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Second only to the Vatican, Monaco is the smallest country in the world. With a total land mass of 2 square kilometres and a population of around 40,000 people, this micro-state should, by rights, be almost anonymous. However, Monaco is also one of the most ostentatious nations in the world. A tourist destination and legendary playground for the rich and powerful, Monaco’s Monte Carlo is famous for being a mecca for legalised gambling, prostitution and as a tax haven. Hosting events like the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, European Poker Tour Grand Final and Salle Garnier helps to boost tourist figures which can swell the country’s small population by around 1.5 million people each year.

In this guide, we take a look at the sex laws in Monaco including prostitution, pornography and same-sex activities. We also look at the dating scene, culture of sex and adult industry.

Sex in Monaco

Monte Carlo’s famous casino has been used as a backdrop for no less than three James Bond movies and it is the famous secret agent, 007, who typifies the lifestyle of Monaco. A country with a seductive charm and a reputation for its intrigue and luxury, Ian Fleming’s British spy could well be the patron saint of Monaco.

However, the royal family of Monaco already has their own playboy in ruling monarch Albert II, Prince of Monaco. A notorious ‘rake’ and socialite, he has had plenty of liaisons with adult models over the years, including:

  • Bea Fiedler, German nude model and B movie actress who claimed the prince to be the father of her child. She lost the paternity suit in 1998.
  • Victoria Zdrok, Russian porn star and former Playmate/Penthouse Pet of the Year.
  • Angie Everhart, American glamour model.
  • Teri Weigel, former American porn star and nude model.
  • Simona Tagli, Italian showgirl.

The insatiable prince has had more than his fair share of glamourous ladies on his arms and leads by example when it comes to the country’s hedonistic reputation. Other dating scalps include Brooke Shields, Morgan Fairchild, Lisa-Marie Presley, Gabriella Sabatini, Tatum O’Neal, Kylie Minogue and Claudia Schiffer.

monaco sex
The French Riviera is world-famous for its high life and Monaco is the jewel in this hedonistic crown. Image via Pixabay.

With only 40,000 citizens, most of whom are foreign nationals, the country doesn’t have a great deal of substance when it comes to a national identity. Though Monaco has been an independent sovereign state since 1419, it has always been heavily influenced by neighbouring France. They both share a common language and, to some degree, history and culture. However, Monaco also combines Italian and British influences.

Sex education in Monaco is considered excellent and the country has an exemplary health care sector. Though there are no recent statistics on HIV and STI prevalence rates, the last statistics show that these are both among the lowest in the world.

If you could condense the Monagesque attitude towards sex it would be one of two halves. The extravagant hedonism associated with the Monte Carlo nightlife and a quiet family life that typifies much of the rest of Western Europe.


Adult Industry in Monaco

There is no adult industry in Monaco although the country has been the setting for many scenes in European porn movies. Though a tax haven, the high cost of living in the country is probably one of the reasons that it is not economically viable to base a porn business here.

Though Grand Prix has now dropped the use of scantily clad women to promote their events, Monaco is synonymous with these stunning glamour models. Often held in May, the Mediterranean climate is highly conducive to wearing tiny bikinis.

monaco grand prix sex
Events like the Grand Prix attract plenty of tourists, not all of whom come for the racing. Image via Wikimedia.

As for porn stars who hail from Monaco, there are only a small number of names that may be familiar.

Alban Ceray had a career spanning over thirty years from the 1970s through to the early 2000s. Working in France during the ‘Golden Age’ of pornography, Ceray starred in over 500 movies and also worked in several high-profile libertine clubs in France. A well-known face of Cinema X, Ceray performed with Traci Lords as well as Laura Angel and Brigitte Lahaie.

There are several amateur performers who have made a name for themselves including, Jessie the Monagesque Bomb

Prostitution Laws in Monaco

Prostitution in Monaco is legal but organised sex work is not. This means that buying and selling sex is fine as long as it done privately through a freelance hooker. Brothels, pimping and solicitation are all illegal.

There are around 50 prostitutes who work permanently in the country though high-class escorts travelling as elite companions with wealthy visitors are common. During events like the Formula One Grand Prix, the country receives a boost in the number of sex workers with women coming across the borders from France and Italy to help meet demand.

prostitution monaco
Venues like the Monte Carlo casino attract a high class of prostitute. Image via Flickr.

Street prostitution is almost none existent with most hookers and escorts using the internet to sell their services or, more commonly, picking up clients in bars, nightclubs and casinos.

Often resembling supermodels, these premium call girls are notoriously fussy and usually demand the attention of only the wealthiest of clients.

Monaco Porn Viewing Trends

There are no porn viewing statistics available specifically for Monaco.

Best Monacan Porn Sites

There are very few porn videos that are available featuring Monégasque girls, however there are a couple which purport to have local girls including some popular tube sites. These include:

LGBTQ in Monaco

Despite being, what many people would perceive to be, liberal minded Monaco is the only country in Western Europe that doesn’t have any legal recognition for same-sex couples. Despite this lack of formalisation, homosexuality and diversity is widely tolerated and wholly legal.

It is expected that Monaco will enshrine a bill to recognise same-sex marriage or civil union in 2018. Observers hope that this will include granting the right of adoption to same-sex couples.

The country is not part of the European Union so does not have the same obligations as other countries in respect of anti-discrimination laws. So, whilst Monaco offers protection against hate speech, indirect discrimination and harassment, there are no specific laws against inequality in employment and the provision of goods and services laws for LGBTQ citizens and visitors.

Monaco also has no official provision for the treatment of transgendered individuals.

There is no large LGBT community in the country and no gay venues, bars or clubs. The best option for anyone looking for cruising opportunities is in nearby France, specifically in the city of Nice.

Top Classified/Personals Sites in Monaco

Monaco is not the best or easiest place in the world for dating opportunities and there are very few websites that cater especially for singles in the country. The best way to hook up for personals in Monaco is by using sites that cover Nice. Just thirty minutes to the south-west, this French city has a good community of singles and an interesting nightlife.

dating monaco
There are very few online dating opportunities in Monaco but sites like Lava Place have some options. Image via website.

Here are a couple of options including free sites and premium services which cover the Cote D’Azur, Nice and Monaco:

Most of these services offer a free signup but the best features require a paid subscription. Just be aware that the free listings can be good places for escorts to post advertisements so don’t take every ad at face value.

Featured image via Flickr.