Video: U-Bahn Sex at 6:30am

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So, you’re looking for some casual sex in Berlin.

You get lucky, but the clubs are closed and it’s a long way to home.

What are you going to do with your lady accomplice?

Hey, why not just get down and dirty on the U-Bahn?

U-Bahn Sex video

U-Bahn Sex Video: An infamous clip from the U-Bahn sex video tape.

Sex on the U-Bahn

Yep, that really did happen.

What follows is the incredible 9-second clip of two seemingly very distracted commuters having sex on the U-Bahn… at 6:30 in the morning.

Click to view the video (18+).

The young couple even had the tenacity to raise the finger to their shellshocked audience!

The incident was said to have occurred at Schönleinstraße Underground Station (District Neukölln) on a busy Tuesday morning.

No action was taken against the couple as nobody reported it to the police.

A lucky escape.

Albeit one that has been viewed over 780,000 times in 18 months on LiveLeak.

Disclaimer: We would never recommend sex on the U-Bahn, especially in rush hour, but we are just a little bit impressed with the ballsiness of it all.

Have you seen anything similar on your U-Bahn travels?

Is Berlin public sex on the rise?!

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