How to Find Casual Sex in Oslo

Heading to Oslo and interested in some casual sex?

Norway’s capital is a modern, young and vibrant city with plenty of nightlife, adult entertainment and ways to enjoy Scandi culture. For couples heading to Oslo, they can enjoy much of this lifestyle together in the knowledge that, at the end of the night, they know who they hooking up with. For single travellers, looking for sex can be a minefield in an unfamiliar city. And, since the two most popular sources for online hook-ups have now been removed from the internet, finding casual sex in Oslo is not as simple as hitting up Craigslist or Backpage.

In this feature, we take a look at the options of casual sex in Oslo including the best hook up sites and apps as well as the most popular venues for finding a one-night stand in Norway’s capital. We also have some other suggestions for casual sex in Oslo.

According to the Durex Global Sex Survey, Norwegians are one of Europe’s more promiscuous nations with the average number of sexual partners per person being 12.1 vs the global average of 9. Only Iceland and Finland had higher numbers of sexual partners at 12.5 and 12.4 respectively. The same survey revealed that 53% of Norwegians wish they had sex more frequently with 70% having enjoyed a one-night stand (the highest percentage recorded) and 41% having had an extra-marital affair (second highest behind Turkey).

Not only is Oslo full of locals and students but is also a popular European city for backpackers and tourists. All in all, the city is crammed with good opportunities for casual sex. We’ll supply the tips, you just need to bring you’re A-game.

Top Venues for Singles in Oslo

The traditional way to meet and pick up singles is still popular across Europe and Oslo is no exception. Norwegians like to head to bars and clubs for a night out and there are many singles who are more than happy with casual sex. If the above results from Durex are right and almost half of Norwegians wanting more sex then you could consider it a public service!

casual sex oslo
Norwegians are no strangers to the concept of the one-night stand. Image via Pixabay.

We’ve selected the best bars and clubs is Oslo where the chances of picking up a one-night stand are the highest. Just remember that Norwegians can be pretty standoffish at the best of times and this can often be mistaken for disinterest but play your cards right to get past that cool Scandi exterior and you should be in for a treat. Certainly a few beers in to the evening often thaws the seemingly frosty exteriors.

Saturday nights are the best time of the week to hook up in Oslo and, with the right chat up lines, most clubs and bars should yield results for guys with silver-tongues.

Our best bars and clubs to hit in Oslo for a hook-up are:

ryes bar hook up bars oslo
Rye’s is an American style bar in Oslo and has a reputation for being a good place to meet single ladies. Image via Facebook.

Best Hook Up Websites

There are tons of websites that want people to cash in on the advantage that having an online profiles gives them for casual hook ups, particularly since the demise of Backpage has left an opening. Even Craigslist, the ever popular (and free) home of the casual encounter has pulled its personals service. So, which sites should you check out if you are looking to find a hook up in Oslo online?

Well, here are our top choices:


The premium online home for casual dating internationally, C-Date has a presence in Norway that is attracting over 400,000 visits each month. Since early-2018, just before Backpage was seized and Craigslist pulled out of the hook-up market, the site has shot up in popularity and is now ranked in the country’s top 1000 websites. You can register for free, create a profile and start browsing other users within minutes. However, you will need a premium membership if you want to get the best out of the features available.

Voksen Eventyr

Voksen Eventyr or ‘Adult Adventure’ is a dedicated site for those who are interested in naughty hook ups in Norway. The site is in Norwegian but you can use the on-page Google Translate tool to help you navigate if you don’t speak the language.

Free to register, there are some saucy profiles on here but no guarantees if the better looking ones are genuine or not. Certainly there is a good age range here and we saw lots of mature ladies, even some in their 50s and 60s looking for some adult fun.

finding casual sex in oslo
You can improve your chances of hooking up by using an online service. Image via Pixabay.

Love Awake

Love Awake is a ‘freemium’ international dating service covering all major cities across Europe and other parts of the world. The site is very basic and offers free sign up with an upgrade for premium features. Coverage in Oslo is good and there is a mix of ages, background and physical types available to browse from. As with some other sites, there are those online here who might be up for casual encounters but some are also after a more serious dating experience. Make sure you know what you are meeting for before arranging a hook-up.

Other Norwegian Dating Sites

The top websites in Norway (by traffic volume) for singles are:

Whilst most of these sites offer free sign-up, they are all premium services that only provide ways to contact (genuine) members on the site to those who have subscriptions. Most are also geared more towards more serious dating (with the exception of Badoo) but all do have users who are happily advertising an interest in more casual dating.

Best Hook Up Apps in Norway

There are several useful apps which should help you find other singles looking for casual sex in Oslo. Just remember that these are tools and the hard work, once you connect, is down to you.


Tinder is still the most popular dating app in Norway and just as in other cities, the pickings here are split roughly 50:50 between hook-ups and lonely hearts. The app that revolutionised the modern dating scene has become the blueprint by which other apps model themselves.

Simple and easy to use, Tinder app uses geo-data to determine who is in your location and provides you with a simple profile pic to decide whether you are interested in them. If you swipe right, you are interested; if they like your profile too then the next step is organising where to meet and who is buying the beers.

oslo tinder casual sex apps
Tinder is still the most popular dating app in Norway for finding hook ups. Image via Flickr.

Hi My Name Is…

An alternative to the simple profile pic service, ‘Hi My Name Is…’  uses video clips instead. The idea is that those of us who are a bit too ‘fugly’ for Tinder or who don’t photograph well could do with some extra help to get their personality across. It has a good userbase in Scandinavia due to its quirky nature and the focus on quality matches not just sheer volume. It’s also pretty Nordic in design


The designers behind Flirtic have cottoned on to the fact that most modern humans quite like things to be gameified, or made more fun. Simply a version of Tinder that combines a compatibility test, the matching process is made into a game by asking you to interactively guess who it is that is flirting with you via the app. Make the right guess and you could be hooking up in next to no time.

Other Apps

Of course, the international apps that are popular across Western Europe are also being used in Norway and these include:

  • Coffee Meets Bagel
  • Bumble
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Happn
finding hook ups oslo
You can make hooking up easier by using a dating app. Image via Pixabay.

Other Ways to Hook Up in Oslo

Swinging is reasonably popular in Norway although this is rivalled by an increase in a national interest in BDSM (see our guide to the BDSM scene in Oslo). Although this is traditionally a way for couples to swap partners, most swingers clubs across Europe will allow single males to attend their parties; usually on certain nights. Oslo has just one such club called the VIP Room and you can find a full review of the venue here.

If you are interested in finding couples to have sex with then Adult Friend Finder, and Fetlife are all useful resources to advertise your services as well as browse for suitable people to play with.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.