doll. Fortunately, the brothel has a wide selection of dolls which can be customised to order and delivered directly to your door.

Prices start at around €1700 and everything from skin, eye and hair colour, nipple size and pubic hair can all be custom designed to suit your needs.

xdolls sex doll brothel france buy your own sex doll

Xdolls: Meet the ‘Ladies’

Xdolls Paris currently has four love dolls available:

  • Lily – a brunette ‘European’ lady standing at 1.5m with a generous chest and plump buttocks.
  • Sofia – An athletic dark blonde Western girl with a firm body and ample buxom. She has hazel eyes and comes complete with a plug penis for extra kinky play. Sofia is a tall doll at 1.68m.
  • Candice – The smallest sex doll in the house, Candice is just 1.44m tall and cuts a petite but athletic figure with her long blond hair and blue eyes.
  • Sarah – A slender auburn girl with perky breasts and standing at 1.55m, Sarah is one of the ‘briskest’ ladies on the team. Sarah also has a plug penis available for those guests want something extra in their session.

All of the dolls at Xdolls are manufactured in China and are made from luxury silicone over a reinforced, articulated metal skeleton. This means they can be fully posed.

There are three standard orifices (mouth, anus and vagina) and some of the dolls come with a plug penis which can be used to create your very own ‘shemale’ sex doll.

Sessions are booked for a minimum of one hour as the brothel owners believe that anything less is not enough to take full advantage of your experience. The truth to this is that manipulating the dolls into the desired positions can take longer than if you were being serviced by a real girl.

xdolls sex doll brothel france candice
Petite Candice awaits your pleasures in the Parisian sex doll brothel, Xdolls.

Prices at Xdolls

Sessions at Xdolls are chargeable by the hour with current in-house rates being:

  • 1 Hour – €89
  • 2 Hours – €149
  • Each addition hour thereafter – €75

Couples may book an hour together with a doll for €120.

A deposit of €100 is payable for each session which is returnable once your time is up. This deposit is taken to ensure that any and all damage to their sex dolls is covered. Your deposit is also at risk if you do not adhere to the rules of using a condom with the dolls.

In addition to the standard sessions, clients may upgrade their time to include the Virtual Reality option; this costs an extra €19.

Finally, outcall sessions to your place of works, home or hotel can be arranged from €250.

Where To Find Xdolls

The Xdolls apartment is situated in the 20th arrondissement in the east of Paris. It is an area known for being slightly ‘bohemian’ and there is certainly less objection to the business than when it was first opened in the 14th arrondissement.

The full address is kept private to ensure discretion for clients. Once you make a booking, the details will be confirmed to you as soon as payment for your deposit has been processed.

Online booking is no longer available but you can find contact details on the Xdolls website to arrange your session.

All featured images via Xdolls website.