VIP Room: Inside the Oslo Swingers Community

Want to know more about the swinger community in Oslo?

Whilst swinging is popular in Norway, there are very few organised clubs and groups with most couples arranging their own meetings. In a lot of cities and small towns, lifestyle followers meet to swing in their own homes, viewing the activity as a private one. The VIP Room therefore stands out as the only traditional swingers clubs in Oslo but is competing with a rise in popularity for more explicit sex clubs; namely BDSM and fetish parties.

In this review, we take a look at what the VIP Room in Oslo has to offer local and visiting swingers as well as the kind of events they run. We provide all the information on prices, contact details and opening hours.


In spite of the country’s reputation for promiscuity and adventurous sex, the VIP room is Oslo’s (and Norway’s) only swinging club. Covering just 200 sq. m and with a maximum occupancy of 80 people, the club is an intimate space for couples and singles to explore the lifestyle.

vip room oslo swingers bar
The VIP Room is a small and cosy club for members only. Image via website.

Members range in age from 20-50 years’ old and though most parties are attended by regulars there are new faces at most events as beginners make their first foray into swinging. The club’s ethos is very much about making new faces welcome in an effort to increase member numbers and diversify the group dynamics.

group play room oslo swingers vip room
Play rooms are set up on the second floor including group and private spaces. Image via website.

Swingers in Norway are renowned for their privacy and sex and libertine clubs like those you might find in Germany or France are not popular in the country for the average swinger. Far more popular are the BDSM clubs of Oslo which are growing in prominence, particularly in Oslo, and many are also used by swinging couples; certainly, the less conservative and more adventurous types.

On the whole, the VIP Room is not a club that celebrates diversity and although women can often be seen experimenting with one another, male bisexuality is considered ‘undesirable’.

In such a climate, the VIP Room remains a traditional private swingers clubs that is reminiscent of a 1980s meeting place. It is far from a modern venue and lacks the glamour of larger European swinging clubs. However, they do attract around 20 couples at their evenings (around 30 on Saturdays) that are largely made up of locals with the occasional international guest.

New members who are interested in joining the VIP Room are invited to attend a house tour on Wednesday evenings. Contact the club first to organise your visit and confirm your contact details. You will be issued a trial membership and after three visits you can apply for a full membership.



Though a small space, the club has reasonable facilities and includes:

  • Socialising lounge with dance floor
  • Large whirlpool
  • Sauna
  • Bar (BYOB)
  • Several playrooms
  • Showers and lockers
oslo swingers vip room hot tub
Facilities at the VIP room are basic but serviceable. Image via website.


The club runs a select number of special events throughout the year including those to coincide with big holidays such as Valentines, Halloween and New Year’s Eve.

Regular scheduled events also take place on a weekly basis including theme night Thursdays and introductory evenings on a Wednesday.

Theme nights on a Thursday are generally recommended only for those swingers with experience and they are quite popular.

Opening Times

The club is open as follows:

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 9.00pm to 1.00am (open for all)
  • Wednesday: 9.00pm to 1.00am (Beginners night)
  • Thursday: 9.00pm to 1.00am (Theme night)
  • Friday: 9.00pm to 3.00am (open for all)
  • Saturday: 9.00pm to 3.00am (Couples and single ladies only)
  • Sunday: 6.00pm to Midnight (Free for couples and single ladies who are VIP members)

There is no entry after 11.00pm (Sun-Thurs) and after midnight on Saturday.

The club is also available to hire for private events during the day. Contact the club’s owners for further information.

oslo swingers vip room
The club is not a modern venue and lacks the glitzy appeal of some other European swingers clubs. Image via website.


Entrance fees are €60 per couple Tuesday to Thursday and €90 at the weekend.

Single ladies pay €10 and students get a discount on entry fees. Single men are welcome all days except Saturdays with entrance charges being €80 (€100 on Fridays).

All events must be pre-registered as there is limited space available.


The VIP Room can be found about 5km north of the centre of Oslo in the suburbs of Bjølsen, at Maridalsveien 256C, 0872 Oslo. The surrounding area is primarily residential, but the premises are situated behind a hamburger restaurant off the main street. It’s quite a secluded location given the proximity to the city.

Contact Details

You can find further details about the VIP Room via their website at, or you can make contact with the group organisers via:

  • email:
  • Phone/SMS: +47 966 99 309

There is also a closed Facebook group that all members are given access to. This can be useful to determine who will be at certain events and offers couples the opportunity to network outside of the club environment.