Sweden: The Final Frontier For Hooking Up?

Sweden The Final Frontier For Hooking Up

Sweden is one of the only countries in Europe where bars are still open for business. With most of the region living under enforced draconian measures including full national lockdowns, Sweden stands alone as a nation who is refusing to allow the coronavirus to stop their way of life. The controversial stance is supported by … Read more

Sweden’s Sex Industry: Then and Now

Adult sex trade in Sweden

Want to know why you won’t find any red-light districts in Sweden? Sweden has an international reputation for its egalitarian society where equality and being ‘normal’ have long been prized. Sitting uncomfortably within this national identity, prostitution is illegal in Sweden. In this guide, we give you some background of Sweden’s sex industry and how … Read more

Hooking Up With Swedish Women: Tips For Success

taken swingers club ile saint louis paris

What’s all the fuss about with Swedish Women? Are they really as beautiful as the media has us believe? Ranking 6th in the world when it comes to the number of top models per capita, it’s true; Sweden is blessed with some very good looking women. Combined with a reputation for liberal attitudes and funky … Read more

Best Swinger Clubs in Stockholm: A Complete Guide

porn in scandinavia

Want to know where to find the best swinging parties in Stockholm? The Swedish are a very liberal minded nation and swinging is on the increase amongst both heterosexual and gay couples. Though there are only a couple of venues in and around Stockholm that specifically service the swinging scene, there is plenty of action … Read more